Best Golf Cart Heater (7 Most Reliable and Efficient Golf Cart Heaters)

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The Rundown:

Best Overall: Mr. Heater Golf Cart Edition
“With a total runtime of 5.5 hours and 4,000 BTUs, Mr. Heater Golf Cart Edition sure keeps you warm for long hours on the course. It’s portable, easy to use, and available at a low price.”

Most Versatile: No products found.
“Get up to 9,000 BTUs and a max run time of 3 hours with Mr. Heater Buddy. It’s a multi-purpose and extra safe heater that you can use for your golf cart and at home!”

Best Portable: Texsport Sportsmate
With a lightweight but tough body and a molded cup holder and plastic base, the Texsport Sportmate is a portable cart heater that can stay locked in place when used.”

A golf cart heater provides versatility to golfers who need some climate control as they play their favorite golf course. Made to keep you warm during those coldest days on the links, a portable cart heater delivers safe, efficient heat.

The cart heater market has exploded in recent years, providing versatility to golfers through either an electric model or a propane version that is highly portable and can fit in a cart’s cup holder.

With just the push of a button and a small amount of either electric or propane fuel, you can push back on the cold from the comfort of your golf cart.

Here’s an in-depth look at a few of our favorite cart heaters.

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Sources researched
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Customer reviews
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Product Name
Best Portable Golf Cart Heater
Our Ranking
Ranked #3
Our Grade
Our Rating: 89/100
Texsport Sportsmate Portable Propane Heater
Feature 1
3,000 BTUs with pressure regulator that throttles output
Feature 2
Molded cup holder and plastic base keep the Sportmate locked in place
Best Portable Golf Cart Heater
Product Name
Our Ranking
Ranked #3
Our Grade
Our Rating: 89/100
Texsport Sportsmate Portable Propane Heater
Feature 1
3,000 BTUs with pressure regulator that throttles output
Feature 2
Molded cup holder and plastic base keep the Sportmate locked in place

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Benefits of Golf Cart Heaters

A cart heater offers a portable source of warmth during the cold, rainy days on the course. Most golfers prefer to be comfortable on the golf course, whether it is hot or cold, but a safe alternative, such as a cart heater, offers an inexpensive way to cut the winter weather.

Using either propane or electricity, the cart heater provides a simple way to provide warmth to the body. Some heaters are adapted to easily fit into a molded plastic cup holder inside the cart to help keep you warm.

How to Choose the Best Golf Cart Heater


The price of the best golf cart heater is incredibly reasonable, ranging from $20-$100. For the money, these heaters offer safety features such as a shutoff valve, a durable stainless steel body, an oxygen depletion sensor, and a host of other beneficial characteristics.

The ability to warm yourself on the golf course for less than the cost of a putter using either propane heaters or a ceramic heater element for a low price offers terrific value to all golfers.

Easy Installation

A top-rated golf cart can become instantly warm with the simple turn of a dial or the press of an ignitions switch. Whether you use an electric or portable propane heater, each offers easy installation that provides plenty of warmth in the golf cart.


Every heater offers a specific warranty, so while it is essential to read the fine details before purchasing a golf cart propane heater, most offer a limited one-year warranty. If the heater somehow stops functioning, your warranty will have guidelines for filing a claim for replacement or repair.

Quiet Operation

The best golf cart heater on the market, whether propane or electric, always offers quiet operation. A golf cart’s heater provides a compact design, strong heating element, pressure regulator, an easy-grip handle, and low noise operation.


Compatibility comes in a few different ways for golf cart heaters. For a golf cart propane heater, an attachment can connect to the bottom of the propane tank to secure the heater in the golf cart. The electric heater just needs an AC outlet or portable battery to run its heating system.

Propane vs. Electric

Propane heaters are inexpensive and do a great job of warming the cart’s interior. Using a cup holder adapter, most propane heaters also have several safety features to prevent a fire or possible burning.

One of the biggest issues with an electric cart heater is having a power source to run the device. If you have a small generator or independent power source, like a freestanding battery, the electric heater removes the hassle of securing propane.


Another helpful feature is finding a waterproof heater as most cold weather has the possibility of rain. Since a heating element can become damaged if wet, designers ensure to protect the heater so the flame goes strong throughout the round.

Safety Shutoff

Golf cart heaters offer several useful safety features. These heaters provide incredibly intuitive safety in a compact design, from bi-level vent systems to maintain airflow to an oxygen shutoff system.

Another essential safety feature is the tip over safety switch. If the heater tips over and falls, the device automatically shuts off the flow of propane to prevent a fire.

