Best Golf Accessories 2024 (For Your Convenience)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated January 6, 2024. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

Golf accessories can improve your game and make your life much easier on and off the golf course.

We put together an extensive golf accessory list for golfers looking for golf equipment that will help them fine-tune their game and reduce the hassles of getting ready for your round.

These 20 essential categories of the best golf accessories offer affordable ways to cut through the typical inconveniences before, during, and after a round, giving you the chance to create the golf game you want.

Best Golf Accessories 2024

Here’s our list of your must have golf accessories:

Golf Gloves

FootJoy Men's RainGrip Pair Golf Glove White Medium, Pair
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Golf gloves keep your hands firmly on the golf club’s grip so you can keep control of the iron or wood throughout the entire golf swing. Gloves are indispensable tools in maintaining grip and preventing the head’s twisting through the impact zone.

Amateur golfers want to keep the face square when hitting the golf ball. Leaving the club face open or closed creating slices or hooks, killing the golfer’s opportunity to produce an excellent shot, something a popular golf glove prevents.

While most common golf gloves are made from synthetic or composite material, other high-grade gloves are created from leather. This glove offers water-resistant protection and first-rate grip, even in the rain.

You should replace gloves every 20 rounds to maintain the best grip for each round.

We recommend getting the FootJoy RainGrip Golf Gloves.

Divot Repair Tool

Scotty Cameron Divot Pivot Tool Stamped Logo Aluminum Black
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Golfers can hurt the long-term life of a green when trying to replace the damage from their shot. A well-made divot repair tool is essential golf gear to carry for a serious golfer to keep the course playing at a high level.

With two long prongs that enter the turf to pop up the depressed divot. The best golf divot tools are lightweight and easily fit in your pocket for a comfortable carry as you walk the links.

Along with a towel, the repair tool is one of the essential golf accessories you can carry to the course.

Some repair tools come with a ball marker attached, usually via magnet. The ball marker helps quickly mark your golf ball on the putting surface to keep your playing partners moving along without stopping.

We recommend getting the Scotty Cameron Divot Pivot Tool.

Practice Golf Balls

GoSports Foam Golf Practice Balls Realistic Feel and Limited Flight Use Indoors or Outdoors, 16 Count (Pack of 1)
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Practice golf balls allow golfers to golf anywhere that can accommodate swinging the golf club. Whether in the office or the backyard, practice balls, made from either plastic or foam, provide the gateway to work on your golf game in any environment.

Most practice golf balls are dense enough to provide accurate launch angle and flight without the distance, making them invaluable for golfers that cannot get to the range.

Indoors, practice balls provide a safe way to work on your game without damaging furniture or interior decoration. Best for short range chipping, practice balls are a great stress reliever for players that work in an office.

Outdoors, you can hit these practice golf balls with a driver to accurately provide a sample size of how consistent you are hitting your most important golf clubs.

We recommend getting the GoSports Foam Practice Balls.

Golf Rangefinder

Tour V6 Shift Patriot Pack
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A golf rangefinder allows players to see the distance of their upcoming shot to match the shot with a specific golf club in their bag.

Through a lens, golfers hold their rangefinder and see the distance to upcoming targets, including bunkers, water, and different areas of the green.

Rangefinders are incredibly accurate, usually within a yard, making them a hit with golfers that love crunching numbers on the links.

Good golf players routinely carry rangefinders to get the exact distance from the fairway. A rangefinder can help create a quality golf shot into the green with each swing.

Advanced rangefinders also help with alignment if you are looking to hit a specific area of the green. With this product, playing partners will find that rounds move along quicker because the yardage guessing game is no longer a problem.

Rangefinders are an excellent tool for any golfer, especially players that hope to carry obstacles on the hole to help save par.

We recommend getting the Bushnell Tour V6 SHIFT Rangefinder.


Craftsman Golf 12pcs Thick Synthetic Leather Golf Iron Head Covers Set Headcover fits All Brands Callaway Ping Taylormade Cobra Etc.
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Headcovers protect golf equipment such as drivers, fairway woods, and even irons. These padded covers help protect the essential part of the club from dings and scratches when traveling.

Whether in a golf cart or a car, the headcover delivers solid protection, ensuring that your clubs stay in pristine condition for many years.

