10 Best Drivers for Seniors

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated March 24, 2023. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

When golfers hit that golden age of 50, they notice that their body begins to defy them more after a round of golf: the muscles take longer to loosen up, and injuries linger rather than disappear after a good night of sleep.

As golfers age, the first thing that drops is swing speed. Simple math has taught us that the harder we swing, the farther the ball goes down the fairway. Sure, other factors are at play in creating a straight drive. But remember, swing speed equals distance.

So how do we lessen the ill effects of aging on our game off the tee box? By finding the right driver to maximize our MPH.

Here are the ten best drivers for seniors and slow swing speeds that you must consider.

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How to Choose the Best Golf Drivers for Seniors


For senior golfers, having a driver that is well designed and well made is very important because the golfer always needs to have confidence in their opening club. 

This rule is especially true for drivers. No club in the bag hits the ball further than the driver, and the golfer certainly needs to be comfortable when standing at the address, moments before the tee shot.

Great driver design is also crucial when the golfer places the club behind the golf ball. The driver’s head must have some clear indicator letting the golfer know where the center of the clubface is in relation to the golf ball.

The placement of the indicator is why most driver heads are black with a white or vibrant colored mark, such as an arrowhead shape, that allows the golfer to line up their drive quickly and directly in the center.

When you first hold a driver, give it a look at the address and notice the contrasting elements that will allow you to hit the ball with ease. This is the importance of good design.


The moment you hit a drive, the club responds to impact. This response is what golfers are talking about when they talk about the “feel” of a golf club. Again, the feel of a driver is vital when we discuss the comfort level and confidence a golfer has in their golf club.

Once a golfer purchases any club, whether a putter or driver, they begin to accumulate experience with the club on the course or driving range.

It is essential for senior golfers to practice with their clubs to establish their routine ball flight and shot shape when using the club.

By having a sense of feel with a driver, a senior golfer will know when something is not right either with their swing or, perhaps, the club itself.

Feel can be established quickly with a driver or any club if you spend the time to understand it by hitting hundreds of balls. For senior golfers looking to push back the hands of time, the time spent practicing and knowing the club is well worth the investment.


For senior golfers who have a mid-to-high handicap, the forgiveness of a driver is a crucial element to know. Most golfers who have double-digit handicaps have trouble hitting the center of the clubface.

Since most manufacturers understand this, they have made clubs with more extensive sweet spots that reduce the sidespin that creates slices and hooks.

All of this technology has been created to help you hit the ball straighter on your off-center strikes. Golfers who swing their driver slowly will appreciate the adjustments because that will allow balls to fly straighter and farther while fighting that distance-killing side spin.

So, what are you looking for in a forgiving driver? Forgiveness can come in one of two ways. The first way is through the construction of the driver, especially if the fixed clubhead has no adjustable features such as moveable weights or loft angles on the hosel.

The second way to improve a driver’s forgiveness is through adjustable features. By moving weights far apart behind a clubface, you can keep the driver more stable through the impact zone, limiting side spin.

Loft Options

One of the biggest mistakes that senior golfers make when buying a new driver is purchasing a driver that does not have enough loft.

Loft equals ball height, and it is a vital necessity to maximize the height of your drives when you swing slower. Giving the ball the best chance to get down the fairway means the golfer can hit the ball hard while allowing it to get into the air at the proper launch angle.

Senior golfers who need all the help they can get would do themselves a huge favor by finding a driver with a loft that starts no lower than 12-degrees.

There are certainly exceptions to this rule of thumb, but you need to ensure your swing speed is still registering above 85-90 MPH before you buy a driver with less than 12-degrees of the loft.

Read our guide: What Driver Loft Should You Use?

Adjustable Features

When trying to maximize each shot, especially off the tee box, it certainly helps if you have options with your equipment.

Manufacturers have long tried to discover new ways to help the golfer adjust their clubs while on the course, and in the last decade, they have been incredibly successful.

There are two avenues that companies have circled to help you improve your drives through your decision-making.

The first is with adjustable weights that shift behind the driver’s clubface. Golfers can move the weights to maximize forgiveness by setting them wide apart or focusing more energy behind the golf ball by putting them together for added distance.

The second avenue is through an adjustable hosel that can shift the loft on the clubface for more ball height via launch angle.

