Optishot 2 Review: Is It Worth Buying In 2021?

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Best Mid-Priced Golf Simulator for At-Home Entertainment: OptiShot 2
“The OptiShot 2 offers an excellent OptiShot Live program allowing golfers to have a clean interaction with the screen. It even comes with a quality mat that provides a realistic contact area for wedge and iron play.”

Best Alternative: Rapsodo R-Motion Golf Club Simulator
“The Rapsodo R-Motion Golf Club Simulator is a simulator and real-life data collection device in one. It works with smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Apple products – doesn’t necessarily require a screen and projector.”

The OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator brings the entertainment of playing a few of the best courses from around the world to the comfort of your home.

Featuring 15 preloaded courses and an easy to use interface, the OptiShot 2 provides outstanding accuracy on your shot yardage. Powered by high tech infrared sensors, the Optishot 2 offers precise data to boost your swing speed and increase your yardage.

Quick to set up and get started, the OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator helps your real golf game get better. It also creates hours of enjoyment for every golf lover in your family.

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Optishot 2 Review

A great alternative to running out to the practice range, the OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator provides an outstanding way for you to stay home and fine-tune your golf swing. With an easy setup, the simulator gives you a quick way to enjoy some of the US’s best golf courses.

Best In the Market: OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator
The best home golf simulator you can buy in 2020.

  • Excellent OptiShot Live program allows for clear interaction between screen and golfer
  • Preloaded 15 courses with option to purchase other courses from around the world

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OptiShot 2

Best Mid-Priced Golf Simulator for At-Home Entertainment

OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator For Home
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  • Excellent OptiShot Live program allows for clear interaction between screen and golfer
  • Preloaded 15 courses with option to purchase other courses from around the world
  • High-quality mat provides realistic contact area for iron and wedge play


  • Will need a sophisticated computer that can handle demands of program interface

Alternatives to Optishot 2

Rapsodo R-Motion Golf Club Simulator

The Best replacement Option: Exceptional Golf Simulator With No-Hassle Setup

Rapsodo R-Motion Golf Simulator and Swing Analyzer with 14 Clip Attachments - PC and Smartphone
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  • Doubles as simulator and real-life data collection device for your performance on the course
  • 15 preloaded courses with option to download additional courses for hours of gameplay
  • Don’t necessarily need full simulator, such as projector and screen, to enjoy


  • Does not work with Mac computers, but does work with iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad

The Rapsodo R-Motion Golf Club Simulator clips onto your real golf clubs for one of the most authentic golf experiences that you’ll find from a simulator. The simulator does work with PCs and Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

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The best thing about the Rapsodo simulator is that you don’t need a full setup with a projector and screen to enjoy the simulation. A laptop and hitting net can provide mainly the same experience.

The clips also work on the course, allowing you to collect swing data during the round for analysis after finishing the 18th hole. Whether you are in your garage or the middle of the fairway, the software provides a mountain of data from swing speed, distance, and RPM of your shot.

Great if you are looking for a reliable simulator that doesn’t need much more than your clubs, a computer, tablet, or phone, and a hitting net, the Rapsodo R-Motion Golf Club Simulator delivers outstanding performance.

Phisoft Home Golf Simulator

Best Video Game-Style Golf Simulator

Phigolf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator with Swing Stick - WGT Edition
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  • Can play with the simulator anywhere including living room or outdoor area with television
  • Simulated golf club carries weight and heft of real club for authentic swings
  • Online head to head format allows you to play someone else over the internet


  • Doesn’t allow you to play with your real golf clubs, more of a video game

Made for compact spaces, the Phigolf Mobile and Home Golf Simulator might look and feel like a video game, but it provides an authentic golfing experience through its concise interface. If you love playing against others online, the Phigolf gives you that option to take on players from anywhere in the world.

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The simulator does not use your real golf clubs, but rather a simulated golf club included with the software. All you need is a television and roughly three feet in all directions to swing the golf club.

Playing close to the television does provide realistic gameplay, and the setup is quick, with just a few steps to accomplish before you are swinging away.

If you have a junior golfer in the house, the Phigolf simulator allows them to get their swings without worrying about leaving them at the course.

The Phigolf Mobile and Home Golf Simulator is an excellent alternative if you don’t want to bring a full-scale golf simulator into your home.

Technical Specifications

Mac/PC Compatible

The program interface runs on Mac and PCs. You will need a connection to the internet to download, update, and, if interested, buy new courses. If you are looking to purchase the OptiShot 2, you should check the requirements for your computer to make sure they are compatible.

16 Sensor Mat for Realistic Gameplay

The hitting mat for the OptiShot 2 provides realistic turf for an authentic experience with the same feedback you would expect from the actual golf course. The mat also comes with 16 finely tuned sensors that track your swing data for precise yardage and measurements.

15 Preloaded Courses with Option to Purchase Additional Courses

The OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator comes with 15 preloaded golf courses, including some of the best public courses from around the United States. With an internet connection, you can easily purchase more courses for download to expand your collection and provide more playing options.

Features & Benefits

Key Feature #1: Smooth Interface

One of the biggest problems for golf simulators is that their interface is challenging to navigate. The OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator does not have that problem. The software runs smoothly and without snagging.