For drivers, the headcover is commonly included with the purchase of the club. But over time, covers can deteriorate, so golfers need to replace their headcover every few years to maintain the high level of protection that expensive drivers need to stay clean from damage.

Headcovers also come with long sleeves that protect the hosel and the lower part of the shaft. While these sleeves are not padded, the extra layer keeps the shaft from chipping or cracking during travel.

We recommend getting the Craftsman 12-piece Iron Head Covers.

Golf Shoes

adidas Men's Tech Response 2.0 Golf Shoes, Core Black/Footwear White, 12
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Golf shoes provide the foundation for the swing. Regardless of whether the footwear has spikes or is classified as spikeless, the tread on the sole allows the golfer to anchor their body to the ground.

This connection enables the player to generate power in their swing, making them an invaluable piece of gear that every golfer needs.

While some golf shoes are made from leather, today’s modern style typically uses synthetic materials to provide more flexibility and conformity to the foot’s shape.

These materials are lighter and help the foot stay fresh throughout the day, especially when walking the course.

Golf shoes help with grip during the swing and alignment to the target and feature several features that keep your feet dry, even on the hottest days.

We recommend getting the Adidas Tech Response 2.0 Golf Shoes.

Golf Ball Retrievers

I GOTCHA JAWZ Golf Ball Retriever, Green, 14' Reach (IG20204)
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Golf ball retrievers are lightweight devices that recover balls from areas where players cannot enter, such as water or loose soil.

Although there are several features of the retriever to consider before buying, the length of the product remains one of the most important.

If you regularly play with swamps nearby where you could hang the ball up in large sections of muck, then an extended retriever covering more than 12 feet might be the right one for your golf bags.

The other area of importance is the enclosure that captures the ball. Some enclosures are similar to ice cream scoops meaning they just get under the ball and lift it in the air.

Other retrievers have a locking enclosure that squeezes the ball after surrounding it to secure it back to your area.

We recommend getting the I Gotcha Jawz Golf Ball Retriever.

Alignment Sticks

Callaway Alignment Stix, Golf Swing Trainer, Yellow, 48 Inches, (Set of 2)
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Alignment sticks are an indispensable tool in the driving range.

Virtually indestructible, these alignment guides help point you in the right direction when swinging the golf club. And a great thing about alignment sticks is that they fit comfortably in your golf bag and your clubs.

Alignment guides are incredibly lightweight, so if you like walking while you play, you won’t have to worry about these essential golf accessories adding weight to the product.

Typically constructed from fiberglass, these rods come in vibrant colors to provide an easy line of sight to get your feet in the proper position.

While the alignment guides might not be heavy on features or glamour, these sticks are very inexpensive and can help quickly correct a flaw in your swing. Most alignment rod sets cost less than a box of mid-tier golf balls.

We recommend getting the Callaway Alignment Stix.

Golf Umbrellas

Callaway Golf 2022 64 Inch Umbrella, White/Black Color
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Taking umbrellas to the golf course can be cumbersome, but for weekend warriors in rainy areas, including a golf umbrella in their golf bag can save the day and keep them dry.

With an ergonomic grip, umbrellas offer protection from rain or sunshine with a comfortable hold, making them an essential item.

A strong golf umbrella also offers SPF-rated protection with wide, expansive coverage for complete shade on the course.

During downtime between shots, or if you like walking the course, the umbrellas can provide plenty of blockages to keep skin cool and minimize exposure to harmful rays that can cause sunburn.

Easily one of the best pieces of gear on the market, any golfer can benefit from taking umbrellas to the golf course.

We recommend getting the Callaway Golf Umbrella.

Club Brush

Yoport Golf Club Brush and Club Groove Cleaner 2 Ft Retractable Zip-line Aluminum Carabiner, Lightweight and Stylish, Ergonomic Design, Easily Attaches to Golf Bag(Red)
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A golf club brush that attaches to golf bags offers a quick and easily accessible tool to remove dirt and grime from your club to return it to play-ready condition.

The brush consists of two sides for cleaning, a steel wire side and a soft plastic bristle side, both capable of removing an unwanted obstruction from the grooves.

