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Most Forgiving Drivers: Top 10 Picks of 2022 Tested & Reviewed

most forgiving drivers

The Rundown

Best Overall: TaylorMade Stealth Driver (click to see)

“The Stealth is extremely lightweight and agile through impact, it produces clean sound and feel, and a jaw-dropping distance with fast ball speed.”

Best Feel and Responsiveness: Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver (click to see)

“The Rogue ST Max offers an impressive stability throughout the swing. It has a boosted forgiveness across the entire face and maximizes ball speeds.”

Most Accurate: Cleveland Launcher XL Driver (click to see)

“The Launcher XL features an expansive flexibility across the entire face for more forgiveness. Its mammoth head shape produces a high ball flight.

For golfers looking for more accuracy and forgiveness, the market’s most forgiving drivers offer a dynamic combination of features that can help you hit more fairways. With any driver, casual and serious golfers want to maintain ball speed without being punished for off-center hits.

On our list of the top ten most forgiving drivers, we’ve located a nice collection of golf drivers for the tee box that provides maximum forgiveness, along with various innovative features that give workability and extra length.

In this review, we’ll take an extensive look at the most forgiving drivers you can find for your game, regardless of skill level or swing speed.

Featured Recommendations

Product Name
Best Overall
TaylorMade Stealth Driver
Best Feel and Responsiveness
Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver
Most Accurate
Cleveland Launcher XL Driver
Our Ranking
Ranked #1
Ranked #2
Ranked #3
TaylorMade Stealth Driver 10.5 Lefthanded
Callaway Golf 2022 Rogue ST Max Driver (Left Hand, Tensei Blue 55G Shaft, Regular Flex, 10.5 Degrees Loft)
Cleveland Launcher XL Mens Right Hand Driver
Our Grade
Rating 98 / 100
Rating 96 / 100
Rating 95 / 100
Feature 1
Extremely lightweight and agile through impact
Boosted forgiveness across the entire face
Expansive flexibility across the entire face for more forgiveness
Feature 2
Jaw-dropping distance with fast ball speed
Impressive stability throughout the swing
Mammoth head shape produces a high ball flight
Best Overall
Product Name
TaylorMade Stealth Driver
Our Ranking
Ranked #1
TaylorMade Stealth Driver 10.5 Lefthanded
Our Grade
Rating 98 / 100
Feature 1
Extremely lightweight and agile through impact
Feature 2
Jaw-dropping distance with fast ball speed
Best Feel and Responsiveness
Product Name
Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver
Our Ranking
Ranked #2
Callaway Golf 2022 Rogue ST Max Driver (Left Hand, Tensei Blue 55G Shaft, Regular Flex, 10.5 Degrees Loft)
Our Grade
Rating 96 / 100
Feature 1
Boosted forgiveness across the entire face
Feature 2
Impressive stability throughout the swing
Most Accurate
Product Name
Cleveland Launcher XL Driver
Our Ranking
Ranked #3
Cleveland Launcher XL Mens Right Hand Driver
Our Grade
Rating 95 / 100
Feature 1
Expansive flexibility across the entire face for more forgiveness
Feature 2
Mammoth head shape produces a high ball flight

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Table of Contents

Things to Consider When Buying the Most Forgiving Drivers

Here are a few things to consider when you’re looking for the most forgiving driver to fit your game.


Every amateur golfer needs more distance from their driver. Reducing the length of entry shots into the green lowers scores. Finding a forgiving driver that produces outstanding forgiveness without sacrificing distance is key to creating better looks into the green.

Increasing distance comes from three areas; the golf ball, the driver, and the golfer’s strength.

For mid handicappers and high handicappers who are reaching for that next level, increasing distance motivates the golfer to work harder. Yes, a golfer’s physical condition and fundamental approach dramatically affect the length of drives, but they can help their game with the right driver.


Feel encompasses everything from how the driver contacts the ball to how the club feels throughout the swing.

A golfer must believe in their equipment, especially their driver. It doesn’t matter if they are a professional or a player twice a year. When standing over the ball on the tee box, confidence in the driver is crucial to performing well.

Most golfers want a driver that feels solid in their hands. While that sensation provides confidence, the driver must perform on the course to create trust. When a golfer believes the driver provides a feel and response, they can entirely rely on reaching back and taking a full swing.

