Best Golf Clubs For Beginners: What I Wish I Had Bought When I Started

Golf Clubs For Beginners

The game of golf is currently growing at a rapid rate, with young players increasing by 20%, from 2.5 million in 2010 to more than 3 million in 2015. In America alone, there are now 24 million regular players, playing 465 million rounds every year in total.

The growth of the game is surely a good thing for most of us, and with it, Golf Influence has also received comments and emails from beginners with every passing day.


The most common questions we receive from readers are regarding equipment for beginners, which we admit, can be a confusing choice to make.

There are quite a wide variety of beginner clubs available, from all the different brands, big or small, and all the different technologies and designs.

Pair that with the fact that the knowledge of the game, and equipment in beginners is often lacking: major confusion as to what to buy can then occur.

This article today will be dedicated to newer players, and especially on how you should choose the best golf sets for beginners. We will begin by answering a few frequently asked questions, that will also act as the basis on how we give our product recommendations.

Questions & Answers


What are the different types of golf clubs and when in the game are they most relevant?

The different golf clubs in a golf set

Before we answer this question, let us first understand the principle behind it: why do you actually need that many different golf club types?

The golf course is a very large space, averaging 74 acres.

In that vast space, there is a wide variety of different terrains you will face during the game.

That fact, in turn, creates a lot of different situations as you play the game, and that is where the need for diverse golf clubs arise.

One golf club for every situation...

Golfer's Stance

For long shots on the fairway, for example, there is a specific type of golf clubs designed for distance: the fairway woods or the driver.

For shots mid-range, you can use irons.

When you are trapped in the sand bunker, there is the sand wedge.

When you are on the green and you need precision instead of distance, there is the putter.


Can you technically do it all with only one club? You can, as the history of the game has seen, albeit extremely rare and challenging. There is also the case of one-club golf. Yet, it is a common consensus that versatility is the key to the modern game.

In Summary...

Long Distance

Golf Fairway Woods


Mid Range

Golf Fairway Woods


Sand Bunkers

Golf Irons


Close Up

Golf Putter


Keep in mind that the professional golf rule will limit you to take a maximum of 14 different clubs. Here we describe in detail each different type of golf clubs, and how they are commonly used.

Golf Club Type #1: The Woods

Adams Golf Men's Blue Driver
Adams Golf Men's Blue Driver

We have briefly mentioned the woods above, and highlighted that they are all about distance. To first clear the confusion, the club we call the driver is actually the lowest-lofted of the woods, often deemed the 1-wood. The least the loft angle is, the greater the produced distance will be, hence the case of the driver.

The name woods derived from the fact that they used to be actually made of wood, with hickory or persimmon being the common materials. Nowadays, they are commonly made of metal, such as titanium or steel, mainly because metal manufacturing technology has improved so much that they can be as light as wood while being much more durable.

The club face of the woods is relatively bigger compared to other clubs, and the loft angle is lower to produce the most distance.

The higher numbers of the wood clubs are generally known as the fairway woods, and as the name suggests, are designed to hit the ball on the tee or in the fairway. They are designed to propel the ball for around 200 to 350 yards when used properly.

Golf Club Type #2: The Irons

TaylorMade RSi Golf Iron
TaylorMade RSi Golf Iron

The irons get their name from the metal club head, and are commonly used when a golfer is fewer than 200-yards away from the green. When you are purchasing an iron, typically they will always come in a set, numbered from 1 to 9 with the higher number represents a higher loft.

The 1-, 2-, and 3-irons are also often called the long irons. With the lower loft, they can produce more distance, and that is where the long comes from.

The 4-,5-, and 6-irons are known as middle irons, typically used when the ball is roughly 150 to 174 yards away from the greens.

Last but not least, the short irons are the 7-,8-, and 9-irons, and are designed for faster elevation in short distance to the greens.

