Our 8 Best Budget Golf Rangefinders Picks

The Best Golf Rangefinder: Our Top 8 Choices Tested & Reviewed

best budget golf rangefinder

The Rundown

Best Overall: Gogogo Sport VPro Golf Rangefinder (click to see)

“The Gogogo Sport VPro earns our top spot for golfers on a budget due to its terrific functionality, fast focus system, and lightweight build.”

Most Accurate: TecTecTec VPro500 Golf Rangefinder (click to see)

“The VPro500 is an accurate laser rangefinder that quickly accounts for multiple targets but allows you to accurately find the flag in mere seconds.

Best Optics: Bozily Golf Rangefinder (click to see)

“The Bozily is an ideal option if you are in the market for a slope model clear magnification, continuous scanning, and a price tag well below $100.

One of the easiest ways for struggling amateurs to improve the consistency of their game is by finding the correct yardage for every long distance shot on the course.

With the help of a golf rangefinder, any golfer, no matter their handicap, has the power to get precise yardage readings from anywhere they play.

In our review of the best budget golf rangefinders, we’ll take a deeper look at which rangefinders you should put at the top of your list and what makes them shine in a crowded market.

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Things to Consider When Buying Golf Rangefinders


When evaluating accuracy in a budget golf rangefinder, you are looking for a reading that provides accurate measurements of the distance from your ball to the target within one yard. Most, if not all, budget golf rangefinders offer this capability.

But be forewarned, if you are using a rangefinder without slope, your mileage may vary on how accurate even the best cheap golf rangefinder is on the course.


Industry standard usually provides 6x magnification through the viewfinder to help you clearly see the terrain, fairway, or green shape ahead.

However, most cheap golf rangefinders do not offer magnification in their device. As with the slope function, finding a rangefinder with 6x magnification will cost you more money.

Higher priced rangefinders, such as anything from the Blue Tees Golf Series line of rangefinders, offer tremendous magnification power to help you see closer to the landing area with crystal clear clarity.

Slope Technology

In slope mode, rangefinders can consider the elevation changes to determine the distance. A slope feature can usually be activated by a switch along the side of the device.

When looking into the rangefinder, you will find two different yardages in slope mode. The first could be the actual distance without accounting for elevation, but the slope measurement will give you the accurate yardage for what you need to hit.

In most amateur golf tournament play, you are not allowed to use the slope mode for distance measuring, so please consider this if you regularly play in sanctioned events.


With even the best budget golf rangefinders, the optics might not be as crisp and clear as you’d find with a higher-priced laser rangefinder.

But that doesn’t mean that a budget rangefinder can’t offer sharp optics that help you get a sense of the upcoming terrain, especially when dealing with uphill and downhill shots.

Of course, it helps if your laser rangefinder has magnification, but if it doesn’t, finding an accurate golf laser rangefinder with a clear view of the hole and its surroundings certainly puts you ahead of most golfers.


Due to the cost, you can expect to find that some budget golf rangefinders do not include waterproofing with their unit.

Rangefinders on our list, such as the AOFAR GX-2S, offer outstanding waterproof protection, allowing you to get the yardage you need even in rainy conditions.

These waterproof budget golf rangefinders are a great choice if you regularly play in wet climates year-round.


When we talk about strength, we typically refer to the laser rangefinder’s ability to find the exact distance quickly.

Whether the device utilizes a pin lock feature or a progressive scan mode, having the power to run through that process quickly helps you get to the task of hitting your shot.

There’s nothing worse on the golf course than slow play, and the laser rangefinder offers the simplest way to jump start your game and reduce the time between shots.

Our Top 8 Golf Rangefinder List

Gogogo Sport VPro

Best Overall Budget Golf Rangefinder


  • Switchable slope technology
  • Upgraded clear display
  • Powerful magnetic mount for easy access on the cart


  • Processing time can be slow if batteries are low
  • Can be hard to find pin over long distances

Gogogo’s Sport VPro, our choice for the best budget golf rangefinder, offers casual players 6x magnification, pinseeker JOLT technology, and the ability to find slope compensation distance in a lightweight, compact size.

