Here’s The Most Comfortable Golf Shoes For Walking

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Today’s golf shoes provide terrific comfort, exceptional traction as well as a host of features that keep feet dry and well-ventilated over an 18-hole round with friends.


How do you pick the most comfortable shoes for walking the golf course?

With walking the golf course finding a surge in recent popularity, golf equipment manufacturers have emphasized creating shoes that are not only high-performing but also share common traits typically associated with best athletic shoes available on the market today.

Here’s a list of the best golf shoes for walking your next round.

In this modern age of golf where an amateur can easily play with the same equipment as the professionals, the question is commonly asked about how a beginner golfer can get a leg up on reducing their handicap.

Using the right golf shoes is one way to get ahead.

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Very comfortable to walk in, even over long distances
Classic looks for the stylish golfer
Extremely lightweight and breathable
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Exceptional traction due to the six-fang spikes on the bottom of sole
Great traction and comfort that improves as you wear them
Great traction for spikeless shoes
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Rating 98 / 100
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Rating 97 / 100
Editor's Choice
Feature 1
Very comfortable to walk in, even over long distances
Feature 2
Exceptional traction due to the six-fang spikes on the bottom of sole
Our Grade
Rating 98 / 100
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Feature 1
Classic looks for the stylish golfer
Feature 2
Great traction and comfort that improves as you wear them
Our Grade
Rating 97 / 100
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Most Comfortable
Feature 1
Extremely lightweight and breathable
Feature 2
Great traction for spikeless shoes
Our Grade
Rating 97 / 100
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13 Most Comfortable Golf Shoes For Walking

1. Adidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoe

Best overall: Comfortable and highly affordable spiked shoe

Overall Score 98%
Comfort 97%
Breathability 98%
Waterproofing 86%
Insole 96%
Outsole 95%


  • Upper layer is very breathable, ideal for warm climates
  • Exceptional traction due to the six-fang spikes on the bottom of sole
  • Adidas’ EVA insole provides stability to misstep
  • Shoe is very comfortable to walk in, even over long distances


  • Does not have waterproofing coverage
  • Spiked shoe that has sole is slightly tougher than other spikeless models

For the golfer who prefers a spiked sole but wants the comfort of a spikeless shoe when walking the course, a great alternative is the Adidas Tech Response 4.0 golf shoe. 

Very lightweight, the Tech Response 4.0 golf shoe responded well to the rigors of walking 18 holes with little friction to our feet. 

With an enhanced mesh upper layer, the shoe keeps your feet dry even though it is missing waterproof protection. 

A spiked sole provides incredible traction throughout your swing. We were blown away at the combination of lightweight feel and then the exceptional stability from the outer sole.

Comfort in the Tech Response 4.0 golf shoe begins with the lightweight material. 

These shoes did not burden us while walking the course with additional weight, so we felt as fresh at the end of our round as we did at the beginning. 

The EVA midsole aided each step in these shoes for a premium walking experience.

The outer layer of the Tech Response 4.0 golf shoe is created from a high-quality mesh that gives the foot all the air it needs to stay dry during a round. 

These shoes, however, do not have waterproofing, so we noticed slight penetration of moisture during early morning rounds. Something to consider if you play in areas that receive a lot of rain.

Waterproofing on the Tech Response 4.0 golf shoe is missing, and that is a great regret with this shoe because otherwise, it is a wonderfully high performer.

The insole is boosted by the EVA midsole insert. The insert keeps the foot stable throughout walking the course and helps provide exceptional comfort. 

In addition to the midsole insert, the Tech Response 4.0 golf shoe has a rounded toe for a larger landing area when your foot contacts the ground. This additional feature reduces friction and potential blistering.

Adidas’ patented TRAXION outsole aids in providing additional stability when coupled with the six spike configuration. 

The outsole has been streamlined to prevent slipping as well as add durability to the shoe. The Tech Response 4.0 golf shoe is one of the best golf shoes for walking primarily because of the supple outsole.

2. FootJoy Men's Fj Originals Golf Shoes

Runner-up: Classic looks with modern materials for a stylish, budget-friendly golfer

Overall Score 97%
Comfort 85%
Breathability 85%
Waterproofing 99%
Insole 90%
Outsole 96%


  • Classic good looks
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight


  • Not very breathable
  • Not as comfortable as other shoes in the price range

Like you’d expect from a shoe called the FootJoy Original, these are what most people envision when they think of golf shoes.

With a classic saddle-shoe style and fully synthetic construction, the FJ Originals are sleek and stylish, with great traction and comfort that improves the more you wear them. 

With a 1-year waterproof warranty and FootJoy’s reliably good construction, the FJ Originals are a great value that’ll have you looking good and feeling confident out on the links.


The synthetic leather construction is a great look, and the classic lines of the saddle-shoe is still the preferred golf style on the PGA Tour and most golf courses across the country.

While many players are opting for the comfort of softer, sneaker-like shoes, the silent majority still opts for the classic looks of these dress-shoe style Originals. Since they’re not leather, the Originals are remarkably lightweight and easy to walk a full 18 holes in without foot fatigue. Initially a bit rigid and uncomfortable, the Originals came to fit nicely the more I wore them.


