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How to Hit a Stinger Like Tiger Woods

golfer hitting a stinger

Social media titans, such as Instagram and Tik Tok, have recently become hotbeds for golfing videos showcasing the advanced low shot known as a stinger. Easily one of the coolest shots a golfer can hit looks incredible on video, as the ball starts low to the ground and rises every so slightly with maximum velocity. … Continue reading…

How to Hit Wedges Like a Pro (Tips from Experts)

How to Hit Wedges Like a Pro (Tips from Experts)

Great wedge players utilize a series of efficient golf tips to hit shots that help generate birdies and save pars. Most amateur golfers struggle when it comes to hitting a great wedge shot. Usually, the problem can be corrected with a subtle adjustment, whether it be consistency or a fundamental deficiency. Regardless of whether you … Continue reading…

What is an AW Golf Club?

golf club and ball on green grass

What’s the Loft Degree in an Approach Wedge? The approach wedge covers the 48-to-54 degrees of loft for wedges. While other clubs like the pitching and sand wedge may dip their toe into that pool of loft degrees, the approach, or AW, wedge primarily cover this loft span. What is an AW Golf Club? AW … Continue reading…

What is a Tee Time in Golf?

Hand in a Golf Glove Placing Golf Ball on Tee

A tee time remains one of the essential advance appointments to make with golf courses before you play. Tee times work by allowing you to hit your first shot on time, allowing other golfers visiting the course to play their round in a brisk and timely manner. Tee times are vital to a course’s schedule … Continue reading…

How to Hit a 5 Iron

how to hit a 5 iron

When it comes to hitting a 5-iron, most amateur golfers find themselves struggling to find the confidence. Whether it is an issue of ball position or flaws in the golf swing, a 5-iron can trouble amateurs. So, with this article, we look to demystify this mid-iron, providing a road map for you to find your … Continue reading…

What Are Soft Golf Balls?

Chapter 1 How Each Club Plays With a Soft Golf Ball Chapter 2 Why Golfers Should Play a Soft Golf Ball Chapter 3 The Best Soft Golf Ball Available CHAPTER 1 How Each Club Plays With a Soft Golf Ball