Quincy’s Most Beautiful Golf Courses

Meta: If you’re planning on visiting Quincy, you’re in for a treat! There’s something for everyone, but if you’re an avid golfer you’ll love their beautiful courses.

Did you know that Quincy is known as Illinois’ “Gem City”? The name has been around since the 1800s and came about because Quincy was a flourishing, bustling town that lacked nothing. 

It’s still true today, and if you’re a golfer, you’ll be happy to know that Quincy is full of “hidden gem” courses. If you’re in town, why not play a round at one of Quincy’s most beautiful golf courses? 

#1 – Westview Golf Course 

If you’re looking for a premier golf course experience, Westview offers exactly that. It’s an extremely well-maintained 27-hole course that also offers a putting green, chipping green, and even a sand bunker practice area. 

It’s had its fair share of pros, including Robert “Bob” Glasgow, a professional golfer from Ohio in the 1940s, and in more recent years, Oscar Miles, the uncle of the course’s superintendent Rick Miles, who has his own spot in the Illinois Golf Hall of Fame. 

Don’t let the smooth fairways dotted with an abundance of stunning trees lull you into a false sense of security! The course is challenging, but the natural beauty of the course makes it worth it. 

#2 – Cedar Crest Country Club 

Cedar Crest is only a 9-hole course, but it’s stuck to that number in keeping with the original “3 holes, 3 rounds” philosophy that came from way back in the 1920s when Cedar Crest was a practice field in a cow pasture! 

The course as we know it was opened in 1979 and has a relaxed atmosphere. Don’t be fooled by the chilled vibe and mini-golf feel – it has its fair share of tough spots, including a few ever-frustrating turtleback greens. 

The member-owned, the semi-private club has done plenty of work on their course over the last year, and you’d miss out on an experience if you didn’t visit this one while you’re here. 

#3 – Norwoods Golf Club 

Small family businesses are always hospitable, and the same is true for this family-run, 18-hole course in Hannibal. 

Nature lovers will get their fill of amazing scenes while on this course. Ponds, lakes, and sweeping wooded areas will delight your senses, but don’t get too distracted. The curvy greens are not without challenge, and there’s always a chance of losing your ball in a sneaky bunker or body of water if you veer slightly off course. 

Tee off around sunset to be treated with some spectacular sights. 

#4 – Rolling Greens 

This course is appropriately named, and you’ll need to be quite precise to get a great score. The front nine have recently been renovated and an exciting new back nine have been added,  designed by well-known golf architect Bill Phillips. 

The initial nine holes are sprinkled with large, old trees that seem to leap in front of great shots on a regular basis. The new back nine has more open space but features small, tricky greens that could be a golfer’s downfall. 

You’ll need to bring your A-game to this comprehensive 18-holer. It apparently features two of the most challenging finishing holes in Central IL, so be prepared to work hard for that score! 

Others Worth a Visit 

If the above few courses don’t quite hit the spot, or you need more to fill up your time while you’re in Quincy (like there’s not enough to do!), have a look at: 

  • Deer Run 
  • Spring Lake Country Club (member-only) 
  • Quincy Country Club (member-only) 
  • Bow Lake Golf Course
  • Indian Trails 


If you’re near Quincy and looking for something to do, visiting one of their beautiful golf courses is an option even if you aren’t a golfer. 

Have a meal at a clubhouse with a stunning view, or get in an 18-hole round if you have the time and inclination. Either way, the panorama is spectacular and well worth your time!