Best Golf Umbrellas 2024

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated January 6, 2024. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

Just because the weather is cooperating doesn’t mean you have to stay home and watch TV. For those who love golf rain or shine, you need to find the perfect umbrella.

Quality frame material construction and canopy design are critical to a good umbrella. Additional features like auto open buttons and ergonomic handles make it seem like the umbrella isn’t even there.

This guide will help you look through the benefits and drawbacks of some of the top golf umbrellas available. After reading this review, you will be able to select the best golf umbrella for your needs and keep it dry during those rain showers.







Product Name
Best Golf Umbrella Overall
Best for Windy Climates
Best Ergonomics
Our Ranking
Ranked #1
Ranked #2
Ranked #3
G4Free 47/54/62/68/72 Inch Automatic Open Golf Umbrella Extra Large Oversize Double Canopy Vented Windproof Waterproof Stick Umbrellas
ZOMAKE Golf Umbrella 62 Inch, Large Windproof Umbrellas Automatic Open Oversize Rain Umbrella with Double Canopy for Men - Vented Stick Umbrellas(Navy)
BAGAIL Golf Umbrella 68/62/58 Inch Large Oversize Double Canopy Vented Automatic Open Stick Umbrellas for Men and Women(Red,58 inch)
Our Grade
Our Rating: 97/100
Our Rating 93.3/100
Our Rating: 92.5/100
Feature 1
Easy open up button & super lightweight
Double canopy design for maximum air flow
Fiberglass construction and design
Feature 2
Huge size to cover multiple people if needed
Comes in multiple sizes & extra long stick for easy storage
Durable and comfortable handle
Best Golf Umbrella Overall
Our Ranking
Ranked #1
G4Free 47/54/62/68/72 Inch Automatic Open Golf Umbrella Extra Large Oversize Double Canopy Vented Windproof Waterproof Stick Umbrellas
Our Grade
Our Rating: 97/100
Feature 1
Easy open up button & super lightweight
Feature 2
Huge size to cover multiple people if needed
Custom Button
Best for Windy Climates
Product Name
Our Ranking
Ranked #2
ZOMAKE Golf Umbrella 62 Inch, Large Windproof Umbrellas Automatic Open Oversize Rain Umbrella with Double Canopy for Men - Vented Stick Umbrellas(Navy)
Our Grade
Our Rating 93.3/100
Feature 1
Double canopy design for maximum air flow
Feature 2
Comes in multiple sizes & extra long stick for easy storage
Custom Button
Best Ergonomics
Product Name
Our Ranking
Ranked #3
BAGAIL Golf Umbrella 68/62/58 Inch Large Oversize Double Canopy Vented Automatic Open Stick Umbrellas for Men and Women(Red,58 inch)
Our Grade
Our Rating: 92.5/100
Feature 1
Fiberglass construction and design
Feature 2
Durable and comfortable handle
Custom Button

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Things to Consider When Choosing Golf Umbrellas


Golf bags can get over cluttered with clubs, head covers, and tees. An umbrella needs to be designed for the golf bag. It needs to fit inside of one of the many pockets on modern golf bags or slide easily into the slot where a golf club would fit.

Part of portability in this review is how easily the golf umbrella is put up and down.

We looked to see if it was difficult to open and close. For golf umbrellas with a carrying case, we evaluated if we could easily get the umbrella in and out of the travel bag.

The packaging is essential, especially because the weather can pop up quickly. Golfers need an umbrella they can toss in their bag and barely notice it is there.


Golf is expensive as it is. A costly golf umbrella isn’t necessary to enjoy wind, rain, or shine. What we looked for was value for what you are purchasing.

Value means getting high durability materials, well designed frames, and long-lasting products without spending more than your golf clubs. The variety of golf umbrellas is great, but cheap does not always translate into usable.

Frame Construction

There are three main parts of an umbrella, the handle, the shaft, and the undercarriage, which are the ribs and joints that hold the canopy up.

Probably the most touched part of the umbrella, it is important to use high quality materials that support grip and durability over time. Fiberglass is a strong, durable, and light composite material that flexes but won’t snap or shatter during strong gusts or windy days.

For these reasons, golf umbrellas constructed with a fiberglass shaft are more favorable than steel and wood.

