Check Out These Golf Fashion Trends For 2024

At the start of every spring golfers attempt to refresh their closet to keep looking sharp on the golf course.

Keeping up with the newest golf fashion trends can be incredibly hard, but is it worth it?


From golf shirts to golf shoes for men’s golf, the best golf apparel will highlight the latest style without sacrificing performance. The hottest golf clothing of the season also features exciting design in concert with the most innovative fabric.

If you are looking for new golf attire, look stylish in your mini golf game, and the coolest golf style of the season, you need a guide.

So, here’s the latest golf fashion trends to help you know where to look when buying new golf apparel or looking for terrific golf gifts.

golf fashion trends


Best Golf Clothing Brands to Wear


Put on the map by Tiger Woods in the late 1990s, Nike has dominated the golf apparel scene for the past couple of decades.

What Nike does well is produce high-quality apparel from their Dri-Fitting golf shirts to sleek golf pants that leave you comfortable and dry while you are on the golf course.

One of the best brands for men’s golf game fashion, Nike has long built golf clothes that wear well over time. Any of their clothing options help make players stand out in a crowd, offering bright, vivid colors along with a slim fitting that offers outstanding looks for the links.

Under Armour

Along with Adidas, the golf fashion from Under Armour can get anyone’s attention on the course. Easily producing the best golf shirts on the market, Under Armour is one of the best brands to wear on the golf course.

Another area of golf apparel where the company shines is with pants and shorts. Made with the company’s patented stretchable fabrics that keeps the material new for much, much longer when compared to other company’s apparel.

For those players who like to keep their golf apparel over multiple seasons, Under Armour provides outstanding play along with the freedom needed when they swing the club.


Adidas has long stood out as one of the best golf fashion brands for the golf course. Utilizing their patented Climacool fabrics, the company provides a range of quality products including everything from clothes to first-rate men’s golf shoes.

The company’s golf clothing feels like other golf apparel from the best companies on the market, but where Adidas sets themselves apart from other golf brands is with their shirts, shorts, pants, and shoes.

All offer quality fabrics, good durability, and a way to get the most from your golf game making the company one to check before starting your golf fashion purchases.


Best known for making quality golf shoes, FootJoy also makes golf gloves in several colors that mesh well with an outfit. For fashion hounds, FootJoy’s offerings are vital for creating a head to toe look that is uniform and complete in total style.

The company’s golf gloves are soft and supple, providing a comfortable fitting from a trusted brand making them a joy to wear.

Players like FootJoy’s golf shoes because they offer comfort, a snug fit without blisters, and excellent performance while you swing.

For individuals looking to round out their golf fashion ensemble, the products from FootJoy are excellent accompaniments for the course. These also offer some of the most expensive golf shoes.

Golf Fashion Trends To Look For


While visors may be a thing of the past, there are plenty of worthwhile options available for golf headwear.

Most pros wear baseball-style hats on the course because they offer the most color and coverage for sun protection.

These same hats are available for amateurs to buy off the shelf, making them a wonderful golf fashion accessory that meets the high standard of fashion trends for the golf course.

A close fitting name brand hat can accentuate the golfer’s outfit with style and energy.

Golf Shirts

Whether it is a traditional polo or a more modern wicking model, golf shirts offer great coverage for the front and back torso, the most important part of swinging a golf club.

Today’s shirts offer thin material that wicks away moisture, keeping the skin cool and dry, even on scorching days on the course.

Finding the right shirts for your closet may take a little time, but once you find the right style and the best fitting, you can focus on locating the right colors that work with the short or pant you’ve selected.

Golf Shorts

Great for playing on the hottest days, a fresh pair of golf shorts can accentuate the legs while offering a muted, stationary color experience.

With a name-brand short, you’ll find plenty of options in black, brown, blue, and green. These colors will match exceedingly well with more modern patterns of tops like shirts and jackets.

Golf Pants

From first-rate brands like Adidas and Under Armour, golf pants have come a long way from a point of fashion. Long gone are the days of heavy fabrics such as cotton and taking their place is polyester-blend with spandex.

Finding the right fitting is vital for pulling off pants that are both fashionable and functional.

Three styles dominate the current landscape: classic, slim, and straight fit. Knowing what style works best for your body gives you a headstart in finding the right pants for the course.

Golf Shoes

Name-brand golf shoes offer exceptional comfort, functionality that helps make it easy for swinging hard for the deepest of drives, and smooth playing when it comes time to putt on the green.

If you want to like your golf shoe, then start with the fitting, then work to find the right color for your wardrobe.

To find a golf shoe that fits, and is available in the right colors, certainly helps provide more fashion for the overall ensemble.

Golf Gloves

An overlooked accessory that also helps to back the overall look is a golf glove. Made from either leather or synthetic materials, a golf glove usually comes in either white or black, but more colorful options are available to match a full outfit.

While players should put function ahead of appearance with golf gloves, they should not completely forget that it is a part of their apparel. Unlike anything else worn, a golf glove connects directly to how the amateur plays the game.

Looking for a glove that compliments but does not distract, or take away from the outfit, is crucial.

Top Five Golf Apparel Trends

1. Color Matches the Season

One good way to stay ahead of the fashion curves is by matching the fabrics color of your apparel with the season that you’re currently experiencing.

For example, a darker golf shirt and shorts combination works well as the summer turns into fall. The same rule applies for making the movement toward wearing pants as the temperature drops.

During the summer, golfers feel the need to stay cool with a good polo golf shirt and stylish, but lightweight shorts. This duo will work well in keeping your swing free while providing the best ensemble for the day at the course.

2. Name Brands Last Longer

While it may seem obvious, modern name brand golf clothes are higher priced for a reason. From Adidas to Nike to Ralph Lauren, a stylish golf shirt from any of these companies will offer breathability and comfort along with a slim, flattering fit.

To find a modern look, clothing name brands offer plenty of color options and designs that golfers want from their golf attire. These companies produce golf clothing that is made with high-quality fabrics that last longer over time.

Modern golf apparel is well worth the cost for individuals that want a great fitting and a traditional style that will wear well for those that love to play the sport.

3. What You Should Not Wear When Golfing

While loud, bold colors certainly turn heads, most golf clubs prefer members and their guests wear muted colors that fit more within the tone of their collective personality. Rather than bright yellows and neon greens, players are encouraged to wear blues and browns.

The understated color scheme offers you a range of choices when finding a shirt, shorts or pants that will look modern and stylish as you walk toward the hole. Each garment will make you feel more confident if you keep the color crisp, but understated and in check.

The same rules apply to golf shoes and why white, brown, and black work well with these darker, quieter colors.

4. Finding Your Personality

While classic golf attire may seem stuffy and restrict your ability to express your personality, the opposite has been true recently.

When looking at a golf shirt from Ralph Lauren, for example, you’ll see how primary colors can be used with classic designs to create a modern look that marries style and golf course performance.

By creating a look that is incredibly comfortable but provides a metaphorical hole-in-one when it comes to appearance, you can emit a style that is good for you and great for your looks.

5. Men’s Golf Shoes Can Be Good Looking

One of the most forgotten parts of the ensemble is golf shoes. Today’s options include classic style with leather outer layer or the more modern style with synthetic, but breathable material that most young players want for that day’s play.

If you love an Adidas shoe that features neon green, you might find it is harder to match your current wardrobe. But a classic white with brown trim exterior can make a good fit with muted colors for shorts and a polo top.