Best Golf Chippers 2024 (Our Top 8 Picks)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated January 6, 2024. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

The best golf chippers can provide consistency and control for golfers struggling with their game around the green.

They are incredibly affordable and make a great alternative to carrying another wedge that remains difficult to master.

Here’s our list of the best chippers in 2024. Each is well worth your time and consideration if you need to shore up your short game.

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Best Golf Chippers 2024

Here’s our top 10 list of the best golf club chippers:

Ping ChipR

Best All-Around Golf Chipper

Ping ChipR

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  • Loft: 38.5°
  • Lie: 70°
  • Shaft Length: 35”
  • Bounce: 8°


  • Remarkably consistent with clean rollout
  • Ping’s unique shaping delivers confidence
  • Balanced weighting helps prevent topping


  • Can’t be used outside 50-75 feet
  • Most expensive chipper on the market

If you are an amateur struggling with consistent greenside feel and pace control, I found the Ping ChipR chipper offered immediate results and improvement within 50 feet of the cup.

The putter-like shaping offers cleaner contact on those tricky, low-flying finesse wedge shots that often leap or scuttle across greens.

After testing, I can attest that my chipping consistency improved remarkably and that my results were more reliable than using a wedge. 

The sole glides smoothly from any lie thanks to the ChipR’s strategic bounce, getting the club head cleanly behind the ball. The low profile construction keeps the weight centered to prevent twisting while allowing golfers to hone trajectory simply via face angle changes. 

Whether faced with downhill chips off tight lies or embarrassing plugged shots from steep bunker lips, I found aligning these troublesome scenarios suddenly more repeatable using this Ping chipper’s club head. 

Delivering much more reliable distance gapping and the ability to attack pins aggressively, the Ping ChipR became my go-to escape club to simplify shots inside 30 yards.

This uniquely crafted Ping chipper is an ingenious friend for amateur golfers endlessly fooled by finesse chips.

MYKUJA PGM Two-Way Chipper

Best Two-Way Chipper

MYKUJA Chipper Golf Club| Golf Chipper for Men&Women| Stainless Steel Pitching Wedges for Right Handed| 55 Degree| Golf Wedge Chipper
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  • Loft: 35°
  • Lie: 67°
  • Shaft Length: 35.5”
  • Bounce: 8°


  • Two-way function helps increase versatility
  • Durable Chrome steel finish for long-lasting performance
  • 35-degree loft keeps the ball low and rolling forward for ultimate control
  • Excellent feel from just off the green


  • The shape of the club forces CG lower for higher launch
  • Low profile forces golfers to be precise with contact

Our choice for the best overall chipper is the sleek, sharp chrome-plated two-way chipper from MYKUJA.

With a wide sole that moves effortlessly across the turf, the chipper won’t catch into the turf, causing those unsightly chunks and dips that we often see in amateurs.

One of the biggest reasons we think this chipper excels is the versatility of the two-way hitting area.

For example, let’s say you find yourself in trouble against a tree or on the lip of a bunker where footing from the regular side would be suspect. This chipper allows you to switch sides and follow through with a shot attempt.

During our testing, we noted that one of the true joys of putting this chipper in your bag is taking it to the range and experimenting with all the shots it can pull off for your short game.

Regardless of skill level, the chipper provides a unique level of fun for your practice time.

The closer to the green you are, the more you will grab a sense of the club’s feel and responsiveness.

Mind you, there are no bells and whistles on the MYKUJA Chipper, such as soft inserts or interchangeable weighting. But that doesn’t mean that the chipper failed to impress during our testing.

For beginners and high handicappers, the chipper excelled during our testing. In fact, the chipper dialed in exceptional distance control on longer chips where we had plenty of green to work with during our testing sessions.

Again, if you are looking for a top-tier chipper, the MYKUJA might disappoint you, but it remains an exciting golf club with an affordable price point to elevate your short game.

Mazel Golf Chipper

Best Golf Chipper for Low Handicappers

MAZEL Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge,Right Handed,35,45,55 Degree Available for Men & Women (Right, Stainless Steel (Black Head), S, 45)
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  • Loft: 45°
  • Lie: 68°
  • Shaft Length: 35”
  • Bounce: 8°


  • Four different loft options for multiple chipping heights
  • Eliminates fat chips with thin face for better contact on golf ball
  • Higher lofted options work from sand and heavier rough


  • Lighter chipper that might play more like wedge

The Mazel offers several lofted options to help you find the right golf club for just about every situation around the green. The higher lofted versions of the chipper can be used from the sand and heavy rough, unlike more shallow chippers.