Many longtime FootJoy wearers will know which of the “lasts” they use fits their foot the best. The last is the 3-D foot model that determines the shape of the shoe and how it will fit. This FJ Originals uses the Austin last, which offers extra room in the toe and forefoot area. The extra space is great, as I’ve found many of the dress-shoe style golf shoes are too narrow and cause toe pain by the end of a full 18 hole round. No such issue with these FJ Originals, however. The FootJoy EVA Fit-Beds insoles provide great cushioning all along the length of your foot, so despite the shoe’s firm feeling, they’re nicely cushioned.


The FJ Originals have excellent traction, thanks to a tried-and-true arrangement of alternative spikes and sharp, tacky traction nubs all along the sole. These are the types of shoes you want in wet, slippery weather as they’ll keep you upright and anchored to the ground no matter what. Definitely not for indoor use, these are built for golf and only golf, and they do the job with aplomb.

3. Adidas Men's Adipower 4orged S Golf Shoe

Most Comfortable & Lightest Golf Shoe: Light, comfortable shoes for hot days

Overall Score 97%
Comfort 97%
Breathability 97%
Waterproofing 74%
Insole 95%
Outsole 95%


  • Very lightweight and breathable
  • Decent traction for spikeless shoes


  • Water “repellent” but not waterproof
  • Toe box takes some time to break in

Adidas’ Adipower 4orged shoes are a lightweight, very breathable pair of shoes that are made for hot, sunny days on the course.

They’ll keep your feet cool and won’t drag you down even if you’re walking eighteen holes or more. They’re excellent for caddies too, as they provide good traction for spikeless shoes.

Combo upper

The upper of the shoe is a combination of forged microfiber leather, fabric and synthetics that help keep it lightweight but sturdy. This is not a heavy, dress-shoe style golf shoe; it bears more of a resemblance to cross trainers than your typical golf shoe. If you’re a golfer who likes to walk, after 18 holes your feet can start to feel awfully heavy in traditional shoes.

These have a bit of stretch to them, so they fit snugly but comfortably, staying stable all day long. However, the combo upper and high breathability factor means they’re not waterproof. While they’re water repellent, that’s basically enough to ensure that a little morning dew isn’t going to soak your feet.

But if rain starts falling, your feet will get wet. And they’ll stay pretty wet, as it takes a full overnight to dry them out all the way. These shoes are suited more for hot, sunny days when you know there’s a low chance of rain but a high chance of lots of golf.


The sole is a typical rubber one found in most spikeless golf shoes. The traction nubs do their job on dry days, although there’s a little slippage if you have a sidehill lie and it’s early in the morning enough for the grass to still be dewy and damp. You can easily wear these indoors without worrying about damaging any floors or looking too out of place.


If you’re an occasional player who only keeps one pair of golf shoes around, you may want to look for something that’s fully waterproof in case your round is interrupted by a surprise rainstorm. But if you play a lot in a fairly dry climate, the Adipower 4orged S shoe will be a good addition to your arsenal. The toe box takes a little time to break in, but after a round or two they’ll be among the more comfortable shoes you own.

4. Adidas Men's 360 Traxion

Runner-up: Dynamic waterproofing and first-rate comfort

adidas Men's 360 Traxion Golf Shoe, FOOTWEAR WHITE/FOOTWEAR WHITE/CORE BLACK, 7 M US
Buy on Amazon from $39.96

Overall Score 98%
Comfort 96%
Breathability 100%
Waterproofing 100%
Insole 100%
Outsole 100%


  • Comfortable feel and performance of an athletic shoe
  • Breathable upper layer keeps you dry and comfortable
  • One of the best waterproof shoes on market
  • Rounded toe helps makes this a very stable shoe​​​


  • Synthetic upper layer may turn off golfers looking for leather exterior
  • Golfers may want a spiked sole

The Adidas 360 Traxion golf shoe has been designed to be lightweight as well as a first-rate waterproof golf shoe. 

We’re happy to report that Adidas has been successful on both fronts as the company’s 360 Traxion provides one of the most pleasant walking experiences we’ve ever experienced in a golf shoe.

With the company’s patented Climastorm waterproofing technology leading a host of features that make the 360 Traxion shoe a stellar addition to other golf shoes that assist with stability. 

In addition to these great features, the Adidas 360 Traxion golf shoe also has one of the most durable outsoles on the market today.

The power-transferring midsole not only boosts the cushion and comfort of the Adidas 360 Traxion golf shoe but also helps moves your power from one leg onto the other. 

We felt that the interior of this shoe kept our foot in place whether we were walking or swinging and that solid feel provided great confidence throughout our round.

Now the upper layer of the Adidas 360 Traxion golf shoe is made from synthetic material and while that may turn away some golfers who prefer leather, we’re here to tell you that would be a big mistake. 

The upper layer on the 360 Traxion supports the foot but also allows it to breathe easily.

Where the Adidas 360 Traxion golf shoe really shines is with the Climastorm waterproofing process. 

