Best Golf Shoes of 2024: Top 9 Picks Tested & Reviewed

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated September 28, 2023. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

As golfers, we often focus on clubs, balls, or even clothes while forgetting the crucial importance of what impacts every shot: golf shoes.

Xavier Schauffele famously said: “If I hit a few shots with a club that I don’t like, I toss it out. Same thing with my shoes”.

If the pros choose their shoes with such care, maybe you should too.

The good news?

Our best golf shoe buying guide contains many options to improve how comfortable you feel on the golf course and will help you improve your golf swing.

We also tested and reviewed the top 10 best golf shoe bags, a must-have after buying your golf shoes!

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Products tested
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adidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoe, Black, 7 M US
Our Grade
Our Rating: 98 / 100
Our Rating: 97 / 100
Feature 1
Provides extra stability & completely waterproof
Great budget shoe that is comfortable and a dream to wear around course
Feature 2
Lighest golf shoe ever made by Adidas
Traditional spike setup on the sole, terrific at helping keep feet grounded to turf on swing
Best Overall
Product Name
Our Ranking
Ranked #1
Our Grade
Our Rating: 98 / 100
Feature 1
Provides extra stability & completely waterproof
Feature 2
Lighest golf shoe ever made by Adidas
Most Affordable
Our Ranking
Ranked #2
adidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoe, Black, 7 M US
Our Grade
Our Rating: 97 / 100
Feature 1
Great budget shoe that is comfortable and a dream to wear around course
Feature 2
Traditional spike setup on the sole, terrific at helping keep feet grounded to turf on swing

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How to Choose the Best Men’s Golf Shoes


Not all golf shoes are waterproof, but golfers should wonder if buying shoes without this protection is worth it in the long run. Yes, the waterproofing only lasts for a year or two, but to have that barrier to keep water out and your socks dry is a welcome bonus when you hit the course early in the morning.

Waterproofing comes together when the manufacturer sprays an even layer of a chemical coating that repels water and keeps the insole area completely dry. In warmer and drier climates, the need for waterproof shoes may not be as vital as in other areas but rarely does it add more to the footwear cost.


The insole is the inner area of the shoe where the foot comes into contact with the footwear. All golfers are looking for an insole that offers cushion and comfort while reducing friction against the skin to prevent blisters. The first initial feel of the shoe on foot is crucial for the golfer’s confidence and the overall playability of the footwear.

When looking at the insole, we are judging how quickly the insole molds to the foot and whether it provides ultimate comfort if you are walking the course or riding in the cart.


The outsole covers a lot of ground as it encompasses the contact point of the shoe to the ground and the outer layer that covers the top of the foot. When looking at the shoe’s sole, we want to note how the bottom binds itself to the turf for maximum stability.

As we grade the top layer of the shoe, we are looking for flexibility and how well the foot works with the shoe as the golfer moves about the course. The outer layer must also breathe well to keep the foot dry.


The last thing that a golfer wants on the golf course is a shoe that fights against the body’s movement. Friction is a killer to the heel and toes of an improperly fitted golf shoe and creates blisters that are painful and prevent a quick return to the links.

Finding a golf shoe that is not only comfortable but provides a reliable fit is a worthwhile endeavor to pursue for the weekend warrior as it maximizes performance while taking care of the lower body to reduce soreness and possible injury.

Comfort is an essential criterion because it is the first response a golfer has to a golf shoe.


Breathability is another crucial feature of the best golf shoes because no one wants footwear that traps the heat from the foot and creates a warm and sweaty hot box that builds odor. Instead, golfers need a shoe with a mesh interior that allows moisture to dry and the foot to breathe throughout an 18-hole round.

As we grade the breathability factor of a men’s golf shoe, we attempt to spend as many hours in the footwear as possible. Our process includes walking a round to see how the feet react, especially during the summer, when the shoe needs to be at its best.

Spiked vs. Spikeless

While each type of sole offers its advantages, you should consider spiked golf shoes if you are looking to maximize power. The wide-reaching spike allows for more anchor points into the turf, helping stabilize the foot during the twists and turns of the golf swing.

The best spikeless golf shoes provide more comfort and flexibility for golfers that like to walk the course and may not be completely occupied with swinging from their heels with their driver. Instead, golf shoes without spikes are tailored to provide comfort without the rigidity of the classic leather spiked model of footwear.