The flexible properties of fiberglass make it ideal for the undercarriage as the ribs and joints need to be flexible enough to move with the canopy in the wind.

The major drawback is fiberglass is brittle when bending, so if you get it caught between your bag and the car door in the bag, it will likely snap.


The canopy keeps you dry in the rain and has to be built to last. The high-quality canopy design for golf umbrellas is evaluated based on material type, thickness, and design.

The most popular material used on golf umbrellas is pongee fabric because of its water and sun resistance. Additionally, it is a more durable material than nylon or other plastic-based fabrics that degrade in the sun over time or when they get wet.

The thicker the material, the more water and sun resistance is offered. Heavier fabric translates to more durability as well. On top of the material, design is a canopy design.

A critical design benefit is a double or two canopy design that allows air to vent outwards while keeping the rain out. Single canopy umbrellas trap air, causing turnouts or the golf umbrella being pulled out of your hand.

Best Golf Umbrellas 2024

G4 Free Extra-Large Golf Umbrella

Best Golf Umbrella Overall

G4Free 47/54/62/68/72 Inch Automatic Open Golf Umbrella Extra Large Oversize Double Canopy Vented Windproof Waterproof Stick Umbrellas
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  • Double canopy Design
  • Huge size to cover multiple people if needed
  • Easy open pop up button
  • Lightweight
  • Carrying case for better storage


  • May fall into bigger golf bags
  • Grip is foam and can deteriorate quickly if not dried properly

Overall, the G4 is a great umbrella for golfers that don’t play golf in the rain or wind very frequently. The oversized canopy design is perfect to protect you and a buddy against the flash summer storm during a round.

The auto pop up button and fiberglass shaft make the golf umbrella very easy to use and capable of withstanding most of your summer storms.

For those looking for a golf umbrella to protect them against the summer sun might want to look elsewhere.

The carrying case gives the golf umbrella an additional bump in portability but for golfers with larger bags, it could slide down causing you to fish for its mid-round. Because it isn’t a compact umbrella it won’t fit in most standard bag side pockets.

Designed well for Summer Storms

Golf umbrellas construction is critical for the intended use. For stronger wind areas, a wood or steel shaft is likely going to be needed to resist the stress of high winds.

Many golfers won’t be playing in hurricane force winds. The G4 Free is designed with a fiberglass shaft and reinforced fiberglass ribs.

Fiberglass is more flexible than wood or steel so the designed use a double canopy design. This acts as a ventilation system for the umbrella allowing the wind to escape through the top of the umbrella while keeping rain out.

The G4 Free design prevents the golf umbrella from turning inside out while keeping rain off your head.

Easy storage and fairly portable

The designers made an excellent choice to use the auto pop button for quick opening of the canopy. This way you don’t have to fight the golf umbrella to get it pop open in that sudden shower.

For quick storage, the golf umbrella compacts rather easily and two Velcro straps on each canopy help golfers quickly wrap the canopy and store it in the stick form.

This particular item comes with a carrying bag the umbrella quickly stores. Two main issues are the length of the closed canopy at 39” it might slip into larger golf bags causing you to fish it out mid round.

Zomake Golf Umbrella

Best Golf Umbrellas for Windy Climates

ZOMAKE Golf Umbrella 62 Inch, Large Windproof Umbrellas Automatic Open Oversize Rain Umbrella with Double Canopy for Men - Vented Stick Umbrellas(Navy)
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  • Double canopy design for maximum air flow
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Automatic push button open
  • Extra-long stick umbrella for easy storage
  • Storage case
  • High amounts of UV protection


  • Shallow rib joints
  • Foam handle might degrade over time

The large Zomake umbrella comes in multiple different sizes. This golf umbrella like the G4 Free, excels during summer storms.

The major difference is the Zomake doubles with UV protection of 50+ for those looking to escape the beating sun during summer rounds.

The double canopy design lends itself to vent during the summer so it isn’t hotter under the umbrella than in the sun.

The fiberglass shaft is accompanied by a joint and rib frame of a metal and fiber mixture yielding higher wind resistance. The larger canopy model is long enough to fit directly into your golf bag without sinking to the bottom.

The undercarriage design lends itself to golfers that play in areas where wind and gust can be faster than normal.

