Cobra Aerojet Irons Review (Our Honest Feedback)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated April 27, 2024. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

Cobra’s impressive Aerojet series of golf clubs includes the game improvement irons, Aerojet, a dynamic set for mid handicappers delivering maximum distance and a forged-like feel.

Like other comparable iron sets like the TaylorMade Stealth and Callaway Paradym series, the Aeroset collection delivers more efficient speed with a lower center of gravity for easy launch.

The Aerojet irons also produce more distance than last year’s irons, the LTDx irons.

Offering a solid combination of speed and distance, Cobra offers more face flex along the hitting area to boost forgiveness without losing ball speed.

In our Cobra Aerojet irons review, we’ll take a deeper look at this set and how your game can benefit from adding this premium collection to your golf bag.

Cobra Aerojet Irons

Best Accuracy Irons for Mid Handicappers


  • Loft: 18.5°-41.5°
  • Shaft Length: 36”-39.25”
  • Lie Angle: 62°-65°
  • Swing Weight: D1, D1.5


  • Low spin with long irons for better accuracy
  • High ball speed via extended sweet spot
  • Boosted launch with tall arcing shot shape


  • Longer blade causes inconsistency for high handicappers

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Cobra Aerojet Iron Key Features

PWR-BRIDGE Weighting

Inside each Cobra Aerojet iron, the company has placed a PWR-BRIDGE 70-gram steel weight to stabilize the head and lower overall CG to create peak height.

The PWR-BRIDGE weight, replacing last year’s PWR-COR weighting, also helps dramatically increases ball speed while maintaining low spin on the mid irons with improved body flexion.

PWRSHELL Face Insert

Another reason why the Cobra Aerojet Irons feel so good is the inclusion of the PWRSHELL insert. The insert increases efficiency across the entire hitting area, helping golfers hit the ball with more power and precision.

With the Aerojet iron set, mid handicappers can craft shots even if the ball comes off the toe.

H.O.T Face Technology

Aided by Artificial Intelligence, the Cobra Aerojet irons feature highly optimized technology that increases forgiveness for golfers and produces higher launch with a steep landing angle to help them hold more greens on the course.

The H.O.T (Highly Optimized Topology) Face technology also offers Cobra’s thinnest face via the added chamfer to each side of the top line. The thinnest point comes at a minuscule 1.9mm along the sweet spot.

Our In-Depth Cobra Aerojet Irons Review


The Cobra Aerojet irons feature a traditional cavity-back body that presents an appearance that doesn’t disappoint. In the same breath, we also believe that the Cobra Aerojet iron does not offer anything spectacular or head-turning when sitting in your golf bag.

If we have a single chief complaint about the Cobra Aerojet irons, it comes down to the peculiar decision of adding blue striping to the color scheme.

We admit that this complaint is petty, but the combination of red, black, and gray against the chrome body would look outstanding on its own. We agreed the irons don’t need the additional blue striping.


We took hundreds of swings with the iron set during our evaluation before writing this Cobra Aerojet irons review. We’re happy to report that we were pleased with the sound of the Cobra collection.

Golfers won’t find the Aerojet set delivers that cracking sound off the face that some amateurs love to hear, but on balls that impact the sweet spot, the sound offered good feedback.

With help from the KBS Tour Lite shafts and the milled H.O.T Face, golfers will find that the Aerojet iron set sounds and feels incredibly stable at impact.


When evaluating the feel of this iron set for our Cobra Aerojet irons review, we strike shots at around 80% effort to help them better understand how the club felt throughout the swing.

In their evaluations, we kept hearing from them that the low CG and easy launch helped improve the overall responsiveness, allowing them to understand better what they needed to do with the club when it came time to swing at full speed.

Also, the Lamkin Crossline grips and the KBS Tour Lite Flex shafts helped improve the overall baseline feel. The hollow area of each iron head includes the Cobra polymer feel system helping dampen vibration to increase feel.

The hitting area on the Cobra irons also provides higher face deflection over previous Cobra iron sets, helping us increase their distance and improve the responsiveness for their iron game.


