Hello and welcome to Golf Influence!

My name is Jordan Fuller, and I love the game of golf.

I have dedicated so much of my life to this great game, and in return, golf has given me a family that I adore, challenges that always push me to be better both on and off the course and finally, unique adventures that only this sport can provide.

I’ve played thousands of rounds in my life, taking me to all reaches of the United States.

I know what it is like to tackle the Bethpage Black, tee off at dawn at Pebble Beach, and aim for the island green at Sawgrass.

In person, I’ve heard the ball come off the driver of Tiger Woods, seen Phil Mickelson spin wedge shots back to the hole and been blessed with the opportunity to shake hands with Jack Nicklaus.

Jordan Fuller

It has been a wonderful life, and as much as I have tried to give to my students, I know that by building Golf Influence, I’m able to reach so many more of you who love golf as I do.

My Journey

I live in Omaha, Nebraska and although that may not be the first city you think about when you imagine golfing hotbeds, I can assure you that golf has carved out a special place in my hometown.

Joining me in Omaha is my beautiful wife, Evelyn. We met at the local golf club when we were just 15 years old. Both of our parents were members at this club, and it was during one of the club’s summer socials, that we first laid eyes on each other. As hokey as it may sound, I promise you we haven’t left each other’s side since that special night.

Jordan and wife

Neither of us was particularly fond of golf back then, but since we both came to the club often, we tried to learn the game together.

I want to say that Evelyn caught the golfing bug after that first lesson we took from our club pro, but I’d be lying.

She was far more interested in hanging out with the other girls and playing a game of Hearts.

For me, however, I was hooked.

The rest of that summer I hit ball after ball, watching as my swing improved and the ball began to fly higher and farther.

I was no overnight superstar, mind you. I think the first time I played 18, I carded a score around 140, but I didn’t care. I was ready to hit the links again immediately.

What golf gave me during that summer was a passion. I knew that I wanted to be out on that course, striving to make those small adjustments that would result in lower scores.

The following summer, I discovered a new love, and that was teaching golf. At a local camp for younger kids, I found myself enjoying coaching so much I soon began to give lessons to the older club members.

I devoured Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons, Tommy Armour’s How to Play Your Best Golf All the Time and a host of other wonderful golf instruction books. I learned how vital your foundation is to a great swing, how a full turn keeps your clubface square and how to steady your hands during putting. I put all my energy into learning and then creating lessons I could pass along to my students.

After Evelyn and I went to college, we got married and started a family of our own. We were blessed with two sons, Bobby and Thomas. And when the day came that they showed interest in golf, I passed along that love of golf to them.

It has been a full and wonderful life centered around this curious game, and I am truly honored that I can share my passion with you via this website.

My Favorite Golf Courses

I have a few golf courses that will always hold a special place in my heart. The first is just outside of New York City, in a state park named Bethpage, where U.S. Opens, PGA and Ryder Cups have either been played on the grounds or will be one day soon.

My next favorite course is set against the Pacific Ocean, where tee boxes tower over that gorgeous blue water. And finally, the last course is in Florida, where the Players Championship is held, and one special hole tests the resolve of every great professional golfer each year.

The Bethpage Black course at Bethpage State Park in the sleepy New York town of Farmingdale provided one of my favorite golfing experiences. With a close friend, we caught a Mets game one evening then took our car and clubs up to the parking lot of Bethpage where we spent the night in our vehicle, marking our spot in line and waiting for the clubhouse to open.

At dawn, we booked our tee time and teed off just one hour later. With its lush grass and rolling hills, the Bethpage Black course, home to the 2002 and 2009 US Open, provided me with the most significant test of my golfing skills.

There are no carts at Bethpage, so we walked and that ability to take in nature only enhanced the experience. These were the same fairways that 2002 champ Tiger Woods walked as he held off Phil Mickelson by three strokes. And the same greens where 2009 champ Lucas Glover held back the field to win his lone major title.

The almost 7,500-yard course gave me fits that day, and although my final score may have started with an 8, I can assure you that the unique experience is one that I will never forget.

If you love golf travel, as I do, then you have to also visit the historic Pebble Beach Golf Links along the Monterey Peninsula in California and the TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach.

I cannot even begin to describe how stunning the views are at Pebble Beach. I know you may see them on TV every year, but I promise you they cannot replicate the experience of taking your driver to the tee on the historic 18th hole or hitting a wedge off the cliff and onto the postage stamp green at the 7th hole.

Same holds true for the TPC Sawgrass. Playing the island 17th hole is something that every golfer has to make the journey to do once. But don’t be afraid to drop an extra ball, even if you stick your first shot on the green!

How Can I Help You to Become a Better Golfer?

What am I trying to do with my lessons here at Golf Influence? This is a question you may be asking yourself, so allow me to give you my sincere reason.

I want you to become a better golfer because if you take that journey with me, I promise you’ll learn more about yourself than you could imagine. Golf can intimidate, frustrate and baffle us, but if we give ourselves over to the process of improving and taking those necessary steps, the great game will also reward us in ways that will enrich us and make us incredibly joyful.

I have three areas that everyone can use as their go-to-source for up-to-date golf lessons, equipment reviews, and email courses that people use to drop strokes and post their lowest scores ever.

Skill Articles

At Golf Influence, I have gathered all of my skill lessons onto a simple-to-search index. If you are looking for specific help in an area of your game, you’ll be able to quickly find the article that can immediately give you actionable tips and drills that you can take immediately to any practice range.

Our colorful lessons will engage and distill my foolproof methods down to easy-to-digest tips and helpful hints to get you over the hump. And don’t worry, the site looks great on your smartphone, so feel free to take the lesson with you and reference it anytime you need to refresh your memory.

Email List

As a reader at Golf Influence, you’ll also get access to my popular email courses by signing up to our exclusive email list. I think you’ll love the lessons provided to our email subscribers because I take feedback that I receive from my readers and students and craft five lessons that will refocus your game through drills and brief lessons.

The response to our email courses have been overwhelmingly positive, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to share the future editions that we have ready to go for our subscribers.

Weekly Product Reviews

Finally, all the lessons in the world can surely get you into shape, but what’s golf without the right clubs to get you to the promised land. Am I right?

At Golf Influence, I spend hours each month testing the latest drivers, irons, wedges, and putters, to deliver honest and in-depth reviews so you’ll have front row access to what clubs I think will improve your game while not draining your wallet.

And you’ll never have to worry that you’re going to read a review written three years ago because I continually update the reviews with the latest editions from companies like TaylorMade, Callaway, Ping, and Cleveland.

Anything you are looking for in the world of golf instruction, equipment reviews and exclusive email courses you’ll find here at Golf Influence.

I hope you’ll stick around the site and take a look. I promise you’ll find something that fits the area you’re hoping to improve. And as always, if there is anything I can ever help you with please drop me an email anytime.

Other Articles

In my spare time, I also write about other topics than reviews, please see below:

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