Cobra Aerojet Driver Review (Our Honest Feedback)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated September 20, 2023. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

Cobra Aerojet Driver release date: February 9, 2023

Cobra’s Aerojet driver offers mid handicappers maximum forgiveness, great distance, and lightning-fast head speed.

With three models in the Aerojet driver series, Cobra has produced a model for each handicap level and skill set. However, most golfers will play with the standard driver, the focus of this review.

The driver increases ball speed and offers a wide, inviting sweet spot across the entire club face for weekend warriors looking to place consistent golf equipment in their bag.

In this Cobra Aerojet driver review, we’ll dig deeper into the benefits of playing this driver, including how it produces low spin, delivers above-average carry distance, and more speed in every category.

Cobra Aerojet Driver

Best Distance Driver for Mid Handicappers

Aerojet Driver
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  • Loft: 9.5°, 10.5°, 12°
  • Lie: 56.2-57.2°
  • Length: 45.5″
  • Head Volume: 460 cc
  • Swing Weight: D4.5/D5


  • 12-gram rear stationary weight lowers, deepens CG
  • Generates incredibly fast shot velocity
  • Aerodynamic crown maximizes swing speed


  • No adjustable weighting

Cobra Aerojet Driver Key Features

PWR-BRIDGE Weighting

Cobra calls PWR-BRIDGE weighting the feature that “allows for maximum energy transfer.” The 70-gram weight stiffens the club head of the new Cobra driver to produce the power that serious golf amateurs want for their tee box game.

PWRSHELL Cup Technology

Cobra’s PWRSHELL Cup Technology widens the sweet spot, helping create forgiveness alongside staggering exit velocity after impact.

Cobra’s golf clubs benefit from the PWRSHELL Cup feature because it makes the entire hitting area more efficient by promoting clean rotation.

H.O.T Face Technology

All of the new Aerojet drivers are aided by the H.O.T. Face technology. By creating a hotter face, Cobra delivers the velocity and distance they promise.

Along with the Kai’li Blue stock shaft, players can power the head through the impact zone with confidence that the H.O.T. face will keep the drive in the fairway.

Our In-Depth Cobra Aerojet Driver Review


The standard model offers an aerodynamic shape with a slightly bigger appearance than previous Cobra drivers, including last year’s Radspeed driver.

At address, the head offers that modern look that’s become the rage among club manufacturers, and the patented Cobra design comes through with this club quite nicely.

As we’ve stated in other Aerojet reviews, we aren’t huge fans of the blue striping in the color scheme on the sole of the club head.


As our players tested the club for this Cobra Aerojet Driver review, they noted how good it sounded on several occasions, especially when the shot hit the center of the face.

Never distracting, the Aerojet’s sound is clean and pure at impact.


The driver feels as good as the Aerojet fairway woods, and that’s quite the compliment because our testers loved the crown shape and feel of those clubs.

The impact felt natural even on shots that hit outside the center of the face, but its advanced response immediately lets you know that your shot came off the toe or heel.


When it comes to producing high ball speed, the Aerojet earns our highest marks and accolades.

This golf club muscles your drives down the fairway with accuracy and precision, a dynamic combination for amateurs that need help opening a hole with a good shot.

Our testers also enjoyed the slight draw bias setup straight from the box. The bias allows you to hit the ball with a subtle draw, which is great for amateurs that love a neutral setup but with a bit of right to left shot shape.

For the average golfer, Cobra’s new driver, a favorite of long-drive champion Kyle Berkshire, offers an oversized head that delivers power to the golf ball. The new model also keeps the spin rates low to improve accuracy and maximize carry.

Other Cobra Aerojet Driver Models

Cobra Aerojet Max Driver

Aerojet MAX Driver
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Built for high handicappers and beginners fighting a slice, the Aerojet Max offers significant draw bias to minimize slicing and help place your drive in the fairway at a higher success rate.

Cobra designers have added a heel weight to the Max version to increase the Aerojet range off the tee box by reducing the penalty of a slice. The weight holds the face open, allowing the inexperienced golfer to return the hitting area to square at impact.

One of the best drivers for correcting a slice, the Aerojet offered an average of over 10 yards of slice correction during our testing.