Athletic vs. Traditional Style

If you typically play your rounds in an upscale golf club, there may be pressure or even a dress code requiring you to wear traditional golf shoes. These golf shoes commonly feature a leather outer layer that offers waterproof protection but might have a lengthier break-in period before feeling completely comfortable.

Athletic shoes significantly reduce break-in time due to the emphasis placed by manufacturers on creating a lightweight experience that supports the foot and offers breathability and comfort. Most athletic-style golf shoes highlight synthetic materials built to reduce weight and increase flexibility.

Laces or No Lace

One of the benefits of laces for a golfer who likes customization is that the fit is perfect. Some golfers like a tight feel along the sides and top of their feet, and laces provide that ideal fit. For traditional golf shoes, laces are required to complete the appearance commonly associated with the classic style.

No-lace shoes typically offer a single disc that sits where the golfer commonly knots the shoes. The disc allows the wearer to tighten the laces with a quick circle turn, allowing golfers to get the fit they desire from their footwear.


Regardless of your budget, you can find golf shoes that offer first-rate features. For less than $100, you should be able to locate comfortable shoes that provide waterproofing, excellent traction, and a flexible mid-sole.

If you prefer spiked or spikeless golf footwear, either sole type will be available at this price point. A spikeless model will provide the closest fit and feel for a comfortable fit that mimics an athletic shoe.

For golfers worried about traction, spiked golf shoes keep the feet grounded throughout the swing. Manufacturers such as Adidas and Skechers offer shoes fitting the bill and price point for all levels of golfers. 


When considering the material of the golf shoe, you should look at it through the window of flexibility. Also, by finding a shoe that provides maximum comfort and waterproof protection, you can assure that the shoe will offer long life and high-grade durability.

Where flexibility really shines is through the mid-sole. This point of the shoe is where the foot flexes the most, and if the shoe pushes back or resists the stride, foot pain can develop.

While traditional golf shoes, made from leather, provide a firmer outer layer and longer break-in period, shoes featuring synthetic materials offer the best combination of support and freedom of movement with the foot.

Key Takeaway: In 2024, the best golf shoes should at least be comfortable to wear on and off the golf course, use the latest sole technology, and have excellent stability to maximize swings.

Best Golf Shoes In 2024

Adidas ZG21 Golf Shoe

Best Luxury High-Traction Golf Shoe for Low Handicappers

adidas mens Zg21 Golf Shoe, Black/Silver/Grey, 10 US
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  • Marvelous flexibility with exceptional cushioning that keeps feet fresh
  • Waterproof upper layer keeps your feet dry throughout the round
  • Incredibly lightweight with an outstanding response on each step

Easily one of the most stylish golf shoes on the market, the Adidas ZG21 offers professional quality with an affordable price point. Made from recycled materials, the ZG21 offers a lightweight feel with a strong base that provides stability and reliability to frequent golfers.

Offering a regular fit, the Adidas shoe provides a lace closure for a snug fit. The shoe’s interior features an INSITE sockliner with the company’s Lightstrike cushioning that molds to the feet.

The company’s patented Boost midsole offers stable traction with the six-cleat TPU outsole. Together, these features make the ZG21 one fantastic golf shoe that provides value and performance.

The ZG21 offers a waterproof upper layer, which is excellent for early morning players who grind out their round in dew-covered grass. The water-resistant coating keeps the feet dry and provides enough ventilation to keep air circulating within the shoe.

For golfers that like to let it rip, the spike system on the ZG21 provides a wide, far-reaching grip that stays in contact with the turf throughout the swing. Rather than sliding on the grass, these Adidas golf shoes will keep you anchored to the ground, enabling a full turn for maximum power to the golf ball.

Golfers will be happy to find a cushioned sole that stabilizes the foot but keeps it cushioned inside the shoe. Instead, you won’t feel yourself sliding around with each step but feeling strength with each energetic step provided by the ZG21’s design.

If you are looking for a golf shoe with a low profile that feels like a running shoe, the ZG21 remains one of the best golf shoes for serious golfers.

Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoe

Most Affordable & Tried-and-Tested Best Golf Shoes

adidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoe, Black, 7 M US
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  • Great comfortable budget shoe and a dream to wear around the course
  • Traditional spike setup on the sole, terrific at helping keep feet grounded to the turf on a swing
  • Flexible outsole allows the shoe to easily move with the foot during walking


  • No waterproofing and the shoe has a generic feel that might turn away advanced players

The Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoe are lightweight budget golfing footwear that responds well to the pounding of walking 18 holes.