An adjustable club does not completely overrule a fixed hosel club as the best option for your game. If properly fitted, a fixed hosel club will undoubtedly allow you to hit the best drives possible for your skillset.

But, if you love to tinker on the range and discover more distance and height on your shots, then an adjustable driver can give you the control to shape your drives.

Best Drivers for Seniors & Slow Swing Speeds

TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD Driver

Best Overall Driver For Seniors

TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD Driver

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  • Exceptional forgiveness with Twist Face technology
  • Over 10 yards of slice correction
  • Deep, low CG helps lift the golf ball for extended carry


  • Draw-bias setting will turn away golfers needing a neutral setting

When finding the driver that ranks at the top of the class for senior golfers, the TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD takes the crown.

Featuring a wide, inviting sweet spot with speed to burn, the Stealth 2 HD (stands for high draw) generates distance for senior golfers with over 10 yards of slice correction.

The high draw design also dramatically increases forgiveness, utilizing TaylorMade’s patented Twist Face technology to redirect off-center strikes back onto the fairway.

Two stationary weights, located in the rear of the sole and another next to the hosel, provide the draw bias that boosts MOI and keeps the face square through the impact zone.

When it comes to feel and responsiveness, the Stealth 2 HD also posts high marks delivering immediate feedback that lets you know if you’ve hit the sweet spot.

And if you want a driver that looks great in the bag, the Stealth 2 HD’s red and black color scheme dazzles.

If you are looking for a top-tier driver that helps your slice and maintains your average MPH, the TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD won’t disappoint.

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Titleist TSR1 Driver

Most Accurate Driver for Senior Golfers

Titleist TSR1 Driver

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  • Lightweight construction maximizes swing speed
  • Outstanding forgiveness with impressive ball speed
  • Deeper CG helps easily lift the ball for a high launch


  • Ideal for golfers with swing speeds under 90 MPH

Titleist’s new TSR1 driver offers high-grade accuracy with a muscular build that puts the ball far down the fairway. Ideal for golfers with swing speeds under 90 MPH, it provides easy launch with a deep center of gravity. 

Available in 9, 10, and 12-degree loft options, the TSR1 features an aerodynamically sound black club head that provides high MOI to keep the face square at impact.

It also comes equipped with an adjustable loft sleeve to add or remove loft or create more offset to help you see the ball clearly at address.

Another feature worth noting is the inclusion of the MMT SPEEDMESH shaft. Measuring less than 40 grams, the shaft offers a lightweight feel to help boost swing speed, another great feature of the TSR1 tailored toward senior golfers.

Delivering first-rate accuracy, the Titleist TSR1 offers superb forgiveness for senior golfers that struggle to strike the center of the face on their drives. With a tall hitting area, the TSR1 provides senior golfers with power and finesse on the tee box.

Callaway Paradym X Driver

Best Distance Driver for Senior Golfers

Callaway Golf 2023 Paradym X Driver (Left Hand, Ascent 40G Shaft, Ladies Flex, 12 Degrees Loft)
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  • Jailbreak A.I. delivers power to golf ball
  • Face Cup technology offers more flexibility across hitting area
  • High launch with draw bias to minimize side spin


  • Strange color scheme and design borders on ugly

Callaway’s Paradym X driver offers extended distance with a powerful build that accurately muscles the golf ball down the fairway.

Ideal for senior golfers looking for a distance driver with accuracy, the Paradym X also provides plenty of forgiveness across the entire hitting area.

Similar to the Stealth 2 HD, the Paradym X also offers a slight draw bias that provides help if you need slice correction with your driver. If the Paradym has an advantage over the Stealth 2 HD, it comes with the powerful feel the Callaway driver provides at impact.

Our testers loved how the Jailbreak A.I., represented by a patented speed frame, stiffens and solidifies the crown to produce the powerful, high arcing drives that golfers need to post lower scores.

The driver also maintains low spin to minimize the penalty of a slice, helping experienced golfers find the fairway with a tight shot dispersion and far greater frequency.

Great for senior golfers with a mid-range handicap, the Callaway Paradym X driver definitely maximizes distance with top-tier forgiveness off the tee box.

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Cobra Aerojet Max Driver

Best Adjustable Driver for Senior Golfers

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  • Two stationary weights offer either a neutral or draw-bias setting
  • Aerodynamic head provides maximum swing speed
  • Hot, fast hitting area with dynamic forgiveness


  • A sliding weight would add even more customization

The Cobra Aerojet Max driver, our choice for the best adjustable feature driver, delivers sophisticated shot shaping for senior golfers looking for a club that produces distance and accuracy with high launch.

