Ping G425 Max Fairway Wood Review (Our Honest Feedback)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated October 5, 2023. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

Ping’s latest fairway wood, the Ping G425 Max Fairway, offers impressive distance along with high-grade forgiveness.

Ideal for mid handicappers, the fairway edition of the Ping G425 wood offers accessibility for all skill levels.

In this Ping G425 Max Fairway Wood review, the latest version of the company’s fairway wood series, we’ll examine why this golf club delivers all-around dynamic performance, perfect for mid handicappers looking for an upgrade.


  • Movable weight offers total customization
  • Exceptional feel and responsiveness
  • Arccos Caddie Smart Grips help track your golf shot data


  • Shots struck low on face tend to stay low

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Ping G425 Max Fairway Wood Key Features

Ping G425 Max Fairway Wood features

High MOI

Easily Ping’s highest MOI in a fairway wood, the club helps mid and high handicappers get the face back to square at impact.

The tungsten sole weight at the rear of the head also assists in increasing MOI.

Maraging Steel Facewrap

The G425 Max’s design incorporates a face wrap that increases flexibility to increase distance and improve forgiveness.

The face wrap improves feel, generates more ball speed, and dramatically increases responsiveness along the entire sweet spot.

Premium Adjustability

Ping’s Trajectory Tuning 2.0 offers an adjustable hosel on the Ping fairway woods that provides eight different positions that customize shot shape by creating less loft or even higher launch.

The club also offers a CG-shifting rear weight that offers peak height on swing after swing.

Our In-Depth Ping G425 Max Fairway Wood Review

Ping G425 Max Fairway Wood 3 dots


The Ping G425 Max Fairway offers a distinctly Ping appearance with a flatter sole that creates a lower profile to help golfers get underneath the ball for high launch and longer carry distance much like their outstanding irons.

Looking directly at the face, you’ll immediately notice the contrast the hitting area provides. The face wrap offers a clear designated hitting area for your strikes.

At address, the club offers a new 3-dot alignment aid on the crown. The three dots help golfers during their address place golf balls along the center of the face for maximum accuracy.


While we thought it would be hard to top the sound produced by the previous model, the G410 Fairway, Ping’s latest offers an even more pleasing sound with the Ping G425 series.

What’s great about Ping’s craftsmanship is that every area remains top-tier throughout the swinging process. From performance to feel to sound, the G425 elevates the play of ball striking.

As we began to get comfortable with the G425 during our testing, we immediately noted the pop that the club made when it found the center of the face.

Even on off-center strikes, the G425, much like the Ping Tour series, offers a crisp sound that builds confidence.


Lightweight and agile, the first thing we noticed about the feel of the Ping G425 Max Fairway in our time with the wood is how loose you feel while swinging.

With the compact head, the Ping G425 Fairway produces that desirable whip that golfers love to inflict at impact.

If you own a fast swing, the Ping wood is ready to boost those MPHs in a powerful, direct way. And on the other hand, if you need additional ball speed from your fairway wood with an exceptional feel, the Ping G425 is well equipped for the task.

When it comes to stock shafts, the Ping G425 Max features the Ping Alta CB Slate to improve responsiveness and reduce vibration at impact for a better feel.


During our testing, several things popped out when playing with the Ping G425 Max fairway wood.

The first benefit we noticed was the low spin. Instead of creating more spin to help golf balls get higher, the Ping wood offers golfers lower spin rates that tighten shot dispersion and keep the shot toward the target.

We also loved the tungsten weight at the rear of the head. Even when we hit the golf ball lower on the face, the weight powers the shot with moderate launch.

And of course, all Ping G425 Fairway Woods deliver outrageously good feel when you strike the ball dead center on the face.

If you played Ping clubs before, then you’ll have an excellent idea of what this marvelous fairway wood can bring to your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ping G425 fairway wood adjustable?

Yes, the G425 fairway woods offer eight different options through its adjustable hosels. You can decrease or increase the loft by 1.5 degrees and flatten the lie angle.

What is the difference between the G425 Max and SFT?

The difference between the standard model and the SFT edition is draw bias.

The SFT, specially crafted for golfers struggling with slice, delivers a more consistent spin to help weekend warriors hit the ball straighter with more speed. Golf clubs like the SFT offer more loft to extend carry for more distance.

Are Ping 3 woods forgiving?

All Ping 3 woods possess a very forgiving nature.

With features such as Facewrap technology and Spinsistency, the Ping woods offer flexibility across the hitting area to reduce side spin and help keep golf balls along the target line for golfers.

Ping’s VP of Engineering explains this further:

YouTube video

Is the G425 Max forgiving?

Yes, the latest Ping fairway wood is very forgiving.

The club’s high-strength steel face wraps into the crown creating a singular headpiece that boosts average length and increases launch at impact.

Our Verdict

If you are struggling with creating consistency with your fairway woods, the G425 Max Fairway Wood certainly shaves the rough edges off your long game by producing consistency with boosted swing speed.

During our testing, the G425 Max Fairway Wood seamlessly utilized its adjustable hosel to create the height to work the ball from side to side and increase the quality of our stingers when our shots hit low on the face.

The Ping G425 Fairways undoubtedly improves the quality of your shots from the fairway on long par 5s or gives you another weapon off the tee box.

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