TaylorMade RBZ Driver Review (Our Honest Feedback)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated May 6, 2024. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

TaylorMade RBZ Driver release date: February 3, 2012

The TaylorMade RBZ Driver is a solidly-built club that can certainly help your game, especially if you are a mid-to-high handicapper who is looking to upgrade their equipment for the tee box.

With strong stability throughout the swing, the RBZ has incredible feel at impact. You’ll certainly enjoy how this club responds to striking the golf ball.

Although the RBZ is roughly a third as costly as some of the company’s more expensive drivers, the club does come with some adjustable features, such as a loft sleeve that can alter the loft of the club face for more control over the launch angle.

In this TaylorMade RBZ driver review, we’ll share our findings and help you make a purchase decision.

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TaylorMade RBZ Driver

Adjustable Driver for Mid Handicappers

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  • Titanium weight in rear of driver promotes higher launch
  • Very forgiving driver that helps keep the ball in the fairway
  • Speed pocket delivers exceptional swing velocity and added distance after impact
  • Stable throughout the swing with terrific feel and response throughout the swing


  • Not as fast as the company’s M-series line of drivers
  • Missing more desired adjustable features like movable weighting

Featuring the company’s patented speed pocket technology with a sleek satin black finish for better contrast with the golf ball, the TaylorMade RBZ Driver is a high performer that should have a place in your bag.

Very affordable, the RBZ driver isn’t to the stature of other TaylorMade drivers, such as their acclaimed M-series line of #1 woods, but it will provide you with a dependable tool to help improve your drives.

Alternatives to TaylorMade RBZ Driver

Wilson Staff D7 Driver

Best For Adding Distance To Your Game

Wilson Staff D7 Driver Men's Right Hand, Regular Flex 10.5 degree
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  • Ultralight driver with incredible swing speed for longest drives of your career
  • Three-piece crown built from carbon fiber produces little vibration and crisp feel, response
  • Three different loft designs to choose from with different launch angle on each driver


  • No adjustable features on D7 is disappointing but hard to beat this straightforward powerhouse driver

The Wilson Staff D7 Driver provides a different feel and look when compared to the TaylorMade RBZ Driver. While the RBZ has a lower profile, the D7 offers more power and strength, great if you need extended distance off the tee box.

The D7 features several worthwhile highlights from a lightweight, composite crown to a re-engineered weighting for better launch performance. Wilson has crafted the D7 Driver to provide maximum swing speed.

You won’t find adjustable features on the D7, but that’s not the point with this club. Instead, this club exists to get the ball further down the fairway.

There are three loft options available with the D7 Driver. What’s great about each degree option is that Wilson has tailored each model to provide a different shot shape.

For the 9-degree driver, the weight is moved further up in the driver to provide more distance with a lower flight with less spin. With each successive driver loft, the weight is adjusted to help with carry and launch angle.

Another highlight on the D7 Driver is the feel and response after impact. Throughout the swing, the club provides an even and smooth experience. At impact, the D7 Driver dampens vibration for a cleaner strike.

Although it doesn’t have adjustable features, the driver is forgiving, helping to keep your off-center hits along the target line.

Great, if you are looking for a distance driver that maximizes your yardage, the Wilson D7 Driver delivers a punch off the tee box that is worth seeking out.

Cobra King F8 Driver

Best Budget Driver

2018 Cobra King F8 Driver Nardo (Men's, Right Hand, Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 60, Reg Flex)
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  • Features adjustable loft sleeve and adjustable weighting for ultimate control
  • Precision milled face creates lightweight clubhead for maximum distance through boosted swing speed
  • Ultralight carbon fiber crown moves the center of gravity lower in the club head for increased launch angle
  • Aerodynamic club head assists in reducing drag for faster swing velocity and boosted distance


  • Would like to see more movability in the weighting as the weights are static in the F8
  • Forgiveness is strong, but can be tricky if you don’t have the settings correct on the driver that work best for your swing

Another solid addition to the King Cobra series of drivers, the King F8 is a well-made driver that can deliver high performance from the tee box.

With an emphasis on more distance and higher forgiveness, the King F8 features two adjustable components that can alter shots with more control from the golfer.