These best golf shoes are ideal for the beginning golfer who needs quality footwear. The golf shoes aren’t waterproof, and while that is a significant drawback, at this price point, the Tech Response delivers high performance with little risk. 

A lightweight cloudfoam sock liner gently cushions the foot and we noticed that the shoe rarely slides along the skin during movement minimizing blisters during the break-in period.

The outsole is where this Adidas shoe shines as you can easily replace the six-spike system after it wears down. If you are into traditional spikes, these perform admirably at keeping you grounded throughout the swing.

The outer layer of material that runs across the top of the foot breathes well and moves with the foot while walking. With a low profile, the Tech Response doesn’t have the feel of a large bulky golf shoe that is cumbersome.

For beginning golfers looking for a shoe that is very comfortable, lightweight, and provides solid traction, the Adidas Tech Response is an excellent option that won’t cost much more than a brand new box of a dozen golf balls.

Footjoy Flex Golf Shoe

Best Spikeless Golf Shoes: Lightweight Shoe for Mid Handicappers

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  • Lightweight, flexible spikeless shoe with maximum comfort
  • Breathable mesh outer layer that moves well with the foot during walking
  • Versa-Trax outsole is soft enough to wear on and off the course


  • For fans of traditional spikes, golfers should note the Footjoy Flex is spikeless

The No products found. has the profile of a running footwear but provides solid traction in a lightweight package. The shoe is highlighted by a breathable mesh outer layer that is soft and comfortable while keeping the foot dry during your round.

The outsole is the most controversial aspect of the shoe as spikes have been replaced by a patented versa-Trax system that allows the golfer to wear the shoe on and off the course. While that feature did have its champions among our testers, we noted other golfers who wanted more connection to the turf during their swing.

The shoe does provide a solid fit as the company has given the Flex a rounded toe that allows the toes to spread naturally as your weight shifts forward with each step. The shoe’s athletic profile is sleek and gives a modern look that complements any golfer’s attire well.

If you are curious about waterproofing, the Flex has a layer of moisture protection on the bottom half of the shoe to prevent water from getting to your sock, but the top layer is untreated, so it is wise to stay out of heavy grass early in the morning if possible.

Well-crafted and sharp, the Footjoy Flex Golf Shoe is a classy spikeless shoe that can carry a golfer anywhere in comfort – the best spikeless golf shoes available today.

Puma Ignite NXT Golf Shoe

Best Premium Pick: Waterproof Shoe Ideal for Low Handicappers

Puma Golf Men's Ignite Nxt Lace Golf Shoe, Puma White-Puma Silver-High Rise, 10 M US
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  • Soft outer layer comforts the foot while providing waterproof protection
  • The shoe acts like an athletic running shoe that you can wear in the clubhouse
  • Ignite foam sole is strong and helps cushion the foot during walking


  • Spikeless shoe provides versatility but struggles on traction at times

The Puma Ignite NXT Golf Shoe is advanced spikeless footwear that utilizes a sturdy outsole to provide solid traction along with exception durability. It also promotes an ergonomic feel with a cushioned insole that creates a nice support layer for the feet.

The highlight of the Ignite shoe is the performance mesh outer layer that is waterproof to keep the insole dry regardless of the weather conditions on the course. With the profile of an athletic shoe, the Ignite carries itself like running footwear but performs as a first-rate golf shoe.

Puma has built a traction system using more than 100 hexagonal nodules that provides stability to the foot while anchoring the lower half of the body to the turf for maximum swing speed.

The shoe also cleans up well as the outer layer is lined with a micro-thin film that keeps the dirt and grime on the surface for the golfer to easily wipe away with a bit of soap and water.

Another solid addition to the lightweight modern golf shoe market, the Puma Ignite NXT Golf Shoe is an outstanding option for low handicappers that want less leather in their on-course footwear.

