Hi! My name is Jordan Fuller and welcome to Golf Influence. 

I am a golf lover dedicated to making you a better golfer. ​

Golf Influence was created in early 2016, after I realized that most of my students were struggling with the same things.

It was frustrating for me as a coach to witness students hitting the same roadblocks, every time. 

I decided it was my mission to provide no-nonsense, easy to understand, golf advice and guidance.

Jordan Fuller

I have made the decision to build the ultimate resource that I wish I had when I started playing golf. And that is what Golf Influence is. ​

Before you start reading about my journey with golf, note that I have authored a few educational research study on various topics related to golf:

My Journey​

I started playing golf back in the 70s, right after I met my wife (see picture).

We met at a golf reunion party back when I was 15. Her and my parents would take us golfing every now and then and it so happened that I stumbled upon this beautiful lady during one of the times I went golfing with my parents.

Back in that era, we didn't have any of all the fancy equipment today's young players have. 

Jordan and wife

​We had to struggle to get the ball rolling and in the right direction. 

I remember spending afternoons on the green and not being successful at all. First time I played golf I hit a 142 on a par 72. Ugh. 

​I didn't have a blueprint to follow, I was just playing with my dad during the week-ends but could not really get a real grasp of what playing golf like a pro was like. 

I still sometimes remember how hard it was for me to comprehend all these concepts....I kept topping the golf ball almost every time.

My dad was an OK golf player but I needed more to really improve my skills. I really wanted to get better.

That's when I decided to join a golf club in Tucson, Arizona. 

It really made me play with top players​ and that is how I learned all the tips and tricks that I now teach on this blog.

My goal is now to make you the best golfer you can ever be. Let's get started!

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