The 360 Traxion shoe kept our feet out of the water on even the wettest mornings, and the high performance of the waterproofing knocked us out.

The insole on the 360 Traxion golf shoe has a cloud foam sock-liner that aided the comfort of walking several miles as well as provided much needed cushioning on each step. 

The break-in period of the shoe was incredibly short, and we attribute that mostly to the superior construction of the midsole.

A soft, spikeless outsole rounds out the features of the Adidas 360 Traxion golf shoe. We found that the traction of the Adidas 360 Traxion was top-notch throughout the twists and turns of the golf swing. 

A wide base at the toe of the shoe also helped keep our follow-throughs level.

Due to the collection of sterling features, the Adidas 360 Traxion golf shoe is one of the best golf shoes for walking the course.

5. Skechers Men's Go Golf Elite 3 Shoe

Durable and Lightweight spiked shoe

Skechers Men's Go Golf Elite 3 Shoe
Buy on Amazon from $59.07

Overall Score 97%
Comfort 96%
Breathability 95%
Waterproofing 97%
Insole 95%
Outsole 97%


  • Waterproof with high-quality premium leather exterior
  • Durable outsole with multiple small spikes for terrific gripping
  • Very lightweight on the feet for comfortable walking
  • Patented Resamax cushioned insole for comfort


  • Not as flexible as some of the other synthetic exterior models
  • If you are looking for a spiked shoe, the spike system of the Elite 3 is lacking

The Skechers Go Golf Elite 3 is a terrific golf shoe that is incredibly comfortable with a waterproof exterior made from premium leather that will keep your feet dry and cozy.

A favorite of professional golfer Matt Kuchar, the Go Golf series is Skechers’ premium tier of golf shoe. As a result, from any Go Golf shoe, you can expect footwear crafted from high-quality materials with a softness that comforts the foot and doesn’t cause the blister-creating friction that ruins a round.

For the Elite 3, it all begins with the high-end sole. Even though the bottom of the shoe is crafted from synthetic material, it is supple and works well with your feet as you walk the course.

Overall, the Elite 3 is a dynamic golf shoe that is great for golfers of all levels, including low-handicappers.

For the Elite 3, it all begins with the high-end sole. Even though the bottom of the shoe is crafted from synthetic material, it is supple and works well with your feet as you walk the course.

Inside the shoe, golfers can expect the nice cushioning and exceptional feel that Skechers is known for in their footwear. The lined interior features the high-performance Resamax insole that brings comfort and a custom-fit to the shoe.

The Elite 3 doubles down with the cushioning as the company has also included a lightweight and reactive padding called 5Gen that supports the foot during movement such as walking.

One more fantastic feature of the Elite 3 is the heel lock design that keeps the foot secure in the shoe throughout the torque and twisting of the golf swing. Golfers can rest assured that there will be no slipping or sliding in the Elite 3.

The exterior of the Elite 3 made from high-grade leather, repels water through the company’s H2GO Shield treatment.

We found a few minor complaints with the Elite 3. There is a more extended break-in period with the shoe due to the new leather and synthetic sole combination. Also for golfers wanting a wide spike for better traction, the Elite 3 may come up short, but we never felt unstable when swinging the club.

6. New Balance NBG2004 Golf Shoe

Alternative option for most golfers: Golf shoe that delivers the flexibility of a running shoe

New Balance Men's NBG2004 Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe, Black/Green, 8 M US
Buy on Amazon from $62.96

Overall Score 96%
Comfort 98%
Breathability 98%
Waterproofing 100%
Insole 96%
Outsole 98%


  • Designed like a running shoe for terrific walking performance
  • Top-notch waterproofing keeps feet dry and fresh
  • Spiked outsole keeps golfer stable
  • Interior offers a wide area for feet to naturally spread when walking, perfect for wide feet


  • Not as soft as a spikeless shoe
  • Break-in time was longer than other spiked shoes

Another spiked golf shoe that has the look and feel of a walking shoe is the New Balance NBG2004 golf shoe. 

The company has taken their success in creating some of the world’s best running shoes and created flexible, yet incredibly strong, golf shoes. 

The New Balance NBG2004 golf shoe couples a waterproof leather upper layer that breathes very well with an interior that is aided by an insert that cushions as well as any shoe we’ve tested. 

A Slim-Lok cleat system gives this shoe a stable base that keeps the lower body steady when swinging the driver hard off the tee box.

The New Balance NBG2004 golf shoe provides wonderful comfort even though it is a spiked shoe with a very rigid base. 

You may find it takes a bit of time to break in these shoes but the time is well worth the effort, especially if you are looking for a very comfortable spiked golf shoe.

The upper layer on the New Balance NBG2004 golf shoe is made from a microfiber that enhances the premium leather exterior. The company’s FantomFit technology also assists the upper layer in providing additional support of the foot. This upper layer was one of our favorite on the list because it is so well constructed.

New Balance’s waterproofing process keeps the interior dry regardless of any wet weather you may encounter. 

Even with the waterproof protection, this upper layer breathes incredibly well, and we felt our feet were never too hot during warm weather rounds.