The wire side of the brush is quite abrasive, forcing the player to be careful and particular when using that half. For irons with visible impacted mud and dirt, the wire side of the brush remains the easiest option to deep clean the grooves.

For sand and loose dirt, the plastic bristle side of the brush does a very capable job of returning the club to its pre-shot condition.

We recommend getting the Yoport Golf Brush and Groove Cleaner.

Scorecard Holders

Callaway Leather Golf Scorecard Holder, Black, 7' x 4.25'
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The scorecard market has flourished in recent years as manufacturers have begun to create holders made from leather with stylish designs and vivid colors.

Wide enough to cover the scorecard yet fit into your pocket, these holders are an essential piece of gear for serious players.

Luxury scorecard holders are typically made from leather. These holders are high-grade covers that protect the scorecard from getting wet in the rain and potential damage. These holders also double to protect yardage books as well in most instances.

More affordable scorecard covers keep costs down by using faux leather or synthetic materials. These covers are typically flexible yet offer enough strength to protect your scorecard.

These cheaper holders may skimp on features, but they should provide a platform for cleanly writing down a score without the worry of potentially harming the card.

Den Caddy

Callaway AC CG DEN Caddy BLK/WHT 23,Black/White
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A den caddy is a miniature golf bag that provides storage inside the house or garage. While it cannot store golf clubs due to its small size. Owners of a den caddy regularly place other golf items inside the caddy, such as ball markers, tees, gloves, a towel, or decorative balls.

A hit among golf enthusiasts, a den caddy carrying the brand logo of popular golf companies can provide a talking point in an office, garage, or man cave. TaylorMade, Titleist, and PXG all offer den caddies for game fans.

Den caddies are regularly made from high quality materials such as leather and felt with a rubber base that keeps the bag level on a countertop or shelf.

Taking the shape of staff bags regularly seen on the PGA Tour, den caddies are some of the best golf gifts for weekend warriors.

A great golf accessory, a den caddy provides a fun decoration for the golf lover in any family.

Golf Tees

Pride Performance Professional Tee System Plastic Golf Tees 30 Count(Pack of 1)), 1 1/2-Inch,White
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Although it may seem like golf tees are not that important, finding the right length and material can help you gain confidence and ensure that your drive finds its intended target.

Tees come in two forms; plastic and wood. Plastic tees cost a bit more than wood, are lighter, and typically use a spiked formation to hold the ball off the grass. These specific tees are also harder to use when hitting with an iron.

Wood tees offer a rounded top to hold the golf ball, can be painted by the manufacturer for a more vibrant look, and provide a cleaner experience when used on par 3s.

The length of tees varies from under two inches to over three inches. Golfers who use oversized driver heads prefer longer tees to get further under the ball to prevent topping.

We recommend getting the top golf tees on the market today.

Golf Towels

Callaway TW CG Trifold Towel BLK 23,Black, Small
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Having a golf towel attached to your golf bag remains one of the essential pieces of gear you can carry. A golf towel keeps your club clean, but it also removes any debris from golf balls.

Most golf towels are made from high-quality microfiber that remains lightweight even when you have it soaked with water.

What you want from a towel is absorption, so you can have a product to wipe away dirt and grime from the face of the club. Clean grooves help impart higher spin on the golf ball.

Terrific golf accessories offered in various colors and styles, the golf towel can match your bag, carry the logo of your company or favorite brand, and help keep your equipment performing at a high rate.

We recommend getting the Callaway Tri-Fold Towel.

Ball Markers

PINMEI Lot of 10 Golf Ball Markers Assorted Patterns - Soft Enamel Technique (American Flag)
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Ball markers allow golfers to pick their golf balls off the green for cleaning and realignment. This handy golf accessory also allows players to move their mark when playing partners could potentially cross paths with where the golf ball rests on the putting surface.

Ball markers are circular and flat, making them easy to store, although other golf accessories such as a repair tool for divots, golf gloves, and hat clips can all hold a marker during the day.

Markers are relatively inexpensive due to the cheaper material used in their creation, such as plastic or brass.

Amateurs can also put a ball marker in their golf bag carrying the logo of their favorite sports team, business, or golf accessory brand.

Golf Hat

Nike Standard Golf-Dri-FIT Swoosh Perforated Cap, Black
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A well-made golf hat blocks the sun, helps keep sweat off your face, and offers a style that matches your clothing.