Most golf chippers offer a low profile and thinner face, but Mazel creates a hybrid model that works as a wedge-chipper. If you find that a chipper with a shallow face is hard to use, these Mazel versions can provide an innovative solution.

If you find wedges too hard to master, the Mazel line of golf chippers provides better loft options with a heavier head and lower center of gravity.

Orlimar Escape Chipper

Best Mallet Chipper for High Handicappers

Orlimar Golf Escape Mallet Chipper, Right Handed, Red
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  • Loft: 37°
  • Lie: 67°
  • Shaft Length: 35”
  • Bounce: 8°


  • Hollow body, cavity-backed design produces solid feel and response
  • Excellent forgiveness on off-center strikes
  • Gooseneck hosel improves shanks and chunks


  • Smaller chipper with a condensed sole that forces the golfer to use more power

From Orlimar comes the Escape Chipper, an easy choice for the best value chipper for high handicappers. The chipper delivers exceptional accuracy and an outstanding feel from just off the green with a hollow-body design.

Orlimar designed the Escape to mimic cavity-backed irons, hoping to produce the same feel, forgiveness, and reliability that those types of irons give high handicappers.

After taking the chipper on the course, we can confidently say that the Escape delivers on all fronts at an affordable price.

The loft on the Escape is 37 degrees, the same loft you will typically find on a 7-iron. The shallow face coupled with the loft makes a perfect combination for getting the ball to the hole without shanking or chunking the chip.

The Orlimar chipper also produces chips with a high degree of control. Even from longer distances where you must navigate a lot of green, the Escape can power the ball to mere feet from the pin to help you save par.

Another worthwhile feature is the gooseneck design. This feature allows the golfer to stand directly over the ball to help with alignment and create the consistency needed for dependable chipping that rescues scores.

The Escape works best when used as a putter as the shaft length mimics the length of a putter shaft. The alignment guide also helps to keep your chips along the target line without sidespin. 

For high handicappers, the best golf chippers can produce reliable low launch chips that roll effortlessly to the hole, and after testing, we can confidently say that the Escape provides this service with strength and dependability.

Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper

Best Golf Chipper for Mid Handicappers

Wilson Men's Harmonized Golf Chipper (Right Hand, Steel, 35-Inch)
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  • Loft: 32°
  • Lie: 70°
  • Shaft Length: 35”
  • Bounce: 8°


  • Wide sole with flared wings for balanced weighting
  • 32-degree face for quick forward roll without skidding
  • Alignment aid provides easy to follow target line for chip


  • Heavier chipper that has a wide body for lower stroke arc

The Wilson Harmonized Chipper offers terrific value and dependable shot-making ability, making it our pick for the best all-around golf chipper for mid handicappers.

Features that stand out include the wide, accommodating face and the clear alignment tool with this golf chipper.

When you are standing over the Wilson Harmonized chipper, you will notice right away that this club maintains a high standard, and the performance certainly supports this opinion.

The wider, heavier clubhead might take a few strokes to get used to, but the extra heft helps power the ball toward the cup.

An excellent option from moderate rough off the green, the Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper is a cut above most other chippers.

Intech EZ Roll Chipper

Best Mallet Golf Chipper for Senior Golfers

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  • Loft: 35°
  • Lie: 68°
  • Shaft Length: 35”
  • Bounce: 6°


  • Gooseneck hosel provides a clean line of sight to the ball for better alignment
  • 35-degree loft, similar to a 7-iron, for mid-range lift on chips from just off the green
  • Affordable price point, great for beginning golfers on a budget


  • Gooseneck design offers a clunky feel on longer chip shots
  • Can get behind the ball if hands are too far forward

The Intech EZ Roll Chipper provides reliable performance at a low price point, great for beginning golfers who could use a chipper’s help.

While the EZ Roll won’t win any awards, for less than the price of a green fee, you’ll find the highly-capable club provides terrific forward roll without too much skidding or bouncing.

Intech designed the chipper with more weight in the back of the club to provide greater lift at impact.

Unlike an iron, you don’t want a chipper to pop the ball up, but rather move it forward at a low angle with plenty of roll. The Intech chipper undoubtedly works well under that requirement.

Let’s talk about the impressively designed gooseneck hosel. The offset of the hosel helps you get a clear line of sight to the golf ball.

Rather than having the ball rest in front of you, the offset allows you to address it in a more central location. Moving it there gives you a better sense of alignment to keep you focused along your target line.

