The Ultimate Golf Trip: The Most Interesting Golf Courses

Golf has over the years become a preferred sport for many people. Whether it is a relaxing activity in your spare time or part of your exercise routine, a round of golf is an enjoyable experience. When travelling, adding a round of golf to your trip always adds a little more excitement.  

When planning your next holiday trip, or African Safari, be sure to include one or all of these courses.

Coeur D’Alene Golf Resort, Idaho USA

Travelling to America, not only will you have plenty of states to choose from for your trip, but the golf courses are in great numbers as well.  

This golf course is seen as a bucket list course for many and with good reason. It’s mainly because of its Golf Club buildings architects. It has some of the best lakefront views in the world.  And this is the element that makes this course so unique.

The 14th hole of the Coeur D’Alene Golf Course is a floating green.  Yes, this green is out on the lake and kept in place by an underwater cable system.  Never being in the same place, this hole can be quite a challenge.  So best would be to pack some extra balls for this one.  You might just become one of the lucky few that get to take the ferry across the lake to sink the hole.

Uummannaq, Qaasuitsup Greenland

Are you more of a winter person?  Then a stop on the small island of Uummanaq in Greenland is a must.  Not only will you need to pack your thermals, but you would need to have a look at alternative clubs if you want to play some ice-golf. 

Yes, you are able to play a full 9 hole course in the ice.  There is even a World Ice Golf Championship that is held here each year.  The course is designed from scratch each year, depending on the movement and shapes of the icebergs.  With the greens not quite green, they are referred to as whites and you play with a red golf ball to make it easier to spot among the ice.  This course is definitely more for the cold at heart.

Pinnacle Point, Mossel Bay South Africa

When visiting South Africa, you are also more than spoilt for options for a round of golf.  Travelling along the Garden Route, Pinnacle Point in Mossel Bay is a must.  Named after the terrain, this golf course offers some of the most breathtaking views whilst playing the course.  

The course has been designed based on the contours of the land, hugging the Indian Ocean.  Seven of the eighteen holes are magnificent holes that line the Indian Ocean rock cliff.  Four of these are played over the ocean and cliffs.  You might want to play a little longer just to take in all the views.

Extreme 19th at Legend Golf & Safari Resort, Limpopo South Africa

While on safari in South Africa, why not add a round of golf as well.  There are a few courses in the bushveld, but The Legend Golf and Safari Resort should be high on your list.  To play the longest and most certainly the highest par-3 hole in the world, The Xtreme 19th hole is a must. 

To reach the hole, you would need a little more than just a golf cart.  After a helicopter ride to the top of the cliff, it is another 576-metre drive to the tee box.  The green is 430 metres down the cliff from the tee box.  With the green shaped like the African continent, it is surrounded by a bunker.  But no worries, your ball is fitted with a tracker, in case you don’t make the green.  

With each hole designed by a professional golfer, this is a course not to be missed.

Le Touessrok Golf Course, Port Louis District Mauritius

Ending your African safari with some time at the beach in Mauritius?  Be sure to add that last round of golf as well.  One of the best-known golf courses on the island would be Le Touessrok.  The course is located on its own beautiful island, which you can only reach with the boat services provided by the golf course.  

While playing the course, you are spoilt with breathtaking views of not only white sands, but the bright blue ocean.  You would have a view of the ocean from every hole.  Some are only a glimpse through the trees, while others are very close to the shore.  This course is a great island golf experience.

Whether you are a professional golf player, a real estate investor in golf courses or just playing for fun, these courses should be on your bucket list. But before you go on traveling around the world, make sure you’ve got your golf bag, rangefinder, and other accessories ready.

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