First off, when it comes to optics, we were pleased with this slope rangefinder. Not only are you getting 6x magnification, but the company upgraded the viewfinder to present a clearer view of the hole.

During our time with the laser rangefinder, we admired the rangefinder’s ability to engage and disengage the slope technology quickly. This rangefinder is completely legal for tournament play, which we need for our game.

When searching for the flag, the unit also gives off a nifty vibration letting you know that the yardage is locked on the viewfinder.

If we have some complaints about the unit, they focus particularly on the pinseeker mode from distances farther than 200 yards. You’ll need a steady hand and a little bit of patience when searching for the right yardage in these situations.

Several times on long par 5s, we had to stop, allow the laser rangefinder to clear, and then search again before getting a read on the flag. While annoying, we’re happy to report that this hiccup doesn’t often happen with the VPro.

Available for right around $100, the Gogogo Sport VPro earns our top spot for golfers on a budget due to its terrific functionality, fast focus system, and lightweight build.

TecTecTec VPro500

Most Accurate Budget Rangefinder


  • Lightweight, compact rangefinder
  • Impressive accuracy with range up to 540 yards
  • Ultra-fast scan mode finds pin quickly


  • No slope functionality
  • No pulse vibration technology when done reading

The TecTecTec VPro500 offers golfers highly accurate distances with a lightning-quick scan mode that gets them ready for their next shot in no time at all.

This ultralight rangefinder from the good people at TecTecTec beats other golf rangefinders when it comes to minimizing the time you need to read the distance. It offers a maximum range of 540 yards with advanced pinseeker mode to quickly lock onto the target.

Our testers noted on several occasions they were very impressed by the speed of the VPro500’s continuous scan mode. Here’s our in-depth TecTecTec VPRO500 Review.

On golf courses, the VPro500 offers a lightweight build that won’t burden you. The rangefinder also has an ergonomic shape that provides easy holding while measuring golf flags.

With the price that steers toward the upper end for budget seekers, there are also some missing features here that are disappointing.

For example, missing slope readings and the ability to vibrate when locked in on the target leaves the VPro500 lacking for golfers that want it all with their laser rangefinder.

While some disappointing subtractions here, the TecTecTec VPro500 provides golfers with an accurate laser rangefinder that quickly accounts for multiple targets but allows you to accurately find the flag in mere seconds.

WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder

Top Budget Non-Slope Golf Rangefinder


  • 800-yard range
  • Continuous scan locks target quickly
  • Extremely versatile, great also for hunting


  • Missing slope technology
  • Lacks the smoothness of more expensive golf rangefinders

You certainly won’t find your jaw dropping when you first see the WOSPORTS rangefinder, but looks can be deceiving as this little juggernaut provides golfers with an impressively accurate laser rangefinder at an even more incredibly low price.

Featuring an 800-yard range, it offers outstanding versatility if you need the rangefinder for other uses such as hunting. But its primary function is to find flags and mark the distance.

Considering this criterion, we must say that the WOSPORTS does remarkably well considering the price.

Inside 250 yards, the rangefinder delivers a smooth flag lock that’s accurate up to one yard in distance. Once you hit the flag, the WOSPORTS device emits a vibration that lets you know that the yardage is ready.

If you are a struggling golfer, the WOSPORTS rangefinder is easily one of the best golf rangefinders for its price.

Offering an ergonomic hold coupled with a continuous scan that locks onto the flag in mere seconds, the small rangefinder rides easily in the golf cart or fits comfortably in the valuables pocket of your golf bag.

Yes, this rangefinder is missing slope functionality, and while we hate that, if you are looking for a simple device to help you choose the right golf club, then the WOSPORTS model can handle the job.

Gaialoop Golf Laser Rangefinders

Top Budget Golf  Rangefinder with Slope Functionality


  • 700-yard range with 6x notification optics
  • Accurate slope adjusted distance
  • Vibration notifies golfer of results


  • Issues with battery door staying locked
  • Can struggle to lock on the pin occasionally

Gaialoop’s latest rangefinder offers a wide scope of essential features, such as a 700-yard range, exceptionally accurate slope readings, and a wide angle of view to help you understand the scope of the hole.