The F8 has an adjustable loft sleeve that can add or subtract loft from the club’s face to help the golfer alter their launch angle from the driver.

With one quick twist of the company’s tool, the F8 can slide into a new position to help golfers fight off tough wind or keep their shots lower if they are struggling with accuracy.

The driver also features two areas where the golfer can adjust weighting to promote higher drives and adjust the balance if they are trying to combat slicing or other shot flaws.

Easy to replace, the weights cannot move, but are simple to relocate or switch out if you need more weight in either the rear or hosel side of the driver.

Perfect for the beginning golfer who would like to upgrade their driver and enjoy features more commonly associated with elite drivers, the F8 is a dynamic club well worth the consideration.

Technical Specifications

Adjustable Hosel to Create Loft Setting

The adjustable loft setting on the RBZ is a nice addition to the driver because it allows you more control over the height of your shots. Say, for example, that you are playing in windy conditions.

By lowering the loft on the club face through the loft sleeve, you can keep your drives under the wind above the trees for more effective drives.

Speed Pocket for High Launch and Lower Spin

The RBZ’s speed pocket is located directly behind the center of the club face for more directed energy to the golf ball. The patented technology helps the golfer create more swing speed for better distance via the accelerated velocity of the club head.

The RBZ’s speed pocket also provides the golfer with reduced spin after impact for straighter shots and far less shot killing side spin that can attribute to slices and hooks.

Satin Black Finish for High Contrast

Another eye-popping feature of the TaylorMade RBZ driver is the satin black finish that provides exceptional contrast with the golf ball.

Some drivers make it difficult to find the center of the club face due to their exterior color design, but by keeping the look of the RBZ’s head black with white piping, the company provides a clear mark for alignment.

Things to consider before buying a driver

New Drivers provide New Technology

What many golfers fail to acknowledge when buying a driver is how new technology can help their game.

If you are playing with a driver from ten years ago, then are not taking advantage of the new design methods that golf equipment manufacturers have used to create additional swing speed and distance.

As Brian Bazzell, senior director of product creation at TaylorMade Golf, told Golf.com last year, “The case for a new driver isn’t that much different than that for a new cell phone: If you’ve got one that’s four or five years old, then you’re failing to take full advantage of modern technology.

“Players who are okay with outdated performance don’t need new clubs. If that’s you, fine, but you’ll always be lagging behind the players who do invest in new gear, which is vastly superior to older equipment.”

New drivers feature larger sweet spots, more forgiveness on off-center strikes, and improved aerodynamics for less drag (meaning more swing speed).

Adjustable Features Help Tailor A Driver for Your Game

Another area where new drivers can boost your game is through the control offered by adjustable features. Golfers can easily alter the height of their shots off the tee box through a quick adjustment of a driver’s loft sleeve. 

The driver’s loft sleeve can add a degree or take one off the club face for higher or lower drives. This is a feature that is very helpful in windy situations where the golfer can either take advantage of a backwind or adjust to keep the ball lower to combat a side wind.

Movable weighting can also increase a golfer’s control by creating a different swing for the amateur.

Let’s say that you suffer from hitting slices and need help to correct that flaw, a slight tweak of the weighting of the driver will allow you to reduce the side spin imparted on the golf ball.

Large Sweet Spot Promotes Forgiveness and Distance

Another area of new drivers that can significantly help a struggling golfer is a larger sweet spot that can aid in keeping off-center shots straighter.

As we know, amateur golfers can, at times, have difficulty with hitting the ball in the center of the club face.

On those occasions where the ball drifts from the center of the face, a golfer can experience thin shots that fly wide of their intended target.

Companies have continually worked over the years to design drivers that have larger sweet spots to help golfers who hit drives off the toe or hosel areas of the club find the fairway with increasing accuracy.

Yes, a golfer is going to get the most from their driver if it finds the center of the club face, but when it doesn’t a new driver will certainly outperform an older model with regards to keeping the ball straighter.

Forgiveness and distance are the two most important features of a driver. Golfers want the ball to go as far as possible with as much accuracy as the club can muster.

Since many weekend warriors have swings that are less than fundamentally sound, having a new driver can undoubtedly help golfers improve their game.

Features & Benefits

Key Feature #1: Adjustable Loft Sleeve

One of the best things that a golfer can buy when finding a new driver is a #1 wood with adjustable features. From setting the loft to fine-tuning the weighting and balance of the club head, purchasing an adjustable driver puts a golfer in total control of their equipment.

With the TaylorMade RBZ driver, you’ll have the option to adjust the loft of the club face through the loft sleeve.

With the simple crank of the included tool, golfers can adjust their driver’s face to their liking with exact loft angle roughly one degree in either direction, whether it be a higher loft or lower loft.

By having adjustable features on your driver, you can dial-in the shotmaking capabilities that will have you teeming with confidence.

The loft sleeve on the RBZ does just that by allowing you to modify the height of your drive, which is especially helpful in windy conditions when you want to hit a lower shot.

Key Feature #2: Patented Speed Pocket for More Swing Velocity

There are several golf equipment manufacturers that tout a speed pocket feature to their drivers. What sets the TaylorMade RBZ apart from similar drivers is that it feels solid throughout impact.

You’ll immediately notice when you first grip the RBZ how stable it feels in your hand during the swing.

The speed pocket feature in the RBZ driver is a large reason why we loved the repeatability of the driver on the range.

When you are practicing with this club, the exceptional response after impact will have you wanting to never leave your practice area as ball after ball feels like a shotgun blast off the sweet spot.

In technical terms, the speed pocket on the RBZ promotes higher launch angle for more distance but provides that without the dreaded side spin that can cause those ugly slices and hooks.

When you purchase the RBZ driver, you are paying for its stability and distance, both of which come from the speed pocket feature on this driver.

Key Feature #3: Matrix White Tie Shaft

We normally don’t talk much about the stock shafts that companies put in their clubs, especially since so many golfers go for modified shafts after purchasing their driver, but the Matrix White Tie shaft had us all impressed throughout our RBZ testing.

Light and very responsive, the Matrix White shaft comes to play with incredible stability and feel throughout the swing.

Some golfers are afraid to dial up their swing to maximum because they aren’t sure if their driver is up to the task, but I can assure you that the Matrix White shaft we tested with the RBZ is more than capable of bringing the power on swing after swing.

When testing the driver on the Trackman, we noticed that the Matrix White shaft delivered consistently unreal swing speed that was beyond impressive for our vast array of testers.

From high handicappers to our scratch golfers, the shaft was well received during our time with the club. 

Key Feature #4: Titanium Core for High Launch

When swinging a driver for the first time, an experienced golfer can feel if the club head is balanced or has slight adjustments to help amateurs craft a certain type of shot.

For example, in the RBZ driver, the club has a titanium core that moves the center of gravity deeper and further back in the driver’s head for more launch at impact.

For beginners and high handicappers, the difference won’t be noticeable, and instead they’ll marvel at the boost in launch angle and the way a new driver can surprise you at first glance.

More experienced golfers may wish for more adjustability in the head through moveable weights, but the RBZ driver isn’t as sophisticated as the elite drivers that cost three times as much.

The RBZ driver is a workhorse that delivers power from the tee with a large helping hand of the titanium core that assists in directing more energy to the golf ball for higher ball speed off the face and exceptional distance. 

Key Feature #5: Satin Black Finish for Contrast at Address

Another important feature that gets overlooked by amateur golfers is how the look of a driver’s head can improve vision through contrast.

The TaylorMade RBZ driver has a satin black finish with outlines on the crown to improve your alignment and contrast with the golf ball. Instead of seeking to find the true center of the club head, the finish will have you sitting dead center before each swing.

The RBZ’s look certainly promotes confidence in the golfer and during our testing, we noticed that the sleek and stylish look of the club gave us a reassurance that translated to the range.

It may seem silly that the style of a club would help calm you down on the tee, but a fine crafted club can do just that. 

When you contrast the RBZ to other drivers that may not have the production treatment that the TaylorMade driver does, you’ll notice that those drivers tend to receive poorer reviews and get cast aside quickly once they don’t respond like first-rate drivers do on the course.

Key Feature #6: The RBZ Provides Incredible Forgiveness

When we talked about the lower and deeper center of gravity on the RBZ, we certainly noted that the higher launch of the club came with additional forgiveness.

