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The GX-7 Golf Club is a handy tool for your game that works well anywhere on the course, whether it be off the tee box or from the fairway.

Measuring 43 inches in length, the GX-7 comes at a 14-degree loft, making it ideal for golfers who need accuracy when facing a tight window to reach the fairway or when you need that perfect club to reach that elusive par 5 in two shots.

The club is remarkably accurate whether you are hitting the ball off the tee or from the light rough just off the fairway. In either scenario, the GX-7 provides natural lift and terrific distance.

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Best for Golfers Needing A Dependable Utility Wood With Great Distance and Accuracy: GX-7 Golf Club
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Best for Golfers Needing A Dependable Utility Wood With Great Distance and Accuracy: GX-7 Golf Club
The GX-7 is excellent for the golfer looking for a utility wood that can be played anywhere.
  • Incredibly well-built fairway wood that works well off the tee when accuracy is a must
  • Shorter shaft for increased swing speed and better contact at impact
  • Low center of gravity for exceptional lifts off the graff

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GX-7 Golf Club

For Golfers Needing A Dependable Utility Wood With Distance and Accuracy

14° GX-7 “X-Metal” – Driver Distance, Fairway Wood Accuracy – Mens & Womens Models – Includes Head Cover – Long, Accurate Tee Shots – Legal for Tournament Play
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Overall grade94%


  • Incredibly well-built fairway wood that works well off the tee when accuracy is a must
  • Shorter shaft provides increased swing speed and better contact at impact
  • 14-degree loft on clubface makes GX-7 versatile from tee or fairway
  • Lower center of gravity provides exceptional lift from off the grass


  • Fixed hosel with no adjustable settings, the club needs to meet your fit before purchasing
  • Can feel a little hollow at impact when the ball does not find the sweet spot

The GX-7 is excellent for the golfer looking for a utility wood that can be played anywhere and even help off the greens when the shot calls for a brush through denser grass. If you are looking for a club that can shave strokes by keeping the ball out of the rough and away from hazards, then the GX-7 will check a lot of boxes and provide an engaging experience throughout your round.

Technical Specifications

43-inch Shaft

One of the more exciting specs on the GX-7 is the reduction of the shaft to 43 inches in length. There has been a movement in recent years to reduce the length of shafts in woods so that the golfer can increase clubhead speed and help their accuracy by allowing them to shorten their swing. The GX-7 is an adopter of this philosophy and uses the shorter shaft to its advantage, especially for mid-to-high handicappers who need help with their distance

267cc Clubhead

The GX-7 is close to half the size of your typical large headed driver, clocking in at around 267cc in volume. The smaller head gives the GX-7 a lower profile that is used to boost shot height as the manufacturer has moved the center of gravity further back in the club.

14-Degree Loft

The GX-7 is lofted at 14-degrees, making it an accessible club for beginners to use off the tee box because it can help lift the ball in the air for increased distance. The club’s lower profile and broader base does increase the sweet spot making it a solid choice for golfers looking to diminish a slice.

Things to consider before buying a fairway wood


Crafted to help double-digit handicappers achieve better play from the tee and fairway, the GX-7 is specially designed to help golfers with sub-100 MPH swings increase their clubhead speed, which in turn, boosts the distance of their shots.

By setting the loft at 14-degrees, the club gives the golfer an advantage by putting the clubface in that sweet spot of just enough loft to aid in launch angle equaling increased distance.

The club does come with four different shaft options, all selected for their ability to shape the launch angle, spin rate and ball speed for the mid-handicapper.


Now, while the GX-7 is not considered a driver, the club does exceptionally well off the tee box due to the construction of the club, the low profile of the club head, and the loft of the club clocking in a 14-degrees. With a lower center of gravity, the GX-7 Fairway lifts the ball higher with less spin for straighter shots with more forgiveness.

For the senior golfer in your playing party, the GX-7 is made for the player who is experiencing diminished swing speed and is looking to curb the ill-effects of getting slower with the club. The GX-7, buoyed by the 267cc clubhead, is stable at impact.


The GX-7 has a low profile that is wider than most fairway woods at this price point. The width is intentional, as the company wants golfers to have a larger face and sweet spot to engage with the golf ball. By promoting less spin on the golf ball, the GX-7 flies straighter than more advanced clubs built for low-handicappers that value shot shape over dependability.

Fairway woods work best when the golfer has confidence that they can lift the ball off the grass without an issue and know that the club can deliver high-quality contact with results they can count on with each successive swing. The GX-7 promotes confidence on the range or course and from either the tee or fairway.


No matter the handicap of the golfer, all players want clubs that deliver immediate feedback to let us know that the shot we just hit is perfect. When you read or see other golfers talk about the “feel” of a club, this response is what they are referring to in conversation.

The GX-7 does not have that hollow and thin feeling that some clubs can transmit to the golfer after a weak swing. Instead, with the wide profile, the GX-7 provides a smooth feeling with each strike, that you witness on each shot.


For golfers that need more distance from their fairway shots and a utility wood that can help navigate narrow fairways off the tee, the GX-7 is primed to be that club in your bag. The company touts the GX-7 X-Metal as a longer, straighter, and more versatile club, and with a few complaints aside, the club meets the company’s promise.

What we love about the GX-7 X-Metal is how stable it is when you take it back on the backswing and then make your downswing through the golf ball. The club never feels shaky at impact as it provides a quality and dependable tool to your game that performs admirably.

Features & Benefits

Key Feature #1: Length of an Iron

One of the biggest benefits with the GX-7 X-Metal is that the shaft is shorter than most fairway woods. The company has intended this fairway wood to be used similarly to an iron, because high-handicappers and beginning golfers tend to struggle with the different swing needs between irons and woods. So, instead of repeating this fallacy, the company said, what if we made a wood that can be swung like an iron?

As a result, the golfer gets a shorter club that assists in boosting swing speed and gives the golfer a better chance at getting the club back to square in that fraction of a second when the clubface meets the golf ball.

Measuring at 43 inches, the X-Metal comes with four different shaft options, allowing everyone the opportunity to play with this club from high-speed swingers to senior golfers.

Key Feature #2: Increased Swing Speed

For beginning golfers, one of the biggest issues they face is increasing their swing speed while staying in control of the golf club. If the hole is 400 yards and the golfer’s average drive is around 200 yards, then the golfer can expect a lot of long second shots and even fewer chances at scoring par. Increasing distance off the tee box is directly correlated to lower scores because shorter second shots have a greater chance of being closer to the hole, especially when contrasted with the scenario listed above.

The X-Metal increases clubhead speed because of several specific characteristics, including shaft length, loft angle of the clubface, and a lower center of gravity. When you take all three of these characteristics into account, the X-Metal becomes a weapon that high-handicappers can take advantage of to increase their distance anytime they put the club to use.

Key Feature #3: Lofted Like a Driver

A typical driver is lofted anywhere from 8-to 12-degrees. While you might see Tiger Woods use an 8.5-degree driver, that doesn’t mean what’s right for Tiger is suitable for the average golfer. Every golfer has a different swing speed, swing path to the golf ball, and unique characteristics that make their swing truly their own. So each golfer must find the clubs that fit their game.

The X-Metal Fairway Wood helps out weekend warriors who are just beginning their golfing journey because it is lofted at 14-degrees. Now, while that may seem too high to use off the tee box, for example, the loft is less than your common 3-wood, which usually measures anywhere from 15-to 18-degrees. As a result, golfers are given a slight uptick in distance with the X-Metal that they wouldn’t find with a 3-wood.

Key Feature #4: Higher Launch Angle

If you are a fan of baseball, then you’ve heard of how the understanding of launch angle has changed the game. If players can lift the baseball within a specific range of launch angle, then their chances of hitting a home run are significantly increased. And while we might not be hitting homers on the course, we all are seeking for ways to maximize our distance from the tee box.

The GX-7 X-Metal is specially designed to help that struggling beginner who just can’t seem to get the ball into the air with any consistency. With the shorter shaft, the 14-degree loft, and a lower center of gravity in the rear of the club head, the club can effortlessly help any golfer get the ball higher for longer hangtimes and increased distance. All of these factors are especially beneficial when you take into account that this fairway wood feels like you are using an iron.

Key Feature #5: Less Sidespin

If you are slicing or hooking the golf ball, then you are imparting far too much sidespin on the golf ball at impact. This affliction comes from weak swing fundamentals that bring the club from either the inside or outside of a proper swing path in the opposite direction after hitting the golf ball.

While that may sound complicated to fix, it is not, as most golfers just need to retrain their muscle memory with the help of a professional teacher. But in the meantime, a club with a wider sweet spot can assist in reducing side spin and minimizing those shot-killing hooks and slices.

The X-Metal has a wider face to complement its lower profile that increases the surface area of the sweet spot to aid in helping golfers significantly reduce the penalty of imparting sidespin on the golf ball.

Key Feature #6: Crafted for High-Handicapper

One of the features that the company is touting with the X-Metal is how accessible this fairway wood is for the high-handicapper. And we were certainly convinced throughout our testing that this is the case as the club does remarkably well at helping add yards to your drives and long fairway shots.

This fairway wood is adept at decreasing the spin on the golf ball resulting in less wayward shots, more length from wherever you are on the course and optimum ball height after impact. What we found during our testing is that high-handicappers love the versatility of the GX-7 X-Metal as it certainly instills confidence, especially when the golfer needs a big drive to set up a low score.

The X-Metal has been designed to attack the weaknesses of most beginning golfers by helping with the lift of their shots, increase distance and provide a club that is easier to swing than most fairway woods on the market.

Key Feature #7: Versatile Enough for Tee Box

While many mid-to-low handicappers wouldn’t use a fairway wood off the tee box regularly when the course calls for specific yardage or accuracy from a tee shot, a dependable club like the X-Metal is excellent to have in the bag. So while those golfers might only use the X-Metal sparingly, for the beginning golfer, a fairway wood that offered repeatable distance and accuracy would undoubtedly be welcome to use as the golfer’s skill set grows over time.

The reason that high handicappers should consider the X-Metal as their primary club off the tee is that the featured duo of a shorter shaft and 14-degree loft on this club is a combination that lends itself to being great for golfers who need help in getting the ball down the fairway.

Key Feature #8: Greater Forgiveness with Low Profile Clubhead

Finding a group of clubs that help forgive your mis-hits is very important for the growing golfer who needs some assistance to keep the ball in the center of the fairway. The X-Metal does a significant job of helping the golfer reduce side spin and find the clubface’s sweet spot with the wide and low profile combo of the clubhead.

Although having greater forgiveness is good on a club made to help beginning golfers, you really can’t see the difference until you take the club in question onto the range or course and register the quality of your shots. Once you take the GX-7 X-Metal out to the course, you’ll notice right away the greater range of control you have over your shots.

Key Feature #9: Shorter Shaft Allows Iron-Like Swings

One of the toughest things for beginning golfers to grasp is the difference between a swing with a wood and one with an iron. The swing is wider with a wood and has more sweep as the point is not to contact the ground, but instead, hit the ball off a tee or pick it up without a divot off the fairway. In contrast, a swing with an iron has a more direct path to the golf ball and encourages a divot to allow the ball to climb up the clubface and contact more of the club’s sweet spot.

On the X-Metal, designers were hoping to bridge the gap between the two clubs by offering a club with a shorter shaft that mimics an iron, allowing the beginning golfer to use one swing for their iron play and when they use the GX-7 wood on the course.

Key Feature #10: Lower Center of Gravity

One of the hot catchphrases that golf equipment manufacturers use when detailing how fantastic their golf club is to consumers is by touting a lower center of gravity. When you read that, it might not be obvious why having a lower center of gravity on the clubhead is beneficial to your golf game.

Simply put, it goes back to how the height of a shot equates to more distance. A lower center of gravity imparts more energy to the lower half of the golf ball, allowing for additional lift and higher shots.

The good news is that GX-7 takes advantage of the lower center of gravity to create a swing that takes a club in the shape of a wood and gives it results that mimic an iron. You’ll find quickly that the golf ball flies high and lands softly, even though you are holding a glorified 3-wood in your hand.

Questions & Answers

Is the GX-7 X-Metal Fairway Wood good for a beginning golfer?

Beginning golfers typically need help with lifting the ball into the air after impact. Without putting height on the ball and increasing the launch angle of shots, the golfer will find that their distance is limited, and their scores suffer as a result.

What the GX-7 X-Metal does to combat this problem for beginning golfers is they have constructed the club for swing speeds that don’t reach that magic number of 100 MPH. For slower swings, golfers can expect a decrease in distance and accuracy. The X-Metal attempts to solve this issue by shortening the shaft and placing the clubface at 14-degrees of loft.

Studies have shown that shorter shafts in woods increased ball speed and allowed golfers to get the club back to square at impact, so the GX-7 stays a step ahead in providing both of those features for beginning golfers to utilize for more accuracy and longer shots.

Can senior golfers benefit from the GX-7 X-Metal Fairway Wood?

Yes, senior golfers who are suffering from diminished swing speeds can benefit from the GX-7 X-Metal due to the shorter shaft and additional loft of the clubface. Older golfers can also take advantage of the club’s lower center of gravity, which helps get underneath the golf ball at impact for higher ball flight and longer distance.

One of the problems that senior golfers run into as they get further along in their golfing journey is that they don’t adapt their equipment to the ever-changing nature of their skill level. Perhaps at one point, they used stiff shafts in their clubs to take advantage of their swing speed, but as the years have passed, the swing is not as strong as it once was, but the golfer is still using stiff shafts. As a result, the club is reaching the ball in a slightly offset position causing wayward shots that lack distance and accuracy.

The GX-7 X-Metal is designed to pushback against this problem by offering four different types of shafts for more control in how the golfer approaches each shot with the club.

How does the GX-7 X-Metal compare to other fairway woods at this price point?

While the GX-7 might not have the caché that some of the big brands such as Callaway, TaylorMade, and Ping have, this club shines on the course. One of the marketing points that the company makes is that the GX-7 X-Metal can be swung like a 7-iron but perform like a driver. And while the club won’t give you the distance you’ve come to expect from your driver, we can attest that the fairway wood is a smooth swing that creates impressive results.

One of the biggest differences between the X-Metal and other fairway woods is that the shaft of the GX-7 is shorter at 43 inches, allowing the golfer to create a shorter and more compact swing. The shorter shaft also creates more clubhead speed for added distance.

While we wished that the GX-7 X-Metal had adjustable features like other comparable fairway woods, once you find the right fit, you won’t notice that you are playing with a club that may not be a household name.

Can I use the GX-7 off the tee box as a driver?

For mid-to-high handicappers, the GX-7 X-Metal can be used as a driver. The reason why is that the club has a 14-degree loft that is slightly higher than your average 3-wood. And while that might reduce the distance you may come to expect from a properly fitted driver; the GX-7 fairway wood can still crush the ball down the fairway with the increased swing speed.

As previously mentioned, this fairway wood has a shorter shaft. Golfers such as Tiger Woods, Rickie Fowler, and other prominent pros have made the switch to a shorter shaft in their drivers for better accuracy, shorter swing paths, and increased clubhead speed. The X-Metal has been designed to take advantage of this science to create a club that all skill levels can enjoy, but for novice golfers, the difference can transform their game.

Another great thing about using the X-Metal off the tee is that with the low profile, you won’t have to tee the ball high, making your tee shots maintain an accurate flight path that cuts through the wind for a quality shot.

How does the GX-7 perform from the fairway?

Perhaps the best characteristic of the GX-7 is how easy it is to use it from the fairway. Yes, the club is versatile enough to use off the tee box, but where it performs is when you need the length of a fairway wood coupled with the softness of a high iron shot. The X-Metal provides exceptional feel off the grass, and we loved how you can swing it like an iron from anywhere on the course.

With the 14-degree loft, the club could struggle with launch angle, but the company has shifted the center of gravity further back in the clubhead to assist in getting the sweet spot under the golf ball for more lift.

The X-Metal is surprisingly accurate, and if you are dealing with a nagging slice that you are looking to shed, this fairway wood can help with the enhanced sweet spot and reduction in sidespin. Great for improving your fairway game on par-5s and lengthy par-4s, the X-Metal will undoubtedly help you reduce your misfires from the grass.

What Others Are Saying


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Overall grade97%


  • Several adjustable features including weight on sole of club and loft increase on hosel
  • Numerous options appeals to golfers looking for what fairway wood works best for their bag
  • Exceptional feel at impact with stunning distance from the low profile clubhead
  • Forged stainless steel face insert provides solid contact and remarkable forgiveness


  • Clubhead on the King F8 Fairway is smaller than typical fairway woods
  • Wider profile on the width of the clubface gives high-handicappers more opportunity for off-center strikes

The Cobra King F8 Fairway Wood packs a sizable punch in a relatively small package as the club plays low to the ground, but the added width makes sure that the golfer always finds solid contact with the golf ball. With a host of adjustable features that customizes the club to your specifications and preferences, the King F8 Fairway produces repeatedly solid shots with little need for reaching back and swinging with all your might.

Golfers can adjust the loft settings on the adjustable hosel to minimize or increase ball height for beautiful high shots that land softly or on windy days, lower the loft to hit those stingers that bite hard against the surface upon landing. The F8 Fairway also has a weight in the back of the club that can be interchanged to affect the center of gravity for higher or lower shots.

A fantastic club that is well worth your attention, the Cobra King F8 Fairway Wood is a reasonably priced five-star performer.

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  • Incredibly well-built fairway wood that delivers exceptional distance from anywhere on the course
  • Large sweet spot reduces sidespin for reduced slices and more forgiveness for straighter shots
  • Effortless distance with minimal exertion from your body, the RBZ Fairway promotes high launch of the golf ball
  • Very sleek looking club that provides terrific contrast with the golf ball for accurate alignment


  • No adjustable features on the RBZ Fairway force golfer to find the right model for their game
  • Strange sound at impact when ball misses sweet spot, can be jarring when first using the club

The TaylorMade RBZ Fairway Wood is one well-made club that provides high launch and unreal distance from anywhere on the course. Great off the tee, the RBZ Fairway has a low profile that allows the club to get under the ball for easy lift and a subtle finish when the ball lands. With a center of gravity that is aided by the lower profile, the RBZ offers easy distance and enhanced club speed.

Featuring a sleek satin black finish, the RBZ Fairway contrasts well with the golf ball, so you’ll never have a problem lining up your shot and finding the right alignment at address. Affordable and available in a variety of different loft options, the RBZ Fairway feels great when the ball finds the sweet spot, registering that immediate feedback that all golfers love to feel when they’ve hit a terrific shot.


The GX-7 Golf Club is a solid option for golfers of any skill level who is looking for a dependable fairway wood that will get the ball into the air with accuracy and distance. While that praise might sound generic when considering all the options available on the market, the GX-7 stands tall against the competition by being well-made and providing reliable performance from off the tee or from the fairway.

Although it is a bit pricey, the GX-7 is great for mid-to-high handicappers that need help with lifting the ball off the turf with the expectation of more distance from their shots. Dependable and accurate, the GX-7 is a worthy competitor to the big brands and deserves consideration for a spot in your bag.