The Cobra Aerojet irons delivered an impressive performance, ideal for casual golfers looking for a set to upgrade.

Weekend warriors will benefit from the improved distance and high-grade forgiveness on off-center strikes that move out toward the toe with these irons.

When looking at the short irons in this set, the Cobra Aerojet iron produced high spin with a steep landing angle, helping our mid handicappers hold the green with more regularity.

While Cobra has received publicity recently for its relationship with Bryson DeChambeau and his fascination with Cobra’s one-length irons, the Cobra Aerojet iron offers a cleaner, more traditional set of golf irons to help mid and high handicappers produce straighter, higher shots with spin to burn.

Once we moved to play with the set onto the course for our Cobra Aerojet Irons review, we felt completely comfortable with how these irons responded in any situation.

Whether our ball was sitting in a bad lie, heavy rough, or even a fairway bunker, the Aerojet iron moved smoothly through the ball for clean contact with the spin we could control.

Alternatives to the Cobra Aerojet Irons

Callaway Paradym Irons

Best High Launch Irons for Mid Handicappers

Callaway Golf 2023 Paradym Iron Set (Left Hand, Graphite Shaft, Regular Flex, 4 Iron - PW)
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  • Loft: 20°-42°
  • Shaft Length: 35.75”-38.875”
  • Lie Angle: 61°-64°
  • Swing Weight: D1


  • Refined shape offers workability with low spin
  • Fast ball speed across the face
  • Outstanding feel from the forged face with a smooth sound


  • Tighter iron shape for Paradym is not ideal for beginning golfers

The Callaway Paradym iron set is a fantastic choice for mid handicappers who prioritize distance and accuracy.

Its unique design features a high-strength steel face that flexes more at impact, resulting in increased ball speed and distance. 

The tungsten weighting in the sole helps boost launch and increase forgiveness, making these irons a perfect option for players of all skill levels.

The look and feel of the irons are also top-notch, with a sleek black finish and a comfortable grip.

When we compared the Callaway set to the Cobra Aerojet collection, the Paradym set provided a slightly more forgiving design and a bit more distance.

However, the Cobra Aerojet irons excel in feel and precision, helping tighten shot dispersion. 

If you prefer irons that create first-rate shot shaping and control, you will love the Paradym set.

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Wilson Dynapower Irons

Best Value Irons for High Handicappers

Wilson Dynapower Men's Steel Golf Irons - Left Hand, Regular, 5-PW, GW
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  • Loft: 18°-42°
  • Shaft Length: 36”-39”
  • Lie Angle: 60°-64°
  • Swing Weight: D2


  • Low CG creates a high trajectory with a steep landing angle
  • High spin inside 150 yards holds shots on greens
  • Wider sole delivers exceptional turf interaction


  • Not best for experienced golfers that want workability

The Wilson Dynapower irons offer high handicappers a classic option with a forged carbon steel foundation that provides exceptional feedback and control.

The compact clubhead design of the Dynapower set gives you outstanding versatility in different lie situations, and the thin topline and sole provide a clean look at address.

On the course, we felt the Cobra Aerojet iron set offered more forgiveness and distance than the Wilson Dynapower irons. But if you enjoy irons with a classic look, we prefer the Wilson set between the two models.

After spending time with both, we can confidently say that the Aerojet irons provide better accuracy and more forgiveness overall between the two sets. 

The Dynapower irons are ideal for high handicappers and beginners that want a new set for a lower price. Providing solid overall performance, the Wilson irons are reliably consistent.

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Our Verdict

If you want to increase your iron game’s efficiency and production, the Cobra Aerojet irons offer an impressive upgrade over last year’s Cobra LTDx iron set.

During our testing, we were impressed with the aggressiveness of this set. Featuring strong lofts to boost height, the Aerojet iron offers multiple zones of power along the sweet spot, helping you go after the pin confidently.

For game improvement irons, the Aerojet set ranks highly on our grading scale, receiving 4.3 out of 5 stars.

We also have an in-depth review of the Cobra Aerojet Hybrid, Cobra Aerojet Driver, and Cobra Aerojet Fairway.