The insole is cushioned and designed like most of New Balance’s running shoes to protect the foot and give the toes a wide area to spread out on impact with the ground. 

This helps the walking golfer who will use these shoes to walk 18 holes reduce the repeated pounding against the ground.

The outsole on the New Balance NBG2004 golf shoe moves naturally with your foot and is supple enough to provide a flexibility rarely seen in spiked golf shoes. 

The six-prong spikes kept us secure through our hardest swings yet allowed us to rotate easily on our takeaway.

7. ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe

Premium materials equals an incredible shoe

ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe
Buy on Amazon from $101.07

Overall Score 96%
Comfort 98%
Breathability 95%
Waterproofing 98%
Insole 98%
Outsole 96%


  • Redesigned insole keeps feet firmly in shoe on hard swings
  • Soft, waterproof premium leather exterior wears well
  • One of the more comfortable shoes on the market
  • Breathable exterior keeps feet dry and fresh​​​


  • Classic look and feel, may not mesh well with golfers who want modern shoe
  • Expensive but worth cost for performance

The ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax golf shoe is made from premium leather that gives the shoe a professional level of class and also teases the excellent features awaiting the golfer. 

The exterior of the shoe is soft, very breathable and treated with Hydromax and an anti-stain formula that keeps the water out of the interior. 

ECCO has spent thousands of hours finding the best way to support the foot of the golfer and their hard work has resulted in the Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax, one of the best golf shoes for walking the layout at your local club.

The yak leather shell on the ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax golf shoe maintains a coolness on the inside that is quite comfortable when walking the course. 

What is great about the Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax is that the softness of the shoe makes it lightweight and doesn’t feel suffocating on your feet even during uphill walks.

The ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax has terrific waterproof coverage aided by the previously mentioned Hydromax technology as well as an ECCO anti-stain formula that keeps the leather protected from various weather events such as rain.

The interior on the ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax golf shoe features a brand new insole that has been designed to help the foot stay in place during movement. 

Too often, slipping feet, even within the shoe can cause a shifting of weight that robs power from the swing. These shoes have a durable interior that keeps your feet locked in place during swings.

One of the reasons that ECCO has a presence on the professional golf tours is because, not only are they very comfortable, but they have premium traction on their outsoles. 

The ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax is no exception with a wear-resistant outsole that provides grip from any location on the course.

8. FootJoy Pro SL

Best If You Have Sensitive Feet: Exceptional comfort and traction

FootJoy Men's Pro/SL-Previous Season Style Golf Shoes White 10 M Silver, US
Buy on Amazon from $79.96

Overall Score 97%
Comfort 98%
Breathability 95%
Waterproofing 98%
Insole 98%
Outsole 96%


  • Provides a custom fit with host of exceptional features
  • Tremendous cushioning for ideal comfort
  • Wide insole reduces friction with each step
  • Dynamic waterproofing always keeps feet dry


  • May be a bit pricey for amateur golfers
  • But the performance of the shoe validates the price

The FootJoy Pro SL is one of the best golf shoes for walking because of the high-quality construction you expect from the company creating an affordable shoe that delivers terrific traction. 

Made with total waterproof protection on the leather exterior, the Pro SL is a golf shoe that provides a custom feel because of the enhanced technology.

We found that the Pro SL is incredibly durable, yet has a quick break-in period to get you walking a full 18 holes quickly. 

With a rounded toe providing plenty of room for your foot, the Pro SL is one of the most comfortable golf shoes we’ve come across in quite some time.

Professional golfers love FootJoy shoes because of their high-performance and exceptional comfort. 

The Pro SL is one of FootJoy’s most advanced shoes for the amateur, built around an innovative design that provides a custom fit for a fraction of the price.

The Pro SL is one of the most comfortable shoes on this list due to the fully rounded toe that assists the golfer by reducing friction between foot and insole on each step. 

The added comfort gives the golfer a cushion that helps on long walks across the course.

The exterior of the Pro SL is made from FootJoy’s patented ChromoSkin leather giving the golfer a breathable surface that is soft and lightweight, thereby reducing the weight of the shoe. 

As a result, the golfer’s feet stay fresh and dry throughout the round.

Also, the exterior has been treated with FootJoy’s waterproofing process for dynamic coverage that repels water and keeps feet dry through any wet condition. 

The company guarantees that the waterproofing will stay strong for at least two years.

Next, the exceptional insole of the Pro SL had us marveling at the cushion and support provided to the arches of our feet. 

When coupled with the versatile spikeless outsole that blends two types of foam to hold the foot, the Pro SL does an extraordinary job of keeping the foot stable throughout the golf swing. 

If you are worried about the spikeless sole, please note that our feet stayed secured and locked to the ground through the duration of our round.