Two types of hats dominate the market; adjustable and fitted hats. Adjustable hats have a snap in the back that helps form the size to the circumference of your heat. Fitted hats offer a specific size, and it’s your job to match your head size to the hat size.

An adjustable mesh hat allows for high breathability, keeping the crown cool on hot days rather than trapping heat and warming your upper body. A mesh hat reduces sweat while protecting the top half of your face from the sun.

An elastic headband has become popular in recent years for fitted hats, making them more flexible for the wearer and much more comfortable.

We recommend getting these golf hats and bucket hats.

Golf GPS Watch

Garmin Approach S42, GPS Golf Smartwatch, Lightweight with 1.2' Touchscreen, 42k+ Preloaded Courses, Gunmetal Ceramic Bezel and Black Silicone Band, 010-02572-10
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GPS watches or devices are a great tool in helping you improve your game through their presentation of instant data such as swing speed, shot yardage, and golf courses layout.

The best GPS devices share common characteristics such as clear display, exceptional data collection for post-round analysis, and accurate readings.

One of the best benefits of GPS watches is integrating smartphone apps, usually from the same company. These apps allow golfers to track their scores, distances, and advanced statistics with any club, including the driver.

Handheld GPS devices are great to keep in your bag, usually in the valuables pocket, for quick reference during your round. The battery life of these GPS products, and the wristwatches, offer plenty of power for use over multiple rounds without the need to recharge.

We recommend getting these GPS watches and handheld devices.

Golf Travel Case

Samsonite Expanding Golf Trunk Locker Organizer, BLACK
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The golf travel case remains one of the essential golf accessories to protect the clubs for traveling players. Travel cases come with either a hard outer shell or a softer shell.

Both offer outstanding protection, but the hard outer shell provides the best way to ensure that your clubs won’t get damaged during your trip.

The hard outer shell remains the best option for protecting your golf clubs from direct impact from other bags during travel.

The softshell travel bags are great golf accessories for longer car drives due to their lightweight foundation and ability to store additional golf accessories to minimize the need for more bags.

Along with the outer layer of protection, most travel covers also include pockets for additional golf gear such as golf shoes, golf tees, golf balls, golf gloves, a golf towel, golf ball retriever, golf umbrella, alignment sticks, and divot repair tools.

We recommend getting the Samsonite Golf Trunk Organizer.

Golf Shoe Bag

Athletico Golf Shoe Bag - Zippered Shoe Carrier Bags With Ventilation & Outside Pocket for Socks, Tees, etc. Perfect Storage (Black)
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A golf shoe bag serves many purposes, all helpful to the active golfer. Having a dedicated bag for your shoes keeps them free from your clubs, allowing them to stay fresh and free from damage during travel.

Instead of holding the shoes inside the golf bag, keep the shoes in a bag with several useful features, such as a mesh exterior that allows air to dry the footwear between rounds.

A vented shoe bag allows the footwear to breathe as it is designed to provide circulation to remove odor and moisture from the interior. The comfortable handle also helps when carrying the shoes, making them light and easy travel companion on your drive to the course.

A terrific tool for helping minimize storage and allowing your shoes to stay fresh for each round, a golf shoe bag is one of the best purchases a serious golfer can make to reduce the hassle of toting around their equipment.

We recommend getting the Athletico Golf Shoe Bag.

Cart Strap Sleeves

Cart strap sleeves have grown in popularity in recent years as players look to protect their bags from rubbing against the harsh strap locks in golf clubs.

The sleeve goes over the cart strap along the body of the golf accessory to prevent rubbing and reduce damage to the bag.

The sleeve does not come into contact with clubs or an individual club, such as a driver, and its material makes it comfortable to attach leather golf gloves during your day.

Another great benefit of the sleeve is that it remains one of the most affordable golf accessories on the market today.

Another type of cart strap sleeve keeps items like rangefinders and speakers attached to the metallic frame for secure riding.


Every golfer needs to make their time on the links dedicated to improving their game and boosting their enjoyment of time away from work and other commitments.

These wonderfully essential golf accessories are designed to streamline your trip to the golf course and allow you to focus your energy on lowering your score.