Best Golf Shoe Bag 2024 (Our Top 10 Picks)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated January 29, 2024. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

A modern golf shoe bag offers protection for your favorite golf shoes. With mesh panels around the opening of each shoe, a shoe bag can release odors, keeping the footwear fresh and comfortable for many more rounds.

Golf footwear can also be tough to carry with one hand, and golf shoe bags eliminate that hassle, providing an easy way to carry your shoes.

With convenient side pockets, lightweight but durable polyester material, and a water-resistant outer layer, a golf shoe bag offers more than just a bag for your golf shoes.

Whether you are looking for convenience or quick storage, the best golf shoe bag is an essential golf accessory.

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Best Golf Shoe Bags 2024

Athletico Golf Shoe Bag

Best Golf Shoe Bag Overall

Athletico Golf Shoe Bag - Zippered Shoe Carrier Bags With Ventilation & Outside Pocket for Socks, Tees, etc. Perfect Storage (Black)
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  • Excellent ventilation with built-in side pockets
  • Lightweight body is easy to carry
  • Very affordable with a mid-range price point


  • Polyester fabric could be more durable

If you are looking for versatility, durability, and performance, then you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better golf bag than the Athletico Golf Shoe Bag.

Affordable and loaded with features, it comfortably holds your golf shoes while providing storage for tees and even a few balls. We loved this bag, and it was an easy choice for our best golf shoe bag option.

Fitdom Golf Shoe Bag

Best Storage Golf Shoe Bag

Fitdom Golf Shoe Bag - Tactical Style Zippered Black Shoe Carrier Bags with Ventilation & Multiple Outside Pockets for Socks Tees Gloves Brush & Other Accessories ETC Storage. Perfect for Women & Men
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  • Wide body offers plenty of room for shoes and accessories
  • Scratch-resistant exterior offers premium durability
  • Deep pockets stores balls, tees, and golf glove


  • Needs more mesh ventilation pockets to improve airflow

Spacious and accommodating, the Fitdom Golf Shoe Bag protects your golf shoes with style.

We loved having the five compartments to carry our smaller golf accessories, plus we never had to worry about odor as the bag offers airflow to keep our golf shoes fresh.

The rugged exterior also gives the bag versatility and protects your golf footwear.

Adidas Golf Shoe Bag

Most Durable Golf Shoes Bag

adidas Golf Men's Shoe Bag
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  • Mesh panels on the sides for ventilation, preventing odors from building up
  • Adjustable shoulder strap is comfortable to wear
  • Sleek design, a stylish addition to any golfer’s gear


  • No additional pockets for other golf accessories, such as gloves or tees

The Adidas Golf Shoe Bag is well-constructed with high-quality materials that feel durable and long-lasting.

It fits most standard-sized golf shoes comfortably and securely, with room for socks and other small accessories.

I would definitely recommend the Adidas Golf Shoe Bag to any avid golfer looking for a reliable and stylish way to transport their shoes to and from the course.

Champ Golf Shoe Bag

Best Budget Golf Shoe Bag

Champ Shoe Bag, Black
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  • Handy golf shoe tote with very affordable price
  • Lightweight golf shoe bag for travel
  • Great all-around bag for gym shoes, dress shoes, etc.


  • Does not offer durable exterior

If you want to save a few bucks but protect your shoes, we found the Champ Golf Shoe Bag offers ventilation, durable handling, and an interior shoe divider.

This shoe bag covers the bases without any extra features for less than a sleeve of golf balls, making it great for casual golfers.

Caddydaddy Golf Shoe Bag

Best Ventilation Golf Shoe Bag

CaddyDaddy Golf Modern Golf Shoe Bag, Black/Grey
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  • Premium zipper closure locks shoes in place
  • Side mesh airflow venting keeps shoes from smelling bad
  • Available in modern and premium options


  • Lacking side pockets and extra storage

With a very affordable price tag and a host of useful features, we absolutely loved the versatility of the Caddydaddy Golf Shoe Bag.

The Caddydaddy is a very lightweight option, it provides a durable exterior that handled our bumps during travel without damaging the shoe.

Additional pockets helped ease the burden of loading down our golf bag before the round.

Footjoy Golf Shoe Bag

Best Premium Golf Shoe Bag

FootJoy Genuine Golf Shoes Bag Zipped Sports Bag Shoe Case - Navy Color
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  • High-grade, durable polyester construction
  • Great for all shoes, including running shoes
  • Large mesh netting on the sides keeps air moving to minimize odor


  • Higher price point could push away golfers on a budget

Although there’s not much to the Footjoy Golf Shoe Bag, we loved the simple construction of one of the best golf shoe bags we’ve ever tested.

We noted that the impressive streamlined design held our golf shoes firmly in place, helping the wide ventilation panels easily move air through the interior to remove odor.

While we adored this great premium bag, be warned it does come with a higher price.

Athletico Executive Golf Shoe Bag

Best Luxury Golf Shoe Bag

Athletico Executive Golf Shoe Bag With Luggage Tag (Black)
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  • Stylish vegan leather exterior provides a classic look
  • Built-in mesh venting
  • Multiple pockets for easy access to balls, tees, and gloves


  • Looks more like luggage than a modern golf shoe bag

If you are looking for a luxury bag made from vegan leather, the Athletico Executive is an excellent addition today at the course.

This stylish golf bag for your footwear also provides a hefty travel tag, making it great for taking on planes. It offers premium ventilation that kept our footwear fresh throughout many rounds.

Getfitsoo Golf Shoe Bag

Best Color Golf Shoe Bag

Outdoor Golf Shoes Bags Travel Shoes Bags Zippered Sport Shoes Bag (Blue)
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  • Available in several vibrant colors
  • Easy-to-carry top handle
  • Lightweight body makes bag handy for travel


  • Flimsy shoe bag construction minimizes protection

If you are in the mood for golf shoe bags that show off your personality through colors, then the Getfitsoo is our choice for the best color golf shoe bag on the market.

