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Golf Influence is a list of the best golf equipment for golfers who want to save time and avoid the stress of figuring out what to buy. We make it very easy for you to shop for what you need by telling you the best product to purchase.

Golf Influence was founded in early 2016. The decisions we make about products (we often label them as Best Overall, Best Premium Option, or Best Value For Money) are made through extensive and unbiased testing, by following a thorough evaluation process, led by our trained team of golf reviewers. We currently have 2 lead reviewers, Jordan Fuller and John Marshall. You can see their photos and credentials below.

A question about one of our articles, or you simply need some advice before purchasing golf equipment? Our team of experts will be happy to answer your questions.

You can call us at +1-531-365-0209 or send us a mail to our office address: 9169 W State St #782, Garden City, ID 83714.

Our mission is to make it easy for you to buy great gear so you can get on with living your life.

Golf Influence’s mission.

So you focus only on the best golf products?

Our reviews are read by golfers of all skill levels – beginners, mid handicappers and low handicappers. So when we make a decision about the ranking of the products, we don’t necessarily only look for the most comprehensive product or the most flexible product – we pick the product that will meet most of the requirements of most golfers.

The choice we make often takes us a few weeks to confirm (some drivers require long-term testing to properly evaluate), and we always complete an extensive research process to make sure we review all the features of a given product. Often, in addition to Jordan and John’s experience, we ask for help from other golfers to pitch in and give us their thoughts. This allows us to make sure we always cover the needs of all golfers when making a final decision on a product.

This also leads us to often recommend cheaper products that can get in the hands of most golfers – and so we sometimes leave aside the most expensive products. We review what will benefit most golfers, affordable enough to be purchased by anyone.

It is important to note that most of the links to reviewed products are tracked, affiliate links. So if you end up purchasing a product after having clicked on one of our links, we make a small commission which helps to run the website. If you happen to return your purchase later because you’re dissatisfied, we don’t make any money. Quite a fair system we think – if you aren’t happy with a purchase influenced by our recommendation, we shouldn’t make any money.

The most important thing is the trust our readers put in us. Every week, dozens of manufacturers reach out to us offering money in exchange of better reviews, or placements for their product – we ALWAYS decline offers like this.

No external company or organization has any influence on our reviews or ranking. Only our editorial team, verified by our trained team of experts and in alignment with our testing protocol can make any edits to our content.

I want to get your thoughts on a product but it’s not reviewed yet on your site, what can I do?

Reach out to us via email (jordan@golfinfluence.com), or by filling out our contact form. You can also send us a tweet or message us on Instagram. If you send us the product name, we’ll add it to our list for an upcoming review.

Who we are: meet our team of golf expert & coaches

Jordan Fuller is originally from Omaha, Nebraska. He has dedicated his life to the great game of golf, and in return, it has given him challenges that always push him to be better both on and off the course and finally, unique adventures that only this sport can provide.

I devoured Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons, Tommy Armour’s How to Play Your Best Golf All the Time and a host of other wonderful golf instruction books. I learned how vital your foundation is to a great swing, how a full turn keeps your clubface square and how to steady your hands during putting. I put all my energy into learning and then creating lessons I could pass along to my students.

Word from Jordan Fuller, Main Editor, Golf Coach & Expert

John Marshall is from Salt Lake City, Utah. As a golf instructor, golf has taken him to all reaches of the United States. For more than 20 years, he’s gone a mission to debunk the game of golf and provide his students with a no-nonsense approach to golf.

In person, I’ve heard the ball come off the driver of Tiger Woods, seen Phil Mickelson spin wedge shots back to the hole and been blessed with the opportunity to shake hands with Jack Nicklaus. The Bethpage Black course at Bethpage State Park provided one of my favorite golfing experiences.

Word from John Marshall, Assistant Editor, Golf Coach

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