Adjustable Features

Adjustable features don’t necessarily make or break the driver’s quality, but they provide customization to the golfer. Beginning golfers need stability, more than versatility, in their drivers. Advanced golfers, on the other hand, want more control, and adjustable features give them this freedom.

Most current drivers offer an adjustable loft sleeve to increase or decrease the loft. This feature helps keep the ball lower or raise it higher after impact, while adjustable weighting allows the golfer to tailor the driver’s shot shape to the ideal height and direction.

Perimeter Weighting

Perimeter weighting has become an essential bullet for equipment manufacturers because drivers with more balance provide better accuracy and lower spin.

For golfers struggling with slices and hooks, a well-balanced driver, aided by better perimeter weighting, can help lengthen the distance of drives with lower spin.

Some drivers utilize perimeter weighting through the club’s crown, while others use stationary or adjustable weights to craft balance in the head.

Regardless of how the companies create perimeter weighting, most mid and high handicappers need to seek improved balance with their driver to accomplish a better second-shot position.

Launch Angle

The angle that the ball leaves the face of the driver is the launch angle. 

For amateur golfers, the launch angle could be why their drives are too high or too low after impact. Drives that are too high can cause a high “U”-shaped arc, while a ball hit too low meets the ground far too quickly, killing the maximum possible distance.

Hitting the ball too low creates a shallow shot arc that does not take advantage of the carry most professional golfers enjoy building a long-distance drive.


The driver’s loft is the degree number usually found on the head’s sole. Most drivers have loft degrees from 8.5-12.5 degrees.

Professional golfers will use lower lofted drivers that help them take advantage of their world-class swing speed. Amateurs need higher lofts to encourage more carry, as their club head speed is typically average.

The attack angle of the driver also works in concert with the driver’s loft to create the ideal launch angle. But before that combination can happen, a golfer must play with a loft that works best for their game.

Sweet Spot

The center of the face is known as the sweet spot. Shots impacted in this area of the club face typically have the most ball speed, leave the club at an ideal launch angle, and travel incredibly long distances

Shots hit closer to the heel or toe are usually weaker and have far more spin, creating the slices and hooks that all golfers hope to avoid.

Center of Gravity

The center of gravity in a driver’s head helps propel the ball higher for more carry and distance. Usually, amateur players’ center of gravity is lower and deeper in the head.

The reason manufacturers place the center of gravity in this location is that it allows the focus of the impact to be directed to the lower half of the golf ball for higher shots that result in more carry and longer distances.


The material of a driver’s head helps with the forgiveness of the shot. Since not all materials weigh the same, the designer has to be careful with where compounds are used to create the club head.

A well-balanced club head delivers low spin shotmaking ability to the ball for better accuracy and far less slices or hooks.

Benefits of a Forgiving Driver


The most significant benefit of a forgiving driver is increased overall accuracy. By minimizing the side spin of the ball, a forgiving driver sends the shot along your intended target line with far more regularity.


By reducing side spin, the ball stays straighter and travels farther. As a result, fewer drivers will reduce speed on off-center strikes, costing golfers tens of yards. But a well-built forgiving driver with a larger sweet spot will maintain speed and the accompanying distance.

Tighter Shot Dispersion

When you hear about shot dispersion, this means where the ball lands on the fairway after a tee shot. A forgiving driver keeps the ball landing in a tighter circle rather than spraying the ball all over the hole. 

Since forgiving drivers minimize sidespin, the ball stays straighter and offers a more reliable shot shape, keeping the ball closer to where the golfer intends it to land.

Our Top 10 Most Forgiving Driver Picks

TaylorMade Stealth Driver

Most Forgiving Driving Overall


  • Extremely lightweight and agile through impact
  • Produces clean sound and feel
  • Jaw-dropping distance with fast ball speed


  • Extensive learning curve for higher handicap golfers

TaylorMade’s Stealth Driver offers an exciting array of features making it an easy choice for our most forgiving driver of 2022. Along with maximum forgiveness and a delightful design, the Stealth offers high ball flight with top-flight gusto.

The company’s latest innovation, the Carbon Twist Face, offers the most forgiving feature on the Stealth. The Carbon Twist Face provides the largest sweet spot in a TaylorMade driver to date, and it also helps create the most ball speed we’ve ever seen in the company’s long history of first-rate drivers.