Nowadays, the typical iron set contains 3- through 9- irons along with a pitching wedge, gap wedge, or both. The 1- and 2- irons are quite rare nowadays, and are considered the most difficult to use.

Golf Club Type #3: The Hybrids

Hybrid Golf Clubs
Hybrid Golf Clubs

As the name may suggest, the hybrids is a hybrid of irons and woods, mixing some of their features and qualities. The club face of a hybrid club is similar to the irons, but the head is rounded like the woods.

As a result, the hybrids have a lower center gravity that is also pushed further back, which in turn creates forgiveness. Hybrids are considered more forgiving than both the woods and the irons, and they come with more variations in loft angle from 16 to 26 degrees.

When to use them? They are generally used as more forgiving alternatives to the long irons (1- to 4-irons).

Alternatively, you can also use the hybrids to fill the gap between the fairway woods and the mid-short irons. Your lowest numbered hybrid should be 10 to 15 yards shorter than your highest fairway wood so that there is no gap in distance gain.

Golf Club Type #4: The Wedges

Mizuno Golf- S5 Blue Ion Wedge
Mizuno Golf- S5 Blue Ion Wedge

Wedges are lofted much higher than any other clubs, and are designed to lift the ball high into the air quickly, for shots we know as lobs and chips. There are a lot of subtypes for wedges, yet there are four commonly used ones:

  • The pitching wedge, commonly included when you purchase an iron set, has a loft between 46 to 51 degrees. It is usually used when the ball is around 130 yards to the green.
  • The sand wedge is used to escape the sand bunkers or very tall grass.
  • A gap wedge is also commonly included in an iron set, and is used to fill the gap between woods and irons to hit the ball at around 110 yards from the green.
  • The lob wedge is used to produce a lob, when you need the ball to rise over a hazard quickly, but you do not desire a great distance.

Wedges are very versatile with a lot of applications and can get you out from a lot of tricky situations when applied correctly.

Golf Club Type #5: The Putters

Golf Putter
Golf Putter

Last but not least, there is the putter, arguably the most important club with the most use. The putters are made with only one purpose: to roll the ball along the green towards the hole.

Putters come in different shaft lengths, with the standard being about 33" to 35" long. There is also the broomstick putter and the belly putter with longer shafts, which can give a taller player better stroke position.

There are also different varieties of putter heads, but nowadays there are two types commonly used:

  • The blade putter, where the head is formed like a flat blade. Blade putters will give you more control and accuracy but are less forgiving.
  • The mallet putter, on the other hand, is more forgiving but will give you less overall control and precision.

Putters come in different sizes, with the standard putter about 33 to 35 inches tall.

The belly putter and broomstick putter are much taller clubs and are used to give the golfer a better putting stroke when the player has problems using a standard putter. The heads of putters can be in the form of a flat blade or a mallet with a flat surface.

Key Takeaway:


There are a variety of golf clubs out there, each with their own area of strength. Woods are designed for distance, Irons for mid-range, Hybrids if you'd like a a lot of forgiving, Wedges to lift the ball very high in the air and putters to roll it into the hole.


Why do I need golf clubs specifically aimed at beginners?

Typically, every type of golf clubs offers a specific version designed for beginners. They all have one thing in common: more forgiveness.

Most problems for newer players are in their precision and accuracy, which in turn will sacrifice distance, or will produce unwanted curving shots in the form of slices and draws.

With beginner clubs, newer players can still provide adequate performance while slowly learn to improve their game. In my personal opinion, forgiving clubs that can help bring out decent performances can help newer players to engage more, bringing the necessary adrenaline rush of satisfying performance to make them want more.

Pro Tip

While it is true that professional clubs will have better optimal performance, if a beginner struggles in mastering the said club without any decent performance, there is a good chance he might give up on the game.

