Fun Golf Games to Play on the Course

Everyone loves hitting the course with their family and friends. With a variety of handicaps, most groups look for fun golf games to even the playing field, while adding a new wrinkle to making the great game more enjoyable.

Here’s ten exciting golf games, featuring different ways to play the next time you hit the links.

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10 Fun Golf Games

fun golf games

Match Play

The most popular form of alternate golf is via a head-to-head match.  Two golfers play each hole with the lower score between the pair winning the hole outright. On holes that the players tie, neither golfer wins the hole, nor is their rollover on the next hole like when playing a skins game.

Golfers continue to play until one player has the most hole wins during the matches. For example, if player A wins the first ten holes, then they will have defeated player B and won the match.

While most golfers do not regularly play match-style contests, on the rare occasions that a tournament presents this form of play, golfers enjoy the head-to-head style of playing.

Stroke Play

The most traditional form of golf, stroke-style play offers a simple way to determine the best player. The single player with the lowest net score wins the match or tournament. In a group of four golfers, the best score over all 18 holes is the winner.

Alternate Shot

At the beginning of alternate shots, four golfers split into two different teams. Once a player hits their tee shot, then their partner hits the next shot. At the conclusion of the hole, the best combined score for the team, or simply put, the lowest score wins and the other team loses.

While most alternate shot tournaments do not use the overall team score at 18 holes, but rather use a match-style play scoring system over the complete round.

Best Ball

In best ball, golfers and one other partner play their golf ball for the entire round. With two-man teams, best ball makes sure that you complete a full round, while competing against another team. If you only have three players, one player can take two shots every time, much like an imaginary player, to make the game even.

Worst Ball

A fun variation on a scramble, a player hits a ball twice on each shot. Instead of playing the better of the two shots, they have to play the worst. These specific scramble-style games can be played by teams too.

Whichever team posts the lowest score while playing each of the holes wins in a match-style format, otherwise at the end of the day, the lowest score takes the crown.


A fun and popular golf betting game for the golf course is Wolf. While the game has a complicated set of rules, it remains one of the most popular betting golf games today.

At the start of every hole, one in the group assumes the captain role. They can choose a playing partner from other players after everyone hits their tee shots. If the captain and partner win the hole they are awarded one point, if the other players win, then they get two points.

Lone wolf can also be called before tee shots, forcing the captain to win the hole on their own or they lose to all other golfers in the group.

Stableford Format

A unique scoring format utilizes a point system where taking risks is rewarded. Players earn points based on their score from each hole. At the end of the round, the highest score wins the round.

For a hole-in-one or double-eagle, golfers get five points. For an eagle, players get four points. A birdie garners three points, while a par posts two points on a golfer’s scorecard.

When you go over par, a bogey only puts one point on the card, while a double bogey gets zero points.

The rare, if not impossible, hole-in-one on a par 5 garners a whopping six points for golfers.

Bingo Bango Bongo

A fun point-based game, Bingo Bango Bongo rewards golfers for a series of achievements on each hole. At the end of the round, the player with the most points wins the round, not necessarily the one who scored the lowest on the golf course.

While the game lends itself to tinkering, most play with three points awarded on each hole. The first player to hit the green, for example, in their group is rewarded a point. Another point is given to the one player who is closest to the cup once all the balls are on the green and of course, one is awarded to the lowest score on the hole. Other forms of the game also reward the second best score with a point.

Portuguese Caddy

One of the worst things on the course is dealing with bad lies or ground under repair. Using this game named for caddies from Portugal, golfers can move their golf ball away from trouble and improve their lie a set number of times per round without incurring a penalty stroke.

While most holes will have to be played straight, golfers will get a chance to save themselves from a bad situation on the course.

Not everyone will love playing this style of golf, but for the adventurous and fun-seeking golfers, this game is a blast to play.

Closest To The Pin

A great side game to play on the course is closest to the pin. The fun detail about this contest is that it can be played with your first shot on par 3s or with your second shot from the fairway on par 4s and par 5s.

The rules are simple, the single golfer with the ball closest to the cup after one swing, wins the game. On par 3s, the rule is players tee off and must hit the green to win the round.

Unlike games where you must finish a hole or a round, this golf game needs just one swing and can be settled very quickly.

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