All of TaylorMade’s most popular features are included with the Stealth, including the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket. The pocket, located directly behind the face, allows for more flexibility on off-center strikes.

When your toe leaks its impact point toward the toe, the Speed Pocket helps minimize side spin without losing much ball speed. Instead of looking to the right or left areas of rough for your ball, you’ll regularly find that the TaylorMade driver delivered maximum distance.

During our testing, the Stealth continually dazzled every level of the handicapper.

From low handicappers, who loved the sophistication of the driver, to our high handicappers, that greatly benefited from the extra MPHs after impact, each group raved about one of the most capable modern drivers we’ve seen in recent memory.

For high handicappers and beginners, the Stealth might be too much club straight from the box, but the driver delivers the fastest ball speeds we’ve clocked during our testing for our experienced golfers.

Yes, we’d love to see a lower price point with the Stealth, but Tour-level golf clubs come at a high cost due to what they can provide for your game.

One of the most forgiving drivers we’ve had the pleasure of testing, the Taylormade Stealth driver doesn’t have a rival that can match its ability to create ball speed on the market today.

Ping G425 Max Driver

Best Distance Driver for Mid Handicappers


  • Increased clubhead speed
  • Exceptional forgiveness
  • One of the most accurate drivers we’ve tested


  • Would like more precision with the sliding weight

Ping’s G425 Max offers high performance in a sleek design with adjustable features that will provide you the ticket to getting more launch and ball speed.

For golfers who want more forgiveness without slowing their swing speed down, the G425 Max provides a solidly built hitting area that absorbs mistakes and redirects the ball toward your target line.

Since the its design steers toward the high handicapper, Ping has dramatically increased the MOI to reduce twisting at impact. Instead of creating side spin, the revamped driver head delivers high launch for that extended carry that keeps your shot straight and far down the fairway.

A moveable weight in the rear of the head also created either a fade bias or draw bias with the simple click of a wrench. The weight helps create shape from the tee box.

If you naturally have a hard fade, the draw bias setting can bring the ball back to the fairway with more regularity. Simply put, the weighting delivers a more forgiving driver to your game.

During our time with the Ping G425 Max, our testers quickly and unanimously noted that the ball jumps off the face with high-grade velocity. If you struggle with slower swing speed, the Ping G425 Max is outfitted with various features to get your MPH back toward top speed.

Along with the forged face that offers premium flexibility, the crown comes equipped with internal ribbing that smooths out vibration for a more pleasing feel that connects to shot quality on the golf course.

When it comes to game-improvement drivers, Ping drivers have long registered as some of the best on the market, and their latest creation, the Ping G425 Max offers a dynamic package of improvements for golfers with a slow swing speed.

We also have an in-depth Ping G425 Max Fairway Wood Review.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver

Best Feel and Responsiveness Golf Driver


  • Impressive stability throughout the swing
  • Boosted forgiveness across the entire face
  • Provides the ability to maximize ball speeds


  • Lack of adjustable weighting

Callaway’s latest driver series includes the very forgiving driver known as the Rogue ST Max. Built for speed, this driver delivers straight muscle to the ball for an easy distance that finds the fairway often.

As with every Callaway driver, our testers loved the Jailbreak bars behind the sweet spot. The bars stiffen the head to increase feel and strengthen the hitting area.

For moderate swing speeds, the Rogue ST Max produces high ball speed that translates into more length off the tee box.

Callaway also utilizes A.I. to decrease side spin across the entire face, especially on off-center strikes. Rather than watching those wayward shots fly off into the trees, the Rogue ST Max keeps the ball moving along the target line to help you create a tighter overall shot dispersion.

Check our in-depth Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver Review.

Our testers repeatedly noted during their time with the Callaway Rogue ST Max that the company created a club that delivered consistent ball flight and helped increase ball speeds on drive after drive.

Although the lack of adjustable weighting is a bummer, the inclusion of an adjustable hosel helps lower or raise the ball flight.

Callaway’s greatest addition to the Rogue ST Max is the Tungsten Speed Cartridge. By placing the 26-gram weight in the head’s rear, you can feel the launch and the power the driver’s head delivers to the golf ball, especially when you hit the shot flush on the sweet spot.