Here are some of the common beginner versions of club types:

  • The mallet putter is designed for more forgiveness and thus are better suited for beginners. Yet, many PGA players are now also using mallet putters.
  • Cavity back irons are also designed for more forgiveness
  • A lot of drivers are designed for beginners, typically by moving the center of gravity lower and further back, so you can achieve adequate distance even when on mishits.

Key Takeaway:


A lot of major manufacturers are offering beginner versions for every club type. If you are a newer player, you should take advantage from these clubs to improve your game faster.


As a woman, should I buy a specific golf set or can I use the same as men?

Women are naturally different than men.

They are in average, shorter and smaller in stature, and the golf clubs for ladies are designed with that fact in mind, where they are typically shorter.

The grips found on ladies' clubs are also shorter and smaller in diameter, to accommodate the smaller hands.

The grips on ladies' clubs are smaller in diameter and shorter in length than on men's clubs.

This is because ladies' hands are smaller than men's, and the smaller size allows for a proper grip.

Women players shouldn't be worried about differences in features or quality, as similar technologies are applied to the ladies' clubs.

Besides the smaller stature, it is also common for female golfers to have slower swing speeds, another thing addressed by the designs of ladies' clubs. To accommodate the slower swing speed, ladies' clubs are commonly lighter and have more flexible shafts.

Last but not least, ladies often prefer more dynamic designs and color selections, and many golf equipment manufacturers have come to accommodate that fact with pastel-colored clubs and more feminine designs.

Here are some other differences you will find on each individual type of clubs:


Wood clubs for ladies have higher loft angles. For ladies, there are significantly more numbered woods, going up to 13-woods.

Ladies can use the higher-numbered woods to replace the less forgiving long irons.

To make the weight of the club lighter, ladies' clubs typically come with graphite shafts, which are significantly lighter than steel. Men's clubs, on the other hand, can use steel or graphite.

Graphite shafts are also naturally more flexible, which allows better club head position during the swing.

Key Takeaway:


There are some differences in how women and men play golf, that is why we recommend that women specifically purchase golf clubs tailored to them. 


What are the brands offering beginner golf clubs and how do these brands differentiate themselves?

Nowadays, many major brands are offering a wide range of clubs for beginners, either individual piece or a complete set. Here are a few examples:

Callaway Golf
Wilson Golf

There are still many brands offering beginners' clubs, but how do they differentiate themselves? The main emphasis in both design and technology for beginners' clubs is about forgiveness.

The differences you will find between each manufacturer is generally about their approach in producing more forgiveness.

Generally, there are two ways to create more forgiveness:

  • To make the area of impact bigger, giving more Moment of Inertia (MOI). By making the sweet spot bigger, players can produce well-struck shots more.
  • To manipulate the center of gravity placement. Generally, a low-back position will allow more forgiveness.

With those two principles being said, there are still many ways to achieve them, and manufacturers' R&D department are working to find new ways and technologies every single day. 

Key Takeaway:


TaylorMade, Callaway and Wilson brands all offer golf sets for beginners. Generally, if you are looking for beginners' clubs from these brands, you can simply take a look at how forgiving they are.


If I play regularly, how long should I expect to keep these clubs?

This is a tough question to answer, as it might vary with each individual due to many factors.

As a general rule of thumb, you can keep your clubs for three years before they are absolutely obsolete. That is, assuming you keep them in good condition.

Another factor you should consider is whether your game will improve during those years, as you might hit a performance wall, and need to invest in clubs for better players.

Key Takeaway:


A three-year period is a good bet to keep a beginner's golf set.


Do I need to worry about which shaft to use?

This is a general principle: the slower your swing speed, the lighter and more flexible your shaft should be. Thus, a graphite shaft can generally improve your distance for roughly 5 yards due to the lighter material and more flexible nature.

To get a clearer picture, let us discuss the pros and cons of each shaft type.

Steel Shafts VS Graphite Shafts


If the graphite shafts naturally produce more distance, why do most pros prefer steel shafts?

Players with higher swing speed will benefit from the heavier nature of steel shafts, helping them to control the tempo.

