Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge Review: 2020 Buying Guide

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Best Wedge for Mid Handicappers: Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge
“Packed with impressive features (cavity-backed, patented sole grind, and tour zip grooves), the CBX 2 delivers outrageous spin and unreal height that helps with accuracy – best for golfers needing help with their short game.”

Best Alternate Option: Wilson Harmonized Wedge
“The Wilson Harmonized Wedge has a thin sole grind and modified bounce angle that helps promote accelerated spin. Its classic blade shape gives the feel of a professional wedge at an affordable price perfect for beginning golfers!”

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The Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge is one of the best clubs that a mid-to-high handicapper can put in their bag because the wedge line has been designed to assist the golfer’s short game in a variety of helpful ways.

Featuring multi-piece construction that helps dampen vibration while creating incredible spin, the CBX Wedge provide exceptional control that golfers will fawn over. The hollow cavity design of the wedges allows weight to be evenly distributed across the face of the club for forgiveness rarely found in a short game club.

In this article, we’ll review the CBX Wedge in-depth and help you decide if it is right for you.

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Best Wedge for Mid Handicappers: Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge
For mid-handicappers who want to go to the next level.
  • Sharp machine-crafted grooves produce exceptional spin for unbelievable control
  • Perimeter-weighted for one of the best balanced wedges on the market today
  • Three different sole grind options give golfers plenty of choices for finding the perfect wedge for their game

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Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge

Best Wedge for Mid Handicappers

Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge, 46 degrees Right Hand, Steel
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Overall grade99%


  • Perimeter-weighted for one of the best balanced wedges on the market today
  • Sharp machine-crafted grooves produce exceptional spin for unbelievable control
  • Three different sole grind options give golfers plenty of choices for finding the perfect wedge for their game
  • Eight different loft options allow golfers to create a dependable stable of wedges for their bag


  • Cavity-backed design may turn away more experienced golfers looking for forged-style wedges
  • For golfers looking for simple wedges, the CBX 2 may be too cluttered for their short game intentions

With some of the sharpest grooves on a wedge, the CBX 2 delivers outrageous spin that can create stopping power on the greens and unreal height on shots from the fairway for soft landings that help with accuracy.

A well-designed wedge that can help golfers across the board, the CBX 2 is a marvel of equipment design and one of the finest wedges we’ve ever tested.

Technical Specifications

Patented Sole Grind

The CBX 2 comes in three different types of sole grinds, allowing the golfer to craft their own complement of wedges in their preferred style. Optimized by loft, Cleveland has created sole grinds that accent each level of wedge, from pitching or A-wedges, to sand wedges, to finally, the lob wedge. Each design helps the golfer in whatever environment they might find themselves using the club, such as deep rough or soft sand.

Tour Zip Grooves

The face on the CBX wedges are milled using the company’s specialized equipment creating some of the sharpest grooves imaginable for jaw-dropping spin that the golfer can utilize for more control from their short game. The Rotex Face technology that the company uses on the CBX 2 is the company’s most aggressive face milling process for optimal spin and control.

Cavity-Back Wedge for More Forgiveness

Since 85% of golfers play some type of cavity-backed iron, Cleveland has tailored the CBX Wedge line for those players. With a comparable feel to a cavity-back iron, the wedges offer golfers the ability to experience the same response you’d typically find from a similarly styled iron.

Things to consider before buying a wedge

How Lofts Affect Height and Distance in Wedges

When looking at what wedges to put in your bag, you’ll soon find that there are many options to choose from. In fact, out of any golf equipment decision, the wedges you eventually select may be the hardest decision you’ll have to make. With different types of sole grind and loft options, it can be highly confusing at first glance when finding the wedges that will work best for your game.

When first learning about wedges, it is wise to understand the difference that loft can play in these short game tools. Starting around 46-degrees and ending around 64-degrees, wedges have the largest discrepancy of loft of any club in the bag.

Loft on a wedge will greatly affected the distance a golf ball can travel and at what height it will enter into the air, a factor otherwise known as launch angle. Pitching wedges sit somewhere around 46 degrees and can travel anywhere from 120-140 yards with the average golfer. In contrast, lob wedges that have a face of 60 degrees usually carry anywhere from 75-100 yards and rise at a far greater height than a pitching wedge. 