What’s great about the Aerojet Max is the aerodynamic head shape that easily moves throughout the swing with limited drag, helping golfers reach their maximum swing speed.

For senior golfers, the Aerojet Max also carries a lightweight feel that helps promote a confident swing. The responsiveness of this driver also turned the heads of our testers.

Providing immediate feedback, it lets you quickly adjust your swing if you miss the ball off the toe.

While the Aerojet Max doesn’t have a sliding weight, it does have two areas for stationary weights. By swapping the position of the weights, the golfer can create either a neutral or draw-bias setting on the face.

An outstanding driver that provides distance and forgiveness in a high-speed package, the Cobra Aerojet Max is worthy of your attention.

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Ping G430 SFT Driver

 Best Draw-Bias Driver for Senior Golfers

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  • Two setting moveable tungsten weight promotes either fade or draw-bias
  • Hosel sleeve offers three degrees of loft adjustability
  • Low spin with extended carry distance


  • Doesn’t offer a neutral setting

Ping’s G430 SFT driver, a beautiful piece of golf equipment, is one of the more unique 2023 releases to help senior golfers.

Featuring a two-setting tungsten back weight that promotes either a draw or fade bias, the G430 SFT driver also features a hosel sleeve that can raise or lower the loft up to 1.5 degrees.

The weighting also helps lower and deepen the CG to extend flight by getting the ball into the air for extended carry.

The G430 SFT features a variable roll radius along the lower half of the face, helping reduce backspin for a more consistent flight that finds the fairway with tighter shot dispersion.

The Ping driver ranked well with our testers when it came to feel and responsiveness. The reinforced club head damped vibration at impact to further boost the overall feel at impact.

If you are searching for a reputable driver by a company with a long-standing history of making first-rate golf clubs, then the Ping G430 SFT delivers top-notch performance for senior golfers.

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Tour Edge Exotics E722 Driver

Best Value Driver for Senior Golfers

Tour Edge Exotics E722 Driver
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  • Variable Face Thickness offers outstanding forgiveness
  • 30-gram rear weight offers deep CG that produces a high launch
  • Immediate responsiveness with superb feel


  • Not as many bells and whistles as other advanced drivers

The Tour Edge Exotics E722 driver offers casual players a perfect option for a considerably low price. For around $200, this driver provides a nice mixture of feel, responsiveness, and muscular power off the tee box.

Tour Edge placed a 30-gram weight at the rear of the head, pushing the CG deeper and lower behind the face to help golfers produce more carry with each drive.

If you are struggling to maximize your peak height to gain the most yardage possible, the Tour Edge Exotics E722 driver offers reliable performance.

An internal sound diffusion ribbing also improves feel at impact as it helps dampen vibration and improve responsiveness across the entire face.

For a value-priced driver, the Tour Edge driver utilizes a speed-specific shaft that will help you gain the right flex and performance.

If you are looking for a clean and simple driver that delivers a nice combination of distance and launch, the Tour Edge Exotics E722 driver earned a ton of respect from our testers.

Srixon ZX5 Mk II Driver

Most Forgiving Driver for Senior Golfers

SRX ZX5 MkII 10.5 RedRDX 5.5RH
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  • Dual Flex Zones offer better energy transfer with forgiveness
  • Adjustable hosel helps raise or lower loft and lie angle
  • Wide sweet spot provides flex to reduce side spin


  • Would love to see a more sophisticated weighting system

The Srixon ZX5 Mk II driver offers a large footprint with a low profile helping senior golfers get under the golf ball for a simple, easy launch.

While we would love to see a more intricate weighting system on this driver, a single stationary weight along the rear of the head helps anchor the driver through the impact zone.

During our testing, the Srixon ZX5 Mk II driver delivered impressive power off the tee box. For an accurate driver, it also produces high, straight drives that offer rollout to help you gain every yard possible.

When it comes to feel and responsiveness, our testers graded the Srixon ZX5 Mk II driver extremely high. The flexible face minimizes the penalty of slicing the golf ball so you can find the fairway with tighter shot dispersion.