There is another clear benefit of the steel shaft: the vibration of the steel material itself, which allows the shaft to be more responsive. The feedback of this vibration can help skilled players to assess their previous swing, which they can use to fix their mistakes as the round goes by.


The flexibility and whip effect of the graphite shafts can be hard to control. For players with poor swing habits, those can be exaggerated due to the flexibility of the shaft.

You will need a bit of a practice to get used to the flexibility. Graphite shafts are also generally more expensive of around 15 percent price difference.

Although the general answer is that graphite shafts will suit beginners better, that shouldn't always be the case. A lot of newer players have naturally high swing speed and will benefit from the heavier steel shafts to improve their tempo.

Key Takeaway:


If you have a slow swing speed, use a graphite shaft. Otherwise use a steel shaft.


What should I look for when buying beginner's golf clubs?

To summarize, here are the four things you should look for:

  • Forgiveness
  • Lighter overall weight
  • Flexible shaft
  • Slightly heavier club head

Of course, it might vary with individuals, for example, a beginner might naturally have high swing speed. However, it is a good place to start.


Should I buy new or used golf clubs?

It is generally hard to look for used beginners' clubs in good conditions, due to the fact that beginners tend to make a lot of mistakes and accidents during their early days. If you can find ones in pristine condition, and not too obsolete, it is a viable choice.

Beginners' clubs tend to get obsolete faster than others, because technologies and designs regarding forgiveness are rapidly progressing during the past few years.

In our opinion, you are better off buying new clubs, and you can make the most of the improved forgiveness designs. It is also easier to get clubs more suited to your needs that way.

Key Takeaway:


We recommend that you buy new golf clubs, instead of used ones.


Should I buy a complete set or individual clubs?

In our opinion, beginners are better off buying a complete set. That argument is due to the fact that many beginners haven't yet developed their playstyle, and choosing individual clubs will not be future proof, as the playstyle tend to evolve a lot during the early couple of years or so.

Besides that fact, a complete set is also often a more affordable investment. Sooner or later, your playstyle and playing level will improve and you will hit a performance wall, and you will need to invest in other clubs.

Investing in a more affordable complete set will allow you to have more options in the future.

Key Takeaway:


We recommend to buy a complete set if you are just starting out.

Product Recommendations

After we have answered all the common questions, and have discussed some knowledge you should have before making any purchase decision, here are some products we will recommend for beginners.

Callaway Men's Strata 12-piece (Complete Club Set with Bag)

Callaway is one of the most prominent golf equipment manufacturers out there, being used by many Tour players while also being popular for players on any levels.

The Callaway Men's Strata Set is a very affordable club set for beginners, including a bag, a driver, a 3-wood, a 5-hybrid, 6- to 9-irons, a pitching wedge, and a mallet putter designed for forgiveness.

Keep in mind that the 12-piece doesn't mean 12 clubs, but 9 clubs, 2 headcovers for the woods, and 1 bag.

Here are why we liked the Callaway Men's Strata 12-piece Set, and some cons.

Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag


  • The driver and 3-wood have very forgiving sweet spot
  • The 5-hybrid is perfect for beginners, designed to replace the difficult to use long irons
  • Irons and wedges included are designed with progressive sole width and parameter weighting technology for more control
  • T-Style mallet putter with increased moment of inertia (MOI), more forgiving on mishits
  • The included stand bag is lightweight and includes five pockets, a cooler pocket, and a rain hood


  • Only 9 clubs included, while you are allowed to carry 14
  • Not very durable (especially for Callaway's standard). Use with care

To address the 12-clubs only issue, Callaway also offers 16- and 18-piece set for a slightly more expensive price tag.

You Want More? Get These Extended Versions:

Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag 16 Piece

The 16-piece includes a sand wedge and a 4-hybrid, so now you have 11 clubs in total and 4 included headcovers. 

Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag 16 Piece

Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag 18 Piece

 The 18-piece adds a 5-wood for more versatility on the fairway, totaling the number to 12 clubs and 5 headcovers.

Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag 18 Piece
Callaway Golf

Wilson Men's Ultra Complete Golf Set, Standard Edition

Wilson is a brand synonymous with affordability, and that is why we felt the Ultra Complete Golf Set will be an affordable yet high-quality for many beginners out there.

The Complete Set features:

  • 1 Driver
  • 3 Fairway Woods
  • 4 Hybrids
  • 5- to 9- Irons
  • A Pitching Wedge
  • A Putter
Wilson Men's 2015 Ultra Complete Package Golf Set, Standard

So, you will have 15 clubs in total and a stand bag with a pretty good value.

One major downside (in our opinion), you might want to consider is the steel shafts instead of graphite. Graphite shafts can significantly improve distance for beginners with lower swing speed.

Using steel shafts from early days can indeed help beginners to get used to feedback and responses.

We feel that this Wilson Complete Golf Set can especially be suitable for beginners with naturally high swing speed. The steel shaft can help you control your tempo.

Here are some pros and cons you can expect from the Wilson Ultra Complete Golf Set.


  • The driver and fairway woods are very forgiving and feature natural inclination to allow more accuracy and high flight trajectory. These features promote easier swing tempo and more distance for beginners
  • The included putter features a Heel-Toe weight alignment for more control, accuracy, and forgiveness
  • 15 included clubs in one package, a great overall value
  • The four included hybrids add more versatility, and you wouldn't have to worry about the difficult long irons


  • Does not come with a sand wedge, which we feel is very important in beginners' game
  • Not very durable, especially regarding the driver's head
  • Use steel instead of graphite shafts, which might not be suitable for beginners although they are still lightweight overall

Overall, the Standard edition of Wilson Complete Golf Set offers a very decent overall value, including 15 different clubs in a very affordable price tag. Although it was released in 2015, we felt that this package provides a better overall value as a whole package.

You Want More? Get The 2017 Edition:

The 2017 edition features several upgrades regarding forgiveness, most notably an improved Titanium matrix driver with better, lower center of gravity placement for easier elevation.

For a slight price upgrade, the 2017 version might be a better choice for those looking for more forgiveness and better technology.

Wilson Golf Men's 2017 Ultra Complete Package Set, Black

Confidence Golf Mens Power Hybrid Club Set & Stand Bag

Confidence GOLF Mens POWER Hybrid Club Set & Stand Bag

The brand Confidence might not be as famous as other top brands such as Callaway or TaylorMade. However, they have consistently produced many great products with exceptional quality and affordable price.

These key factors will also be the major highlight of the Confidence POWER Hybrid Club Set.

Albeit being very affordable, it includes 6- to 9- iron and a pitching wedge, along with a 24 degree lofted hybrid.

It also included a 460 cc titanium driver with a nice 12-degree loft for easy elevation and forgiveness, and a semi-mallet putter.

Being even more affordable than the Wilson Complete Golf Set mentioned above, it is an excellent overall value.

The included irons are full cavity-back models, excellent for their forgiveness and ease of use.

The Titanium driver is also especially excellent, allowing higher flight trajectory, forgiveness, and better overall control. It only includes a single hybrid club, but the 24-degree loft is actually very versatile, and can easily replace your long irons.

Of course, it also includes a nice stand bag with plenty of external storage. For its price, it is a complete package and great overall value. You will still have a budget space to buy the wedges and woods not included in the package.

Here are what we liked (and disliked) from the Confidence POWER Hybrid club set.