With 6x magnification and coated lenses, it also boasts one of the largest fields of view you’ll find in a low-cost rangefinder.

With 7.5 degrees of view angle, you’ll see even more of the hole as you step up to find the distance of your next shot.

We love rangefinders with continuous scans because they work more efficiently in getting you the result. We’re happy to report that the Gaialoop’s continuous scanning helps minimize the time you need to look through a viewfinder.

Another helpful feature of the Gaialoop rangefinder is that the interior is protected by a waterproof outer shell that keeps the rain and moisture out for long-lasting protection.

Probably the biggest complaint we had with the Gaialoop involved the design of the battery door.

Strangely, once we checked the battery area, we had problems keeping the door shut, something other golfers have expressed as a problem with this model.

However, if you are looking for the best golf rangefinder with slope technology at a low price, the Gaialoop rangefinder certainly can make the argument. For less than $70, it offers exceptional performance on the golf course.

Bozily Golf Rangefinder

Best Golf Rangefinder Optics


  • Terrific value with low cost
  • Outstanding optics with five-setting diopter
  • One-button function provides accurate, fast results


  • Lacks comfortable ergonomic hold
  • Slow to grab pin

Bozily’s laser rangefinder offers golfers a very inexpensive option if you are in the market for a slope model with clear magnification, continuous scanning, and a price tag well below $100.

When evaluating the rangefinder, we were immediately impressed by the optics and viewfinder of the device.

With five different focus options, our testers rarely struggled to see the flag and its surroundings clearly.

Another area we really liked with this rangefinder came with the smooth function. Even considering the price, we were highly impressed with how quickly the scan produced a yardage to the flag.

While the box may read that the Bozily rangefinder has 1000 yards of range, we were annoyed at times when it found difficulty finding the pin. A simple restart usually did the trick and got us back with a quick, accurate reading.

Admittedly, we weren’t crazy about the ergonomics with the Bozily. The exterior, a slick plastic with two rubber pads, makes it difficult to hold, especially when your hands are sweaty or wet.

Another well-made rangefinder with slope functionality, the Bozily delivers low-cost performance that won’t break your bank account.

Fyobyye Golf Rangefinder

Best Short Range Golf Rangefinder


  • Handles slope measurement beautifully for a budget model
  • 650-yard range and posts accurate results within 1 yard
  • Pulse vibration technology delivers instant feedback


  • Struggles to measure accurately after 225-250 yards
  • Optics aren’t completely razor sharp

Fyobyye’s golf budget rangefinder offers various features to help you get the correct yardage in seconds.

This laser rangefinder ranks high as a solidly built, highly accurate rangefinder featuring a slope switch, 6x magnification, and exceptional accuracy inside 175 yards.

Laser rangefinders, such as the well-built Fyobyye, explicitly help high handicappers by providing a piece of golf equipment that can help provide accuracy in the same way a yardage book does for professional golfers.

During our time with the rangefinder, we noted a few glaring annoyances.

The first is that for shots over 225-250 yards in length, the Fyobyye rangefinder had difficulty locking onto the target and providing solid yardage.

Another knock on this laser rangefinder is the optics. While we never had a problem reading the yardages or seeing the flagsticks, we couldn’t help but feel that the viewfinder, even with the focus wheel, could have had a better display on the course.

Inside 175 yards, the Fyobyye ranked as one of the best budget rangefinders we’ve tested, delivering highly accurate readings while not cratering our wallet in the process.

Profey Golf Rangefinder

Golf Rangefinder with Most Accurate Slope Readings


  • One-button function offers smooth usage
  • Highly accurate continuous slope readings
  • Ergonomic hold makes it easy to stay steady


  • Distance readings can be inconsistent from time to time
  • Large eyepiece is distracting

We loved the clear optics with 6x magnification on the golf course. Although it’s missing a focus wheel that would help sharpen the edges when looking through the viewfinder, Profey’s lens gives you a complete picture of the hole.