Beat all the Elements: Wind, Rain, and Sun

The Zomake combats multiple weather elements with a single design. Combining a strong reinforced frame with heavy duty canopy materials makes this one of the more versatile golf umbrellas available.

The thick pongee fabric keeps any significant rain and sun off the golfer during a round. 

To combat the wind and rain, Zomake uses reinforced metal fiber mesh and fiberglass shaft to keep. The strength of the metal fiber mesh for the rib joints is a big bonus and is stronger than other normal fiberglass material making it ideal for higher wind areas.

Standard Design bad Handle

The Zomake golf umbrellas feature many of the standard elements of large canopy golf umbrellas we have come to expect. With fiberglass construction, pongee fabric, and double canopy design, it is well within the regular group of umbrellas.

It features a one touch push button for a quick opening canopy and an extra-large model that can fit up to three people at once.

The major drawback is the handle material. A rubber or more durable material is preferred over the foam used as it can degrade if left in the sun or after getting wet.

BAGAIL Golf Umbrella

Best Ergonomics Golf Umbrella

BAGAIL Golf Umbrella 68/62/58 Inch Large Oversize Double Canopy Vented Automatic Open Stick Umbrellas for Men and Women(Red,58 inch)
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  • Good design feature of colored rib joints
  • Fiberglass construction and design
  • Auto pop up mechanism
  • Multiple colors and patterns
  • Durable and comfortable handle
  • Pongee material used in canopy


  • Stick folded version shorter than most umbrellas

The Bagail golf umbrella combines standard golf technology with fun and interesting design patterns to help you stand out on the golf course.

Like many other designed for umbrellas in a golf class, the Bagail features a double canopy design fiberglass construction and a comfortable ergonomic.

Unlike other umbrellas, this features a handle that is covered in a polyurethane material that will resist the water and will last longer than a standard foam handle.

At the end of the handle is an auto open button for quick and easy Cover. Unlike other premium models, this does not feature in auto locking mechanism.

This particular golf umbrella comes in several different sizes to meet the needs of the individual golfer. For those looking for a standard umbrella with better and more imaginative patterns, this is your best bet.

More pattern options for all

Unlike many golf umbrellas that feature only a standard black or navy-blue Color the bag Gail has a wide array of colors and patterns. It mixes a variety of colors and patterns to give you a more personal touch on your golf umbrella.

Another good estimate design feature is the polished shaft made it look like high-quality carbon fiber. It compares well with other models in its ability to repel rain and sun with good protection from the sun.

Another bonus is the plastic tip on the end of the golf umbrella that prevents creating skid marks on other surfaces while also providing some drop protection.

Good Design at any size

Because this is a standard umbrella design with fiberglass ribs, fiberglass shaft auto open button and double canopy design there isn’t much to differentiate this except formally folded way.

Other large canopy umbrellas don’t feature a long stick folded length for easy storage in a golf bag next to the golf clubs.

The candle will allow you to quickly grab the umbrella out of your bag without eroding or degrading like a foam handle wood overtime. The biggest benefit is at the extended size of the umbrella when folded into a stick.

Repel Golf Umbrella

Best Golf Umbrella for Windy Days

Repel Umbrella Golf Umbrella - 60' Vented Double Canopy with Triple Layered Reinforced Fiberglass Ribs and Teflon Coating, Auto Open (Black Sunset Red)
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  • Extra strong triple layered fiberglass
  • Double canopy design for better airflow
  • Pongee material for ultimate water resistance
  • Auto pop up button
  • Well-designed handle


  • None

The retail golf umbrella uses a triple layered Fiberglas design to add strength without breaking the bank the fiberglass shaft comes equipped with an auto open button.

The rubber handle has an ergonomic design making it more durable and comfortable to hold. Like other leading class of umbrellas, it comes with a loop at the end to make attaching two things much easier.

An additional bonus is this particular model has a different pattern on the ribs and joints making it more aesthetically pleasing. For golfers looking for a strong umbrella with a unique external appearance, this umbrella Will meet all of your needs.

Designed for Strength and Time

The triple layered reinforced fiberglass ribs and shaft making this golf umbrella stronger and more durable than many other golf umbrellas.

