Brooks Koepka WITB 2023 (What’s In The Bag)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
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Brooks Koepka, a four-time major winner, continues to play high-level golf even after his move to the LIV Golf league in 2022. Koepka’s game remains one of the best in professional golf, offering a lethal combination of distance and accuracy.

Koepka moved to Srixon after Nike stopped making golf equipment. Although Koepka continues to wear Nike athletic apparel on the course, he’s found a home with the good people at Srixon for most clubs in his bag.

In this Brooks Koepka WITB article, we’ll look at what he plays each week, if these clubs can help your game, and where you can find these first-rate options.

Brooks Koepka WITB 2023

What’s In Brooks Koepka’s Bag? Here’s a rundown:


Srixon ZX7 (10.5 degrees)

Srixon ZX7 MkII Driver 10.5* (HZRDUS Smoke Black Regular, Left)
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With Kopeka’s move to Srixon, the golfer plays the new ZX7 driver at 10.5 degrees with a slight alteration to get the face to 10.75 degrees. At that loft, Kopeka likes to create a high launch with extended carry.

The two port weights along the driver’s sole can create either draw or fade bias with a quick swap. The adjustable hosel also helps Koepka raise the loft to his desired angle.

One of the longest hitters on the PGA Tour during his prime, Kopeka’s length and accuracy, especially with the new ZX7 driver, off the tee helped him win four majors and continue to perform at the highest level of professional golf.

For mid handicappers, the ZX7 delivers impressive power and tight dispersion that keeps wayward drives closer to the fairway.


TaylorMade M2 Tour (16.5 degrees)

TaylorMade Stealth Steel Fairway #5 Righthanded
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For his fairway wood, Kopeka plays an older M2 model from TaylorMade. Since most golfers prefer to hang onto reliable equipment, Kopeka uses the 16.5-degree high launch fairway wood off the tee and from the short grass.

The M2 fairway provides an easy lift to help Kopeka reach the green in two on longer par 5s.

Currently, the most similar model for golfers is the TaylorMade Stealth fairway. With a fixed hosel, the Stealth offers the same low profile that produces extended carry like the M2 fairway.

For amateurs, the Stealth provides stable results that can help off the tee box on tight par 4s and from the fairway when they need more distance to reach the green.

At an affordable price, the Stealth offers a powerful and very forgiving face to help reduce side spin and keep the ball headed toward the target.

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Srixon ZX7

Titleist T100II Golf Iron Set, Men, Chrome, 24th
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When it comes to irons, Kopeka stays with Srixon and plays their new ZX7 set. Made for tour players, the ZX7 irons offer a compact face with maximum workability. The muscle-back cavity helps propel the ball down the target line with power and spin.

At address, the ZX7 irons offer a slim topline, narrow sole, and minimal offset, helping Koepka create crisp contact that works with his preferred shot shape.

Along the face, the irons utilize progressive laser-milled grooves to increase friction and produce higher spin rates for shot-stopping power on the green.

Low handicappers will find these Srixon irons are best suited for their game. With premium turf interaction and an effortless glide through the impact zone, the ZX7 irons deliver the performance that can lower scores.


Cleveland RTX Zipcore Tour

Cleveland Golf- RTX ZipCore Tour Satin Wedge
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Around the greens, Brooks plays with the Cleveland RTX Zipcore Tour wedges. These outrageously good wedges offer a nice mixture of sharp grooves and full face milling to help all golfers produce the spin they want from any situation on the course.

The ZipCore grooves are Cleveland’s most impressive innovation. Thin, short grooves supplement large channels to enhance friction and create quick rotation on the golf ball.

From the bunker or heavy rough, Kopeka trusts the Zipcore grooves to grip the ball as the large sole moves effortlessly through the sand or grass.

Regardless if he needs a high, flop shot or reaches back for extra distance, the wedges offer a steep landing angle that helps hold the green.

Easily one of the best wedge sets for amateurs, the Cleveland RTX Zipcore Tour wedge looks great in any golfer’s bag.


Scotty Cameron Teryllium TNP2

Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Putter 2020 Right Newport 2 34
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Kopeka uses a Scotty Cameron Teryllium TNP2 putter on the greens. The classic putter offers Brooks a slim topline and copper alloy insert, producing a true forward roll without skidding.

Since professional golfers are typically resistant to changing their putters over the years, it’s no surprise that Kopeka continues to play the style of putter that helped him win four major titles.

For amateurs, the TNP2 edition can be hard to find, so a great replacement Scotty Cameron model is the Special Select Newport 2 Putter. The company’s most popular putter delivers a dual-milled face that provides an enhanced feel and softness.

Regardless of handicap, the Special Select Newport 2 offers premium performance that can help amateurs avoid three-putts and lower their overall average.


Srixon Z-Star Diamond

Srixon Ball Z-Star Diamond, White
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The Z-Star Diamond, Srixon’s answer to the Titleist Pro V1, is the preferred golf ball of Kopeka. Offering more spin and control from the fairway and around the green, the Z-Star Diamond works well for golfers like Kopeka that want workability with high spin.

The Diamond model offers a thin exterior coating to help grip into grooves and generate jaw-dropping spin. The ball works exceptionally well around the green, helping Kopeka stop pitch and chip shots cold once they reach the putting surface.

The ball’s advanced dimple pattern also reduces drag and minimizes side spin, helping anyone who plays the Diamond find the fairway more regularly. Even in windy conditions, the Diamond’s low drag helps the ball hold the target line.

For amateurs looking to take the next step in their game, the Z-Star Diamond offers an affordable alternative against the Pro V1 to play a multi-layer ball that produces high spin in the short game and low spin off the tee box.