Best Golf Clubs For Beginners 2023

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated May 23, 2023. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

If you are starting your golfing journey, chances are the path to playing offers more confusion than clarity. Every beginner needs to find golf clubs that support their current skill set while allowing them to grow.

Finding great beginner golf clubs certainly provides an advantage that can help you shave strokes immediately from your score. The best clubs deliver forgiveness, distance, and accuracy while being very easy to hit.

Our guide for the best golf clubs for beginners will help you cut through all the noise and find all the clubs you need to start your golfing journey.


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  1. Callaway Strata Golf Club SetBest Overall
  2. Wilson Profile SGIMost Accurate
  3. Tour Edge Bazooka 370Clubs with the Best Accessories

What Should I Look for When Buying Beginner Golf Clubs

Super-Game Improvement Irons

When searching for golf club sets, beginners often come across the term “super game improvement irons.”

For those golfers who need the most help, super game improvement irons help get the ball in the air quickly. These specific irons offer maximum ball speed that assists the beginner in getting the most distance from their shots.

Beginner club sets typically carry these types of irons to better assist the golfer in building their swing speed and accuracy.

High Loft Means High Launch

One of the biggest mistakes beginner golfers make is thinking that they can quickly replicate the performance of advanced players.

By playing woods with low loft, beginner golfers rob their ability to get the golf ball into the air to extend carry and distance.

Hitting low line drives does not maximize yardage off the tee box, so finding a driver with 13-15 degrees of loft or even using a fairway wood with 18-24 degrees of the loft can make the game much easier and better when starting.

Perimeter Weighting is Your Friend

Since beginning golfers won’t have strong fundamentals, a high percentage of shots don’t meet the center of the club face. These strikes toward the toe of the club are called off-center hits.

By finding a set of golf clubs with a larger sweet spot and perimeter weighting, the ball will stay straighter on these types of strikes with minimal twisting.

What Golf Clubs Make Up a Set for Beginners


The driver, the club with the largest head in the golf bag, is also the lowest-lofted of the woods. Made for use on the tee box, the driver is a dual-edged sword for beginners. It is the hardest club to hit for beginners due to the shallow face and low loft.

For beginning golfers, the driver should carry a loft starting at 12 degrees. Anything lower than that will cost the golfer distance and accuracy.

Fairway Woods & Hybrids

Fairway woods and hybrids are must-haves for any beginner set of golf clubs because they offer loft and the ability to hit the golf ball due to their design quickly.

A well-made fairway wood or hybrid club offers beginners a low profile, meaning the height of the face is much lower than say a driver, and that shallow face helps golfers get under the ball to lift it into the air.

Hybrids and fairway wood carry a lower center of gravity to boost launch and help increase forgiveness.


The best irons for beginners are cavity backed irons that offer an easy launch and an oversized head to create more forgiveness.

As we noted before, you want super-game improvement irons with a low center of gravity and a large head that extends the carry of the shot that turns into impressive distance.

These irons come with either lightweight graphite shafts or steel shafts. The graphite shafts are great for slow swing speeds, while the steel shafts offer more feel but weigh slightly more.


Wedges are lofted higher than any other clubs and are designed to quickly lift the ball into the air for shots known as pitches, lobs, and chips.

There are four types of wedges that beginners should consider carrying in their bag, they are:

1. Pitching wedge – commonly included when purchasing an iron set, has a loft between 46 and 51 degrees. It is usually used when the ball is around 120 yards from the green.

2. Sand wedge – used to escape the sand bunkers, very tall grass, or from 100 yards and in.

3. Gap wedge – commonly included in an iron set and is used to fill the gap between the pitching wedge and the sand wedge to hit the ball around 110 yards.

4. Lob wedge – produces a lob or flop shot when you need to quickly get the ball high in the air and land without much rollout. Beginners use a lob wedge to hit short shots inside 50 yards, escape bunkers, and other trouble on the course.

Wedges are essential to beginner golf club sets because of their design and how easy they are to hit. The best golf clubs for beginners include a sand wedge or additional wedges. Otherwise, the player needs to purchase them separately to help boost their game.


The putter is the most important club in the bag for beginning golfers. Since the putter is used for more strokes per round, beginning golfers should decide what type of putter works best for their game.

There are two types of putter heads that offer different benefits and features:

1. Blade putter – where the head is formed like a flat blade. Blade putters are the “classic” putter style but generally have a small sweet spot and low forgiveness

2. Mallet putter – more forgiving and typically has a high moment of inertia, allowing the ball to roll the intended distance even when the sweet spot is missed.

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Our Top 10 Beginner Golf Clubs 2023 List

Callaway Strata 16-piece Golf Club Set

Best Beginner Golf Clubs Overall

Callaway Golf Men's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set (16-Piece, Right Hand, Steel)
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  • Extensive, full starter set of golf clubs for beginners
  • Additional wedges give more options around the green
  • First-rate driver that will last years


  • Heavier feel with the irons
  • Thin responsiveness at impact

The Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set is one of the most comprehensive starter sets we’ve ever seen for a beginner.

Starting with the woods, the set features a 460cc titanium driver with the look and shape of your typical oversized driver. During our testing, we noted that the driver had a solid feel and performance off the tee that should grow with your game.

Two fairway woods and a hybrid are included in the Strata set, and they are listed as the equivalent of a 4 and 5-iron from a loft standpoint. Our testers liked that all three clubs have a large sole, making it simple to get the ball toward your target.

Moving onto the irons, the Strata set incorporates cavity-backed irons ranging from the 6-through-9 irons. All four irons did admirably at delivering length consistently with high trajectory and a nice, soft landing on the green.

From a feel perspective, the irons did leave a little to be desired, but for beginners, these perimeter-weighted clubs are perfect for getting the ball down to the target area with strength and accuracy.

One feature of this set we really adored was the inclusion of a pitching and sand wedge. Too many beginner sets leave these two vital clubs out of the mix and as a result, inexperienced golfers try to navigate the greens with a 9-iron which is not ideal.

A milled-face putter rounds out the set. The blade-style putter is offset for a better look at the golf ball at address. During our testing, we felt the putter was solid, if unexceptional, but very functional for a beginning golfer.

We liked the Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set due to its comprehensiveness and playability. One of the best beginner sets on the market today, the Strata set offers outstanding performance from the start.

Wilson Ultra Plus

Most Forgiving Beginner Golf Clubs

WILSON Golf Ultra Plus Package Set, Men's Right Handed, Regular Carry
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  • Lightweight golf club set
  • Excellent cavity-back irons
  • First-rate golf bag with double shoulder straps


  • Needs another hybrid or mid-range wood
  • Thin feel from all woods in golf set

Wilson’s exceptional line of complete sets gets another winner with the Ultra Plus collection.

One of the best golf club sets for beginners, the Ultra Plus offers nine total clubs, including well-made cavity backed irons and woods that provide impressive carry and far-reaching distance.

The highlight of the Ultra Plus set is the irons. Featuring solid perimeter weighting that keeps the face square and balanced through impact, these Wilson irons also offer high launch due to the low, deep CG.

Golf sets like the Wilson Ultra Plus also shine because of the accessories. The stand bag included here offers premium comfort for your clubs with padded tops that keep the hosels clean from scraps and scratches.

You’ll need to add a sand wedge, and the woods in the set provide punch, but unfortunately, our testers felt that the feel at impact was a bit on the thin side in the end.

But ultimately, what sets the Ultra Plus apart from other golf sets is the Wilson craftsmanship. While you won’t find clubs as good as their Staff model line, the Ultra Plus delivers an excellent golf club set worthy of your money and consideration for beginners.

Lazrus Premium Hybrid Clubs

Best Hybrid Only Beginner Golf Clubs

LAZRUS GOLF Premium Hybrid Golf Clubs for Men - 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,PW Right Hand & Left Hand Single Club, Graphite Shafts, Regular Flex (Black Right Hand, RH Set 4-PW (7pcs))
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  • Great turf interaction
  • Low profile hitting area produces a clean launch
  • Great for a junior golfer


  • Smaller starter set will need more clubs eventually
  • Missing putter and stand bag

Lazrus’ premium set of hybrid clubs offers a great starter set for the beginner golfer who loves playing golf. With seven clubs ranging from a 4-hybrid to a pitching wedge, the Lazrus set delivers a very accessible way to hitting better golf shots.

Each hybrid in the set offers a similar look with a low profile that cleanly gets underneath the ball with power and spin.

All hybrids in this set come with graphite shafts that generate high swing speeds helping the golfer generate distance.

During our time with the set, our testers loved how quickly the ball got into the air with this Lazrus golf club set. This golf set produces impressive consistency for beginners that need high, straight shotmaking.

Since the set only consists of seven clubs, you will need to add a golf bag, putter, and other accessories. But if you like a hands-on approach to building beginner sets, the Lazrus hybrid set offers a great opportunity.

If you are looking for one of the easiest golf club sets to hit for beginners, the Lazrus set of hybrids offers smooth contact at a very low price.

Wilson Profile SGI

Most Accurate Golf Clubs for Beginners

WILSON Golf Profile SGI Men's Complete Golf Set — Regular, Left Hand
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  • Large 460cc driver offers forgiveness
  • Low CG in irons offers easy launch
  • Oversized club head in irons provides a large sweet spot


  • Would like another hybrid in this set
  • Needs a few more clubs to make a complete set

We’re happy to report that the Wilson Golf Profile SGI set is one of the best beginner golf clubs for accuracy.

There are three woods in the Wilson set, starting with a 10.5-degree driver. The top wood in this set is your standard 460cc driver with a sleek design. We enjoyed that the driver’s crown provided exceptional contrast for lining up with the center of the club face.

Both of the lower woods in the Wilson set do an excellent job at lifting the ball from the grass and getting height on your shots.

All of the irons in this set are cavity backed but thinner than your typical beginner-level iron. Instead, these irons are flatter and thinner, making them a little smoother to swing but they also struggle at times to lift the ball.

A pitching and sand wedge are included, and we must say that we adored the sand wedge. With a sleek bladed look, the sand wedge performed exceptionally well around the green and from inside traps.

A blade-style putter is also included with a face insert that promotes a better feel than some of the typical complete set putters you may find elsewhere.

A very solid set of golf gear that all beginning golfers looking to purchase a well-made collection of clubs should consider, the Wilson Profile SGI Golf Set is a winner that will help anyone when playing golf.

Precise M5 Golf Clubs

Best Value Golf Club for Beginners

Top Line Men's Right Handed M5 Golf Club Set , Set Includes Driver, Wood, Hybrid, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW Stainless Steel Irons with True Temper Steel Shaft, Putter, Deluxe Stand Bag & 3 Headcovers
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  • Rounded driver offers a larger sweet spot
  • Excellent stand bag offers strength and reliability
  • Crisp turf interaction with irons


  • Missing a sand wedge
  • Large mallet putter is bulky

From Precise Golf comes their latest full club set for beginners, the M5, a highly capable and reliable set that offers new players a solid foundation to learn the game of golf.

The wood set begins with a 460cc driver. This oversized #1 wood features a fixed hosel without adjustable features, which certainly benefits a beginning golfer as the hosel offers additional stability.

The other woods are a 15-degree 3-wood and a 21-degree hybrid. The 3-wood gives players a shallow-profile wood to hit from the fairway and off the tee when the fairway is tight.

The hybrid provides an easy lift that gets the ball high into the air for a nice soft landing.

Six cavity-backed irons, easily classified as game improvement, cover the back end of the club set. The irons run from a five-iron through a pitching wedge. For golfers looking for more wedges, you’ll be disappointed by the lack of a sand or gap wedge in this set.

The irons each feature a wide sole that offers admirable turf interaction and moderate spin. Inside 150 yards, our testers found the irons showed solid accuracy with a tall arcing shot shape.

The mallet putter that accompanies this set is large and bulky. For fans of mallet putters, the one in the M5 set offers a nice, wide face that produces a solid roll from moderate distances over 20 feet.

A well-made set that offers a wide variety of high-quality clubs, the Precise M5 Club Set is available for an affordable price and is well worth your consideration.

Tangkula Complete Golf Club Set

Best Budget Golf Clubs for Beginners

Tangkula Complete Golf Clubs Package Set 10 Pieces for Men & Women Right Hand, Includes 460cc Alloy Driver, 3# Fairway Wood, 4# Hybrid, 6#, 7#, 8#, 9# & P# Irons, Free Putter, Stand Bag (Black)
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  • Putter provides smooth stroke on mid-range putts
  • Excellent golf bag with plenty of storage
  • Great golf set for golfers on a budget


  • Heavy, plain iron design
  • Woods look cheap and generic

A straightforward set that costs just slightly over $200, the Tangkula might not dazzle or turn the heads of your playing partners but it covers all the bases with mid-tier performance.

One of the best golf club sets for beginners looking to save a buck while learning the game, the set features 10 pieces, including two woods, a hybrid, and five irons, plus a solid carry bag with several pockets.

The driver with a 10.5 loft offers solid distance, but beginners will find the fairway wood easier to hit. The hybrid has a strange look but also delivers impressive distance from the tee box or fairway.

The cavity-back irons offer a wide hitting area with noticeable forgiveness for inexperienced players. However, a few nagging details bothered our testers, including the heavier, rather plain iron design that limited distance even in our faster swingers.

If you are looking for a low-cost starter set of golf clubs that any beginner can learn with, the Tangkula Complete Set offers an excellent option.

Nitro X Factor

Best Budget Distance Beginner Golf Clubs

Nitro X Factor 13 Piece Golf Set All Graphite Ladies, Right Handed, Teal/Silver, Large
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  • Nice minimal set that offers a solid foundation
  • Irons offer more forgiveness with an oversized club head
  • Wide mallet putter provides a nice, steady forward roll


  • Heavier feel with irons
  • Needs more wedges to help short game

The Nitro Blaster 13-piece Complete Set is a reliable and thorough set for beginners and high-handicappers looking for a budget-conscious set to grow into their golfing journey.

Starting with the woods in this set, the Nitro Blaster collection provides the golfer with a driver, 3-wood, and 3-hybrid. The driver is lofted at 10.5 degrees, which works well for a beginning golfer.

All of the additional woods have graphite shafts and performed admirably during our testing as the clubs had a nice feel for a budget-level set.

This set has six cavity-back style irons, starting with the 5-iron and ending with the pitching wedge. Each iron has a heavier feel than your typical big brand iron, but the large sweet spot helps keep the ball heading straight at your target.

Rounding out the club set is a large, heavy putter in the shape of a half-moon on the back. During our testing, we found that the heft of the putter keeps it low to the ground throughout the stroke, promoting a smooth forward roll on the green.

A well-rounded, complete set for beginners and high handicappers on a budget, the Nitro Blaster 13-piece Complete Set is a solid entry that will have you off and running the moment you take the clubs from the box.

PXG 0211 Golf Club Set

Best Luxury Golf Club Set for Beginners

PXG 0211 Z Lucky 7 or Tactical 10 Set from 6 Iron Thru Pitching Wedge, Driver, and Putter, or with Fairway, Hybrid and Sand Wedge with Graphite Shafts
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  • Premium set of golf clubs
  • Excellent craftsmanship in all the clubs
  • Outstanding fairway wood helps off the tee box


  • Needs a couple more clubs

If you are looking at a beginner set of golf clubs that will last for many years, the PXG 0211 Set delivers outstanding performance.

The company has tailored the design of the 0211 set for casual golfers and beginners, creating a set of forgiving clubs that generate plenty of distance and accuracy.

The 10-piece set begins with three woods, a driver, fairway wood, and a hybrid. Each of the clubs offers an easy launch with deep, low CG.

Our testers liked the fairway wood the best of the three due to its low profile and exceptional distance.

The PXG irons in this set are unique because these heads are larger and shaped similarly to hybrid clubs. The design helps a beginner golfer to get the ball into the air as effortlessly as possible.

Two wedges, including a solid sand wedge, are included in this set. Both wedges offer outstanding turf interaction with crisp contact.

The set also includes a first-rate stand bag emblazoned with the famous PXG logo with several pockets.

If you want the custom fitting feel straight from the box, the closest we’ve ever experienced is with the PXG 0211 Set.

Cobra Fly-XL

Best High Launch Beginner Golf Clubs

Cobra Golf 2021 Fly XL Complete Set Cart Bag Black-Blue (Men's Left Hand, Graphite Woods-Graphite Irons, Reg Flex, DR-10.5, 3W-14.5, 5W-18.5, 4H-20.5, 5H-23.6, 7-PW, SW, Putter, Cart Bag)
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  • Oversized driver offers launch and carry
  • Balanced irons provide forgiveness and moderate spin
  • Impressive blade putter keeps the ball on target


  • Woods are missing Cobra’s baffler rail system
  • Rather generic appearance considering the price tag

Cobra has recently dipped their toe into the complete golf sets pool by offering the Fly-XL set to customers.

The 13-piece set offers five woods and hybrids, seven irons and wedges, a blade-style putter, and a lightweight bag that works well if you like walking the links.

On the range, our testers all enjoyed this set’s driver, fairway woods, and hybrids. While each of these clubs lacks Cobra’s proprietary innovations, such as the Baffler Rail System, the rounded design works extremely well regarding high launch and turf interaction.

Although the irons are lightweight, they pack a serious punch. With the look of blade irons, the Fly-XL irons produce easy launch with great forgiveness on off-center strikes.

Two wedges are included in the set, and our testers felt both provided high spin in any situation. Whether you are in the deep rough or soft sand, the wedges in the set offer clean contact to attack the pin.

One of the more dynamic complete golf sets we’ve tested in recent memory, the Cobra Fly-XL produces exceptional results for beginning golfers looking to get better faster through their equipment.

Tour Edge Bazooka 370

Beginner Golf Clubs with the Best Accessories

Tour Edge Bazooka 370 Complete Golf Set Senior Flex-Graphite-LH, Black/Blue, One Size (B6SLGU13.B)
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  • One of the most complete golf club sets for beginners
  • Great blade putter offers outstanding accuracy
  • Outstanding stand bag with multiple pockets


  • Lower-tier clubs from Tour Edge
  • Thinner feel at impact with hybrids and woods

The Tour Edge Bazooka 370 Complete Set is the right golf club for players that want minimal hassle when purchasing a high-quality golf club set.

Beginner golf sets, like the Bazooka 370, make it easy to learn the game because every golf club you could need is included with this set.

Four woods, including a driver, two fairway woods, and a large hybrid, is included in the Bazooka 370 set.

Our testers enjoyed the driver’s heft and power and the simplicity of each fairway wood. Most agreed that the feel, even on pure strikes, felt thin, but that negative didn’t cost them distance.

Seven cavity-backed irons deliver high launch on each golf swing. The irons lean slightly on the heavier side but deliver solid performance from inside 150 yards. The large club heads on the irons make them one of the more forgiving clubs we tested for this article.

Also worth noting, the included wedges help you confidently attack the short game.

Easily one of the most complete beginner sets we’ve tested, the Tour Edge Bazooka 370 set delivers a comprehensive golf club collection that boosts distance, extends carry, and dramatically improves the quality of experience every time you play golf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do golf clubs make a difference for beginners?

Yes, golf clubs make a huge difference for beginners.

Beginner clubs can often be too heavy or designed for mid-handicappers rather than providing the help these inexperienced players need.

The best beginner golf clubs will offer a combination of high lofts to help lift the golf ball and a forgiving design to redirect off-center strikes on the face.

If you’re new to golf, we think this can be handy: What does Handicap Mean in Golf?

What 14 clubs should a beginner have?

In our opinion, beginners should carry a high-lofted driver, multiple woods for the fairway and hybrids, a set of short irons starting with the 6-or 7-iron, up to four wedges, and a putter.

Since most golf club sets offer less than 14 clubs, golfers have the opportunity to fill out their sets to shape their game better.

What is the easiest golf club to hit?

The easiest golf club to hit for beginners should be wedges due to their loft and design.

Since most beginning golfers have trouble generating the golf swing speed, they must manufacture serious distance with advanced clubs like long irons or drivers. The wedges offer a happy medium that creates launch and distance.

What’s the difference between buying a set and buying clubs individually?

The biggest difference between buying a set of golf clubs and purchasing them individually is the time it takes to build a collection one club at a time.

Most beginners just want to get started with their golf sets, so the convenience of buying a set helps get them on the course faster.

Some beginning players like to examine each piece of golf gear, learning more about clubs along the way, so this approach works best for their personality.


The best golf clubs for beginners is the Callaway Strata set. Loaded with high-quality golf clubs, the Strata 16-piece set provides woods that power the ball high into the air, forgiving irons that offer accuracy and accessories that make your life easier on the golf course.

For a very affordable price of less than $550, a new golfer can pull a set of premium clubs directly from the box and be ready to play this great game of golf with the Strata set.

Great for beginners who want a set that will grow with them as they get better, the Callaway Strata set offers a one-stop beginner set that won’t disappoint.

We also recommend you check out our detailed guide on How to Clean Golf Clubs.