How to Play Mini Golf

Knowing how to play the game of mini golf may look easy from the outside, and truthfully it can be, but there remains a strategy that helps players lower their strokes per hole.

Each minigolf course also offers a unique experience with obstacles on each of the holes.

Fun to play, minigolf takes the frame of the sport and adds luck and an even playing field to make anything possible.


Every player uses a putter to make contact with the golf ball. Every time the ball touches the face of the putter it is recorded as one stroke.

The final score takes all of the strokes, or number of times the club touches the golf ball, per hole into one overall tally.

Game Objective

The objective of the game of mini golf is to hit the ball into the hole in the least number of strokes.

If playing against someone, you want your score to be lower than their final total.

With each hit of the ball using the putter head, you add one stroke to your overall total, so players want to minimize hitting the golf ball at all costs.

How to Play

All new players ask themselves how to play mini golf and with each course, and its corresponding holes, offering a different style of game, the player needs to plan how a hole should be played from the start to the end.


To play the game of mini golf, you must take a stroke and make contact with the ball. On different mini golf courses, each stroke can be of varying length, bringing in strategy and execution.

The game is played by following the rules that counts the total number of putts for the entire round.


If you walk the hole’s layout before your first shot, you can take a look at every possible shot to close the hole out. If you can not hit the ball directly into the hole, finding the best way to get the ball close to the hole is the preferred strategy.

The best way to play the game and the course is by gauging the speed of the hole to get an idea of how delicate or strong you’ll need with each putt.

YouTube video

YouTube video


For a player to earn their total, the game must be played correctly. The player needs to follow the rules of the course, similar to real golf, with a few small differences.

Starting a Hole

First, you place the ball on the mat that operates as the starting point of the hole.

In minigolf, the mat can have small holes to hold the golf ball and better position your tee shot. When starting a hole, it is wise to survey the shape and obstacles of the layout of upcoming holes.

Out of Bounds

If the ball hits any of the obstacles and leaves the course, then the rules state that the player first receives a one-stroke penalty, then replaces the ball at the point where the ball left the golf course. 

Each of the holes on the course can force the player to replace an out of bounds shot, so it is best at the start of the hole to understand the strategy for the end.

Completing a Hole

To complete a hole in mini golf, you must hit the ball into the hole. Completing the hole can come from putting just one shot, otherwise known as a hole-in-one.

The total number of strokes it must take to complete the hole is the final score for the hole.

Playing mini golf is one of the best ways to celebrate Father’s day (especially if your Dad is a fan of golf)! It can also be a fun sport for couples. We recommend trying out a game or two at the Congo River Golf.

If you’re considering setting up a mini golf course in your backyard, you might need a paver patio.