Because the repel decided to use a stronger fiberglass joint and rib design this model can be used in windier conditions where extra strength is required.

The canopy is designed with a Teflon coated pongee fabric including a vented double canopy system to avoid a parachute effect.

The combination of strong joint and shack construction combined with a well-designed double canopy coated Teflon umbrella top this umbrella stands out in the crowd.

Flair at no extra cost

The designers went the extra mile to make sure this Sunbrella would stand out in the crowd. Instead of keeping the rib joint the same color as the rest of the umbrella, it brings a unique and interesting color design to keep you dry.

The Shaft is designed to look like Carbon fiber adding sunshine to make me design look more expensive without the price tag.

The double canopy design includes a mesh at the canopy separation point making it a more aesthetically seamless transition from lower to upper canopy. This golf umbrella was designed to pop along with your outfit.

G4 Free Wooden J Handle Golf Umbrella

Best Golf Umbrella with Modern Technology

G4Free 52/62inch Wooden J Handle Golf Umbrella Windproof Classic Stick Wedding Cane Umbrellas, Auto Open Cane Hook Handle
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  • Classic umbrella feel with modern technology
  • J-Handle can help store vertically in bag
  • Great mix of retro look with modern technology
  • Double canopy design
  • Fiberglass construction
  • Pongee material on canopy


  • J – Handle can fit awkwardly in packed golf bags

G4 Free with the wooden J handle is an interesting combination of new technology with an old feel.

The wooden j-Hook at the end of the umbrella gives that classic Charlie Chaplin twirling umbrella feel. The 62-inch version is large enough to sit in a bag vertically with the rest of your golf clubs.

The unique feature of this golf umbrella is that no matter the size you purchase the J hook can be used to store it vertically without getting lost in the bag.

The tip of the golf umbrella has a black metal end cap that preserves the top of the umbrella with a classic look. Golfers who want to store and umbrella vertically in her bag and were long for a classic wooden J hook handle will love this umbrella.

Oddly Portable when Vertical

It may seem odd that this golf umbrella has a higher portability score than others, but the Jay Hook makes it easy to store vertically regardless of the size that you purchase.

The old school handle is combined with new school technology to include fiberglass construction and modern heavy pongee material to get a great product with a great classic look.

If you’re not trying to store and in your golf bag this could be awkward to store elsewhere because of the length in the awkward j-Hook on the end of the umbrella.

Modern Technology Old School Feel

As stated, before the fiberglass reinforced construction umbrella brings new technology to a classic look and feel. The designers took great care to make sure the wooden hook was accompanied by other classic design features.

In addition to fiberglass reinforcement, it also includes a double canopy design to withstand the elements and keep you dry.

The beading at the ends of the joints facing the outside of the umbrella is not necessary and is tipped with a cleaner metallic looking material. This umbrella brings standard performance with a classic look reminiscent of Arnold Palmer golfing.

MRTLLOA Umbrella

Best Golf Umbrella for Covering Clubs

MRTLLOA 40/49/56 Inch Oversize Windproof Inverted Reverse Upside Down Umbrella, Golf Size Rain Umbrella, Double Layer, C-Shaped Handle for Men, Women and Kids (Orange, 49 Inch)
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  • UPF 50+ Protection
  • Comfortable C-grip handle
  • Double layer with reverse opening
  • Manual control for opening in confined space
  • Smooth top with eight steel ribs for sturdy foundation


  • Single canopy design
  • Foam handle not as durable

Featuring UPF 50+ protection, the MRTLLOA Umbrella offers outstanding value along with several worthwhile features making it great for the golf course.

The golf umbrella utilizes a double layer cover to prevent the holder from folding the wet area onto their dry clothes or inside their car. The MRTLLOA also has a manual open to provide complete control to the holder of the umbrella.

The umbrella remains one of the best choices for covering golf clubs during a round with the large C-shaped handle that provides hands-free holding.

Double Layer Cover

The double layer cover featuring a wet cover on the outside and a dry layer on the interior allows golfers to fold the golf umbrella without getting rain on their clothes or inside their cart.

With the help of the “C”-handle, the folding utilizes two manual buttons for smooth opening anywhere.

