Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs (Our Honest Review)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated August 10, 2023. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

Although the set might not be spectacular, even among Wilson’s other complete sets, the clubs certainly provide high handicappers and beginners the opportunity to start their golfing careers with an unmistakably competent group of clubs.

Another equipment collection that comes complete from the box, the Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs Set comes with a lightweight bag that makes walking the course enjoyable and without hassle. If you are in the market for a mid-range starter set that is thorough, then this set should make your short list.

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Wilson Ultra Golf Club Set Review

The Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs Set is a solid collection that won’t hurt the pocketbook of the high handicapper. Featuring three woods, four irons, one wedge and putter, stand bag and three cushioned head covers, the Wilson Ultra Set is a dependable group of clubs that provide a solid foundation for any beginning golfer.

Wilson Ultra Golf Club Set

Dependable Starter Set for Budget Conscious High Handicapper

WILSON Golf Men's Ultra Complete Package Set, Right Hand
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  • Exceptional stand bag that is comfortable to carry and lightweight for easy pickup and walking
  • The 3-wood and 5-hybrid in the set have a low profile, providing the beginner with two woods that offer a lot of loft to aid launch angle and lift from either the tee box or fairway
  • Large 460cc driver is great for the more experienced golfer with terrific distance


  • The included blade-style putter has that cheap look and so-so performance you’d expect from a budget putter
  • No sand wedge makes this complete set, a bit less, complete for the beginner who needs help around the greens

Wilson Ultra Golf Club Set
2,199 Reviews
Wilson Ultra Golf Club Set

Best set for beginners, at an amazing price.

  • Large 460cc driver, terrific for distance shots
  • Low profile 3-wood and 5-hybrid that provide a lot of loft to aid launch angle
  • Exceptional stand bag for this pricepoint

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New Version: Wilson Ultra Plus Golf Clubs Set
2,199 Reviews
New Version: Wilson Ultra Plus Golf Clubs Set

Great Complete Set for Mid Handicappers.

  • Excellent collection of woods and hybrid
  • Cavity-backed irons provide forgiving sweet spot
  • Blade-style putter has soft insert on face for better roll and distance control

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Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs Specifications

Two Low Profile Secondary Woods

For beginning golfers, having two higher lofted woods that help propel the ball into the air and down the fairway is vital for seeing dividends on the hard work you are putting into your game. The 3-wood and 5-hybrid in the Wilson Ultra set are low to the ground, allowing more energy to find the golf ball at impact.

Cavity-Backed Irons

There are five cavity-backed irons in this set if you count the pitching wedge and each is style for game-improvement play with perimeter-weighting that helps keep the ball flying straight with maximum forgiveness.

Lightweight Stand Bag with Three Cushioned Head Covers

The extra features of the Wilson Ultra set are highlighted by the lightweight stand bag with the cushioned top that protects the hosels and shafts of your clubs as you walk or ride the course. The set also comes with three cushioned head covers that keep all three woods free from nicks and scratches that can alter the performance of the wood for the worse if you are not careful.

Features & Benefits

Titanium 460cc Driver

The 460cc titanium driver in the Wilson Ultra Set is lofted at 10.5 degrees. With a sleek black finish that provides a nice contrast to the golf ball, this driver will help beginning golfers once they gain a moderate level of experience and success on the golf course.

Until then, beginning golfers will be better served by using the two other woods in this set on the tee box. But even with this qualification, it is important to understand and evaluate the quality of any driver that comes in a complete club set. With the Wilson Ultra driver, you can expect a high performing #1 wood with a large sweet spot for maximum forgiveness that also provides exceptional distance.

While most novice golfers would be better served with a 12-degree driver, the Wilson Ultra driver, even sitting at 10.5 degrees, is a well-made club that will benefit learning golfers once they are ready to take the plunge off the tee box.

Low Profile 15-Degree 3-Wood

The low-profile 3-wood that comes in the Wilson ultra set is a terrific club to use right out of the box for all your driving needs. Then, as you gain more experience in more competency on the course, this fairway wood is a wonderful addition to your bag to help you conquer those longer par 5s.

Made from titanium with a graphite shaft, the three would is lofted at 15 degrees and has a wide sole that allows it to stay low to the ground and underneath the golf ball for exceptional lift and incredibly long distance. With the black finish that contrasts well with the golf ball, this fairway wood will certainly be an asset in the early stages of growing your game.

As with all of the woods in the Wilson Ultra Set, the 3-wood comes with a cushion had cover that will prevent nicks and scratches to keep your club clean and performing at a high level over the life of the wood.

25-Degree 5-Hybrid

The final wood in the Wilson Ultra Set is 5-hybrid lofted at 25 degrees. This hybrid is slightly different than your typical hybrid club because it is shaped more like a fairway wood with a large flat sole and wider body.

More advanced hybrids have a boxier shape that stand taller with a larger sweet spot. In the case of this 5-hybrid, you’ll find that it plays more like a smaller fairway wood than your typical hybrid.

Great off the tee box when you need an accurate shot through a narrow window to the fairway, this hybrid will provide solid shot height and longer distance. Many beginning golfers will find it easier to start with this hybrid often tee box before graduating to the three wood and then the driver.

Super-Game Improvement Irons

There are four irons in this set, beginning with the 6-iron and running through the 9-iron. All four of these irons are cavity-backed and made to assist with improving your distance while minimizing your mistakes.

The irons in the Wilson Ultra Set are perimeter-weighted, providing balance throughout the impact zone and assisting with forgiveness on off-center strikes. Each iron comes with a stainless steel shaft and wide sole that helps cut through soil for better accuracy and contact with the club face.

During our testing, we felt that while we wished these irons were lighter, the heavier feel did assist in helping our beginning testers to keep the club low on the takeaway and downswing. Well-made when comparing them to other irons you’d find in a complete set, these clubs will certainly help from inside 150 yards when learning how to swing and contact the ball with an iron.

Perimeter-Weighted Irons for Maximum Forgiveness

One of the better features of the irons is the design and how they are shaped to help the beginning golfer stay accurate even on their poorest of swings. These irons included in the Wilson Ultra Golf Set, been crafted to put more mass around the lower half of the club, enabling more energy to be focused to the lower hemisphere of the golf ball for higher shots and forgiveness that will instill confidence in your expected ball flight.

These irons are classified as super game-improvement clubs. This distinction means that they are built for beginners and high handicappers who need the most help from their equipment. These clubs are not built to help golfers hit sophisticated shots such as high fades or low draws, but rather to hit the ball as accurately as possible with the maximum amount of distance.

The four irons you will find in this set are not only dependable and durable, especially for the novice golfer, but perform well from inside distances around 125 – 150 yards.

Well-Made Pitching Wedge

Although we wish that this complete club set had more wedges, the pitching wedge you’ll find in the Wilson Ultra Golf Set is crafted with the intention of helping beginning golfers get their ball out of trouble and on to the putting surface. just like the other irons in the set, the pitching wedge is perimeter-weighted to assist with forgiveness of off-center hits and to allow golfers to use this wedge in a variety of situations, whether it be in the sand or the deep rough.

Also in a similar design to the other irons, this pitching wedge has a large sweet spot that provides exceptional spin onto the golf ball for stopping power on the greens. As we mentioned before, you’ll undoubtedly want to add a wedge or two to to your bag as you continue to grow as a golfer, but until then, this pitching wedge that you’ll find in the Wilson Ultra Golf Set will certainly help you understand the importance of a good wedge.

Compact Blade-Style Putter

Another solid feature of the club set is the compact putter included in this collection. Although it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, this putter, with a soft insert on its face, does an admirable job of providing a true role onto the golf ball.

For golfers who prefer a mallet-style putter, the one in this set is something of a hybrid with mallet-like characteristics, but with the feel and look of a blade.

Once you get the putter out onto the practice green, you may find yourself forgetting your desire to have a mallet putter in your bag because this flat stick is a high performer that is fun to use from anywhere on the putting surface.

Two Head Covers for Woods

Also included in the set is two head covers that will assist in protecting and cushioning any of the three woods that you choose to keep free of damage commonly found during travels to and from the golf course. You’ll want to use these head covers because any damage, even if it’s peripheral, can affect the drag on these club heads.

By making sure that you use the head covers while on the course and then, away from the club, you’ll find that you keep your clubs in immaculate shape and away from harm. Both head covers are cushioned to absorb any impact from other surfaces or any other clubs that may come into contact with your bag.

Lightweight Ergonomic Bag

The lightweight stand bag that comes with this set is made from a durable fabric that won’t easily tear and should last for several years to help you graduate to a more advanced set of clubs without adding costs down the road.

One of the biggest assets that a stand bag can have is a comfortable strap that makes it easy to carry and won’t burden your back over the course of 18 holes. Not all complete sets come with a bag that has a strap like the one on the Wilson Ultra Set. Made with an ergonomic design, this strap will keep you feeling fresh throughout your round so that you can attack the course.

Ideal Set for Beginning Golfer

The Wilson Ultra Golf Set is a wonderful option for beginning golfers and high handicappers due to the versatility of the clubs chosen and for the complementary accessories that will provide comfort and assure that your clubs will stay protected.

One of the biggest mistakes that novice golfers make when purchasing their first set of clubs is finding a collection that is for more experienced golfers that are talented enough to utilize them in ways that beginners never could achieve.

A huge reason why this set is ideal for the beginning golfer is because every club has been crafted to assist the weekend warrior in boosting their game in the areas of accuracy, distance, and shot height. By tailoring equipment to allow the beginner to cut corners, Wilson has created a complete golf club set that offers a great deal of help to the struggling first-timer.

Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs Alternatives

Wilson Ultra Plus Golf Clubs Set

Great Complete Set for Mid Handicappers

WILSON Golf Ultra Plus Package Set, Men's Right Handed, Regular Carry
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  • Excellent collection of woods and hybrid for more distance and outstanding launch angle
  • Cavity-backed irons provide forgiving sweet spot with moderate flight arc after impact
  • Blade-style putter has soft insert on face for better roll and distance control


  • Missing a much needed sand wedge to help with short game approach

The Wilson Ultra Plus Golf Clubs Set is a terrific starter set for the golfer just reaching mid handicapper status. Although the set needs a few additions before it’s ready for primetime, you shouldn’t overlook this set if you are looking for an affordable starter collection to work as the foundation for your improving golf game.

The set begins with a 460cc driver, lofted at 10.5 degrees, that has a rear stationary weight that keeps the sole low to the ground throughout the swing. The design and look of the Ultra Plus driver offers mid handicappers a sharp and confident club to use off the tee box.

A 3-wood and 5-hybrid complement the driver exceptionally well. Both offer outstanding forgiveness with the same build and profile. The hybrid is a little boxier than we prefer in a starter set like this, but it delivers solid feel and response at impact. Shots from the fairway on longer par 4s and 5s are handled with ease when using the 5-hybrid.

The cavity-backed, perimeter-weighted irons are just the right type of club for mid handicappers. These irons improve launch, carry, and distance for the golfer struggling with clean, consistent contact. The irons feature steel shafts, so they play a tad heavier than the graphite-shafted woods. We were impressed with how shots with the low irons came out high and soft for an easy, high spin landing on the green.

Rounding out the set is a blade-style putter with a soft insert for smooth roll without skidding. Also included is a lightweight stand bag that includes several pockets for storage and padded top to keep your clubs from wearing at the shaft and hosel connection.

One of the best entry-level complete golf club sets for mid handicappers, the Wilson Ultra Plus Golf Clubs Set provides incredible value with top-flight performance.

Precise M3 Complete Golf Club Set

Complete Set Provides High Value for High Handicappers and Beginners

Precise M3 Men's Complete Golf Clubs Package Set Includes Driver, Fairway, Hybrid, 6-PW, Putter, Stand Bag, 3 H/C's - Right Handed - Regular or Tall Size (Blue - Petite Size -1', Right Handed)
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  • Well-made trio of woods and hybrids offer solid feel and inspired response
  • Tall cavity-backed irons create crisp contact while providing moderate forgiveness
  • Large mallet putter provides a wide face for smooth stroke that keeps your putt along target line


  • Not as high-quality as Wilson and Callaway complete sets, but solid for beginning golfers

There are three woods in the Precise M3 set. The 10.5-degree driver has a lower center of gravity for a higher launch that provides maximum carry and distance. The fairway wood offers the same width as the driver but with a lower profile. The low height allows the golfer to get underneath the golf ball for better launch when hitting from the fairway.

The hybrid in this set isn’t boxy, but instead gives the golfer a rounded look that moves well when interacting with the turf.

The M3 set comes with five irons starting at a 6-iron that runs through the pitching wedge. The cavity-backed irons offer a heavier sole that keeps the clubs grounded through the impact zone.

You will definitely need to add a sand wedge down the road, but this is a solid foundation to take to the course.

If you are expecting the quality of a Wilson or Callaway complete set with this Precise collection, you’ll be disappointed. But that doesn’t mean the set doesn’t offer terrific value if you are a high handicapper or a beginning golfer. The Precise complete set provides a wide range of useful clubs with solid construction.

A well-made stand bag with several zippered pockets and three extended headcovers round out the accessories of the M3 set.

Wilson Staff Deep Red Tour Golf Set

Excellent Complete Set for Beginning Golfer

Wilson Teen Deep Red Tour Complete Golf Package Set - Right Handed
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  • The addition of a sand wedge is a welcome sight for this complete set that offers plenty of upscale performance
  • All three woods in the set are aided by graphite shafts that allows this trio of clubs lightweight to perform with impressive swing speed
  • Compact putter delivers exceptional forward roll with soft polymer face insert that assists with feel


  • Much higher price than common complete set, although the money is well spent here with this comprehensive collection of clubs
  • Putter is a stubbier version of a blade putter and could turn away some golfers who like a wider mallet-style putter

If you have a little wiggle room in your budget, then take a look at the Wilson Staff Complete Deep Red Tour Golf Set. Easily the best full set that Wilson offers its customers, the Deep Red line is one of their most popular models due to its exceptional design and solid construction.

The set begins with three woods, including a driver, 3-wood, and 5-hybrid, all outfitted with graphite shafts for exceptional swing speed that provide maximum distance. All woods have a long sweet spot that offers plenty of forgiveness on off-center strikes.

The irons are cavity-backed, placing them in the game-improvement category. Irons with this design tend to be blunt instruments that provide just one thing; distance. But these irons are slightly more sophisticated and offer the beginning golfer the opportunity to raise launch angle and ball height from the fairway.

Rounding out the set is a pitching and sand wedge that help around the green and can assist you in getting your golf ball out of the rough. A smaller blade-style putter may be a red flag for some golfers who prefer mallets, but we happened to enjoy putting with this flat stick around the practice green.

If you are looking for a “luxury” complete set and you’d like a bit more sparkle to your set, then the Wilson Staff Complete Deep Red Tour Golf Set should be at the top of your list.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Complete Set

The Needs of a Beginning Golfer

One of the biggest questions that golfers must answer before they begin playing the game of golf is; what clubs will help them succeed the quickest? Yes, money and other factors certainly play a part in the final choice, but for most golfers, discovering the best set to help shorten their learning curve is incredibly important.

A complete set must meet certain criteria before the golfer can be assured that the collection of clubs will do the job. Beginning golfers won’t be the same golfer after they get lessons, course experience and practice under their belt, so a golf club set needs to grow with their game.


For sets that are complete from the box, finding a charismatic set of woods can be challenging and, ultimately, detrimental to your game if they are made for more experienced golfers. All will be of differing sizes, shapes and degrees of loft on the club face.

Drivers will typically register 460cc of volume and offer a loft of 10.5 degrees. Coming from a complete set, these drivers won’t have adjustable features and will fill a one-size-fits-all model. The fairway wood included in the set will be a better option for high handicappers because it will be a tad bit smaller in size and provide more loft for higher shots to maximize distance.

The last of the three woods will be a hybrid that takes the place of a mid-numbered iron. Expect the hybrid to have similar loft of the iron it replaces but be wider and with a larger club face than a comparable iron.


When evaluating the irons that come in the complete set, it is best to first take inventory of the number of irons and where they start in numerical order. For example, most starter sets that come straight from the box usually begin with a 6-iron. More comprehensive sets will include a 5-iron, but these sets usually contain four irons beginning with a 6-iron and ending with a 9-iron.

These irons are, most often, game-improvement irons that are cavity-backed with perimeter weighting that allow the golfer more forgiveness on their shots. Game-improvement irons are made to increase distance and don’t have much pliability to shape shots making them exclusive to beginners and high handicappers.


Wedges can be a point of discussion and complication for golfers looking to purchase a complete starter set. These specific clubs can provide the most help for beginning golfers due to their weight, tall club face, wide sole and loft. All of these characteristics allow beginning golfers to lift the golf ball into the air without much need of golfing fundamentals.

While most sets will only include a pitching wedge, finding a set that offers a sand or lob wedge, does help the golfer as they grow into their collection of clubs. Some golfers don’t like complete sets because they never are “complete” since you have to add wedges and perhaps, another wood.


Another excellent and convenient feature of the complete box set is that it comes with additional features such as bags, rain hoods and cushioned head covers. These extras help golfers reduce their additional costs while protecting their new set.

When looking at the included stand bag that comes from most complete sets, it is best to start your evaluation with the number of pockets on the bag. Having more pockets allows for more storage that can help carry other necessities on the course that you may need. Items such as rain gear or extra towels, balls and tees, all need compartments to stay on the ready if you need them during your round.

Questions & Answers

What level of golfer benefits from a complete golf set?

Golf equipment designers and their companies have decided to market complete sets to the beginning or junior golfer that is just picking up the game. Tailored to assist in elevating shot height and maximizing distance, the clubs in complete sets are not build with a great deal of sophistication, but deliver enough performance to help the novice start their golfing journey on the right foot.

What’s great about complete sets for junior golfers is that they are able to immediately see how many clubs are needed to finish a round of golf. From an assortment of woods, irons, wedges, and a putter, the complete set is wonderful for getting any golfer, of any skill level, from tee box to the green without a problem.

What is the Wilson Ultra Golf Set missing that could help a beginner?

If we have a chief complaint about complete sets it is that they don’t include enough short game clubs. This issue is primarily focused on the additional need for more wedges because of how they help the beginner get ball in the air without much effort.

One of the hardest things about purchasing a starter set is that none of these sets will ever reach what would be considered a “full” set by a more experienced golfer – we saw it very well in our review of the GX-7 golf club. For high handicappers, looking to add other clubs, it is wise to look in the area of extra wedges and a new putter, if possible, to augment your starter set.

One of the biggest reasons for purchasing a new wedge is that they greatly improve your game anywhere around the green and once you start your golfing journey, wedges are great for use on the practice range while you learn the game.

The reason you should also buy a new putter is simply a quality issue, because the putters you’ll find in complete sets typically are underwhelming and poorly made.

How durable is the golf bag in the Wilson Ultra Set?

Another area that can be overlooked when purchasing a complete set is the bag is included with the collection. Most of these bags are called stand bags because they have two composite rods that stick out from the side that will allow the golfer to prop up their clubs for easy removal.

One of the biggest focuses of concern for stand bags is the durability of the fabric that the bag is made from. In some starter sets, the bag can be cheaply constructed from poor fabric that will tear easily and not last long.

The golf bag in the Wilson’s Ultra Golf Set is made from a lightweight material that makes the bag easy to carry and is a nice companion for a 18-hole round should you choose to walk. The material on the bag appears to be well-made and should last for several years in our estimation.

How can the woods help a high handicapper?

The woods in the Wilson Ultra Golf Set all share the same profile of a wide sole, large club faces, and moderately-sized sweet spots. During our testing, we found all three woods to be easy to hit and provide exceptional distance.

Starting with the driver, the 460cc club head lofted at 10.5 degrees certainly helps get the ball down the fairway with muscle and consistency. If there is an issue with this driver for beginning golfers, it is that a novice golfer relative inexperience will make this club harder to hit during the early days of playing, but the golfer will certainly enjoy this driver as they grow into their game.

The other two woods are far more suited for a high handicapper’s game. The reason these two clubs perform better for beginning golfers is because both of them have higher lofts that will enable them to hit the ball higher and farther, two necessities when attempting to achieve maximum distance.

Will I need to buy more clubs in the future to complement the Wilson Ultra Set?

As you mature and grow in your golf game you will find the need to update and improve your starter set. This is true of any straight-from-the-box complete club set, including the Wilson Ultra Set.

Beginning golfers who become more experienced and want more from their game, will desire the need to add four, or potentially five, new clubs to this set. The most common club added to a complete set begins with additional wedges. Most golfers will want to add sand and lob wedge to their arsenal.

Other clubs that could be added to the Wilson set include a mid range hybrid, roughly equating to a 4-iron, and the addition of a new putter. The reason an experienced golfer will want to add a mid range hybrid is for more distance on longer par fours and par fives.

A new putter will be necessary once the golfer begins to see that voters coming from complete sets tend to be of poor design and is potentially costing them strokes.

Final Thoughts

The beginning golfer can undoubtedly improve their game and shorten their learning time with the purchase of a dependable and high-performing starter set. The Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs Set might not make your eyes sparkle at first look, but the set does offer an enjoyable selection of clubs that will help you shave strokes on the course

Highlighted by a couple of sleek, low-profile woods and a lightweight bag, the Wilson Ultra set is durable and incredibly affordable for the beginning golfer looking to ease their way financially into the game.

Great for the first-time player, the set will clearly define your game for the better, providing a solid alternative to higher priced starter sets. Click here if you are interested in purchasing an admirable starter set to help you make improvements to your game.