Cleveland Launcher XL Driver Review (Our Honest Feedback)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated September 25, 2023. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

The Cleveland Launcher XL offers amateurs more distance, better accuracy, and reduced side spin, all in a package with a reduced swing weight to help lift your MPHs.

In this Cleveland Launcher XL Driver review, we’ll look deeper at what makes the driver such an excellent option for golfers with mid-range handicaps.

Cleveland Launcher XL Driver Key Features

CG Launcher XL Drv 10.5 R RH

XL Head Design

The company gave the golf club an oversized head to help amateurs struggling with accuracy. The driver delivers forgiveness and plenty of power straight to the ball by providing a wide, forgiving hitting area.

Rebound Frame

With two flex zones along the face, the rebound frame increases forgiveness across the entire hitting zone.

The frame provides golfers with more accuracy alongside its staggering muscle. Even on strikes that leak toward the toe, the frame minimizes side spin, placing more drives into the fairway.

Action Mass CB

The company has gone to great lengths to create a counter-balanced shaft by placing 8 grams of weight in the grip, something you rarely see in drivers.

The weighting allows golfers to shallow their downswing easier to get on plane for the return to the golf ball.


  • Loft: 9 – 12°
  • Head Size: 460cc
  • Lie Angle: 56.5 – 60°
  • Standard Build Length: 45.75″
  • Standard Build SW: D3


  • Longest driver Cleveland has ever produced
  • High energy transfer to the ball for maximum power
  • Boosted launch angle for extended carry and more distance


  • Can produce high spin if teeing ball too high

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Our In-Depth Cleveland Launcher XL Driver Review

Cleveland Launcher XL Driver Key Features


Cleveland Golf has never placed much of an emphasis on creating visually stunning golf clubs. Instead, they worry about making clubs that deliver premium performance. The tradition holds with the Launcher XL.

Featuring a black and light blue color scheme, there’s nothing wrong with the appearance of this golf club, but when compared to any new tee boxwood of similar price, say the TaylorMade Stealth or Callaway Rogue ST Max, the Launcher XL sadly fails to reach their heights.

One of the biggest issues we had with the appearance was the unnecessary flourishes painted on the HiBore crown. Instead of a clean crown with a center indicator, the company has included extra flourishes along the rear that frankly distracts at address.


Our hesitations with the appearance aside, the performance of these drivers delivers premium sound at impact. Solidly built, the #1 wood offers a wide sweet spot on the large head, and any ball that impacts that area provides a pleasing, pure sound.

Even on off-center strikes, their latest driver provides recreational golfers a smooth sound off the face.

One of the biggest reasons the Launcher XL driver head does so well at minimizing sound is the two flex zones along the club’s frame. The frame’s design also assists in creating a super forgiving hitting area to help your golf ball find more fairways.

During our time with this dynamic golf club, we were pleasantly surprised with how much we liked the sound of the Launcher XL.


Behind the impressive design and construction of the oversized club head, the Launcher XL provides an exceptional feel and responsiveness at impact. Throughout the swing, the driver delivers smooth power to the golf ball despite its large footprint concerning the club head size.

Each flex zone across the face works to reduce side spin and, in turn, vibration remains low with damping capabilities that aid in boosting feel.

Especially considering the head size, our testers were surprised by the responsiveness of the Cleveland Launcher XL driver.

Easily one of the best drivers for delivering feel to your hands for immediate feedback, the club certainly makes golf fun for the casual golfer wanting greater enjoyment on the links.


When it comes to performance, the new driver produces high launching drives, perfect for high and mid handicappers looking for higher swing speed that translates into higher ball speed and far greater distance.

Compared to their last #1 wood, the HB Turbo, the Cleveland Launcher XL driver offers a higher MOI. This boost allows the face to remain square longer in the impact zone for tighter shot dispersion that finds more fairways when playing golf.

If you are interested in even more control, the company offers an Accuracy Build option with a shaft that measures one inch less in length. During our testing with this alternate edition, we noticed less distance but improved accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Cleveland Launcher XL driver good?

Yes, these drivers are excellent for golfers of all skill levels.

As we outlaid in our Launcher XL Driver review, the club delivers outstanding performance in the areas of distance and accuracy. With the oversized design, golfers with mid handicaps and above will see improvement in their tee box game with this golf club.

Do any pros use Cleveland drivers?

Yes, some heavy hitters on the PGA Tour use the company’s drivers, including Brooks Koepka, Hideki Matsuyama, Shane Lowry, and the legend from South Africa, Ernie Els.

Roughly 20 PGA Tour professionals play Cleveland’s premium golf clubs, with another 13 using them on the European Tour.

Is the Cleveland Launcher driver adjustable?

Yes, the club offers an adjustable hosel that can raise or lower the loft of the face in 0.5 degree increments. There are three loft settings available for purchase, starting at 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees, and 12 degrees.

Our Verdict

For high handicappers and beginning golfers, the Cleveland Launcher XL offers a premium option to enter the world of top-tier drivers.

But, even if you are a mid handicapper looking for a mid-tier elite #1 wood, you can rest assured that the new Launcher provides more forgiveness, low spin, and high launch when you set foot on that first tee.

During our time with the driver, we were blown away by its effortless power, impressive distance, and forgiving nature. We highly recommend the Launcher XL driver.

You might also want to consider the Launcher XL Lite Draw Driver. Check this video for an overview:

YouTube video