9. Skechers Performance Men's Go Golf Drive 2 Golf Shoe

Best Value For Money: Extremely comfortable and cushioned

Skechers Performance Men's Go Golf Drive 2 Golf Shoe
Buy on Amazon from $52.88

Overall Score 96%
Comfort 99%
Breathability 93%
Waterproofing 95%
Insole 98%
Outsole 95%


  • Exceptional waterproofing kept our feet dry in the rain
  • Remains very comfortable when walking the course
  • Spikeless sole is durable yet supple enough to keep feet fresh
  • Insole has extraordinary cushioning enhancing overall comfort


  • Outer layer is not made from real leather
  • Slightly worried about durability over the long run

Another spikeless shoe that delivers the goods and provides a great experience when walking is the Skechers Performance Go Golf Drive 2 golf shoe. 

The company has created several lines of golf shoes that have been designed to help you make the transition to walking the course.

One of their crown jewels is the Go Golf Drive 2 golf shoe because of its comfort and a terrific number of features. 

With exceptional cushioning on the inner and outer sole as well as a strong layer of waterproofing, the Go Golf Drive 2 golf shoe ranks high on our list of shoes that require a brief break-in period and always delivers a pleasant walking experience.

One of the reasons that the Go Golf Drive 2 golf shoe is such a comfortable walking shoe is due to the company’s patented Goga Mat technology that provides amazing cushioning to the bottom of your feet. 

In addition to helping the interior of the shoe, the Goga Mat technology supports your mid-step for a stability that you can feel in every movement.

The outer layer of the Go Golf Drive 2 is a faux leather that could turn some golfers looking for a real leather exterior away. 

The layer, however, is accented with side perforation that enables the shoe to cool on its own, keeping feet dry throughout the round.

Waterproofing on the Go Golf Drive 2 golf shoe is provided by Sketchers patented H2GO water-resistant design. 

We played with these shoes in a variety of wet weather conditions, and we can assure you that our socks never felt a drop of moisture.

The insole of the shoe is aided by an insert that holds the arch of the foot stable when walking. 

However, we found that the insert is soft enough so that it molds itself to the bottom of your foot to aid in the overall cushioning provided by the shoe.

Finally, the outer sole is constructed with a highly durable rubber traction plate. 

These shoes are spikeless, but the studs always kept our lower bodies in sync and locked to the ground when we need the stability the most.

10. Puma Men's Ignite Pwrsport Golf Shoe

Best For Golfers with Slim Feet: Extraordinary design and performance

Puma Men's Ignite Pwrsport Golf Shoe
Buy on Amazon from $49.96

Overall Score 95%
Comfort 96%
Breathability 96%
Waterproofing 92%
Insole 96%
Outsole 95%


  • Athletically tailored golf shoe provides maximum performance
  • Lace tying system gives the golfer’s foot tremendous support
  • Spikeless outsole still has terrific traction
  • Waterproof exterior does great at keeping the water away from your foot​​​


  • Waterproof guarantee only lasts one year
  • Slimmer golf shoe that may have golfers wanting a wider alternative​

A favorite of professional golfer Rickie Fowler, the Puma Ignite Pwrsport golf shoe deserves a ton of credit for its sleek design and wonderful performance. 

The secret of the success with the Ignite Pwrsport shoe lies in the unique design that gives the golfer’s foot premium support as well as a ton of control during the swing. 

An athletically designed shoe, the Puma Ignite Pwrsport delivers high performance in a spikeless package with a waterproof mesh exterior and one of the softest insoles we’ve ever walked a round with while taking in 18 holes.

Puma has designed the Ignite Pwrsport golf shoe to look no different than your random athletic trainer but deliver a comfort level associated with a leisure shoe. 

On the whole, the company is very successful as the Ignite Pwrsport is one of the best golf shoes for walking because it repeatedly brings maximum comfort to the golfer’s foot.

The mesh exterior gives golfers the confidence that their foot will stay dry and untouched by moisture regardless of any inclement weather that may find you on the links. 

We found that the mesh upper layer kept the shoe well ventilated even after four-plus miles of walking.

The Puma Ignite Pwrsport golf shoe has premium waterproofing that does come with a slight catch. The company only guarantees that the waterproofing will last one year. 

Most upper-tier golf shoes have a two-year waterproofing guarantee. That aside, fresh from the box these shoes keep the water away from your socks for a clean day at the course.

The insole and outsole of the Puma Ignite Pwrsport golf shoe are dependent on the company’s PWRFRAME and PWRCAGE technology. 

The PWRFRAME feature reinforces and supports the foot’s place within the shoe. As a result, the golfer can expect a cushioned midsole that is a dream to walk 18 holes upon.

The PWRCAGE locks down the foot and promotes a stability that takes advantage of the GripZone Traction outsole that utilizes hexagons studs to keep the golfer locked into the turf through their hardest swings. 

Because of the athletic look and premium construction, the Puma Ignite Pwrsport is one of the best golf shoes for walking the course.

11. Skechers Go Golf Fairway Golf Shoe

Premium materials equals an incredible shoe

Skechers Golf Men's Go Golf Fairway Golf Shoe

Buy on Amazon from $38.43

Overall Score 92%
Comfort 93%
Breathability 97%
Waterproofing 95%
Insole 93%
Outsole 92%


  • Very lightweight with flexible mesh exterior for total comfort
  • Durable outsole utilizes Skechers patented spike system
  • A great entry-level shoe that will keep the golfer connected to the ground without slipping
  • Patented insole holds the foot with comfort, minimizing blisters


  • Lack of a leather exterior makes quicker deterioration a possibility
  • Cheaper shoe that is great for first timers and beginners, but not for low handicappers

Skechers continues to make comfortable shoes for golfers of all ages and skill levels. Their latest entry-level shoe, the Go Golf Fairway is very lightweight and easy on the feet when walking 18 holes.