  • Very affordable, definitely the main selling point of this club set
  • The club faces of the irons are big, allowing bigger sweet spot to assist beginners
  • You get a titanium Driver, a 3-wood, pitching wedge, 6- to 9- irons, and a bag. Excellent value for the price. 
  • The included bag is decent and will cost you almost half the total package price if you buy it separately


  • Not very durable
  • The driver and hybrid use steel shafts, which can hinder a beginner's swing tempo
  • The included putter is relatively heavy, and might not help beginners learn to putt

Quality-wise, the Confidence POWER Hybrid set is admittedly not the best on this list.

Yet, this package is the most affordable, and with the excellent price tag, the quality of the package is very decent.

The included hybrid is quite good with a 24-degree loft angle, which is very versatile and can assist easier elevation. With this hybrid, you can replace the hard to hit long irons with ease.

Admittedly, the included driver and putter are not very good, yet they are still decent to help beginners improve their game.

Due to the affordability of the package, however, you might want to invest on an additional putter, as well as a sand wedge which is not included in the package.

Overall, affordability is the main selling point of the Confidence POWER Hybrid Club Set. A very decent overall value.

Pinemeadow PRE Complete Golf Set (16-Piece)

The Pinemeadow PRE Complete Golf Set is one of the most popular complete packages for beginners, being fairly affordable yet packs a very decent quality.

The package is a 16-piece and includes a very nice driver with a graphite shaft and 10.5-degree loft angle. The choice of a 10.5-degree loft angle is interesting since many beginners' drivers use 12-degree loft angle for higher elevation. 

A 10.5-degree loft can actually produce more distance and combined with the graphite shaft, it can encourage beginners to improve their swing by constantly producing satisfying distances.

The package also includes a 3-wood with 15-degree of loft, another interesting loft selection to encourage more forgiveness and easy elevation off the tee and on the fairway.

Pinemeadow PRE Men's 16-Piece Complete Golf Set

Of course, it also includes a hybrid to replace the long irons, a standard feature of most beginner sets.

Pinemeadow PRE Men's 16-Piece Complete Golf Set

The included hybrid features a 21-degree loft angle, again, this is a relatively odd choice, but it is designed to close the gap with the long irons better.

For the iron set, the Pinemeadow PRE includes 4- to 9-irons along with a pitching wedge. The irons are made of stainless steel, and the club heads are big enough to promote more forgiveness by making the sweet spots bigger.

Last but not least, the included semi-mallet putter. It is nothing groundbreaking, but it is decently made.

The included bag and covers are actually some of the best quality, even for other packages on this list. With the 11 clubs included, although it is not as affordable as the aforementioned Confidence POWER Hybrid Set, the Pinemeadow PRE provides a great overall value.

Here are some pros and cons for the Pinemeadow PRE Complete Golf Set.


  • Decently priced. It is not the most affordable set on this list, but for the included clubs (11 of them) and their qualities, it's a great overall value
  • 11 included clubs, a driver, a 3-wood, a hybrid, 4- to 9-irons, a pitching wedge, and a putter. Among the most clubs included in one set
  • The driver is exceptional with a 10.5-degree loft and a graphite shaft. This combination will ensure boosted distance for beginner players with slower swing speed
  • The irons and 3-wood are well-made. They are very well-crafted with forgiveness in mind.
  • The included stand bag is one of the best among this list, very comfortable with backpack-style dual straps, included stand, and also very spacious with a lot of exterior pockets


  • The pre mallet putter is not bad, but it can be more balanced. You might want to invest on another putter
  • The 21-degree loft on the hybrid is a little awkward. Will need some practice to get used to.
  • No sand wedge included, and an additional 5-wood can greatly improve the set

Overall, the Pinemeadow PRE Complete Golf set is one of the most complete packages available in the market today, even among this list. With 11 included clubs, beginners can have versatility on their game, and can significantly help them improve.

Although it is not the most affordable on this list, the Pinemeadow PRE Complete Golf Set is still decently priced. Considering the number of clubs included a very nice stand bag, and overall qualities of the clubs, a great long-term investment.

