Our Guide To The Best Golf Accessories

Push & Pull Cart

Golf is, ultimately, a sport, and before we deal with performance, technicalities, and all the details of the game, it's all about achieving good health and burning calories.

Most of the calories burnt in a golf game come when you walk from hole to hole, and thus, having a push-pull cart will achieve the walking activities, without sacrificing the risk for neck, shoulder, and back injuries from carrying the golf bag.

Modern push/pull carts have become more affordable, and come with more features and technology that will help improve your game and sporting activity.

Here are some considerations you might have before purchasing a push/pull cart:

  • Three or Four Wheels: From our perspective, this is merely an issue of aesthetics. There is no clear winner between having three or four wheels, and there is no loss of stability. It all comes down to your own preference.
  • 3Ps: It's a common standard nowadays for push/pull carts to have 3Ps: Pouch, Pocket, and Post. Use the pouch for quick storage and access of items, such as a bottle of water, wallet and money clip, as well as your cell phone. It still needs to be secure, however, so check for some form of security measures. Post hole is used for umbrella positioning and the plastic storage Pocket is usually used for scorecard and valuables.
  • Practicality and Durability: How heavy is the cart when pushed or pulled? How easy is it to be packed? Do the tires move well on the greens? Push/pull cart can be expensive, and you might want to invest on one with good durability and resistance to any weathers.

Golf GPS

In this modern era of golf, we spent less time estimating, and more time actually knowing thanks to the advent of golf GPS devices.

With a good golf GPS device, you can know how far exactly you are from the pin, bunkers, layups, and water hazards.

Newer and more expensive models even have more impressive features such as ways to measure your swing, hole-by-hole previews, and many more.

There are several types of Golf GPS available nowadays, and here are some of the things you might want to know about each of them.

Smartphone Apps

There are many GPS smartphone apps available today both for iOS and Android ranging from being totally free, freemium to paid for $20-30.

It is much more cheaper than buying a handheld or wearable GPS, and some of them come with good features such as interactive distance and hole previews.

However, using a smartphone GPS tends to be not as accurate as having a dedicated hardware, and some golf club does not allow using a smartphone.

Check your local competition and club rules before putting one in play.

Best Golf GPS Apps: Why You Need To Use One Today

GPS Handhelds

The most popular choice for average golfers.

You can see hole view from above, and even the most basic models can find the center of the green easily.

You can expect more detailed hole maps with more expensive options, and you can input your score in them. Very useful for blind shots.

GPS Wearables

Wearable technologies are simply the thing these days, and it's no different for golf GPS.

Many golf GPS watches are available in the market today, with the ability to be standalone, or pair with your handheld or smartphone.

The features are not too shabby either, and newer watches nowadays come with features like hazards, dog-legs, and simple map.

Laser Rangefinder

Used to find precise distances to the flag, and can be used in conjunction with another handheld GPS. Will be useful for more skilled players with the need for more precision.

Swing Trainer Analyzer

Although buying your own launch monitor can be too far stretched, having a swing trainer analyzer can be a great investment to improve your game.

In fact, swing trainer analyzers have increased in popularity in the past few years, and they have become the most sought-after golf equipment besides clubs and balls.

Here are some things you might consider before purchasing a swing trainer analyzer:


Most swing trainers nowadays support both iOS and Android, but each manufacturer will give different features. Having 3D imaging feature is a nice touch, and some more expensive options offer this feature.


Having an analyzer is all about data, so unless you are also a math-whiz, you might want to have a device that is practical instead of overwhelming you with numbers. Each manufacturer has a different approach in presenting data, and some are easier to understand than others.

Physical Device

Most swing trainers are designed to be installed on your club shaft. Security in attachment and durability, as well as weight, will be the major issues you will need to consider.

Also, some brands are easier to move between clubs, useful if you change clubs a lot.