FootJoy Originals Golf Shoe

Best Traditional Golf Shoe for Low Handicappers

FootJoy Men's Fj Originals Golf Shoes, White/Brown, 7
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  • Modern spike system with a durable outer layer and cushioned insole
  • Rounded toe gives golfers plenty of interior room to prevent friction
  • One-year guarantee on waterproofing keeps moisture away from the foot


  • Old school golf shoe with a leather base that needs time to break-in

For the weekend warrior who still likes the traditional leather golf shoe with some modern updating, the FootJoy Originals Golf Shoe delivers a spiked sole with exceptional cushioning for the foot. Other features include a one-year waterproofing, breathable outer layer, and durability that only leather can provide for golfers.

Our testers were wild over the traction provided by the Originals shoe. Even though the shoe has the old school look, the spike system is easy to change out and interacts with the turf with more hold throughout the swing.

The FootJoy shoe does come with a one-year guarantee for waterproofing and while that might not seem like much, the shoe does very well at keeping the moisture away from the foot. And although the leather can appear to suffocate the foot, the innovative outer layer does very well at keeping the foot dry in hot weather.

A rounded toe gives the golfer a wide berth when landing on the toes during the walking stride. This feature helps prevent blistering by reducing the friction to the skin of the foot, whether it be against the material of the shoe or skin.

Great for golfers who love a traditional golf shoe with a spot of updating, the FootJoy Originals Golf Shoe brings terrific performance with a host of dependable features.

Skechers Torque Golf Shoe

Excellent Waterproof Golf Shoe for Mid Handicappers

Skechers Men's Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe, Gray/Lime, 7.5 M US
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  • Exceptional waterproofing protection that keeps feet dry for the entire round
  • Molded bottom plate offers outstanding traction from anywhere on the course
  • Wonderful cushioning system keeps the feet surrounded with dense padding


  • Doesn’t gain style points with a plain appearance and synthetic exterior

The Skechers Torque Golf Shoe is one of the best waterproof golf shoes we’ve seen in quite some time. The shoe might not have the flair or style of low profile modern golfing footwear, but it delivers excellent performance.

The Torque shoe has been crafted to function as a lightweight workhorse that may not look like a million bucks but gives the golfer plenty of comfort and solid durability.

The waterproofing on the Torque is first-rate as the rounded appearance of the shoe gives a foundation for an even coat of moisture protection. When we tested the golf shoes in wet conditions, we were pleased to find that our feet stayed completely dry with superior dependability.

The soft spikes on the Torque provide tremendous traction and can be replaced in minutes, keeping the golf shoes fresh over the life of the product. Our testers were impressed with how the shoe interacts with the turf, as it really does well at locking the foot down during the swing.

The ultralight Skechers Torque Golf Shoe is a terrific option for mid handicappers looking for a durable shoe that can handle dozens of rounds per year.

New Balance Minimus SL Golf Shoe

Outstanding Waterproof Golf Shoe for High Handicappers

New Balance Men's Minimus SL Waterproof Spikeless Comfort Golf Shoe, 8 D D US, black/red
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  • Outstanding waterproof protection with a two-year guarantee
  • Microfiber leather outer layer is durable and breathes well
  • Lightweight sole provides plenty of cushion for the foot while walking the course


  • Thinner sole makes this shoe ideal for smaller golfers, while larger golfers should look elsewhere

The New Balance Minimus SL Golf Shoe is another tremendous waterproof golf shoe that mixes an athletic profile with superb performance. This spikeless shoe has an outer layer that is well crafted while the sole is made from a solid rubber that holds admirably as you swing.

Waterproofing on the shoe is handled by the microfiber leather that utilizes the rounded toe to provide room for the foot to move without slippage. In addition, New Balance guarantees the waterproofing on the Minimus SL for two years, reassuring the golfer that the shoe will stay durable over time.

The response of the Minimus SL is terrific as the midsole bounces back with each step reducing fatigue.

The primary beef we had with the Minimus SL centers around the thin sole of the shoe. While the lower profile of this shoe works well and is certainly stylish, larger golfers would be better served with a shoe that has more padding for better wear and tear.

Overall, the New Balance Minimus SL doesn’t disappoint in any area. Sure we’d like to see more padding in the sole, but the waterproofing and strong midsole make this golf shoe one to look out for when finalizing your decision.