Best Golf Cart Heaters

  1. Best overall: Mr. Heater Golf Cart Edition
  2. Most versatile: No products found.
  3. Best portable: Texsport Sportsmate
  4. Best value electric heater: Comfort Zone Utility Heater
  5. Best electric portable heater: Comfort Zone PowerGear
  6. Most adaptable heater: Buggies Unlimited Cart Heater
  7. Best value portable heater: Campy Gear Portable Propane Heater

Mr. Heater Golf Cart Edition

Best Overall Golf Cart Heater

Mr. Heater F242010 4,000 BTU Golf Cart Heater
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  • 4,000 BTUs with 5.5 hours of total runtime
  • Oxygen depletion system and tip over switch included
  • Cup holder adapter included for secure riding on the golf course


  • Need to secure it in the cart, even though it fits in a cup holder
  • Needs an adjustable temperature gauge

Featuring an easy push-button ignition, the Mr. Heater Golf Cart Edition edition is our choice for the best golf cart heater on the market.

The device pumps out 4,000 BTUs for 5.5 hours on the propane fuel cylinder tank, great for portability.

Although not included, the unit needs a 16.4 oz propane fuel cylinder tank that helps push out the 4,000 BTU of heat. The one-pound propane tank affixes to the bottom of the Mr. Heater and then works well with the included cup holder attachment to safely ride on the course.

With a low price point, the Mr. Heater shines with portability, several exceptional safety features, and the ability to use a 16.4 oz disposable propane tank to power the heater.

Mr. Heater Buddy

Most Versatile Golf Cart Heater

No products found.
No products found.
No products found.


  • Up to 9,000 BTUs with a max run time of 3 hours
  • Offers safety shut down sensor when tipped over
  • Runs off 16.4 oz propane tank for excellent portability


  • Exposed flame in the element creates a safety concern
  • Heats extremely quickly, so you may need to turn it on and off at times

For golfers that want a heater that can help inside the golf cart and at home, the No products found. is a standalone propane heater that features an easy-grip handle, one-pound propane tank attachment, tip over safety switch, and enough heat to fill a 225 square foot room.

While you need to get a 16 oz propane cylinder tank to fuel the Buddy, the device’s portability and potential to use away from the course.

The device includes an auto shut off valve if tipped over, a swivel-out regulator, and although it is not specifically designed for golf carts, the cart heater rides well on the floorboard or seat.

A wonderfully designed multi-functional cart heater, the Buddy is a real winner.

Texsport Sportsmate

Best Portable Golf Cart Heater

Texsport Sportsmate Portable Propane Heater
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  • 3,000 BTUs with a pressure regulator that throttles output
  • Molded cup holder and plastic base keep the Sportmate locked in place
  • Durable stainless steel design with a lightweight but tough body


  • Crude design with suspect safety features
  • Initial burn smells horrible, best to do it outside

The Texsport Sportsmate is a dynamic portable heater that works effortless with the design of a golf cart for secure, safe riding during your round. This stainless steel design needs propane to power the 3,000 BTUs, but this keeps the overall cost down over the life of the cart heater.

The TexSport quickly starts up using the ignition button, a fabulous feature on a golf cart heater.

Best for windy conditions, the Texsport delivers smooth heat that never wavers despite the conditions, leaving you warm for all 18 holes.

For golf carts with multiple cup holders, the Sportsmate uses the included attachment to secure its body into the holder firmly.

Great for golfers on the go, the Sportsmate from Texsport is a terrific golf cart heater.

Comfort Zone Utility Heater

Best Value Electric Heater

Comfort Zone CZ798 1,500-Watt Milkhouse Style Electric Portable Utility Heater with Adjustable Thermostat, Overheat Protection, and Safety Tip-Over Switch, Grey
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  • Very energy efficient with a minimal electrical need to power the unit
  • One of the top value golf heaters on the list with a very low price point
  • Offers premium portability with a convenient handle for easy carrying


  • Plastic handles on the unit feel cheap
  • Safety button is located at the bottom of the unit

For those golfers that prefer the clean energy of electric heaters with a low price point, the Comfort Zone Utility Heater costs about as much as a mid-tier box of golf balls.

A lightweight, energy-efficient golf cart heater that just won’t quit, the ComfortZone Utility offers 1500 watts of power, delivering targeted heating to the areas you need it most.

The golf cart heater comes with several safety features, including a tip-over switch, making it one of the best golf cart heaters for safety. Golf carts with smaller heaters like the Utility have the same amount of room for playing partners as the cart heater is incredibly compact.

Although you’ll have to stabilize the cart heater, the Utility Heater is a workhorse, delivering plenty of warmth to the interior of the golf cart. Everything you would want in a portable, lightweight golf cart heater is here with the Comfort Zone model.

