Golf Gear & Equipment

Golf Gear and Equipment

Picking the right gear is essential to one golfer's success. 

Golf is one of, if not the most equipment-dependent sport by nature.

And arguably, a player is only as good as not only how good their equipment is, but also how fit the equipment are to their current skill level, play style, and preference.

Using mismatched equipment will not only reduce your maximum potential but can actually hurt the player's overall game.

For example, one might think that using the most expensive driver club available in the market with the highest quality will always be the best option. However, high-end drivers tend to be unforgiving on mishits, and without sufficient accuracy, using the said driver might actually hurt the player's shots off the tee.

On the other hand, the advent of new technologies, such as the modern launch monitor with Doppler Radar technology, the difference in quality and performance between pieces of equipment become clear as day.

This condition forces manufacturers to up their game, and as the results, the innovation of technologies surrounding golf equipment has been nothing short than revolutionary in the recent years.

This being said, let's summarize our best picks of the year.

Our Ultimate Buyer's Guide To Picking The Best Golf Clubs For You

Fitting, and getting the right clubs has been one of, if not the most important aspect of taking your game to new heights. Yet, it is often overlooked by many golfers, often going with what is trendy at the moment, instead of embracing the importance of personalization of each club.

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Different manufacturers might come up with different ideas and approaches, however, in the end, the trend boils down to just two major advances:

  • Center of Gravity Placement

Golf Club Gravity

The knowledge surrounding how the center of gravity placement will affect the golf club performance is not new.

In fact, it has been the emphasis of golf club developments for decades. However, the major breakthrough in material selections, such as very heavy tungsten material, and extremely lightweight carbon fiber leads to new ways to manipulate the center of gravity placements.

  • Adjustability and Personalization

Again, although adjustable equipment has been around for a while, new technologies allows modern approaches to perfect the methods.

Newer wedges now have the ability to adjust its loft angle by adjusting the hosel. Newer drivers have movable weights to personalize your center of gravity placement.

And that is just to name a few, we can expect many more ways to fine tune and personalize our clubs in the years to come.

Our Ultimate Buyer's Guide To Buying The Best Golf Balls

Let us begin by stating the fact: not all golf balls are created the same.

Seemingly an obvious fact, it is often overlooked by many golfers, beginners, and professionals alike.

Just because a certain ball like, say, the Titleist Pro V1 (check out our review here) is currently the most popular ball used in PGA Tours, doesn't necessarily mean it will be the best choice for you.

Some balls are designated for better players with higher swing speeds, and will lose its benefits, or even become not optimal in the hands of players with lower swing speeds.

Golf Ball

Thus, choosing the right ball that suits your current level, swing speeds, swing arcs, and your overall playstyle can significantly improve your game to new heights.

It is understandable that with so many brands, types, and features available in the market, choosing the right one can be a daunting task.

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Our Ultimate Buyer's Guide To Buying The Best Golf Accessories

Besides golf clubs and balls, there are several miscellaneous items that might help to improve your game faster, and better, and here are some of them.

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At Golf Influence, we pride on always reviewing the best and latest golf equipment. In each of our review, we thoroughly go over every product and determine if this product can help golfers like yourself and I. 

There's a lot of gear & equipment out there, and it can be difficult to separate what stands out from the rest. That's what our reviews are for.