Adidas Adipower 4orged S Golf Shoe

Best Athletic Golf Shoe for Mid Handicappers

adidas Men's Adipower 4ORGED S Golf Shoe, Black/White/Silver Metallic, 7 M US
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  • Climastorm outer layer is breathable and water repellant
  • Flexible Bounce cushioning with a responsive midsole
  • Puremotion sole is spikeless but the placement of the traction system is outstanding


  • Sporty shoes might be too much for golfers wanting a more traditional style

The Adidas Adipower 4orged S Golf Shoe is a racehorse, aggressively styled with a multi-colored design that gives flair to the product. The company has given the 4orged S a host of features that provide remarkable performance on the course from the spikeless traction system that grounds the golfer no matter how hard the swing to the breathable, waterproof exterior that protects the foot with muscle.

The shoe is crafted with a forged microfiber leather top layer that stays breathable regardless of the weather, keeping the foot comfortable and your socks dry even in the most humid of conditions. The outer layer is also home to the Climastorm water-repellant system that keeps rain and morning dew on the shoe’s surface and not ruining your socks.

A flexible yet sturdy midsole anchors the shoe while allowing the foot to stabilize at all step points. The sole is thick, giving the 4orged S shoe the strength it needs to hold the lower body of any sized golfer.

Perfect for the athletic mid handicapper that wants a golf shoe that presents a sporty look while creating the performance of a five-star shoe costing twice as much, the Adidas 4orged S Golf Shoe is one of a kind.

Adidas Tour360 XT Golf Shoe

Best Lightweight Golf Shoe for Low Handicappers

adidas Men's TOUR360 XT Spikeless Golf Shoe, FTWR White/Matte Silver/core Black, 9 Medium US
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  • Seam-sealed waterproof sole wicks away moisture from the foot
  • Incredibly comfortable with a terrific response that energizes the lower body
  • Full-length Boost midsole with X-Torsion bar for enhanced stability

A favorite of PGA Tour professionals, the Adidas Tour XT Golf Shoe offers a spikeless alternative for golfers. The XT delivers a stylish appearance that melds well with the product’s incredible performance with several first-rate features.

The XT begins with a regular fit with a lace closure to get the feel right. Then, golfers will discover a high-grade leather outer layer along the top of the shoe that repels water but stays flexible during each stride.

Incredibly soft and comfortable, the XT provides exceptional flexibility with each stride. If you love to walk the course, the spineless XT shoes will keep your lower body fresh and minimize fatigue.

Although it may sound strange to say, these shoes provide energy to your lower body. Each step offers a great cushion but keeps the foot locked into the shoe for a great foundation that helps your swing and keeps your lower legs fresh for the entire round.

Along the center of the shoe, the XT features the company’s full-length Boost midsole with an X-Torsion bar that stabilizes the foot during the swing. The spring-like response of the XT spikeless will even have you wearing these shoes after the round because they feel so comfortable.

Although the shoes wouldn’t be classified as lightweight, they aren’t heavy either. In that regard, they mimic the traditional golf shoe, but if you are in the market for a running shoe style for the course, you might find these don’t meet the standard.

These shoes are built to make you better on the links, and when judging the Adidas XT Spikeless by this standard, they are absolutely successful.

Questions & Answers

What are the advantages of spiked shoes VS spikeless shoes?

There are a lot of golf shoes, especially newer ones that offer spikeless soles. They have been quite successful, so now we have more options in choosing the sole types.

Both men’s and women golf shoes are usually available in spikeless and spiked shoes. 

In general, here are several differences between spiked and spikeless sole:

  • The spikeless sole is more low-profile and generally lighter (no added weight from the spikes). As a result, they are generally more comfortable.
  • Spikeless soles usually use rubber studs or dimpled soles to provide enough traction on firm surfaces (driving range, 19th hole, etc.).
  • Spiked golf shoes offer a classic sole design with the best traction on any surface.
  • Spiked shoes usually provide more waterproofing because the sole won’t need to be molded.

While discussing spike soles, we will discuss below several popular spike materials and their advantages.

Sole Spike Material #1: Plastic

Plastic spikes are arguably the most popular golf shoes and are generally a safe choice. 

Plastic is lighter than other spike materials and is more ‘friendly’ to the green. Meaning, it’s less likely to tear up the grasses than wearing metal spikes.

Plastic spikes are also generally spread in a wider size, so the weight distribution is better.

In the past, the major downside of plastic spikes was that they provided less traction compared to metal spikes.

However, the technology of plastic spikes has advanced so that in some products, the traction is even better than metal spikes. So, if you are looking for comfortable golf shoes with decent traction, plastic spikes are generally a safe choice.