Callaway X2 Hot Complete Set (2016 Edition)

The Callway X2 Hot driver and irons from Callaway are one of the most popular clubs today, succeeding the best-selling X Hot line since 2014.

This line is designed with distance and forgiveness in mind, and they are some of the longest drivers and irons available today.

This complete set does not include a golf bag, which is a shame. Yet, this set is also significantly more expensive than others on this list.

Callaway 2016 X2 Hot 9-Piece Set Complete

Considering the quality of the Callaway X2 Hot series, this is a great investment, especially considering they can still be effective once you passed the beginner stage. The X2 Hot clubs are still popular with mid-handicap players, so you can consider it a very high-quality long-term investment.

The driver is top-notch with a graphite shaft, 10.5-degree loft, and a very forgiving titanium head. It is one of the most forgiving and longest drivers around nowadays, and you can strike awe-inspiring drives even when you miss the sweet spot.

The set includes 6- to 9- irons, and a versatile 5-hybrid to replace the 5-iron. They are well-made with perimeter weighting technology for forgiveness, accuracy, and distance. One of the longest irons available.

The included 3-wood has a very big club head, allowing more forgiveness, and is made with a similar approach to the excellent driver. The package also includes a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. You might notice this is the only set on this list that includes a sand wedge.

The sand wedge is very important to add more versatility to your game, and to escape difficult situations (traps and bunkers). This is a nice inclusion and is another major selling point of the set.

However, you might notice that this set does not include a putter, which can be a hassle for some. We felt that putters are especially personal, and it will be extremely hard to find a putter that will suit your preferences in a complete set. Most likely you will invest on another putter anyways, so we felt that this is not a big issue.

As you can see, there is nothing but praise for the Callaway X2 Hot Complete Set, yet here are some pros and cons of this set.


  • All the included clubs are excellent, some of the longest and most forgiving clubs available today
  • Very durable, typical Callaway high-end products
  • Have longevity even when you surpass the beginner level. You can still use this set into your mid-handicap
  • Sand wedge included a major selling point, and the sand wedge is actually very decent for chips and lobs. On par with other clubs in this package
  • Included covers for the driver and wood


  • Relatively expensive, the most expensive set on this list
  • No putter included on this set, you will need to invest separately
  • No included bag, which means additional cost

The X2-Hot is actually a professional, high-end clubs that can be used by beginners, instead of considering them a true beginners' clubs. Yet, even with that fact, they are some of the most forgiving clubs available today, and beginners can definitely benefit from using them.

The driver and irons are some of the longest and most forgiving in the game today and are popular even among Tour pros. All the clubs are exceptionally well-made, as expected from high-end Callaway clubs.

If you are looking for quality and long-term investment, the Callaway X2 Hot Complete Set is the right choice. The non-inclusion of a putter might actually be a given since you can individually buy a putter that can suit your playstyle and preferences better.

Again, a great long-term investment, top-notch quality.

Winner: Best Golf Clubs For Beginners

Finally, we have reached the end of the reviews. We will choose one out of the mentioned five as the best of the best. As you can see after doing the comparison yourself, this one will be a close call, as each of them offers different values.

However, for the sake of this article, here is our choice for the winner:

Callaway Men's Strata 12-piece

Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag

There are three different Strata Sets offered by Callaway: a 12-piece (9 included clubs), 16-piece (11 included clubs), and 18-piece (12 clubs). The price difference between each of them is not much, so you might as well invest on the 18-piece for a more complete set and more versatility in your game.

Although they are significantly cheaper than the X2-Hot for example, the Strata Sets are very decent, as you can expect from Callaway. 

The Pinemeadow PRE set, for example, has an excellent driver which is more forgiving than the Callaway Strata Set’s, while the Wilson Complete Set and the Confidence Complete Set will suit players with tighter budget.

In the end, have you enjoyed the article? We sure hope you did. Don't hesitate to leave a comment or contact us directly if there are any further questions. We will be glad to help.

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