Cobra LTDx Fairway Wood Review (Our Honest Feedback)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated May 7, 2024. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

Cobra LTDx Fairway Wood release date: February 11, 2022

Cobra’s fairway series, the LTDx Fairway, offers various dynamic features to help your game produce more distance and accuracy on the golf course. 

In this Cobra LTDx Fairway Wood review, we’ll examine why this fairway deserves high praise and what skill level can benefit the most from adding the golf club to their bag.

Cobra LTDx Fairway Wood

Most Forgiving Fairway Wood for High Handicappers

Cobra Golf 2022 LTDX Fairway Matte Black-Gold Fusion (Men's, Left Hand, Project X Hzrdus Smoke im10 60, Reg Flex, 3w-15)


  • Reduced spin provides better accuracy
  • Maximum forgiveness keeps shots on target
  • Faster ball speeds create more distance


  • Smaller head makes it harder to find consistent striking
  • Stock shaft registers lower swing speed

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Cobra LTDx Fairway Wood Key Features

Hollow Split Rails

A fixture on most Cobra fairways, the split rails offer premium turf interaction along the sole.

With help from a heavier stationary weight that positions weight low in the head, the rails help smoothly get the hitting area through fairway grass or the rough to strike the golf ball cleanly.

H.O.T. Face Technology

With machine learning, the company has created a face on the Cobra LTDx Fairway Wood with variable thickness that maximizes ball speed across multiple zones of the hitting area.

By increasing the sweet spot, the LTDx fairway wood is a more forgiving model.

Premium Aftermarket Shafts

Cobra offers several aftermarket shafts, including the PROJECT X HZRDUS Smoke iM10 60 and the UST Helium Nanocore.

The HZRDUS Smoke iM10 boosts the LTDx Fairway Wood by providing mid-launch and mid-spin to the golfer for better, more consistent flight.

Our In-Depth Cobra LTDx Fairway Wood Review

Cobra LTDx Fairway Wood


The company’s design team has put in some overtime with the head color scheme of the Cobra LTDx Fairway Wood. 

First, the black matte finish on the lighter carbon crown offers a clean, non-distracting appearance highlighted with a small Cobra logo that marks the center of the face and helps you line up your shot.

However, along the sole, things get a little wilder as Cobra has given the LTDx wood a gold, silver, and dark orange color scheme that screams modern golf equipment. 

While we really enjoyed the look of the LTDx, we did admit that the mixture of colors could turn away golfers who want a more muted color palette with their LTDx fairways.


With the small head, the sound is rather insignificant with the Cobra LTDx Fairway Wood.

If you are looking for a huge punishing sound that crackles and sends shockwaves three holes over, you won’t find it here with the LTDx Fairway and frankly, that’s okay.

What golfers get with this club is a pleasing sound that doesn’t distract but lets you know that you’ve made a solid strike on the golf ball.


As you hold the LTDx Fairway in your hands, the club’s feel registers high in the categories of construction and balance.

Nothing feels cheap with this Cobra wood, and if you want to instill more confidence in your fairway wood set, this LTDx model certainly reaches that bar with room to spare.

At impact, the club lets you know right away if you’ve hit the sweet spot or your strike has leaked toward the toe.

Once you register the pure feeling provided by hitting dead center on the face, you’ll want to keep chasing that strike each time you swing this outstanding golf club.


Highlighted by several of Cobra’s patented technologies, including their hollow split rail technology that creates outstanding turf interaction, the LTDx fairway woods series offer a serious performance upgrade for golfers looking to reach the next level in their game.

We also adored the adjustable loft sleeve that allowed us more customization over their shotmaking.

Although the Cobra head shape typically is smaller than your average fairway wood, the company has created a mini rocket launcher with the head that produces staggering distance, extreme forgiveness, and lower spin for more reliable shotmaking.

Cobra LTDx Fairway Wood Comparison

Cobra LTDx Max Fairway Wood

Cobra Golf 2022 LTDX Max Fairway Matte Black-Gold Fusion (Men's, Left Hand, Project X Hzrdus Smoke im10 60, Stiff Flex, 3w-15.5), 3
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In addition to the standard model, the company offers the Cobra LTDx Max for high handicappers and beginners.

Delivering up to 18 yards of draw-bias, it offers the most forgiveness for golfers struggling with slicing the golf ball out of the three LTDx Fairway golf clubs.

During the swing, it stays balanced throughout, providing the feel that lets you know that your club is on the right path, ready to unleash serious energy directly onto the golf ball.

The Cobra LTDx Max utilizes heel weighting to redirect wayward shots so that you find your target with more regularity.

If you like using fairways off the tee box, the LTDx Max delivers outstanding accuracy along with its impressive length.

Cobra LTDx LS Fairway Wood

Cobra Golf 2022 LTDX LS Fairway Matte Black-Gold Fusion (Men's, Left Hand, MCA Tensei AV Raw White 75, X Flex, 3w-14.5)
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Compared to the standard LTDx, the LTDx LS, a popular choice on the PGA Tour, offers low launch and low spin. Made for advanced players, the LS utilizes the PWR Cor Technology to keep the ball lower and more workable.

Even with the heavier weight, the LS registers outstanding clubhead speed, especially with golfers that hold the average swing speed of PGA Tour golfers.

If there’s a big difference between the two models, the LS offers lower forgiveness than the LTDx Max and the regular model.

For advanced golfers, the reduced forgiveness shouldn’t matter as much since they hold a higher skill set.

Our Verdict

With high launch, reliable distance, and the ability to easily get the ball airborne, the Cobra LTDx Fairway delivers complete performance to mid and high handicappers looking to gain distance and accuracy.

With a slight draw bias, the LTDx Fairway produces predictable ball flight on swing after swing, allowing you to take dead aim at your target without worrying about excessive side spin. 

During our testing, we also loved the customization provided by the adjustable hosel, a rare feature not typically found on fairway woods.

The Cobra LTDx Fairway remains one of the best fairway woods on the market. It is a superb option if you want to increase ball speed and produce higher ball flight for more carry.