We enjoyed its lightweight design, plus the eight different color options to choose from.

This golf shoe bag won’t win any durability awards, but we highly recommend this model for a fun and useful golf shoe bag.

Murray Sporting Goods Golf Shoe Bag

Most Versatile Golf Shoe Bag

Murray Sporting Goods Golf Shoe Bag for Men and Women - Black Golf Shoe Travel Bag with Side Pockets for Golf Balls, Tees and Other Accessories
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  • Built-in ventilation offers terrific airflow
  • Doubles as a solid sports shoe bag
  • Large side pockets hold other golf accessories


  • Does not have the style of other premium golf shoe bags

We really enjoyed how the Murray Shoe Bag offers plenty of room for shoes and a few accessories to minimize the need to fill your golf bag.

The exterior of the Murray shoe bag does leave a little to be desired, but we enjoyed its versatility from vehicle to cart.

Zippa Golf Shoe Bag

Best Protection Golf Shoe Bag

Zippa Golf Shoe Bag I Keep Your Car Clean Large Ventilation, Pockets for Tees, Balls Women and Men Accessories Men, Shoes Bag, Golfing Trunk Organizer, Navy, Red, White
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  • Sleek, refined construction keeps shoes protected
  • Deep pockets provide exceptional storage
  • Includes a carabiner on the handle to attach to the golf bag


  • Cheap appearance does not match performance

The Zippa Golf Shoe Bag offers a pleasing combination of versatility and usefulness for your golf shoes.

While the chaotic color and material choices threw us off, the Zippa is one of the best golf shoe bags for protecting your golf footwear.

Why Do I Need a Golf Shoe Bag?

Extend Life of Shoes

The biggest reason to own a golf shoe bag for your golf shoes is that you will extend their life by protecting them.

The shoe bag keeps them fresh for your next round, allows air to flow within the bag to prevent the materials from going stale, and offers pockets to keep necessary accessories such as a towel, powder, or polish nearby.


Most modern shoe bags offer a mesh window around the opening of the golf shoes to keep airflow moving through the shoe’s interior.

By having ventilation via mesh panels, the shoe does not hold odor and maintains a freshness that helps keep your footwear ready for the next round.


A shoe bag also protects the shoe’s exterior from receiving nicks and scratches during travel.

The bag’s durable material protects the shoes from the potential danger of being near clubs or other products in your trunk or back seat.


With convenient carrying, a shoe bag keeps the footwear together rather than attempting to corral them separately.

With an easy-access handle, golf shoe bags can easily be connected to the handle of your golf bag for secure storage, keeping golf shoes safe during travel.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Golf Shoe Bag


When evaluating the finish on golf shoe bags, you first need to determine if you want a polyester material or something akin to leather.

The polyester material will provide an athletic gear finish that is far more muted than the leather’s glossy finish.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more luxurious feel from your golf bag, the leather provides a bigger professional appearance when compared to other golf shoe bags.


Of course, when looking at the capacity of a golf shoe bag, you want to make sure that the bag can fit your footwear.

This potential problem is more likely for golfers with large shoe sizes, so it remains essential to check the length of the bag before purchasing.

Bags with side pockets can store additional items, but that does increase the width of the accessory, so be aware of that potential side effect.


The aperture of the modern golf shoe bag relates to the width of the opening for you to place your footwear into the interior of the accessory.

A narrow aperture means you’ll need to place one show at a time inside the bag.

A larger opening typically provides the convenience of placing both shoes into the bag at the same time, although an internal divider could make it a harder process.


The interior lining of a modern golf shoe bag can provide luxury or utility for your high-priced golf footwear.

The nicer golf bags offer plush lining that cushions the golf shoes during travel, providing better protection and preventing scratches.

Cheaper golf shoe bags will provide a thinner, unlined interior that makes it easier for your footwear to receive damage while traveling.

Bag Padding

Typically, the higher the price of the modern golf shoe bag, the more padding you’ll find within the exterior walls of the accessory.

The padding provides an extra layer of protection for your golf shoes, which comes in handy, especially during travel.

The best golf shoe bags offer enough padding to restrict movement, helping the golf shoe stay in place during movement or if the bag incurs impact from an outside force such as a golf club bag.


No one wants to play in wet shoes during their round, so waterproofing on a golf shoe bag is essential.

Having water-resistant shoes in a water-resistant shoe bag offers double the protection, making sure that the bag’s interior is not the only layer of protection from keeping water out and ruining your round.


The handles allow the golfer to easily carry the shoes around the golf course. Since some bags can stand upright, the carry handle works to balance the bag when set down.

The handles found on golf shoe bags are typically not thick or sturdy since the bag’s weight is relatively light. Handles are placed at the top of the bag to provide a small suitcase feel when carrying around the golf course.


Overall, golf shoe bags are relatively inexpensive. But even though the price might not shock you, it does not mean that all golf shoe bags are created equal.

The best zippered shoe carrier bags offer a combination of performance and price, creating the value weekend warriors are looking for in a golf bag for their shoes.


The best shoe bag for golfers is the Athletico Golf Shoe Bag. With a modern appearance and easy grab handle, it offers convenience with a roomy interior that helps keep your shoes protected.

It stands out from its competitors due to its low price, additional pockets along the side of the bag, and a durable outer layer that won’t snag or tear.

Also featuring built-in ventilation along the sides, helping keep your shoes fresh for your next golf game, the Athletico Golf Shoe Bag offers overall premium performance at a fraction of the cost of luxury golf shoe bags.