For weekend warriors, there might be some confusion as to what technically occurs when a reviewer says the club has incredible forgiveness.

As we look at the RBZ driver, we noticed that the ball came off the club with reduced side spin. When you see someone hit a big sweeping slice, that occurs when they impart side spin on the golf ball at impact.

The side spin usually occurs when the golfer is using a swing that comes from the inside and finishes on the outside of the correct swing path.

Professional golfers will impart spin on purpose to control the flight of the golf ball, but amateurs may be looking for more muscle and want to increase their distance without sacrificing accuracy.

For those golfers, the RBZ driver has been built for you, to increase yardage off the tee without worrying too much about the ball going off-line.

Key Feature #7: The RBZ Driver Creates Impressive Distance

With the combination of the titanium core, the speed pocket and the lower center of gravity provided by the rear weight, the trio creates incredible distance in the RBZ. On the range, we were greatly impressed by the distance that the RBZ generated on each and every swing.

What really works for the RBZ is the feel at impact. If you hit the ball in the sweet spot, you are going to know it immediately and the resulting drive will delight you. While watching our testers hit the TaylorMade RBZ, I was taken with how often they were smiling while using the driver. This is a fun club to use, whether it be on the range or course.

In the TaylorMade line of drivers, the RBZ isn’t as bombastic as some of their truly top-of-the-line drivers, such as anything in their M-series, but if you are a mid to high handicapper looking for a better driver with increased launch for more distance, then this driver should be at the top of your list.

Key Feature #8: The RBZ Driver Promotes High Launch

The rear aligned weight in the back of the RBZ’s club head is there to help you get the ball into the air. If you struggle with low launch angle and are looking to get more air for greater distance from your driver, than the RBZ is here to help you. The design of the club is quite intelligent as the weight helps power the driver’s titanium core and the RBZ’s large head for increased energy sent directly to the golf ball.

And that type of design is what you want if you are a golfer struggling to get yardage from your driver. You want the help of the club to make your drives more consistent, straighter and leave the club with more velocity. The RBZ does an admirable job at providing more distance with greater forgiveness than other drivers you will find at this price point.

Key Feature #9: The RBZ Driver Provides Low Spin for Straighter Shots

The club’s wide sweet spot gives the golfer more room for error, and that is comforting if you aren’t having a great day at the course. Good golf equipment provides a buffer zone on off-center strikes for the mid-level golfer. If you are struggling to make solid contact, you’ll notice by the quality of the shots, but a driver like the RBZ will help keep the ball toward the target with its low spin.

Finding a driver with low spin is crucial for reducing those ugly slices and hooks that so many amateurs suffer from on the tee box. When our swings are not fundamentally sound, we impart side spin on the golf ball, causing shots that land far from our intended destination. Good equipment can help reduce the punitive damages of those swings by lowering the spin imparted on the golf ball.

The RBZ is quite adept at assisting you in keeping the ball on the fairway where it needs to be for lower scores.

Key Feature #10: Large Titanium Head for Increased Swing Speed

The 460cc head is made from titanium on the RBZ driver and it certainly packs a punch when you hit the ball in the center of the clubface. Powered by the company’s patented speed pocket technology, the TaylorMade driver utilizes every bit of the club head to power the golf ball on drive after drive.

During our testing, we noted that the titanium head is lightweight despite its rather large size, providing plenty of MPH to the golf ball at impact. While the driver may not reach the heights of the company’s M-series drivers, it still delivers impressive distance off the face.

When you get the RBZ driver onto the range, you’ll notice how solidly built the club is and how the head is part of that stability. On some drivers, the club head won’t feel a part of the club, it works almost independently in a way. But the RBZ doesn’t fall victim to that syndrome, instead creating an extension that generates power to the golf ball for some truly awe-inspiring drives.

Questions & Answers

What level of golfer does the TaylorMade RBZ benefit the most?

As mentioned in our TaylorMade RBZ Driver review above, mid-to-high handicappers will benefit the most from the RBZ driver. With the adjustable loft sleeve, golfers can either increase or decrease the launch angle of the RBZ driver, giving them more control over the height of their drives. While that might not seem like a huge factor for inexperienced golfers, thinking more strategically about your golf game is something crucial for taking the next step toward lower scores.