Once you step up for your first shot, you’ll immediately see the difference between the OptiShot and other simulators at this price point. Not only will you have all the information on the screen, but you’ll be able to track the path of your shot for a realistic replication of how your shots are interacting with the hole.

Key Feature #2: Durable Hitting Mat with Advanced Technology

The durable hitting mat that comes with the OptiShot 2 has 16 infrared sensors that accurately capture and gauge every aspect of your shot. The mat helps give you the most precise information to help you build the game you want from distance to ball speed.

The best feature of the mat is how it responds to each strike of the ball. The mat is so realistic, you’ll swear you are hitting off the real thing.

Key Feature #3: Great for Small or Large Golf Simulator Setups

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor set up with a large or small hitting bay, the OptiShot 2 works well in any scenario. If you prefer a smaller, more intimate set up with a television or a large platform with a projector’s help, the OptiSoft rises to the challenge.

All you need is a little space to swing and a computer that meets the company’s qualifications. Once you get the simulator ready for action, you’ll find the interface makes the experience well worth the money.

Key Feature #4: Wide Array of Golf Courses to Play

The OptiShot 2 comes with 15 preloaded golf courses, but you can expand your offerings with any of the many downloadable courses available for purchase once you’re ready. Each course is accurately replicated, down to the greens’ slope and the location of the bunkers.

Many golfers love the first 15 courses and rarely go beyond those original courses, but for the adventurous, looking for a challenge, the new courses also provide hours of challenging entertainment.

Key Feature #5: OptiShot 2 Helps You Develop Your Overall Golf Game

One of the most significant benefits of getting a golf simulator for your home is that it helps you develop your game without the hassle and time requirements of going to the practice range.

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars and spending hours each month traveling to the course, all you need is an ample space in your garage or game room to work on your swing.

The convenience and ease of use featured with the OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator can help you build your swing while being closer to home.

Key Feature #6: Highly Accurate Readings on Shots

The Optishot 2 Golf Simulator also provides you with the most accurate readings for your shots. If you are a data junkie, the OptiShot 2 gives you shot speed, distance, spin RPM, and a host of other useful information.

Most golf coaches want their golfers to hit the ball harder with higher swing speed. The OptiShot can help you develop that speed without worrying about chasing down golf balls.

Things to consider before buying a golf simulator

A Golf Simulator Can Improve Your Game from Home

The best reason to get a golf simulator into your home is to provide you with a low-maintenance alternative to working on your game. Most golf simulators allow you to use your real clubs and golf balls to simulate playing some of the best courses in the world.

Most weekend warriors need repetition and the time to learn how to lower their scores through playing actual golf. A simulator provides that to you without the need to spend hours on the course.

A Golf Simulator Saves Time and Money From Traveling to Course

Rather than taking the time and spending the money to practice at a range, a well-crafted golf simulator can save you money. Most golf simulators allow you to use padded mats that recreate the feel of hitting golf balls off the turf with full power swings. Rather than having to dial it back, you can let it rip from your garage, game room, or backyard.

Having the freedom to take complete swings is a game-changer. It will undoubtedly allow you to improve your golf game in a much quicker timeframe than having to go to the range.

You Don’t Need Thousands of Dollars to Buy A Golf Simulator

Most golf simulators you see in bars and restaurants cost tens of thousands of dollars, but you don’t need to spend that kind of money to get the same experience. Most golfers just need a computer, hitting net, heavy-duty hitting mat, and their golf clubs.

For mid and high handicappers, a simulator can be assembled for less than $1000 and provide mid-level golfers with the structure to get hundreds of swings each day.

Questions & Answers

Can a golf simulator improve my skills?

Yes, a golf simulator can improve your skills through practice and repetition. The great thing about a golf simulator is that it presents you with different, realistic scenarios from the golf course.

So, instead of pounding golf ball after golf ball, like on the range, you can work on course strategy by using clubs in the order you would play them in real golf. You can work on your driver off the tee and then use different iron and wedge combinations to play out the simulation.

Does a golf simulator realistically replicate real play?

Yes, a golf simulator can replicate the feel and order of how you would play on an actual golf course. By continually going through practice round after practice round, you better understand how to lower your score.

On the practice range, most amateurs hit ball after ball without a singular focus. A golf simulator allows you to get your swings in but with a purpose.

Can I use a golf simulator outdoors?

While a golf simulator is ideally made for indoor use, you can easily set up to use the device outdoors with a little creativity. All golf simulators need enough room for golfers to swing fully, so while that might be tough in an indoor area, outdoor should be large enough to pull it off easily.

But, most simulators need a big screen and projector to offer the complete experience fully. Meeting those two qualifications in an outdoor setting can be challenging to accomplish.

What do I need to use a golf simulator?

Your golf simulator will need golf clubs, a hitting pad, a computer, the simulator program, and a screen that can display the interface and is made for absorbing golf balls. Most top-tier simulators can run well into the five-figure territory, but there are budget-conscious products that allow you to put one into your home for much less money.

Another thing to consider about installing a golf simulator has enough room to swing the golf club, such as a game room or garage with taller ceilings.


While you might need to make sure your computer is up to the visual graphics demand, once you clear that hurdle, you’ll soon discover a clean and crisp software interaction that allows you to sharpen your golfing skill set with family and friends safely.

The OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator might not rival the best simulators on the market, but it provides plenty of value and entertainment at its mid-range price point.