Comfort Zone PowerGear

Best Electric Portable Heater

Comfort Zone CZ250 750/1,500-Watt Flex-Mount Utility Shop Heater with Tubular Stand, Adjustable Thermostat, Padded Handle, and Wide Base for Stability, Black/Yellow
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  • 1500 watt power is excellent for electric heating lovers
  • Two heat settings allow customization for the best dispersal
  • Adjustable angles with clamp design helps secure the unit to the base


  • Heats relatively small area, great for cart, not as much for post-round
  • Noisy during operation, annoying while driving the cart

Although it may look like it belongs in a shop, the Comfort Zone PowerGear offers a wide variety of features plus a powerful 1500 watt cart heater running on electricity and an attachment clamp that secures the golf cart heater to the frame.

The PowerGear also features customizable, adjustable angles that focus the heat on specific areas inside the cart.

With two heat settings, you’ll never be constantly playing with the knobs of the PowerGear to find the right temperature to warm you up on the links. This device offers superior precision for a golf cart heater.

Best for golfers that want portability and versatility from their heaters, the PowerGear provides solid performance.

Buggies Unlimited Golf Cart Heater

Most Adaptable Golf Cart Heater

buggies unlimited Golf Cart Cup Holder Adapter for Portable Golf Cart Propane Heater
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  • Durable with stainless steel construction with heat reflector
  • Up to seven hours of heating on one propane tank
  • Low oxygen shut off valve stops propane if the flame goes out


  • Needs extra stability to keep still during riding
  • Thin material along the exterior creates possible durability issues

The Buggies Unlimited Golf Cart Heater delivers 3,000 BTUs of heating power to the interior of the best golf carts on the market today. With a cup adapter that secures the heater throughout the ride, the Buggies model is clean, safe, and affordable.

The cart heater offers up to seven hours of continual heating on just one propane tank. With a safety grid in front of the heating element, you’ll never have to worry about getting burned or having a mishap on one of the seats either.

The heater also comes with a pressure regulator with an on/off switch, plus an auto-shutoff valve that shuts off the propane if the flame goes out on the heating device.

A wonderfully capable cart heater from Buggies, the Unlimited is an absolute delight.

Campy Gear Portable Propane Heater

Best Value Portable Heater

Campy Gear Chubby 2 in 1 Portable Propane Heater & Stove, Outdoor Camping Gas Stove Camp Tent Heater for Ice Fishing Backpacking Hiking Hunting Survival Emergency (Purple,2000G)
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  • 9,000 BTU output with 360-degree heating
  • Three modes, including a heat-only mode
  • Works with 1-pound propane tanks


  • Needs protection from wind to maintain heating strength
  • Won’t really “cook” any food you may have, simply warms

The Campy Gear Portable Heater offers an affordable price with a compact body for easy riding in the golf cart. With 9,000 BTU of maximum output and 360-degree heating, the Campy Gear provides quick warming power even on the coldest days on the links.

With a width of seven inches and a height of just over eight inches, the heater isn’t large and should ride on the floorboard of the golf cart without issue. 

The heater comes with three modes, including a versatile stove mode where you can use the device to cook food with the strength to hold up to 12-inch pans. The heater is compatible with one-pound propane canisters for portable operation and clean burning.

With a one-year warranty included, Campy Gear will cover any issue through their 24-hour customer service line.

A highly capable heater for an affordable price with multi-mode versatility, the Campy Gear Portable Heater delivers outstanding performance.

How to Use a Golf Cart Heater

Starting the Heater

Depending upon whether the heater uses electricity or propane, starting the heater will be a different process for the golfer.

While both offer terrific heat output, the propane will be hotter than electric, so you can expect to use valves and a lighting button to engage the device.

For electric heaters, there are switches on the device that start the process of producing heat. Usually, with a wind-resistant protective screen, the propane heater offers a safe but stronger alternative to electric heaters.

Maintaining Fuel Source

While you don’t have to worry about providing fuel when using an electric model, a propane heater needs a canister with propane to deliver the BTUs of heat to help warm the golf cart.

The electric golf cart heater needs a power source, whether an attachment to the batteries inside the golf cart or a standalone battery that offers AC outlets. As long as the batteries are charged, the heater will be able to run without issue.

Turning off the Heater

Once you are done with the device, you need to close the valve on a propane heater or switch the electric golf cart heater to “OFF.” While that might seem easy, some people forget this critical step when using the device.

Failure to turn off the heater or close the valve can cause the battery to drain or the propane to completely empty from the tank.

Following the manufacturer’s specific instructions is very important to maintaining the heater and offering a safe way to stop the heating.

Final Thoughts

Golf cart heaters are terrific options for golfers that play in areas where the winter is extended. For the lovers of golf that can’t stay away from the golf course during these cold, a heater can keep you warm over the entire round.

Our best overall heater, the Mr. Heater Golf Cart Edition, delivers a powerful 4,000 BTU’s, 5.5 hours runtime, and can be used with a cup holder attachment for a safe ride in a top-rated golf cart. With a wind-resistant protective screen, the Mr. Heater is safe and a great portable propane heater for the golf cart.