Crown VS Trojan Batteries 2023 Comparison: Which is Better for Your Golf Cart?

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated September 28, 2021. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

The Rundown:

Best Overall Option: Crown Batteries
“With a Crown SolidCast Plating, Advanced Engineering, and Crown rigid connectors, Crown Batteries offer reliable performance, output that lasts incredibly long, and maximum electrical efficiency and durability over the life of battery making it the best golf cart battery to buy today.”

Best Durability Option: Trojan Batteries
“Need a durable battery? Get the Trojan Batteries. These offer a two-year warranty period, well-made flooded style, and an outstanding design.”

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When looking for the best golf cart batteries for your ride, two companies that vie for attention are the great companies of Crown Battery and Trojan Battery.

Crown batteries offer golf cart owners long-lasting durability, low maintenance, strong power, with a reliable warranty. While Trojan batteries offer exceptional performance, longer life than most golf cart battery models, advanced deep-cycle design, and reliability that remains unmatched on the market.

In our in-depth review comparing the two brands, we’ll take a look at the materials used to create each battery, the value provided by each model, and the warranties covered by both batteries.

Crown Batteries

Best Overall Option

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  • The Crown SolidCast Plating reinforces the interior of battery for reliable performance
  • Advanced Engineering creates battery with even output that lasts incredibly long
  • Year-long warranty period from Crown helps cover and replace any faulty battery
  • The Crown rigid connectors offer maximum electrical efficiency and durability over life of battery


  • Crown offers a shorter warranty on their batteries, Trojan offers longer warranty but harder to secure a replacement
  • Crown does not offer flooded batteries, Trojan does offer this style of battery

Crown Batteries has long been a company at the top of the golf cart batter game through their terrific design and exceptional performance. When pitting their batteries vs Trojan, Crown is the better of the two brands, offering an outstanding warranty, low maintenance build, and free-running output that keeps the golf cart powered throughout your round.

Easily one the best golf cart batteries on the market, the company’s brand delivers on its reputation with first-rate durability and reliability.

If you are searching for one of the best brands for golf cart batteries, Crown batteries tend to lead the pack with their outstanding performance and low-maintenance models. While most brands limit their batteries to prolong their usage, Crown pushes their batteries to the limit, helping keep your cart powered throughout your day on the links.

Standard Features

Advanced Engineering

Crown utilizes innovative engineering to boost the features of their batteries.

Their industry-first features, such as C-Force Active Mass and SolidCast plating, work to boost the accepted charge for increased durability and long-lasting lifespans to reduce the need to switch out the battery.

The Crown engineering design also helps stabilize cost while offering futuristic design that assures longevity.

SolidCast Plates

The new SolidCast plating offer a new design to increase strength and provide more stamina over the length of the battery.

The Crown architecture of the plating use ultra-thick wiring to produce more strength while increasing strength output efficiency for unmatched durability.

Helping to offer a wonderful value, the SolidCast plating innovation lies at the heart of the incredible Crown Battery performance.

Premium Rubber Separator Protection

The Crown brand has long been known for their safety measures, and their latest, the Premium Rubber Separator, helps minimize the need for maintenance, keeping the owner safe from contact.

The reduced need for discharge with the separator makes Crown batteries easily one of the best golf cart batteries for far-reaching running time that needs infrequent charging to remain first-rate.

Trojan Batteries

Best Durability Option

TROJAN Lot of 6 Trojan T-105 6V Golf cart batteires
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  • Offers reliable, well-made flooded style of battery over Crown’s AGM editions
  • Tend to offer shorter charging time with increases output
  • Outstanding design that offers well-produced lead connection for easy energy transfer
  • Two-year warranty period for free battery if problems arise


  • Trojan’s warranty department remains notoriously stingy for replacement batteries
  • Higher level of maintenance vs Crown batteries with periodic watering

Trojan Batteries have held the reputation as one of the best durability battery options for many years. The Trojan company has built a long-standing tradition of high-quality batteries that power golf carts for longer than other comparable battery companies.

Crown and Trojan batteries have long faced off, and for the latter company, Trojan has long held their own creating a brand that delivers a long warranty, shorter charging time, and one of the best designed golf cart batteries on the market with their flooded series.

Where Trojan fails to deliver on their promise is with a stingy customer service that makes replacing a failed battery tough, and slightly more maintenance between the two brands.

Stand-out Features

C-Max Technology

The company’s AGM batteries offer C-Max Technology that groups a host of advanced features including maximizing energy output, sustaining overall performance, creating a consistency of quality and output, along with outstanding durability. The Trojan innovative technology plan also uses a patented paste to increase total energy and output for boosted stamina around the course.

Smart Carbon Technology

Improves the longevity of each Crown product by stabilizing the partial-charge problem that plagues most advanced batteries. Rather than losing life quickly, the Smart Carbon Technology minimizes the reduction of energy output in the batteries with partial charging to provide a long life.

T2 Technology

Offering increased performance, this high-density paste formulation provides enhanced durability and strength to the golf cart. The Trojan technology also increases storage, reduces the need for replacement batteries, and provides free-standing operation with sustained capacity and a boost in overall amp hours.

Trojan Grid Technology

Another worthwhile feature from the company’s line of heavy duty batteries, the company’s Grid Technology reduces downtime by reinforcing the adhesion between the grid frame and the Alpha Plus Paste. By reducing corrosion, the technology prevents the need to replace the battery sooner, offering resistance to degradation, and increasing the service of the battery.


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Features Face to Face


Trojan batteries offer a nice warranty period, making them a dependable brand of batteries, but when placed against the racehorses from Crown Batteries, they are a step below in durability.

Crown’s performance in the durability department, vs. Trojan, remains top of the market. With their innovative features, such as the SolidCast Plates, that minimizes wear and tear while delivering solid discharge that doesn’t fade, Crown Batteries remains the king of durability.

Crown and Trojan offer plenty of reasons why they should win the most durable award, but in the end, Crown batteries cross the finish line first.

Winner: Crown Batteries

Power Output

While Trojan Batteries offer long-lasting smooth discharge denial and impressive energy output, their batteries cannot take the lead over Crown’s overall powerful construction and design. Crown’s deep cycle batteries top Trojan Batteries in the energy output department with room to spare.

Both companies tend to offer the discharge resistance statistics that most golf cart owners are searching for, but if you take a look under the hood of either battery, the brand that wins the race is Crown Batteries and their deep cycle editions.

Winner: Crown Batteries

Charging Time

Through their C-Max Technology, Trojan wins the battle on performance against charging time. Each golf cart battery brand, Crown and Trojan, offers top-tier output and discharge resistance for an affordable price, but we were blown away with how the Trojan performed in direct competition with the Crown batteries.

That said, the Crown batteries held their own and offer premium output after limited maintenance and charging time. But in this battle of first-rate batteries, Trojan nudges ahead, making them the winner of this important category.

Winner: Trojan Batteries

Verdict: Crown vs Trojan Batteries

Use a Crown Battery if:

  • You need a battery with a top-tier reputation for performance
  • You like excellent construction and high-quality materials
  • You want advanced engineering that provides plenty of power throughout your trip to the golf course

The Crown battery offers reliability you can believe in with heavy-duty materials that produce power for a low cost, making their battery products our top option in the market and a clear winner over Trojan Batteries in performance and value.

Use a Trojan Battery if:

  • You need a AGM battery from reputable manufacturer
  • You prefer non-spill acid battery with advanced technology design
  • You want high-amp hour threshold with durable, reliable plates

Trojan batteries stand up to the test against the Crown with first-rate construction, longer life, and affordable price, but fail to overtake the overall performance of their rival’s offerings.