The top-notch feature of the “C”-shaped handle also hooks easily into a golf bag, or can be carried without holding for hands-free rain protection.

Lightweight Design

The smooth top features eight steel ribs to keep the cover tight to help withstand wind. When closed, the ribs allow the umbrella to stand on its own for easy storage in the house or garage.

Weighing less just over one pound, the MRTLLOA offers over four feet of coverage with SPF Protection of 50 along with windproof control.

ACEIken Golf Umbrella Large

Best Golf Umbrella for Rainy Days

ACEIken Golf Umbrella Large 62 Inch Automatic Open Golf Umbrella Extra Large Oversize Double Canopy Vented Umbrella Windproof Waterproof for Men and Women Burgundy Red
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  • Double canopy design
  • Fiberglass rib joints
  • Pongee material for rain resistance


  • Not good value for quality

The ACEIken golf umbrella even with the larger model doesn’t stand up to other umbrellas in the same category.

It features a fiberglass construction similar to other golf umbrellas but the overall length even for the largest model would not fit in a standard golf bag without dipping below the surface and possibly being hard to grab out of the golf bag.

The foam sponge handle will keep you warm in the winter but could degrade over time with use compared to other more durable handle construction options.  It does have a double canopy design with 190T pongee fabric for quick drying, water resistance, and UV protection.

Standard Design with some options

It does offer other colors outside of the standard black and navy-blue umbrellas. The standard fiberglass rib design and shaft making a sturdy comparable option two other golf umbrellas like it.

The fabric used will keep you dry and will also keep you out of the sun like many other umbrellas.

The double canopy is much more seamless, so it almost looks as if it is a single canopy designed umbrella making it appear more streamlined.

The auto-open function does not have an auto locking mechanism which means you will have to push this open to lock it in place. There are other golf umbrellas available that can meet the same design requirements and offer similar pricing.

Portability Issues

Because the length of the longest model is very long enough to fit into a golf bag making it difficult to keep from struggling to quickly get the umbrella out of the bag it takes a hit to portability score.

Additionally, the single strap to close the golf umbrella does not compare to other models that have to straps on the double canopy one on the top one on the bottom.

It does, however, feature a carrying case for easy storage when not being used for a round of golf. Without a loop around the handle and with a foam handle it does not offer any relief or attachment point outside of sticking it vertically in your bag.

Sport-Brella Versa-Brella

Best Portable Golf Umbrella

Sport-Brella Versa-Brella SPF 50+ Adjustable Umbrella with Universal Clamp, Regular, Black/White
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  • 4-way, 360-degree swivel
  • Two push button hinges adjusts umbrella at any angle
  • Weighs less than two pounds
  • UPF 50+ Protection
  • Easy transporting with compact carrying case


  • Smaller canopy than most

The Versa-Brella from Sport-Brella offers outstanding sun protection, a 360-degree swivel for customized protection, and an easy transport with the umbrella weighing less than two pounds. 

Our choice for the best portability umbrella on the market today, the Versa-Brella carries a regular size span of 40×42 inches for plenty of coverage.

360-Degree Swiveling

The Versa-Brella features a four-way swivel that rotates an entire 360 degrees for complete coverage. The two push button hinges allow the umbrella to be further adjusted with tilting.

The umbrella comes with eye safety tips to prevent injuries, folds down into a compact carrying case for easy traveling, and works very well on the course.

If you are in the market for a versatile golf umbrella with plenty of color options and a host of safety features, the Versa-Brella is certainly worth your consideration.

Rugged Cover with SPF 50+ Protection

The rugged outer cover of the umbrella is lined with SPF 50+ protection to keep your skin free from over 99.5% of harmful UVA rays. The material will not rip or tear, providing long-lasting durability that will cover your clubs for many years to come.

Available in several colors, the Versa-Brella uses a steel frame to keep the cover tight in wind with a durable connector that will clamp the umbrella to a golf bag, golf cart, or push cart.

