Fairway Woods

What To Look For When Buying A Fairway Woods

Fairway Woods typically include, but not limited to 3-,5-, and 7- woods, with the higher the number indicates the greater loft angle of the clubhead.

The higher loft will translate to higher and shorter shots, which is useful on fairway shots -hence the name -, and also tee shots on short Par 4 and long Par 3.


Current Trends in the Fairway Woods market

The trends and developments surrounding Fairway Woods are very similar to those in drivers: low-forward center of gravity, and more forms of adjustability.

Today, more golfers carry at least 3- and 5-woods, with 7-woods and above, such as the 9-, are often carried for utility purposes.

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Choosing Your Fairway Woods

The Right Shaft

Shafts are vital in any club, but even more so on a fairway wood. You can generally use the same principle we have discussed in the Drivers section on how to choose the right stiffness/flexibility for your fairway woods' shafts.


Most Fairway Woods offer the ability to adjust the loft using an adjustable hosel. Some manufacturers also offer moveable weights, like those found in drivers. The ability to fine tune your club is always a plus point.

Fairway Woods We've Reviewed

We have a lot of fairway woods to review in the pipeline - we'll be updating this page as soon as the next review is out!