Boasting a comfortable ergonomic hold, the Profey fits easily in your golf bag, allowing you to carry one of the best pieces of budget golf equipment we’ve tested in quite some time.

That said, a few of our testers didn’t care for the large eyepiece. So if you are buying this golf rangefinder with slope for a junior golfer, take into account their size before purchasing a rangefinder with a large viewfinder.

With the flip of a switch, the Profey rangefinder shifts into slope mode, allowing you to get a super fast reading of your target as it considers any elevation changes you are facing ahead.

During our testing, we did notice that the readings, especially with slope could be inconsistent, but the more time you spend with the Profey rangefinder, the quicker you can spot when you need to rescan the shot to get a more accurate result.

Exceptional for senior golfers that need a wide eyepiece and simple functionality, the Profey rangefinder ranks highly on our list of the best cheap golf rangefinders.

AOFAR GX-2S Golf Rangefinder

Best Quick Lock with Slope Functionality


  • Dynamically quick, reading within one second
  • Excellent slope functionality
  • Terrific optics with crystal clear sightlines through the viewfinder


  • Accuracy is roughly 3 yards off on average
  • Slope reading is small and off to the side

The AOFAR GX-2S, our choice for the best quick lock rangefinder with slope functionality, offers a low-cost alternative to the higher-priced rangefinders.

Equipped with lightning-fast flag lock power, this golf rangefinder with slope effortlessly calculates the distance in under a second.

We loved how compact the frame of the GX-2S was to carry around the golf course. If you are a push cart walker on the links, the AOFAR rangefinder rides easily in a side pocket for quick and easy access once you arrive at your ball.

Similar to the functionality we adore in the Blue Tees Golf Rangefinders, the AOFAR may not have the name recognition.

But that doesn’t mean it skimps when it comes to all the features you have come to expect from a device recognized by us as a best budget golf rangefinder.

With a continuous scan that emits a vibration once your target is locked, the GX-2S allows you to quickly choose the best golf club for your upcoming shot.

Great for junior golfers that need slope functionality that they can quickly turn off during tournament play, the AOFAR GX-2S provides a clean razor-sharp appearance with performance to back it up.


What is the best inexpensive golf range finder?

The best inexpensive golf rangefinder is the Gogogo Sport VPro.

Built with a magnetic mount that easily attaches to the golf cart for quick access, it also offers precise flag readings up to 300 yards and a dynamic slope function that gives you precise yardage no matter what elevation you are dealing with on the course.

Are budget rangefinders any good?

Yes, a budget golf rangefinder can be worth your money.

For essentially the cost of a green fee at a nice course, rangefinders can eliminate the guessing game of how far your ball is from the green, the hole, or any hazards you’d like to avoid.

A cheap golf rangefinder can change how you see the course, which is a huge game-changer for struggling golfers.

What is the best rangefinder for the money?

The TecTecTec VPro500 is our choice for the best budget golf rangefinder for the money.

Offering up to 540 yards of range, the VPro500 delivers highly accurate readings up to a yard. It is also incredibly lightweight, making it easy to carry in your golf bag.

With an ultra-clear eyepiece, the VPro500 offers exceptional performance.

How much should I pay for a golf rangefinder?

If you are a casual player, you can pay anywhere from $60 to $100 for a rangefinder that will last you many, many years.

Most rangefinders do a great job at measuring distance with accuracy, but if you want to gain that extra edge, find a laser rangefinder with slope switch technology.

The slope reading allows you to measure your shot with the elevation considered.


Our choice for the best budget golf rangefinder on the market today is the Gogogo Sport VPro.

Delivering up to 650 yards of range with flag lock technology from up to 300 yards, the VPro offers outstanding accuracy from long distances, making it one of the best golf gear we’ve reviewed at such a low price point.

We loved the viewfinder’s clear and sharp eyepiece, plus the ability to incorporate slope switch technology when dealing with elevation.

For new golfers, such as high handicappers and beginners, the Gogogo Sport VPro can help shave strokes from their game immediately.

Check this video to get an idea of how to use a golf rangefinder and how it works: