Tour Edge Exotics E722 Driver Review (Our Honest Feedback)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated May 1, 2024. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

With a clean, muscular build, the Tour Edge Exotics e722 offers amateurs an exciting driver that lifts ball speeds, boosts forgiveness, and dramatically improves shot dispersion.

In our Tour Edge Exotics e722 driver review, we’ll break down why this golf club is our choice for the best driver for high handicappers looking for more distance.

Tour Edge E722 Driver Key Features

Tour Edge Exotics E722 Driver diamond face

Ridgeback Technology

Tour Edge’s spine, powered by the Ridgeback Tech, stabilizes the entire carbon fiber crown. Along with the internal sound enhancing ribs, the Ridgeback Tech works to create more power for the golf ball for more distance.

Diamond Face VFT Technology

With seven different thicknesses across the hitting area, the VFT utilizes mini trampolines placed in an interweaving pattern across the face to increase flexibility, generating more ball speed, reducing vibration, and boosting forgiveness.

Tour Edge’s patented face contouring also minimizes side spin for straighter drives without losing power.

30-Gram Back Weight

Located along the extreme trailing edge of the sole, the 30-gram weight stabilizes the entire face for high MOI. They stabilize the face by reducing twisting and assist in creating a tighter shot dispersion.

The weight also deepens the CG location to a lower area to help amateurs generate a higher launch angle and extended carry.


  • Adjustable hosel raises or lowers loft by two degrees
  • Forgiving driver on strikes from the toe section
  • Oversized head delivers power to golf ball


  • Heavier feel with 30-gram rear weight

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Our In-Depth Tour Edge Exotics E722 Driver Review


Could the Tour Edge e722 driver look better? Yes, it could. But when it comes to what we’ve gotten in the past from Tour Edge, the e722 definitely represents an improvement on past models from the company.

We loved the look of the carbon fiber crown at the address. The company’s designers have given the crown a contrasting t-shape that offers a clear and helpful designated center area for lining up the drive.

With the e722, the company is moving its e-series of #1 woods into a more modern style, something we noted with approval during their time with these Tour Edge drivers.


The Exotics e722 driver delivers clean sound that pleased us on the range and the tee box.

Even for our hardest swingers, the e722 performed beautifully when it came to sound. The driver didn’t pop or crunch in that annoying way that lesser drivers can sometimes show on the tee box.

Instead, the e722 offers a crisp sound that lets you know immediately if you’ve struck the drive on the center of the face.


We really enjoyed the feel and immediate feedback provided by the e722.

For a golf club priced at around $400, you certainly would expect premium responsiveness and we’re happy to report the e722 certainly delivered on the golf course.

The sole plate rail connects the face to the club’s rear, stabilizing the entire head for a better feel and responsiveness.

The rail holds the heavier weight in place to increase MOI, helping golfers swing harder without worrying about being penalized with side spin.

The company offers a Fujikura Air Speeder shaft upgrade that can also increase feel, especially in junior and senior golfers. With four total shafts to choose from, the Tour Edge e722 driver offers more variability helping you find the right shaft.

Choosing the shaft that best fits your game gives you better control over the club’s feel.


On the tee box, we loved the look of the club at address, and we’re very pleased with how it performed in all aspects of the swing.

Not only did these drivers offer power but the shot dispersion stayed compact, providing reliability and dependable consistency that instills confidence, especially in high handicappers.

When we compared the e722 to other drivers from the company, we were quite impressed by the higher MOI offered by this Tour Edge model.

Even if you make a bad swing, the MOI works incredibly hard to keep the face square through the impact zone to minimize side spin and help your drivers find the fairway.

Overall, the Tour Edge e722 driver provided more forgiveness than we expected, an excellent thing for high handicappers looking to reach more fairways during their round.

Tour Edge E722 Driver vs. Ping G425 Max Driver

Ping G425 Max Driver

When comparing the G425 Max to the e722, the first difference you’ll notice is how the Ping driver feels in your hands.

Immediately, you can feel the craftsmanship of the G425. With terrific balance, the G425 Max creates impressive, effortless power.

Along the back of the head, the G425 Max offers adjustable weighting for immediate swing bias. If you are fighting a slice, the club can easily switch to a draw bias to help you reach the fairway more regularly.

Another stark difference between the two clubs comes with the crown of each club. The Ping G425 Max has a flared crown that looks intimidating, almost as if it was built for creating long drives.

Easily the best all-around driver on the market for high handicappers, the Ping G425 Max offers premium ball control with power to burn.

Our Verdict

While Tour Edge might not have the full attention of the golfing world, they’ve built a stellar reputation for producing solidly well-built golf clubs that won’t kill your wallet.

The e722 Driver from the Tour Edge Exotics line is another welcome addition to the company’s stable, producing high ball speed, maximum forgiveness on off-center hits, and a patented Carbon Wrap Tech that generates staggering swing speed.

With an inviting sweet spot, high handicappers or even a senior golfer can find a higher launch across the entire face.

Made for golfers with any swing speed, the Tour Edge Exotics e722 driver is well worth a look, and you should definitely check it out.