To help you with your alignment, Intech placed advanced top lines along with the crown of the chipper.

Not only do you get an alignment line that runs from face to rear of the crown, but Intech also inserted a round disc, the shape of a ball directly behind the center of the face.

This small detail helps you to visualize the location of where you need to contact the golf ball.

Great for an inexperienced golfer looking for more consistency around the greens, the Intech EZ Roll Chipper won’t dent your wallet while providing dependable performance.

Square Strike Wedge

Best Luxury Golf Chipper

Square Strike Wedge For Right Handed Players-Pitching & Chipping Wedge for Men & Women -Legal for Tournament Play -Engineered by Hot List Winning Designer -Cut Strokes from Your Golf Game Fast
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  • Loft: 37°
  • Lie: 68°
  • Shaft Length: 35.5”
  • Bounce: 10°


  • Offers clean contact and reduced poor strikes around green
  • Anti-chunk sole moves through ball with smoothness
  • Low center of gravity and anti-rotational weighting


  • Shaped more like wedge than traditional chipper

The Square Strike Wedge is easily the most popular on the market. Like the Mazel chippers, the Square Strike is shaped like a wedge-chipper hybrid for a more available club face.

The Square Strike has been a top seller for many years because it offers an anti-chunk sole that reduces fat chips. It also provides anti-rotational weighting for a smoother stroke and better contact.

If you want a more traditional chipper, this feels a little more like a wedge. But with unmatched performance, the Square Strike Wedge really works well around the green.

Tour Edge Hot Launch 4 Golf Chipper

Best Golf Chipper for Beginners

Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch 4 Mallet Chipper (Right, 35)
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  • Loft: 37°
  • Lie: 68°
  • Shaft Length: 35”
  • Bounce: 6°


  • Extra wide sole moves smoothly along the turf for better contact with improved consistency
  • 37-degree loft is ideal for creating low flight chips with exceptional forward roll
  • Extended grip helps golfers choke down for more distance control


  • Large head feels like hybrid wood at times
  • Better for putting situations close to green

The Tour Edge Hot Launch 4 Golf Chippers are wonderful golf clubs for mid handicappers looking for more consistency off the green. The club’s extra-wide sole provides exceptional turf interaction that glides along the grass for smooth, reliable contact.

The club’s 37-degree loft keeps your chips low to the ground to create the forward roll golfers want for distance control.

The elongated grip on the chipper is also great for choking down to deliver even more control over the speed and distance of your short game shots.

The chipper’s face is milled with shallow grooves to create the friction that chips need for minimal backspin that won’t kill the chip’s distance.

A well-made chipper that is designed for serious golfers, the Tour Edge Hot Launch 4 Chipper is a winner.

Golf Chippers vs Wedges: What’s the Difference?


Golf chippers are less versatile than wedges, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing for beginners and high handicappers. The purpose of a chipper is to create consistency from inside 20 yards.

By giving the golfer a club with a wide sole that doesn’t snag into the turf behind the golf ball, the inexperienced golfer can hit the ball with confidence and create repeatability in their game that routinely gets the ball closer to the cup for short putts.


The most significant difference between the two golf clubs is the shape. The chipper offers a shallow face that barely stands over an inch tall. The chipper’s low profile helps the club get under the golf ball for a better launch that encourages forward roll once it hits the green.

A golf wedge offers a wide, oversized face because the golfer needs to scoop the ball from trouble conditions on the course, such as sand or rough. A wedge is designed to move smoothly through tall grass and dense sand to ensure contact with the golf ball. 

But not all golfers can hit the ball with a wedge consistently on chip shots, making the chipper a more suitable option.


A chipper’s design does not allow it for full swings like a wedge. A chipper struggles to achieve accuracy after 20 yards, and it needs the smoothness of a fairway or light rough to provide consistent contact.

Wedges can be used with a full swing from anywhere inside 150 yards for most golfers. Professional golfers can hit their pitching wedge around 150 yards with their swing speed and use the golf club in chipping situations around the green.

Shot Height

Golf chippers place the ball on a low, shallow arc that helps the ball reach the green quickly to encourage a forward roll to the cup.

In contrast, wedges can be used with an open face that allows golfers to slide underneath the ball at impact to pop up the ball to clear hazards and bunkers. This shot height also creates backspin for shot-stopping power on the greens for better short game control.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Golf Chipper


It has a lie angle that allows the golfer to place it flat on the ground at address.