A blast to hit from the tee box, the Aerojet Max ranks as one of many first-rate Cobra products.

Cobra Aerojet LS Driver

Cobra Aerojet Stiff Left LS Driver, BLACK
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Ideal for low handicappers, the Aerojet LS driver offers high ball speeds without the spin or launch that comes with the standard Aerojet or Max version. The driver comes with a slight fade bias to help shape shots from left to right.

During our testing, the low spin model definitely provided a reliable, consistent ball flight with extra run after landing on the fairway.

The Aerojet LS gets two stationary weights behind the face on the sole, moving the CG forward on the club head to help lower rotation and produce a low launch that generates plenty of forward roll.

Alternatives to the Cobra Aerojet Driver

TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver

Best Distance Driver for Mid Handicappers

TaylorMade Stealth Draw Driver 10.5 Right Handed, Red
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  • Loft: 9.5°, 10.5°, 12°
  • Lie: 56°-60°
  • Length: 45.75″
  • Head Volume: 460 cc
  • Swing Weight: D3/D4


  • High MOI keeps the face square through impact
  • Oversized 460cc head offers forgiveness with serious power
  • 4-degree loft sleeve offers customized peak height


  • No adjustable weighting limits workability

The TaylorMade Stealth 2 offers mid handicappers an option for hitting the ball high with plenty of forgiveness. The 460cc driver features a four-degree loft that helps customize the peak height of the drive.

It provides mid-to-low spin with a mid-to-high launch. The combination offers low penetrating flight that extends yardage with rollout.

When compared to the Cobra Aerojet, there are many similarities between the two drivers. Neither driver features a sliding rear weight, a disappointing omission. But what the Stealth 2 lacks in workability, it makes up for in distance and accuracy.

After spending time with both drivers on the Trackman, I found the Aerojet as fast and long as Stealth 2, something I didn’t believe would happen when first swinging the Cobra driver.

The Stealth 2 offered a tighter dispersion than the Aerojet, keeping more shots on the fairway.

The latest TaylorMade driver offers mid handicappers a powerful weapon with top-tier forgiveness off the tee box.

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Ping G430 Max Driver

Best Adjustable Features Driver for Mid Handicappers


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  • Loft: 9.5°, 10.5°, 12°
  • Lie: 58.5°
  • Length: 45.75″
  • Head Volume: 460 cc
  • Swing Weight: D3


  • 25-gram sliding weight offers workability and preferred shot shaping
  • 3-degree adjustable hosel sleeve controls peak height
  • Excellent feel and responsiveness from the sweet spot


  • Color scheme and futuristic design lack appeal

The Ping G430 Max offers mid and high handicappers the company’s most forgiving driver with a healthy amount of feel and dynamic responsiveness. It delivers long distance with tighter dispersion to help double-digit handicappers hit more fairways.

On off-center strikes, the sweet spot redirects drives down the target line without losing ball speed, another outstanding benefit of playing with the latest Ping driver.

Another impressive feature of the G430 Max comes via its hosel sleeve, creating customized height with four degrees of adjustability.

When I compared the G430 Max to the Aerojet, the Ping driver’s first advantage over the Cobra model was the adjustable rear weight.

Although both drivers produce the distance and accuracy you’d expect from a first-rate elite driver, the G430 Max offers more workability when compared to the Aerojet.

An outstanding alternative to the Aerojet, the G430 Max offers power from the tee for mid handicappers with superb workability.

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Our Verdict

When writing this Cobra Aerojet driver review, we spent time on the range and the course examining everything from the shape of the club head to the feel and responsiveness.

For our final verdict of the Cobra Aerojet driver, we recommend this club to the mid handicapper looking for more distance from their game.

When we looked at how the Cobra Aerojet driver compared to the newest 2023 drivers, we were impressed with their aerodynamic crown, their fast swing speeds, and their ability to consistently place the ball in the fairway.

While all three Cobra clubs offer features worth noting, the standard model offers the best options for the widest range of golfers.

Delivering loft that makes it easy to get the ball into the air, the new Cobra Aerojet driver offers premium launch and spin to help create the shot shape you want off the tee box.

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