If you are a beginning golfer or have a young golfer who’s foot is growing rapidly, then the Go Golf Fairway is affordable, durable and performs perfectly for this skill level.

Starting with the mesh exterior, the Go Golf Fairway features breathable materials that keep your feet cool and dry in the summer months. The outer layer features a treatment on the inside with the company’s Agion solution.

The Agion treatment repels odor, wicks away sweat and moisture and protects the interior of the outer layer for durability.

The sole of the shoe is made from a very lightweight foam material and features the GogaMatrix design, that responds with each step to secure and cushion the foot. The sole is very flexible and break-in time is minimal in the Go Golf Fairway shoe.

When moving to the interior of the shoe, Skechers has created the insole with a focus on stabilizing the foot during the turning and pivoting involved with the golf swing. The company’s 5Gen interior foam forms around the foot for a cushioning that minimizes friction for fewer blisters and better performance.

There are a few knocks we’d like to talk about with the Go Golf Fairway shoe. First, the shoe lacks waterproofing. For a shoe at this price point that is not uncommon.

Some golfers like to find a waterproof spray to treat their shoes, but the Go Golf has the mesh exterior so that may not be feasible. So be warned that if you are looking for a waterproof shoe, the Go Golf does not have that feature.

Also, if you are looking for a high-quality, premium shoe, then the Go Golf Fairway isn’t the shoe for you. With the mesh exterior and lightweight sole, you can’t expect the shoe to handle the rigors of top-flight golf.

12. Callaway Men's Balboa Vent Golf Shoe

Best For Golfers In Warm Climates: Entry-level shoe delivers high performance

Callaway Men's Balboa Vent Golf Shoe
Buy on Amazon from $49.96

Overall Score 92%
Comfort 96%
Breathability 100%
Waterproofing 80%
Insole 92%
Outsole 92%


  • Upper layer is well vented to keep feet dry and fresh
  • Spikeless sole provides exceptional cushioning over a long walk
  • Outsole is very durable yet didn’t restrict natural walking motion
  • Perfect for golfers living in warm weather climates


  • The entry-level shoe does not have bells and whistles of more expensive models
  • Upper layer is not waterproof

A spikeless entry-level shoe from Callaway, the Balboa Vent golf shoe provides a surprisingly pleasant experience when walking the links. 

An upper layer that is vented with the company’s mesh Opti-Vent technology provided an experience that had our feet cool and dry on a particularly warm day at the course. 

The Dura-Rubber outsole was also a revelation as it maintained a comfort level that was as strong on the 18th hole as it was when we first teed off to start our round. A high-grade sock-liner rounded out what is a great shoe for a very affordable price.

Due to the breathable upper layer and soft interior, the Balboa Vent golf shoe is very comfortable in warm weather. 

Since the Balboa Vent golf shoe lacks waterproofing coverage, we wanted to test the comfort of these shoes in the heat. 

We are happy to report that these shoes were very gentle over 18 holes and left our feet feeling remarkably fresh and blister free when we finished our round.

The upper layer on the Balboa Vent golf shoe is one of the best we tested. But that does come with a downside. 

Due to the mesh layer, Callaway did not waterproof these shoes. Now that may be an issue if you play in wetter climates, but for the summer, these shoes are amazing at how cool they keep your feet.

As we stated before, waterproofing is non-existent on the Balboa Vent golf shoe.

The interior of the Balboa Vent golf shoe is boosted by an EVA midsole with Callaway’s Opti-Soft technology. 

What we found during our testing is that the midsole kept our feet stable through the back and downswing as well as kept us secure at impact. 

Our feet did not slide in these shoes, and we found them very comforting as we walked the course.

While some golfers prefer a spiked shoe, for walking, the spikeless shoe is ideal due to its flexibility, but that point becomes moot if the shoe does not deliver stability. 

We found that the Balboa Vent shoe’s spikeless design provides incredible traction throughout our swing’s rotation.

13. FootJoy Men's Fj Arc Sl

Good value for waterproof spikeless shoe

Overall Score 90%
Comfort 90%
Breathability 87%
Waterproofing 98%
Insole 93%
Outsole 84%


  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Good traction


  • Stiffness gets in the way of comfort a bit

The FootJoy FJ Arc SL shoe is a modestly priced shoe in the normally high-end FootJoy lineup, but fortunately it doesn’t sacrifice any of the performance that FootJoy is known for.

The full textile (as opposed to leather) shoe is a very lightweight and mostly comfortable shoe with waterproofing that holds up well, even in downpours.


While the FJ Arc is a comfortable shoe when you put it on, it’s a little bulky and stiff when you actually walk around in it. While it gives you a nice, sturdy base for the golf swing, it takes a good deal of breaking in and never quite achieves the high comfort level of some of the best sneaker-style golf shoes.