Most golfers use the forward press, meaning they move their hands forward when chipping with an iron or wedge, but the chipper is built to slide underneath the ball for crisper contact and more reliable results.

Hand Orientation

All golf chippers must use the grip you would routinely find on an iron to be legal. Since golfers aren’t getting the advantage of a flat putter grip and instead are using the rounded grip, their hand orientation is essential to stabilize the club. 

Most golfers use a putting grip with their chipper when hitting the ball from shorter distances to the cup. A regular hand orientation, such as an interlocked or overlapping hand orientation, will provide the most consistency and strength on longer shots.


The loft of a chipper runs anywhere from 30-37 degrees. This loft range is equivalent to a 7-iron or 8-iron. Most amateurs use these two irons when chipping off the green due to the low shot height and ability to create forward roll. 

So manufacturers shaped their chippers in a similar mold with a loft that replicates the experience of chipping with a 7-or 8-iron.


Since golf chippers typically attempt to replicate the look and feel of iron, most chippers have a stainless steel shaft. The chipper needs to provide a sturdy feel throughout the swing, and the stability of stainless steel is the best type of shaft to achieve this feeling. 

The shaft of a chipper can measure anywhere from a typical 7-iron, around 37 inches, to the length of a putter shaft, around 34 inches, to maintain its legal standing for USGA tournaments and stroke play.

Head Size

The head size of a chipper is golfer-dependent. Some golfers like a chipper that resembles a mallet putter. Much like a mallet, these larger-headed golf chippers offer a wide sole with a heavier feel that anchors the golf club throughout the swing.

Other players prefer a chipper that resembles a blade-style putter that is easier to control and offers a closer resemblance to their putting stroke.

Questions & Answers

What is a golf chipper?

It is a golf club that looks like a putter, but the face is lofted, much like a wedge. The purpose of a chipper is to provide consistency for players who struggle around the green.

Instead of taking small swings, the golfer can simply use a putting stroke to help the ball lift into the air and roll forward. Chippers help better control the speed and distance of the golf ball.

How to use a golf chipper?

It is used like a putter. Unlike hitting chip shots with a wedge, the chipper needs a short stroke to hit the ball.

Although the chipper cannot have an actual flat-edged putting grip on the shaft to be considered legal, the golfer can use their style of putting grip, such as cross-handed or overlapping, with the chipper.

Golfers who use a smooth stroke that stays close to the ground with tempo and acceleration through the ball will find the most consistency with the chipper.

Can I use a golf chipper from the fairway?

Golf chippers are not meant to be used from the fairway. In those instances, it is better to use a wedge or hit a pitch shot with high iron. These do not have a tall face like a wedge or iron.

Since their profile is similar to a putter, the chipper is better suited to a controlled stroke that allows the lofted face to get under the golf ball. Instead of providing distance, a chipper helps give the golfer a higher quality of forward roll that’s easily controlled.

What is the best grip to use the golf chipper?

Two grips work well with the chipper. The first is a traditional interlocking or overlapping grip, much like you would see with an iron or wood. The other grip is the same one you would use for putting.

The chipper’s putting grip works well because the golf club does not need to be taken back like an iron, but rather just a few inches like a putter.

Can I use my golf chipper like a putter?

Yes, you can use the chipper much like you would a putter. Most beginning golfers will find that the chipper offers a consistency that is easy to grasp early in their golfing journey.

High handicappers find wedges and irons challenging to control from just off the green, so golf clubs like a chipper certainly help alleviate that problem.

By adopting a singular approach to using the chipper, you should see benefits immediately, especially once you find the correct rhythm of the stroke.

Yes, golf chippers are legal to play in USGA-sponsored tournaments, but they must meet several requirements. 

First, the chipper cannot be a two-way chipper. Second, the chipper cannot be longer than the length of a 7-iron and cannot have a putter grip on the shaft. The chipper is considered an iron and must look like one with the grip.


After testing both purpose-built models and multipurpose hybrids, the Ping ChipR emerges as a top choice with its proven combination of forgiveness, feel, and maneuverability through various conditions. 

Thanks to its sole grind properties and axe-like alignment, nothing overcomes moderate rough or slick downhill greens consistently like the ChipR.

If your typical chips leave much to be desired, welcome this uniquely designed chipper to help you nail consistent speed and improve your up-and-down save percentages.

For simplifying and strengthening those scoring touches, the Ping ChipR takes the title of best golf chipper this season.

We recommend you check our guide: Chipping vs Pitching: What’s the Difference?