If you are looking for more distance with your driver’s forgiveness, the Rogue ST Max certainly produces the length and reliable shape to boost the quality of your drives.

Cleveland Launcher XL Driver

Most Accurate Driver


  • Expansive flexibility across the entire face for more forgiveness
  • Exceptional sound and feel at impact
  • Mammoth head shape produces a high ball flight


  • We wish the driver had an adjustable weighting
  • Slower swing speeds might struggle with a large head shape

Cleveland’s outstanding new driver, the Launcher XL, really does bring the size to your driver game. With a gigantic driver head, the Cleveland Launcher XL produces staggering swing speeds that most likely create faster ball speeds than you are already producing.

As our testers grew comfortable with the very forgiving driver, they noted they were registering more ball speed on off-center strikes, a huge benefit for golfers struggling with consistency.

The driver boasts several valuable features, including a unique shaft design that provides more balance to the driver.

The Action Mass CB feature increases feel, responsiveness, and balance during the takeaway and backswing, helping you get the club into the correct position for crushing drives on the downswing. The Action Mass CB helps you return the face to square at impact with greater frequency.

When it comes to reducing side spin, the Cleveland Launcher XL is one of the most forgiving drivers we’ve ever tested.

Yes, we’d love to see some adjustable weighting here, but frankly, we’re not sure you need it with this forgiving driver. Cleveland’s designers have gone above and beyond to make the Launcher XL’s face flexible.

Utilizing their Rebound Frame, the company has installed two flex zones that redirect energy to the golf ball without side spin.

Great for mid and high handicappers, the Cleveland Launcher XL offers simplicity with clean execution.

If you are put off by cranking wrenches and tinkering with sliding weights to dial in the settings, the Launcher XL remains ready to go from the moment you put it in your golf bag, delivering the distance and accuracy you need to improve your shotmaking.

Even if you hold a faster swing speed than most of your playing partners, the speed and forgiveness produced by the Cleveland Launcher XL will certainly reinvigorate your game.

Mizuno ST Z 220

Best Distance Driver for Low Handicappers


  • Straight, low spin drives with muscle
  • High launch with a slight offset
  • Damped vibration with exceptional feel


  • No adjustable weighting
  • Limited workability

The Mizuno ST Z 220 driver, one of the most forgiving golf drivers we’ve tested this year, delivers jaw-dropping distance with shot dispersion that will have you regularly hitting your second shot from the short grass of the fairway.

The Mizuno ST Z 220 is built for speed, boasting an aerodynamic driver head. Even if you carry a fast swing speed, you’ll see benefits from playing with this great golf club.

During our time with the Mizuno driver, we also loved how balanced the club is throughout the swing. With damped vibration due to Mizuno’s emphasis on making drivers with excellent feel and responsiveness, each strike on the sweet spot feels very rewarding.

If you are looking for higher ball speeds after impact without losing accuracy, our testers felt that the ST Z 220 ranked highly on the list of current drivers that produce straight, long ball flight.

As we continued to play with the driver, we were continually taken with how much fun the golf club plays on longer courses. Even when facing a long par 5, we felt the Mizuno driver would put us in a place where an eagle was always a possibility.

Adjustable golf drivers, such as the ST Z 220, help you combat side spin. Although we’d love to see a sliding weight with this driver, the adjustable hosel does admirable work in helping you combat your swing flaws.

The new driver from Mizuno looks amazing in your golf bag with a sleek, modern appearance that will turn heads. Although it lacks the sliding weight that helps with workability, for golfers looking to boost their overall accuracy, the ST Z 220 delivers unmistakable forgiveness.

Tour Edge Exotics E722 Driver

Best Distance Driver for High Handicappers


  • Outstanding stability throughout the swing
  • Balance with power at impact
  • Low CG produces higher launch


  • Doesn’t have a modern appearance
  • Launch can be too high for experienced players

Tour Edge’s latest driver, the Exotics E722, offers impressive forgiveness on off-center hits with a high launch that extends carry, helping you reach areas of the fairway you’ve rarely visited because the shots are so long.

The E722’s 460cc driver head, designed for maximum MOI, boosts distance for golfers with a moderate swing speed. The 30-gram rear weight also anchors the club head for unmatched stability, helping you hit drives with the ideal shot height to maximize your distance.