However, that stiffness could be a result of the shoe being fully waterproof, which is a feature you don’t often find in this style of shoe, nor at this price point. Many shoes like this trade in waterproofing for breathability and flexibility, but the FJ Arc leans the other way. So if you’re a tournament player who has to show up rain or shine, or the type that plays no matter the weather, the FJ Arc is a great choice that’s easy on your budget.


While the FJ Arc is a spikeless shoe, its sole features spikier nubs than you find on most similar models. This gives it a slightly odd sound when you’re walking indoors and means it’s probably not suitable for walking on floors that you would avoid in regular golf spikes.

The good part is that the sharper rubber protrusions really grip the ground well and give a nice, firm base even in wet conditions and on steep slopes. Even really hard swingers and high swing speed players should find that the FJ Arc shoes provide reliably excellent traction.

As FootJoy says, this is a golf shoe–not a casual shoe that can also be worn for golf. You won’t find any slippage here.


With numerous different options for size and width, the FJ Arc shoes are suitable for any golfer. It’s offered in standard, wide and X-wide to cover a good range of foot size and provide comfort to players who find that golf shoes are usually too snug.

Testing Protocol & Criteria Used For Evaluation


How the golf shoe feels on your feet during a round is incredibly important.

Having stable feet promotes confidence in your swing as well improves contact with the golf ball at impact. 

By feeling comfortable in your golf shoes, whether they be spiked or spikeless, you are giving yourself the best chance to post your lowest score ever.

Comfort in the golf shoe comes from three areas. The first is how the shoe feels during movement on the course. 

Golfers who prefer to walk the course are becoming more and more popular, as a result, golf shoe manufacturers are tailoring their shoes to provide an enhanced cushion on the feet. 

Next, how the bottom of the shoe feels during the stride is crucial in providing a solid walking experience. And finally, the material used to construct the shoe aid in helping keep the feet dry throughout the round.


The outer layer of the shoe that rests against the top of the foot is very important for providing breathability

Why is it important for the shoe to allow airflow to the foot? 

Well, it helps keep the foot dry so that the shoe doesn’t become a humid box that creates sweat on the skin. 

By having dry feet, the golfer experiences added comfort during walking and when it comes time to strike the golf ball.

Golf shoes have made tremendous strides in utilizing materials that help keep your feet well ventilated on and off the course. 

By finding a shoe that breathes well, you are making sure that your feet stay fresh throughout the round. 

This is especially true during the summer when most golf is played because keeping sweat away from the foot improves stability through the swing.


For golfers who love to play golf year round, finding shoes that are waterproof is a necessity. 

Waterproof shoes help not only on those rainy days but also in the morning when the grass holds dew. 

Having your feet get wet on the first hole can ruin a round because no one likes the feeling of wet socks wrapped around their feet

In turn, your stability and confidence go down the drain as you miserably suffer through the remainder of the round.

By having waterproof shoes, you assure that your feet will stay cool and dry throughout the day. 

For top performance, you want to be able to not worry about things like dry feet and instead focus on the shot that lies ahead. 

So, finding shoes that are waterproof are crucial to helping the mental side of your game.


How a shoe feels on the inside is everything to a golfer

If the shoe feels stiff or there is not enough cushion on the interior, then the golfer can feel unsteady about the foundation of their swing. Golf manufacturers have gone out of their way to improve the insoles of their shoes for this very reason.

By providing a comfortable experience directly to the bottom of your feet, the insole of the shoe helps with confidence as well as stability. 

Over time, a great insole will mold itself to the bottom of the golfer’s foot providing exceptional feel throughout the swing.

Judging an insole can be difficult because all feet are not the same, so golfers of all shapes and sizes can have different responses to the quality of the interior of the shoe. 

That said, these criteria are based upon comfort and feel while using the shoe.


One of the most important areas of the shoe that are directly related to how a golfer will feel overall about the golf shoe is due to the outsole. 

Most outsoles are made from rigid compounds that stabilize the shoe as well as provide a home to the spikes or studs connected to the bottom.

Outsoles can also be softer, especially when you are dealing with a spikeless shoe

A golfer’s response to a golf shoe is primarily based on how they feel the outsole is responding to their feet and walking style. 

Like insoles, people can have differing experiences with outsoles, but this criteria will primarily take into account the quality of construction as well as the comfort provided during walking.

Outsoles are the backbone of the golf shoe and, as a result, are crucial to the overall performance of the shoe.

Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

What are the different types of golf shoes available and what are their features?

There are several types of golf shoes on the market that provides traction, style, and quality to the weekend warrior.

The first is the spiked golf shoe that is preferred by younger amateurs as well as professional golfers. 

The spiked shoe has a rigid outsole constructed of compound materials that provide strength as well as exceptional grip

The downside to spiked shoes is that they are tougher to break in and can be hard on your feet over the course of a round.

Next, the spikeless shoe is made for comfort. Instead of spikes, the shoe has softer studs or dimples that take the place of flared, hard plastic spikes. 