Sole Spike Material #2: Metal

Metal spikes are less common nowadays since plastic can provide similar or better traction with less weight. Metal spikes are also often guilty of tearing up fairways and greens. Under the rules of golf, players cannot interfere with spike marks on greens, which might hinder your address.

Although the traction is generally excellent, metal spikes can be heavy and uncomfortable to wear. Also, many golf courses ban metal spikes, so you might want to think twice before purchasing one.

Key Takeaway: The best men’s golf shoes in 2024 have plastic spikes over metal ones.

Do pros wear spikeless shoes?

Yes, many professionals and Tour players nowadays are also wearing spikeless shoes. Some prefer them for the look or the added comfort that can help with foot or back pain.

While they are generally more comfortable, spikeless shoes often have problems with waterproofing and traction. While they are decent on flat surfaces, they might have issues with wet surfaces or tall greens.

Many high-end spikeless shoes are quite good with traction and provide some form of waterproofing. Spikeless shoes will also be an excellent choice for the driving range due to the mostly flat surfaces.

So, purchasing a pair of spikeless golf shoes is viable, especially for the driving range. However, if you want to wear it on the course, you just have to make sure that it is well-built and have decent quality regarding traction and waterproofing.

Key Takeaway: Spikeless and spiked shoes are viable for the golf course. Prefer spikeless if you like lighter shoes. Opt for spiked shoes if you need excellent stability and traction. This is true for men’s golf shoes and women’s golf shoes. To decide which golf shoe is best, these criteria don’t truly matter.

Should I worry about walking a long distance in these golf shoes?

Most high-quality pairs of golf shoes are designed with long-distance comfort in mind, so this most likely won’t be an issue.

We’ve also picked shoes that are best for walking as well. Long golf games often mean many miles to walk, so we’ve naturally included those criteria in our product choices.

You should look for several qualities to ensure comfort in a long game. To summarize, they are:

Material Choice

The more flexible and soft the material is, the more comfortable the shoes will be for a long-distance walk and prolonged usage.

Most high-end men’s golf shoes use genuine leather or synthetic material to achieve lightweight, breathability, and overall comfort. Not to forget, there should be some form of the waterproof lining.


Although material choices might dictate breathability, that won’t always be the case.

Some manufacturers might opt to add extra technology to improve ventilation.

The breathability of the shoes is essential for long-distance walking to prevent your feet from sweating a lot.


Material choices for the shoe itself and the spikes (for spiked shoes) will dictate the weight. Of course, heavy shoes can be tiresome for long-distance walking.

Most high-end men’s golf shoes nowadays use plastic spikes or spikeless rubber soles to address this issue.

Once all those qualities are in check, you should not worry about long distance walking.

Remember, you also need to consider in-swing comfort. A good pair of men’s golf shoes will be comfortable for walking and swinging.

Key Takeaway: Don’t worry about feeling your feet hurt when walking a long distance on the golf course. Most of the best golf shoes nowadays include extra comfort material that prevents you from feeling pain after walking a few miles. Advancements in shoe technology make this a worry of the past.

Are shoelaces necessary?

In our opinion, they are more akin to tradition than necessity.

The sophisticated and tidy look of shoelaces is preferred by many. However, regarding purpose, other fastening systems like velcro straps or even zippers (if any) can do the job just as well.

Velcro can indeed give more ease in securing or removing the shoe and prevent the biggest issue of laces: when they loosen in the middle of a round.

Many manufacturers also modified their lacing system to have both the classic style and modern ease. For example, mechanical lacing systems prevent loosening and improve stability. If you are familiar with ski or ice skating boots, the lacing system used is similar.

Key Takeaway: To answer the question, the answer is no, shoelaces are not necessary for the best golf shoes of 2024, but instead have more to do with style. 

Should I own multiple pairs of golf shoes depending on weather conditions or the golf course I am playing on?

If your budget allows, the answer is yes. Different types of golf shoes can perform better in certain weather conditions and even on different surfaces. You will then have the best golf shoes for whatever weather conditions the game will endure.

In dry and warm summer conditions, spikeless shoes that are lighter and more breathable will be a more comfortable choice. Since they rarely have good waterproofing technology, they won’t perform as well in wet and rainy conditions.

On the other hand, spiked shoes will perform better with mud and wet course conditions in rainy seasons or even with snow. They are not as breathable and generally heavier, so they might not be comfortable in a hot summer.