Another highlight of the Tour Edge Exotics E722 comes from the shape of the driver head. The E722 offers an aerodynamic look that reduces drag on the downswing to help you produce higher club head speed.

In shape and feel, the E722 from Tour Edge owes a great deal to TaylorMade’s Sim2 Max series. The look and design of the club head are remarkably similar to TaylorMade’s famous driver line, and that’s certainly not a bad thing.

Both drivers back a serious punch on the tee box, and in the case of the E722, the power comes with significant forgiveness.

Our testers respond very favorably to the E722’s smooth feel and responsiveness. The Tour Edge driver produces immediate feedback, helping you make the adjustments you need for the next drive.

The adjustable hosel also offers a draw bias if you struggle with slicing. During our testing, we found that the draw bias was mid-range and didn’t sling our ball too far back to the left.

With damped vibration due to Tour Edge’s emphasis on creating drivers with outstanding feel and responsiveness, each strike on the sweet spot feels very rewarding.

A dynamic golf driver for an affordable price, the Tour Edge Exotics E722 provides confidence with incredible power.

Srixon ZX7 Driver

Best Accuracy Driver for Mid Handicappers


  • Stable and reliable through the impact zone
  • Lower profile allows driver to get under ball
  • Wide sweet spot with plenty of forgiveness


  • Flatter shot height might stunt total carry for slower swing speeds
  • Adjustable weighting can be too extreme

Srixon’s ZX7 offers total control to golfers with moderate swing speeds. With an emphasis on stability, this forgiving golf driver provides high launch, even on off-center hits for golfers of all skill levels.

The ZX7 driver features a rounded head shape, flattened crown presenting a lower profile, and two adjustable heel and toe weights to create slight draw bias easily.

During our time with the Srixon driver on the range and course, we loved how adaptable the club provided for golfers with a wide variety of swing speeds. Not only does the ZX7 driver produce low spin to keep your drives on the fairway, but the high ball flight extends carry.

For our mid handicappers, the Srixon driver features low spin, helping provide tight shot dispersion that keeps shots out of the trees and closer to the target line.

Also, we found that if you possess a slower swing speed, the ZX7 helps by maximizing distance on swing after swing without having to reach back and go full power.

Our senior testers loved the feel and responsiveness of striking the golf ball with the ZX7, and they collectively felt the driver offered the immediate feedback they wanted from the club head.

With forgiving drivers like the ZX7, finding the right shaft flex and length remains essential. While the driver doesn’t feature a sliding weight, the driver does work exceptionally well when you dial in the right combination of adjustable hosel setting and the correct weight of the heel and toe weights.

An outstanding mid-range driver with an intricate adjustable hosel that creates that adjustable shot-shaping ability that casual players love, the Srixon ZX7 offers the quality contact many golfers want for their game.

TaylorMade Stealth Plus Driver

Best Adjustable Features Driver


  • Sliding weight track dials in perfect drive shape
  • Exceptional feel and responsiveness
  • Carbon Twist Face delivers premium forgiveness


  • Too much driver for beginners and high handicappers

TaylorMade’s Stealth Plus is the hypercharged version of the very popular driver that professionals and amateurs alike have enjoyed in 2022.

We’ve included the regular Stealth driver on this list, but the Stealth Plus offers premium features and its already impressive forgiveness.

Just behind the Speed Pocket, TaylorMade has included a sliding weight that creates optimal shot shaping for golfers. The Sliding Weight Track places a 10-gram weight that quickly moves along a rail to create a fade or draw bias to your shots.

Due to the sliding weight, our testers needed more time with the Stealth Plus. And although there is a bigger learning curve with this TaylorMade driver, once you find the correct settings for your swing, the drives you hit produce staggering ball speed with distance results that few of our testers could believe.

Other features worth noting include the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket, located directly behind the face. The Speed Pocket helps increase flexibility along the entire hitting area, further boosting forgiveness and helping keep more drives on the fairway.

Our testers also gave the Stealth Plus high marks with feel and responsiveness. The lightweight crown and Carbon face help maintain high club speed, delivering more MPH to the ball.

If you are in the market for a driver that lets you swing away without worrying about being punished if the strike is off-center, the Stealth Plus is at the top of the list.

Additionally, our advanced, single-digit handicap testers routinely felt that the Stealth Plus was the best driver for generating distance and forgiveness.