The outsole is softer on spikeless shoes making spikeless shoes the preferred shoe for walking golfers due to their short break-in period and overall comfort.

Finally, there remains a small corner of the market that utilizes the old metal spikes that were popular during the days of Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. 

Made with tough leather and hard rubber soles, the metal spikes have faded in popularity due to their stiffness as well as the damage they do on golf courses.

Questions & Answers

What are the different golf shoe materials?

The gold standard of golf shoe construction remains leather, as it’s still the best combination of breathability, durability and looks, and once it’s waterproofed it maintains it for a long period of time.

However, newer synthetic and textile shoes are becoming more and more popular recently, with lightweight Gore-Tex and synthetic leather being used for their breathability and weather-proof qualities.

With a recent move towards more sneaker-style shoes, there are many shoes available that are fully made of textiles and synthetics and bear more resemblance to cross-trainers than to the heavy, dressy golf shoes of past generations.

The one constant seems to be that golf shoes have rubber soles, either spikeless with traction nubs or spiked with plastic “alternative spikes” screwed into the rubber soles.

Questions & Answers

Should I pick spiked or spikeless shoes?

Golfers can be very picky about their style of golf shoe. With the recent surge in popularity of the spikeless golf shoe, the debate has reached a fever pitch on what shoe is better. 

Is it spikeless or spiked?

For most golfers, the difference is about the feel of the shoe as it comes into contact with the turf. 

Golfers who swear by spiked golf shoes claim that their grip is better throughout the golf swing with spikes whereas golfers who tout spikeless golf shoes claim that not only do they not lose grip but their preferred shoe is much more comfortable.

In comparison, spiked golf shoes have actual spikes on the outsole of the shoe whereas spikeless golf shoes replace the spikes with rubberized studs that aid in gripping the ground during the swing.

When deciding between the two options, it is extremely important to understand how the two differ in construction. 

Spiked shoes tend to have a more rigid outsole whereas the spikeless sole is softer and pliable. Older golfers love spikeless shoes due to their comfort, but younger, more competitive golfers prefer the feel provided by spikes.

Golfers who hate spikeless shoes complain about their inability to grip the turf in wet weather although manufacturers have created better soles recently to combat that problem.

No one argues that spikeless shoes are not easier on the golf course. The lack of a hard spike does help the health of the grounds over the long run, but the adjustment in feel may not be worth the trade for some golfers.

In the end, your preference of shoe will be based on your preference of features. The days where one type of shoe reigned over the other is now gone. 

Both styles of shoes offer tremendous benefits and high performance. Whether it be spiked or spikeless, either shoe can have you playing for your personal best score.

Questions & Answers

Why do I need shoes specifically for playing golf?

The primary reason for wearing golf shoes is because of the spikes on the bottom of the shoe anchor the lower body during the golf swing. 

When your feet slide or become unstable during the swing, you lose your power as it is transferred to the golf ball. Therefore, golf shoes provide an essential service by keeping the lower body stable during the twisting and turning of the swing.

Many amateurs don’t understand the difference between buying a specifically designed golf shoe over wearing regular athletic shoes, but they are missing out on the improvements that a crafted shoe can make on an individual’s golf game. 

By anchoring your lower body to the ground, you allow the body to work in sync to deliver a powerful downswing that improves contact with the golf ball at impact.

Beginning players would help their learning curve immensely by finding a quality pair of golf shoes when they start their lessons because it would remove the uncertainty of shifting feet during the swing.

Questions & Answers

How many miles can I expect to walk on the golf course without feeling sore with golf shoes?

The average golf course runs 6500 yards in length, meaning the walking golfer can expect to walk roughly 4 miles over an 18-hole round. 

When you take into account the walking to the clubhouse, between greens and tee boxes, as well as any practice the golfer may do before the round, you are looking at a day that will total up to 6 miles of total walking.

With that amount of walking it is easy to assume that your feet will pay the price in new golf shoes that have not been broken in yet. 

If you are playing in spiked golf shoes with a rigid outsole, it is important to slowly break-in these shoes over time rather than hitting the course and hoping the shoes won’t damage your feet. 

Blisters caused by ill-fitting shoes can hang around for days and, if not treated properly with topical creams and solutions, can become infected causing even greater time away from the course.

Questions & Answers

Can golf shoes help me gain more stability with my swing?

Yes, golf shoes can help you gain stability with your swing.

There are three major areas that the golf shoe helps during a golf swing. They are balance, stability, and flexibility.

Golf shoes help with balance because they are designed to keep your feet connected to the ground throughout the swing. 

If you look at a golf shoe, you will notice that they are wider along the base of the shoe. This is intentional because it helps keep the lower half of the body steady during the swing to maximize swing speed. This is also helps to find the best golf shoes for wide feet. 

Stability is also helped with golf shoes because of their design. Whether you choose spiked or spikeless shoes, either option will make a connection with the turf that allows for traction and optimum gripping throughout the downswing.

And finally, golf shoes help with flexibility during those tough shots where your feet find themselves on uneven ground. 

Having flexible golf shoes allows you to steady your body by having the spikes or studs grip into the playing surface.