How Grooves Influence Spin in Wedges

Another factor in a great wedge that must be considered is the construction of the grooves on the wedge’s face. The grooves impart spin upon the golf ball through the friction created at impact. To create the maximum spin, the wedge must have sharp grooves that are not worn down. As a result, it isn’t uncommon for professional golfers to play wedges no more than one or two tournaments before switching them out to keep the spin as high as possible.

Wedges are responsible for creating control through their ability to produce spin. A golf ball that is spinning backwards at a rate of 2000 rpm will softly land on the green, stop without issue and could even roll back toward the golfer.

It is common to witness professional golfers create mind-bending spin on their wedge shots but that is done through incredible swing speed that common golfers can’t reproduce on a regular basis.

How Bounce Affects Impact in Wedges

The degree of bounce that a wedge has is also important because it is a signal of how wide the wedge’s sole is and the quality of impact the club will impart on the golf ball.

Bounce is most important when dealing with obstacles such as deep grass and sand. By having a shallow sole grind, the wedge will take a shallow divot and contact more of the golf ball at impact. Like an iron, low-bounce wedges needs center impact to get the distance required from the club.

Higher bounce wedges usually correspond with wider soles that help the golfer slice through deep grass without the twisting that could snap the club face closed and result in a terrible shot. These wedges are easier to use when opening the stance and the club face to allow the club to slide under the golf ball for more height from high grass or softer sand.

Golfers grow to prefer a certain type of bounce and sole grind to their wedges, so they can feel confident in the quality of contact created by these short game necessities.

Features & Benefits

Key Feature #1: Unique Sole Grind Options

One of the biggest complaints about the original CBX wedges was that there was only one sole grind available to customers. So, the company went back to the drawing board and reimagined the CBX wedge to offer golfers more options in the sole grind department.

Now the CBX 2 has three different types of sole grinds according to the loft of the wedge. 

For the 46-through 52-degree CBX Wedges, the sole is V-shaped. The company touts the V-shaped sole as easy to slide through the grass and glides through muddy areas where the club could become stuck.

For the sand wedge zone of 54-through 56-degree wedge, the company has created a S-shaped sole that is contoured to help the golfer get out of the sand or moderate rough. The S-shape sole comes mid-sized when compared to the relatively tighter sole of the V-shape model.

Finally, there is a C-shaped sole that matches lob wedges in the 58-through 60-degree range. Crafted to help with lift, the C-shaped sole of these wedges allows the golfer to open the clubface of the club without sacrificing contact. Golfers who use the C-shaped soles will find that they are the widest sole grind that Cleveland makes and are tailored for easily sliding through sand or deep rough.

Key Feature #2: Incredible Feel From Any Distance

Another way that the CBX 2 Wedges perform well for improving golfers is through their construction. At times, golfers can feel that the wedge they are using doesn’t provide a solid response at impact. As a result, the golfer loses confidence in the wedge. What the CBX 2 does is give those golfers more reassurance through better response.

During our testing, our testers continually raved about the feel at impact with the CBX 2 Wedges. Regardless of the sole grind or the loft, the wedges delivered repeatable ball flight and solid feel when striking.

Another highlight for this wedge worth noting is that the distance each wedge in the series provides the golfer is consistent and dependable. Lesser wedges can certainly jump around in ball height and yardage measurements, but we were pleasantly surprised to see the dependability shine through in the CBX 2 Wedges. 

Key Feature #3: Perimeter-Weighted for Maximum Forgiveness

The cavity-backed design of the CBX 2 Wedges has forced some reviewers to give the wedges  the moniker of game-improvement wedges and while that is true, the wedges deserve higher praise. These wedges have certainly been designed to help inexperienced golfers shave strokes with their short game, but they are more advanced than perhaps low handicappers give them at first glance.

Although they are multi-piece wedges and don’t share the characteristics of the forged wedges that most pros play with, the CBX 2 wedges are still valid clubs for use by any skill level. Primarily, because the wedges produce exceptional spin and dynamic control. 

In addition, the perimeter weighting in the CBX 2 allow the golfer to swing with trust that the golf ball will fly smoothly without much side spin. Perimeter weighted irons, especially wedges, are one of golf’s great recent innovations in that it helps prevent off-center strikes from straying too far off course.

Key Feature #4: Sharpest Tour Grooves on Club Face

The company boasts their Rotex Face technology on all CBX 2 wedges. The new milling process helps the wedges impart more friction onto the golf ball for increased spin and shot-stopping ability from anywhere on the course.