Although it certainly comes with a stiff price, the TaylorMade Stealth Plus offers superior performance with various sophisticated features. For advanced golfers, there are few drivers on the market that can match the ball speed created by this racecar of a golf club.

Callaway Mavrik Driver

Best Value Driver


  • Jailbreak bars provide power
  • Exceptional forgiveness on toe strikes
  • Maintains ball speed on off-center hits


  • Lacks adjustable weighting
  • Taller profile makes it bulkier at address

Every year, Callaway updates their Mavrik line and the 2022 version takes this accurate driver to another level. Not only is the Mavrik very forgiving, but all of Callaway’s most popular driver features are included with this club.

Our favorite feature of Callaway drivers, the Jailbreak bars, is here with the Mavrik. The bars stiffen the crown and increase the power and energy directed to the ball at impact. With the Jailbreak bars behind the sweet spot, golfers can expect to increase distance and boost their confidence.

If you hit the ball on the sweet spot, there are few drivers out there that provide the solid feeling that the Mavrik provides golfers. Our testers admired the consistency of each swing with the Mavrik.

Although it may not have the bells and whistles of more advanced drivers, for golfers wanting a driver with an adjustable draw bias, the Mavrik delivers the goods.

Our testers also really enjoyed the Mavrik’s smoothness. Even if our tester had a very fast swing speed, they still found that the Mavrik, regardless of shaft length, held firm on the downswing.

While it might not be the most accurate driver on the market due to the lack of adjustable weighting, the Mavrik indeed produces high-grade forgiveness on shots that leak toward the toe.

Callaway includes an adjustable hosel with the Mavrik that raises and lowers the loft angle on the face. If you feel like the Mavrik hits the ball too high, a quick twist of the wrench works to deloft the club and provide a more moderate height that increases forward roll.

Another great benefit of the Mavrik is the price. Callaway has recently reduced the price of the Mavrik to less than $300, making it a solid foundational driver for the golfer looking to upgrade their woods.

The Callaway Mavrik, a delightful driver well worth your consideration, is a great entry-level driver for beginners and high handicappers.

Cobra LTDx Max Driver

Most Forgiving Driver for High Handicappers


  • Draw bias weighting for consistent shotmaking
  • Lower spin tightens shot dispersion
  • Deep CG offers an easy lift for extended carry


  • Higher price point for entry-level driver
  • No sliding weight

Cobra’s LTDx Max produces outstanding results for golfers that need the most help from their driver. The driver offers lower spin, high launch, and extremely high forgiveness for golfers carrying around a higher handicap.

When it comes to forgiveness, the LTDx Max ranked highly with our testers. They loved the easy launch provided by the low, deep CG and the speed created by the lightweight multi-material crown. 

Since this driver’s design tailors toward the inexperienced golfer, we tested the LTDx Max with our high handicappers and senior golfers. Both groups felt the Cobra driver worked extremely hard to keep their drives straight with as much length as possible.

Over time, our testers felt the Cobra LTDx Max rewarded their game with consistency, even on off-center strikes that leaked toward the toe. 

Here’s our in-depth Cobra LTDx Max Review.

Two stationary weights, located in the sole of the club head, provide a draw bias for the LTDx Max. In concert with the loft sleeve, Cobra claims golfers can add up to 18 yards of draw to each drive.

If you are struggling with slicing the ball, the weighting can dramatically reduce the punitive effects of the side spin.

If you are looking for a more subtle approach to tackling a slice, you can quickly adjust the loft sleeve to reduce the effects of the draw.

We’d love to see adjustable weighting with this LTDx Max but the installed draw bias and adjustable hosel make this the most forgiving driver for beginners and high handicappers.

A capable driver for golfers looking for a premium entry-level golf club for the tee box, the Cobra LTDx Max produces the consistency and reliability that golfers need to improve their game.


Our choice for the most forgiving driver goes to the TaylorMade Stealth Driver. Featuring a host of innovative benefits for your game, the Stealth produces longer, straight ball flight via its forgiving face.

Professionals and amateurs alike have raved about the Stealth’s performance since its release this year, and our testers backed up the public’s stance with glowing reviews about this first-rate golf club for the tee box.

If you want to add length to your tee box game with a tighter, more forgiving shot dispersion, the Stealth is hands down the best driver out of all the drivers we tested for this article.