Some high-quality golf shoes, including those we will discuss further below, can provide a relatively nice balance to perform in different weather conditions. 

Key Takeaway: We would recommend that you purchase the best golf shoes for you first and foremost. But if your budget does allow several pairs, it is an excellent choice to own two good pairs of spikeless and spiked shoes for dry and wet conditions, respectively.

How often should I change my golf shoes?

Golf shoes can begin to deteriorate in a variety of ways. From falling apart due to poor construction or through typical wear and tear from use, it is essential to pay attention to the health of your shoes before and after each round.

Areas of vulnerability in golf shoes include a breakdown of waterproofing, the sole separating itself from the body, and the wearing down or difficulty replacing old spikes.

Let’s start with the waterproofing. It is vital that the best golf shoes can keep feet dry throughout a round. This is especially important if you like to play morning rounds when the dew is at its heaviest on the grass. I think we can all agree that playing a round with wet feet is uncomfortable and raises the possibility of blisters that tear the skin.

What most golfers don’t know about waterproofing is that it is a feature that doesn’t have a long shelf life. If your shoes are older than two years, then there’s a high probability that the shoes are no longer effective at keeping the water away from your feet. If that criterion fits, it is time for a new pair of golf shoes.

Another way that golf shoes can let us down is by falling apart, whether it be from negligence, age, or shoddy construction. Inspecting your shoes often will make sure you stay on top of any problems that may arise so that your feet can stay fresh over your next 18 holes.

What materials are best for golf shoes?

Technological advancements have pushed the boundaries for what golf shoes can do during a round of golf. From keeping your feet dry to providing a comfort typically associated with high-performance athletic shoes, manufacturers have created golf shoes that are a dream to wear. Here are three different materials that help create top-notch golf shoes.

Leather-Based Material

Leather has played a considerable part in manufacturing golf shoes throughout the years. Early versions of leather-based golf shoes were very stiff and lacked flexibility. But today, leather golf shoes are soft and supple, allowing the golfer to move and use their feet throughout the swing freely. Also, with the creation of waterproofing, leather lasts longer and is more durable than in previous years.

Synthetic Material

An alternative to more expensive leather-based shoes is golf shoes made from synthetic materials. A downside to synthetic materials is that they don’t breathe as well as leather-based shoes. Another issue with synthetic materials is that despite a lower price than leather shoes, the synthetic shoe tends to have a short shelf life, showing wear and tear quicker than more expensive shoes.

Waterproofing Compounds

Golf shoes made with Gore-Tex are guaranteed to be waterproof. If you play in the morning hours, then Gore-Tex lined shoes are crucial to keeping your feet dry and free from blisters. Gore-Tex also keeps feet warm and cozy in the wintertime, so you’ll never have to worry about feeling the elements on cold days.

Do you need golf shoes?

Yes, you do need golf shoes because they provide a connection to the ground during the swing that athletic shoes cannot provide.

Golf shoes are essential for professional golfers, for example, because their swing speed is incredibly high. These golfers need to be locked into the ground to freely swing at maximum velocity to create the distance they need for their game.

The amateur’s ability to have golf shoes, while not essential, does provide an advantage over athletic shoes because of the spikes that help keep the golfer grounded while allowing them to become more balanced throughout the swing.

That said, some amateurs find golf shoes too restrictive to freely move throughout the swing, leaving them wanting a more flexible shoe, such as a running shoe. Golf shoes are more rigid than your typical running shoe because they are meant to be used as a solid foundation for the golf swing, whereas running shoes need to be softer and easier to move. After all, the intended purpose of the shoe is to run long distances.

Do golf shoes need to be waterproof?

Golf shoes do not need to be waterproof, although it is convenient to have waterproof shoes on the course if you are caught in a rainstorm or have to step through puddled water.

For golfers with shoes that are not waterproof, there are several options available to correct that oversight. The first way is to choose one of several sprays that cover the shoe in a chemical coating that is water repellent and allows the golfer to essentially make their shoes waterproof without spending the extra money for waterproof technology.

Waterproof shoes are built with proprietary innovations that are better at repelling water from the foot than spray alone. If you’re interested in buying spray to cover your shoes, it may be wise to simply go back and find a new pair of waterproof shoes to take advantage of the technology.

Key Takeaway: the best golf shoes should be waterproof.

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