The TaylorMade RBZ driver is a fundamentally sound driver that is rock solid throughout the swinging process from takeaway to impact, the golfer will never feel like they are getting loose with their swing. The rear-centered weight helps golfers who are having difficulty getting the ball into the air for maximum flight that will assist in increasing the average yardage on each drive.

Why should a golfer get a driver with adjustable features?

Golfers should highly consider an adjustable feature driver because they offer far more control than regular fixed hosel drivers. Even for beginning golfers who may not take advantage of all that these drives offer, adjustable drivers can provide a stepping stone to increasing distance, improving accuracy and learning what makes you the best golfer you can possibly be.

Golfers should look for adjustable loft sleeves to alter the height of drives and adjustable weighting that can help with creating new flight paths of the golf ball and assist in solving the problems created by those tricky slices and hooks.

Adjustable features allow golfers to tweak their equipment to their liking. Rather than having to fit into a one-size-fits-all model of golfing equipment, drivers like the RBZ can help the amateur find their swing.

Why does the RBZ’s speed pocket promote high launch and low spin?

The RBZ’s speed pocket is something that most drivers contain in some form and assists in producing energy that is transferred to the golf ball at impact. Behind the club face, the pocket is situated to allow the driver to transfer maximum velocity to the golf ball without increasing spin for more distance.

The speed pocket reduces spin through stability. Rather than twist or torque at impact, the speed pocket provides a solid foundation for hitting the golf ball without imparting side spin upon the golf ball. Side spin is something golfers want to avoid because that creates instability in a ball’s flight from the club face, making it more vulnerable to the wind and other elements that could affect the intention of the shot.

The TaylorMade speed pocket is a revolutionary innovation that benefits clubs like the RBZ driver by providing more dependability through impact.

Why can a new driver create more distance for a golfer?

Golfers looking to upgrade to a new driver but unsure that the price will result in lower scores are not taking into account that the new technology provided by a new #1 wood will create a whole new game. Especially for inexperienced golfers playing lesser clubs, new equipment can be a game-changer in the development of their skill set.

New drivers are designed to be more aerodynamic for less drag to provide less resistance for increased distance. Simply put, older drivers cannot replicate the abilities of a new driver because the younger club is featuring technology that the old driver could never feature.

Yes, new equipment alone won’t result in magic results for a golfer, but in connection with learning more about the game, a club, like the RBZ driver, can increase the potential and ceiling for the player.

What other benefits can beginning golfers receive from a new driver?

Besides distance, golfers can expect a new driver to aid in accuracy through forgiveness. New drivers are made to lessen the penalty when a golf ball drifts off-center and finds more of the toe or hosel of the club face.

With a new driver, golfers are taking advantage of the technology that makes present-day drivers more stable through the impact zone. Without the twisting that older drivers can experience, golfers can be free to swing with more power, creating jaw-dropping distance without being penalized with poor accuracy.

New drivers are best served for golfers who are on the precipice of making that leap to the next tier. Whether it be a beginner looking to become a mid-handicapper or a mid-level golfer ready to get into the single-digit handicap tier, new equipment can create more forgiveness, more control, and better accuracy from your shots.


The TaylorMade RBZ is a fine driver with several first-rate qualities that place it among the best drivers available at an affordable price point.

In this TaylorMade RBZ Driver review, we loved the construction of the club and the solid feel the driver had throughout the swing.

There’s nothing flimsy about the RBZ, in that, you’ll feel completely comfortable with each tee shot as it delivers muscle to the golf ball.

Great for maximum effort swings, the RBZ driver may not provide you with complete control as the only adjustable feature is the loft sleeve, but that doesn’t mean the driver is a one-trick pony.

With a sleek look that aligns easily, the RBZ driver features a titanium core and speed pocket that focuses its energy directly to the golf ball for eye-popping distance and accuracy.

We hope this TaylorMade RBZ driver review will help you to make a purchase decision.

Ideal for the mid handicapper looking to make the jump to a more advanced driver without raiding their wallet, the TaylorMade RBZ is a high quality, well proven driver.