Cleveland puts each wedge in the CBX 2 through a multi-step process to creating the rugged face of each club head. Not only does the wedge face get machine milled for more ridges, but the company also puts the wedge through a laser milling process that roughens the face even more to create more grip and control with each shot.

Most wedges at this price point do so little to increase friction and grip into the cover of the golf ball, but one of the reasons why Cleveland has gained such a positive reputation as a premier wedge maker, is because of the milling process they put each wedge through before it hits the market.

Key Feature #5: Feel Balancing Technology

The Feel Balancing Technology on the CBX 2 Wedges is the endgame to months of redesigning the original CBX Wedge. The club designers moved the center of gravity away from the hosel of the initial CBX Wedge and replaced it toward the toe to improve forgiveness on off-center strikes.

Another reason they wanted a more balanced wedge with this version is because to become a true game-improvement wedge, they needed better balance and more perimeter weighting to ground the club through the impact zone. By adjusting the center of gravity outward, they reduced the penalty of hitting the golf ball off the toe, an error that most inexperienced golfers know far too well.

With high handicappers and beginning golfers more adept to hitting the ball toward the toe and not in the center of the club face, Cleveland made the adjustment to assist those golfers on those shots from the fairway where clean contact is an absolute must.

Key Feature #6: True Temper Steel Shafts

Cleveland and True Temper came together to create the steel shaft that goes into the CBX 2 Wedge. One of the biggest problems that inexperienced golfers face is the transition between heavy wedges and lighter irons. Without an understanding of feel, golfers with this skill level have a hard time managing the discrepancies between the two clubs.

For the shafts going into the CBX 2 Wedge, True Temper wanted to lessen that gap by making their Dynamic Gold 115 wedge shaft lighter and more in line with an iron shaft. By removing 10g-20g of weight, depending on the CBX 2 model, the company has given the wedges the feel of your traditional cavity backed irons with sacrificing performance.

Key Feature #7: Increased Sweet Spot for Terrific Distance

Wedges are different than woods or irons because their sweet spot is slightly higher on the club face than either of those two specific clubs. Wedges must enter the turf and work the ball higher on the club face to impart more contact with the grooves, thereby creating more spin.

The new design of the CBX 2 increases the landing area of the sweet spot for better control and higher quality contact on shots from anywhere on the course. The club takes advantage of the lighter hosel, the tapered flange and the hollow cavity to produce a better shot with each swing.

Regardless of your handicap, you’ll see dividends by using the CBX 2 Wedge due to its game-improvement design and ability to help lift shots with increased spin and more stability.

With a lower center of gravity, the CBX 2 Wedge has amazing feel and response, primarily because of how the golf ball feels every time it connects to the larger sweet spot

Key Feature #8: Wider Toe for More Stability

The CBX 2 Wedge also received a face lift in the form a wider toe. One of the features that club designers for Cleveland really tried to tackle with the CBX sequel is making it lighter but also moving the center of gravity more toward the toe of the club. The wedge uses its hollow cavity to redistribute weight on the fly but the club head is anchored by the newly-designed toe.

“It allows us to position more weight towards the toe to get the CG where we want it, while still making it look like a balanced wedge,” Brian Schielke, Cleveland Golf’s marketing director told My Golf Spy.

“If you have a pure blade-looking wedge without a hollow cavity and you want the weighting out there, you’d have to have some massive chunk of metal out toward the toe that wouldn’t look very good. The wedge wouldn’t look balanced, and people would be turned off immediately.”

As a result of their persistent testing, the CBX 2 Wedge feels more balanced throughout the impact zone for better balance and more forgiveness.

Key Feature #9: Multi-Piece Construction for More Versatility

In addition to the Feel Balancing Technology feature, Cleveland has constructed these wedges using multi-piece technology. There are five components of the CBX 2 Wedge worth noting. They are a hosel cutout, a gelback insert, a wider toe, hollow cavity and a tapered flange on the club head

The hosel cutout allows Cleveland to reduce weight in the clubhead and shift the center of gravity more toward the toe of the wedge. By shifting the weight more towards the toe, the wedge can increase forgiveness throughout the sweet spot of the club face.

A gelback insert has been placed inside the toe of the CBX 2 wedge to help the club promote distance and launch angle into the bottom half of the golf ball. By flying higher, shots off these Cleveland wedges have gained a reputation as one of the softest wedge shots for mid handicappers.

The hollow cavity and wider toe features both help the club with balance and forgiveness. The hollow cavity redistributes weight along the club face, while the wider toe promotes more stability and less twisting through impact with the turf.