Baraida Umbrella

Best Golf Umbrella for Travel

Baraida Golf Umbrella Large 62/68/72 Inch, Extra Large Oversize Double Canopy Vented Windproof Waterproof Umbrella, Automatic Open Golf Umbrella for Men and Women and Family(62 inch, Black)
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  • Windproof fabric keeps the shape of the umbrella in storms
  • Automatic open functionality
  • Comfortable EVA Grip 
  • Lightweight with water-repellant fabric
  • SPF 50+ Protection


  • May slip into bigger golf bags with a smaller version

Lauded for its versatility and three different sizes, the Baraida Umbrella offers outstanding coverage to keep your clothes and clubs dry and free from rain and wind.

This high-grade golf umbrella windproof with a double-layered canopy design is also vented so wind can pass through for excellent stability.

With a SPF Protection of over 50, the windproof fabric also stays tight in bad weather for complete protection. The umbrella opens fast for no delay with high reliability that will last for several summers before needing replacement.

Windproof Design

Frame of the Baraida Umbrella handles the oversized fabric with a solid foundation, powerful enough to withstand high speed wind.

The fiberglass at the heart of the Baraida model uses eight ribs and a double canopy design to create a sturdy base that will not wilt in a rainstorm.

The venting in the top of the umbrella keeps the wind moving through the fabric making it easy to handle in rough weather conditions.

Automatic Open Function

The automatic open function works with the EVA grip for a one-button engagement that quickly and easily opens the umbrella with just one hand. The grip is also very comfortable to hold, even in windy conditions.

The Baraida Umbrella is available at an affordable price with a one-year guarantee that the product will not fail in protecting you from rain and wind.

Questions & Answers

Why do you need a golf umbrella?

Most golfers who play in the rain need a golf umbrella or a golf rain suit. For the summer and spring when weather can be unpredictable at times, it is necessary to have an umbrella on hand to pull out and avoid getting drenched. 

Golf clubs are made of metal and can erode if exposed to much water, an umbrella can be put over your golf bag to avoid the bag getting wet and ruining the grip or even the shaft of your clubs.

If you have a sensitivity to heat or sun, a well-designed double canopy umbrella can keep you cool and help you avoid the sun. Thicker materials block more UV and help vent air vertically.

What characteristics should I look when buying a golf umbrella?

Well designed and strong construction. The underside of an umbrella where the ribs and joints are installed needs to be robust with the more joints the better.

The double canopy design is almost required regardless of intended use because it helps vent air, avoids the parachute effect, and keeps the umbrella from turning inside out.

You want to look for a shaft and handle that is made of fiberglass and some sort of polyurethane material, respectively.

Fiberglass flexes without fracturing and the polyurethane is more durable with less degradation over time compared to a foam handle. If you can find golf umbrellas with a loop on the end of the handle, it is easier to find places to store it.

Depending on how you want to store your umbrella, you will want to find one that is longer than 48” when vertically folded to keep it in your bag next to clubs.

What are the features that matter in a golf umbrella?

Features depend on what your intended use and how much you intend to use in bad weather. The most important features to look for are those that suit your needs.

For example, if you play golf in an area where rain is prevalent, you will want a strong fiberglass construction to withstand the pounding rain and high wind with storms. Also, you will want a Teflon pongee type canopy.

This helps bead and wick water away from the umbrella and is more durable against abrasion and tearing. A handle with waterproof material is ideal since the handle will likely get wet.

In any case, an umbrella with a double canopy design and robust rib and joint construction connection to the canopy is a must. The material weight will depend on what you need. Heavier materials translate to more durable and lengthier product uses.

What’s the difference between Nylon, polyester, and Pongee Teflon fabric?

These fabrics are fairly similar across the board, where they vary is in cost and effect to temperature and other climate conditions.

Nylon, for instance, is the most expensive of the three materials. It is a great material because it feels like silk and has low friction against other surfaces.

The big problem with nylon, is it can shrink under certain outdoor conditions making it not the most ideal product for umbrellas.

Polyester is the cheapest of the materials but not as high quality as pongee or Nylon. Polyester doesn’t suffer from shrinkage like nylon, but the roughness of the material and creases created when folding can cause stiffness when opening and closing an umbrella.

Pongee is in the middle of nylon and polyester in cost and a better in quality than polyester. Pongee takes the best properties of nylon and polyester without many of the drawbacks.

Because of the manufacturing process it does not shrink in different weather conditions like nylon nor does it crease like polyester. The combination of price, material quality, and few drawbacks make it ideal for use in umbrellas.