Tour Edge Exotics C721 Fairway Wood Review

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated October 5, 2023. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

Designed to help mid and high handicappers get the ball into the air with minimal effort, the Tour Edge Exotics C721 Fairway Woods deliver exceptional ball speed, easy lift, and far reaching carry at a very affordable price.

In this hands-on Tour Edge Exotics C721 Fairway Wood review, we’ll take a deeper look into why this fairway has captured the attention of golfers looking for a low-price golf club that doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of performance.

Tour Edge Exotics C721 Fairway Wood

Best Distance Driver for High Handicappers

Tour Edge Exotics C721 Fairway Woods (Right, Fuji Air Speeder, Regular, 15)
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  • Impressive feel across the entire hitting area
  • Rear backweight produces high ball flight off the tee
  • Lightweight crown ramps up swing speed


  • Lacking adjustable features for more customization
  • Could use more workability

Tour Edge Exotics C721 Fairway Key Features

Tour Edge Exotics C721 Fairway Key Features

Ridgeback Technology

Featuring a titanium spine, the Ridgeback Technology creates a stiffer head that produces more direct power to the golf ball.

The ridgeback brace, placed along the center of the carbon fiber crown, also boosts feel at impact and dramatically improves response.

Diamond Face 2.0

The C721 Fairway’s face utilizes 61 total diamonds along the face to increase the width of the sweet spot for greater forgiveness and more strength.

The interweaving diamond pattern also improves shot quality across the center of the entire face.

Rear Backweight

Tour Edge places a 10-gram adjustable back weight at the rear of the head to help lower CG and maximize MOI to increase stability across the entire head shape.

For high handicappers, the weight anchors the golf club so their swing produces that extended carry that increases overall distance.

Our In-Depth Tour Edge Exotics C721 Fairway Wood Review


When some people see the price of Tour Edge clubs, they assume they won’t look professional. As shown in the appearance of the C721 Fairway, that assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The C721 Fairway Wood offers a sleek black color scheme peppered with the modern graphite color that most current golf clubs seem to feature.

Its head shape also offers golfers a streamlined look that easily lays lower than the golf ball at address.

If you are into golf clubs that offer a slim profile but carry serious muscle, the Exotics C721 Fairway delivers a very appealing appearance.


During our testing, we were impressed with the sound delivered at impact from this Tour Edge Exotics Fairway Wood.

Helped by its strong head, this golf club produces a smooth, pleasing sound that won’t distract you during your practice session or on the course.

On strikes that leak toward the toe, our testers noted that the sound does thin out compared to shots struck along the sweet spot, but that’s not uncommon.

Overall, our testers felt the C721 wood delivered a comparable sound to top-tier woods at twice the price.


When you first hold the C721 wood, you’ll immediately notice how well made it has been constructed. While most amateurs might look confused if you mention Tour Edge, the balanced feel impresses once they get the wood in their hands.

During the swing, our testers noted that the wood stays consistent and doesn’t become too heavy at the head.

At impact, the wood produces a quick response that lets you know if you’ve hit a great shot. Even on toe strikes, it manages to dampen vibration to minimize the noise in the feedback.


The C721 Fairway Wood offered clean turf interaction with the golf ball from the fairway. The wide, rounded sole doesn’t have the v-shape that a TaylorMade fairway wood offers, but our testers didn’t find that the C721 Fairway snagged during impact.

On the tee box, the C721 Fairway might be even more lethal due to its low profile that easily gets under the ball with muscle.

Although the wood doesn’t work the golf ball as well as we’d like, you can create a subtle side spin to hit the fades and draws that advanced players want to craft on the course.

For our high handicap testers, the wood offered effortless yardage with smooth flight, a dynamic combination for weekend warriors hoping to add more consistency to their game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tour Edge fairway woods any good?

Tour Edge has long made some of the best fairway woods on the market, even though they’ve remained a secret to most amateurs.

Currently, the Tour Edge Exotics line offers weekend warriors the chance to play with the same clubs that the PGA Tour pros use with more forgiveness and playability.

Additionally, the company provides additional shaft options, such as the Hzrdus Smoke Blue RDX series, which offers a customizable launch.

Does Tour Edge make a 4 wood?

Yes, the golf equipment company also makes a 4 wood in their Hot Launch series.

The C522 4 wood offers the company’s patented Diamond Face 2.0, creating mini trampolines along the face to boost shot speed and improve accuracy. It comes with a 17-degree loft, a 168cc head, and a 42.5-inch shaft that can be customized.

Does Tour Edge make a 7 wood?

Yes, the company makes a 7 wood, including a model in the Exotics line for the C721 series.

With a 21-degree loft, the 7 wood offers a 165cc head with a 59-degree lie angle and a 41.5-inch shaft.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a top-tier fairway wood at a lower price, then you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better one than the Tour Edge Exotics C721.

Listed for less than $170, the C721 provides high MOI to help you keep the face square through the impact zone while delivering solid power to the golf ball.

Much like an Exotics driver, the fairway wood offers superior performance off the tee box.

Producing exceptional distance due to the rear stationary weight and lightweight carbon composite crown that creates extended carry with maximum speed, the C721 offers high handicappers a great option to boost their distance.