Pick The Best Golf Wedge For You

Wedges are very similar to Irons in many aspects, mainly because they have similar look and build.

The main difference between the two is that wedges tend to have higher lofts, and are designed for higher accuracy and spin than irons.

Golf Gear and Equipment

Another major difference to the Irons is the bounce, which is the angle from the edge of the clubface to the bottom of the sole. The higher the bounce angle, the easier the club will bounce off the ground, hence the name.

This feature is good for chip shots around the green, which is what the wedges are mainly used for.

Because wedges must fit every player, we also have a dedicated buying guide on wedges for high handicappers

Current Trends in the Golf Wedges Market

The technological developments for wedges are generally similar to those for irons: lighter shafts, and heavier heads.

Center of gravity placement is also important for wedges, of which increased shot control, spin, and shot shaping are desired features.

Modern wedges tend to have the center of gravity pushed deeper, to allow higher launch angle and more spins. If you're looking for a wedge for beginners, check out the Square Strike Wedge.

Choosing Your Wedges

There are many different kinds of wedges to choose from, and here are the common few:

  • Pitching Wedge: it is often considered a part of the iron set rather than an actual wedge, and usually comes in 46 to 48 degrees in loft. The pitching wedge is the highest lofted club in an iron set, yet the lowest loft of the wedges. After the pitching wedge, wedges increase in increments of 4 degrees lof
  • Gap/Approach: it is usually 4 degrees higher than a Pitching Wedge, thus, it usually comes in 52 degrees in loft. Commonly used to gap the distance between the Pitching Wedge and the Sand Wedge, which can be an awkward distance. Gap Wedge allows better distance compared to other wedges
  • Sand Wedge: it comes in 56 degrees loft, and is the most common of all wedges. Used for sand bunker shots, as well as chips around the green. The high spin offered allows great stopping power for shots around the green, and is a very useful tool for any golfer. We have a dedicated article reviewing the best golf sand wedges and the best sand wedges for beginners.
  • Lob Wedge: The 60 degrees loft angled wedge is commonly used for short distance lobs with a lot of spins. Useful for shots around the greens that quickly stop, or high shots with backspin to the hole.