If you are a senior golfer in the market for a reliable driver that delivers power to the golf ball that routinely finds the fairway, then the Srixon ZX5 Mk II should be on your shopping list.

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Mizuno ST-Z 230 Driver

Best Advanced Driver for Senior Golfers

Mizuno ST-Z 230 Driver

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  • Consistent ball striking with high speed
  • Stable, straight ball flight
  • Low spin with tight shot dispersion


  • No adjustable weighting

Mizuno’s dynamic ST-Z 230 driver offers senior golfers first-rate stability on the tee box. Built to deliver high, straight drives, the ST-Z 230 has a sleek black and blue design that sits nicely in a golf bag.

The company designed the ST-Z 230 to put the ball on the fairway more often, and after testing the driver, we can attest that the club designers did their job exceptionally well. 

Offering a modern player profile, the low spin driver also comes with a quick switch hosel with four loft settings to customize the shot height and offset on the face.

And let’s discuss that Forged SAT 2041 Beta Ti Face a little more because it posts very impressive ball speeds on the Trackman. Made with varying levels of thickness, the face generates more ball speed with mid-range spin.

Mizuno has set the ST-Z 230 with a neutral ball flight, so if you are looking for a slice correction driver, you’ll need to adjust the hosel to help customize ball flight.

For advanced senior golfers with handicaps lower than 12, the Mizuno ST-Z 230 driver offers unmatched reliability. 

Cobra LTDx Max Driver

Best Draw-Bias Distance Driver for Senior Golfers

Cobra Golf 2022 LTDX Driver Matte Black-Gold Fusion (Men's, Left Hand, Project X Hzrdrus Smoke RDX Blue, Stiff Flex, 9)
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  • Milled face increases feel and generates maximum ball speed
  • Dual weighting offers subtle slice correction
  • Deep CG provides quick flight with extended carry


  • Cobra’s wild color scheme will turn away traditional golfers

The exciting Cobra LTDx Max driver offers a high launch with extended carry that puts the golf ball in places that help you attack the pin.

Featuring a few of Cobra’s most popular patented features, including the CNC milled face and the multi-material chassis that provides exceptional feel and responsiveness, the LTDx Max driver offers high-grade sophistication.

The dual stationary weighting offers subtle slice correction. The 10-gram and 3-gram weight can swap positions to raise peak height or add more sidespin reduction to your swing.

If you also like setting your driver in a neutral position, moving the weights helps with that endeavor.

Cobra has taken a page out of the Callaway playbook, utilizing Artificial Intelligence and innovative  Machine Learning to create a thin, hot face that doubles down on smash factor and improved ball speed.

Great for senior golfers that like to swing from their shoes, the Cobra LTDx Max offers adjustability that customizes shot shape while generating the ball speed necessary to get your drive down the fairway.

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Cleveland Launcher XL Driver

Best Oversized Driver for Senior Golfers

Cleveland Launcher XL Mens Right Hand Driver
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  • Oversized head delivers first-rate forgiveness with power
  • Rebound Frame provides flex across the entire sweet spot
  • Hosel Sleeve offers 3 degrees of loft and 3 degrees of lie angle adjustment


  • Better for golfers with swing speeds close to 85 MPH

The Cleveland Launcher XL offers the largest club head on our list, great for golfers that need forgiveness from their driver with the power of a sledgehammer.

When we say this driver head is big, we mean it. The largest Cleveland has ever created, the Launcher XL utilizes the oversized frame to power the golf ball down the fairway with authority. 

If you are struggling with swing speed, the Launcher XL’s oversized head can be cumbersome on the tee box. To take full advantage of the driver’s features, it’s best to have a swing speed close to 85 MPH.

Our testers loved the hosel sleeve that promoted up to 1.5 degrees of loft alteration with 3 degrees of lie angle adjustment. If you love tinkering with shot shape through golf equipment, the Cleveland Launcher XL delivers quick adjustments to help you customize your drives.

Great for senior golfers that want to maintain their distance or even increase their average, the Cleveland Launcher XL offers premium performance.

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What degree driver should a senior golfer use?

Golfers with slower swing speeds need loft in their driver to extend carry and maintain their distance. For most golfers at this age, a 12-degree driver can easily lift the golf ball to maximize shot height and help players reduce the length of their second shots.

If a senior golfer has maintained a faster swing speed into their 50s and 60s, then a 10.5-degree driver can take advantage of the extra velocity to boost distance. 

How far should a 70 year old man hit a golf ball?

The farther a 70-year old golfer can hit a golf ball, the better. But if they are taking advantage of the advanced tees, hitting drives over 200 yards will significantly place them in a position to post lower scores.

For golfers of advanced age, maintaining swing speed is the biggest obstacle they’ll face. Frequent strength training with periodic sessions with a swing trainer can keep the MPH high for the driver, helping them get more distance from each drive.

What is the best driver for a 85 mph swing speed?

For an 85 MPH driver speed, golfers can expect drives to travel an average of 220 yards. Currently, the best driver to maintain this distance is the TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD driver

If the player struggles with a slice, the driver can help with slice correction plus boost ball speed to get every yard possible from each drive they take on the course.

The Stealth 2 HD’s adjustable loft sleeve also allows golfers to add more loft to their face to help them boost launch and extend carry. 

What ideal weight should a driver have for golfers over 50?

Since golfers are of all shapes and sizes, there really is no perfect weight for a driver for golfers over 50. That said, there are ways to increase swing speed through your equipment.

A great way to increase the swing speed of the driver is by reducing the length of the driver’s shaft. A shorter shaft can increase swing speed by several MPH, allowing the golfer to boost their average drive by several yards.

Another way to reduce weight and increase swing speed is going with a fixed hosel driver that utilizes an evenly distributed, perimeter-weighted club head.

This type of club shouldn’t wholly dissuade you from looking at an adjustable weighted driver, but you’d certainly save a few ounces on the club if you chose to go the fixed hosel route.

What characteristics should I look for in the shaft of my driver?

For the shaft of a driver, you want to know the length and flex rating before you even consider purchasing the club.

The length of the shaft is significant when determining swing speed. For senior golfers and players with slower swing speeds, it is crucial to see if a shorter shaft would increase MPH because, in most instances, it will.

Most drivers off the shelf are around 45 inches, but studies show that a shaft of 43 to 44 inches could increase swing speed by a few MPH, making the perfect recipe for longer drives.

Flex rating is determined solely by how fast you swing the club. Extra-stiff shafts that pros like Phil Mickelson hit are for golfers who can generate up to 120 MPH with their clubs. Senior flex shafts are for golfers who swing around 70-85 MPH on average.

Do I need to choose a senior flex when buying my driver?

Choosing the senior flex on your new driver’s shaft isn’t as black and white as companies will present to you.

First, senior flex is an approximation rating on the flex of a shaft as the golfer swings the club. Slower swing speeds need more flex to create a whipping action that brings the club through the impact zone squarely.

Golf swings are ultimately about timing and the flex of a shaft assists in creating the right swing for your game.

Swing speeds between 70-85 MPH are usually the sweet spot for senior flex shafts. This swing speed will produce a drive that goes anywhere from 175-225 yards based on exterior elements such as wind and the firmness of the turf.

If you hit your drives in that yardage range, then the senior flex is an excellent place to start, but seeking the help of a golf professional could help you boost your distance with a more appropriate shaft for your driver.

What’s the ideal loft angle for a driver for seniors?

The ideal loft angle in a driver for seniors is around 12 degrees, although slower swingers need to think about using even higher loft to help them get the ball into the air for maximum distance.

The loft of a driver is the number one area that mid-to-high handicappers of all ages misinterpret, causing them to hit weak and inconsistent drives.

For senior golfers, every yard of carrying matters. So, getting the loft perfect on the driver gives the golfer the best chance to create shorter second shots.

One of the best ways to determine your ideal driver loft is by going to a professional or golf superstore with a TrackMan system.

Within a dozen swings on the TrackMan, the professional will have your swing speed, launch angle, and other information that will allow them to find the best driver and loft for your game.


The TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD driver, our choice for the best driver for senior golfers, delivers jaw-dropping power to the golf ball with a help of slice correction.

The driver puts more golf balls in the fairway, dropping a tighter shot dispersion than similar drivers at this price point.

Featuring an adjustable loft sleeve that helps customize the shot shape and add even more slice correction, the Stealth 2 HD driver produces missiles on the golf course.

For senior golfers, the TaylorMade driver offers a surefire way to maintain ball speed off the tee box.

Regardless of the skill level, senior golfers can definitely benefit from placing the Stealth 2 HD driver in their golf bag.