Xander Schauffele WITB 2023: A Closer Look At The Pro’s Golf Essentials

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated March 27, 2023. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

Winner of the 2017 PGA Rookie of the Year, Xander Schauffele has made a mark on the professional tour in his short career. He came in second behind champion Tiger Woods at the 2019 Masters. A third-place finish in the U.S. Open capped 2019 as Xander’s best professional season to date.

Schauffele, sponsored by Callaway, uses the new Mavrik woods along with the Apex Pro irons. Around the green, Xander prefers Callaway’s JAWS series of wedges and an Odyssey Stroke Lab putter.

In this what’s in the bag review, we take a look at the clubs in Schauffele’s bag and how they can help you become a better player.

Xander Schauffele WITB: Every Club He Uses in 2023

Callaway Epic Speed Driver

First-Rate Driver with High Performance for Low Handicappers

Callaway Epic Speed Driver (Right-Handed, IM10 50G, Regular, 9 degrees)
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  • Flash Face increases forgiveness without loss of ball speed
  • Triaxial carbon crown reduces drag for maximum swing speed
  • Reinforced Jailbreak A.I. Speed Frame offers staggering distance


  • Expensive driver that help low handicappers, but not ideal for beginners and high handicappers

Callaway’s Epic Speed Driver, the latest from the company, powers Schauffele’s drives off the tee box. Boosted by the four steel bars behind the Jailbreak Speed Frame, golfers love the exit velocity of the Epic Speed driver. The face also provides forgiveness on off-center strikes that keeps the ball in the fairway with remarkably tight shot dispersion.

Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood

Marvelous Fairway Wood for Experienced Golfers

Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Fairway Wood, 3 Wood, 15.0 Degrees, Left Hand, Women's Flex Black
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  • Lower profile increases launch with extended carry
  • OptiFit Hosel customizes the loft and lie angle
  • Jailbreak technology powers the face


  • Made for top-tier golfers, this is an expensive fairway wood that isn’t affordable for all players

For his 3-wood, Xander carries the Epic Flash Fairway Wood from Callaway . With a low profile that quickly gets the ball into the air, the Epic Flash Fairway also provides advanced golfers incredibly fast ball speed behind Jailbreak Technology. Accessible to all skill levels of amateur players, the Epic Flash deserves its reputation as a hard working fairway wood that delivers exceptional performance.

Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Fairway Wood


Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Subzero Fairway Wood (Right Hand, Aldila Rogue White 70G, Stiff, 18 Degree)
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  • Compact head shape preferred by PGA Tour players
  • Flash Face offers maximizes ball speed and shot quality 
  • Two interchangeable weights customizes trajectory


  • Affordable fairway wood primarily for low and mid handicappers, not beginners

Featuring a smaller, compact head for workability, Schauffele carries the Mavrik Subzero for one of his two fairway woods on the course. The Sub Zero houses two movable weights in the sole for customized shot height without losing ball speed. With the ultra-thin Flash Face feature powering the sweet spot, amateurs can find a whole lot to like with the performance of this Callaway fairway wood.

Callaway Apex DCB Iron Set

Excellent Control Irons for Low Handicappers

Callaway Apex DCB 21 Iron Set (Set of 7 Clubs:4-PW, Right-Handed, Steel, Stiff)
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  • Exceptional players’ iron with feel of cavity-back iron
  • Easy high launch with softness and high spin
  • Wide, accommodating sweet spot along hitting area


  • Created for strong low handicappers who can shape their shots, definitely not for beginners and high handicappers

Xander’s preference for iron play is the Apex DCB Iron Set . Built like a players’ iron with the feel and contact quality of a cavity-back iron, the Apex DCB collection offers golfers like Schauffele exceptional distance and trajectory control. Although ideal for low handicappers, the Apex DCB’s are accessible for mid handicappers looking to make the jump to the next level.

Callaway Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Wedge

High Performing Wedge for Mid and Low Handicappers

Callaway Mack Daddy 5 Jaws Wedge (Tour Grey, Right Hand, 56.0 degrees, S-Grind, 10* Bounce, Steel)
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  • Different grinds provides more types of shots for golfer around green
  • Classic design is augmented with wide sole for better turf interaction
  • Redesigned groove system provides most spin of any Callaway wedge


  • Another high-end wedge that will definitely help all golfers, but best suited for low handicappers

Schauffele uses Callaway’s latest version of the Mack Daddy with the JAWS innovation at the heart of the wedge.

JAWS is a new groove design that provides a groove-in-groove system for better grip on the golf ball, for more spin and control on shots from the fairway and around the green.

For low handicappers and tour players like Xander, there are 23 loft and bounce options on the Mack Daddy 5, so the golfer gets exactly the shot type they want with each wedge.

The Mack Daddy 5 is definitely suited for low handicappers, but the wedge is accessible for moderate players as well.

If you are interested in this wedge, it is wise to get to know the loft and bounce options for a better understanding of what works best for your game.

Odyssey O- Works Red #7 Putter

Fantastic Mallet Putter for Mid and Low Handicappers

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  • Microhinge Face Insert offers excellent topspin 
  • Toe-hang balance offers better accuracy
  • Very forgiving sweet spot


  • Winged mallet putter is not for every golfer, but provides balance and power on long putts

Schauffele uses the Odyssey mallet putter, the Red #7, on the greens. Powered by a winged mallet head and the Microhinge Face Insert provides a solidly smooth roll on the putting surface. With a solid feel, the Red #7 putter delivers outstanding distance control from putts over 30 feet in length to help lessen the number of three putts.

Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Ball

Best Tour Golf Ball for Mid Handicappers

Callaway Golf Chrome Soft X Golf Balls, (One Dozen), White
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  • Outstanding workability with shot shaping abilities that most golf balls can’t provide
  • Exceptional spin rate for a softness around the greens that is unmatched
  • Marvelous distance with exceptional response and feel at impact


  • Great tour golf ball that might be too much golf ball for beginners and high handicappers

Xander plays with the Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Ball. The ball provides tour players like Schauffele low spin and long distance off the tee box coupled with incredibly soft feel for terrific response at impact.

Most professionals want a ball that promotes control and the ability to shape shots, and the Chrome Soft X provides both features with the swagger of a top-tier tour golf ball.

For the amateur, the Chrome Soft X offers the most benefit around the greens.

Whether it is a long iron or a wedge from a short distance, this golf ball provides outstanding spin rates for shot-stopping power from fairway, rough, or sand.

Made for mid and low handicappers, the Callaway Chrome Soft X is a golf ball that reduces side spin to keep your slices and draws under control and keeps the ball along the target line.

With impressive forgiveness, the Chrome Soft X is a terrific golf ball.