Finally, the tapered flange assists the CBX 2 Wedge in creating more forgiveness and versatility with each shot, regardless of the loft or style of the sole grind.

Questions & Answers

What level of golfer would benefit the most from a CBX 2 wedge?

Golfers of all levels could find a use for the CBX 2 Wedge but the club is specifically tailored to assist mid-to-high handicappers who need a little equipment boost from their wedge set. Featuring such game-improvement characteristics such as cavity-backing, multi-piece construction with a gel insert, perimeter weighting and other small details, the CBX 2 Wedge is marketed for the golfer who wants forgiveness and feel from their short game equipment.

Low handicappers are more known to use wedges that are shaped more like a forged iron for more playability and shot-shaping capability. Although they’d certainly see the benefits of playing with a wedge like the Cleveland CBX 2, they ultimately might feel more frustration at what the wedge is incapable of doing due to its design.

For golfers in that transition period of trying to improve, the CBX 2 will undoubtedly shave some strokes while improving the accuracy and precision of your short game play.

What are the loft options on the CBX 2 wedge?

The CBX 2 wedges come in a variety of loft options, beginning at 46-degrees and ending at 60-degrees. Although the wedges use the loft number over titles, the wedges would typically cover the range of loft options commonly associated with a pitching, sand, and lob wedge.

There are three groupings of the wedge that utilize their own specific grind sole to assist in improving contact for the mid handicapper. The wedges come with a V-Shaped, S-shaped and C-shaped sole for better contact with the turf at address and through the impact zone.

The range of loft options on the Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge line allows the golfer plenty to choose from so they can build the short game set that works best for their game. Whether you believe that three or four wedges work best in your bag, there is enough differentiation between the CBX 2 Wedges to find specific roles for each club. 

Can beginning golfer use the CBX 2 wedge without a learning curve?

Yes, beginning golfers will adore the CBX 2 Wedges because there is no learning curve. Straight from the box, the CBX 2 Wedges will be ready to use and inexperienced golfers will see immediate benefits from having the clubs in their bag. Each and every highlighted feature of the wedge line has been crafted to showcase playability for golfers who are struggling to put their golf game together.

Beginning golfers will enjoy the feel and response of the club as well as the wedges’ ability to slide under the golf ball, no matter what turf you are hitting your shot from that day at the course. The CBX 2 excels at forgiveness with its low center of gravity and exceptional balance supported by the perimeter weighted club head reducing spin and correcting off-center strikes.

Great for high handicappers looking for an exceptional set of wedges that will undoubtedly help them lower their scores and help them climb that difficult ladder to improved play.

Should I choose a steel or graphite shaft for the CBX 2 wedge?

There are advantages to choosing either steel or graphite shaft in any club, but especially when it comes to wedges. Some golfers believe that steel shafts are the only way to go because their feel is more stable than graphite. For the golfers who champion graphite, the ability to lighten the weight of a wedge, known as a heavier club to begin with, is an option too tempting to deny.

Golfers with slow swing speeds are usually guided into purchasing graphite shafts because they need all the advantages they can exploit when boosting shot velocity. That loss of weight in the club does come at a price as many golfers feel that graphite shafts are too flimsy for constant use.

On the other hand, stainless steel shafts are heavier and more responsive at impact, but if you have issues with your hands, say Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, then steel can irritate your condition and cause a weakening of the hands over the course of a round.

What are the differences between the CBX 2 lob wedge and pitching wedge?

If you are wondering if you should put a CBX 2 lob wedge in your hand, the difference could surprise you when comparing it to the pitching wedge comparable in the Cleveland line. 

The lob wedge is roughly 60 degrees in loft with a C-shaped sole for more versatility with the option of laying the club open for higher flop shots. The 60-degree CBX 2 Wedge has a wider sole, typically found on wedges at this loft, that help the club move easily through sand and deeper rough.

For the pitching wedge, the golfer has a few more options as the section runs from 46-to 52-degrees. Featuring the V-shaped sole, this specific wedge in the CBX 2 series is meant to help the golfer on tighter lies and more resilient turf. The wedge’s design allows more forgiveness which is good for these wedges as they’ll be used 100-120 yards away from the hole.

Alternatives to Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge

Wilson Harmonized Wedge

Best Wedge for Budget Seeking Beginners

Wilson Sporting Goods Harmonized Golf Gap Wedge, Right Hand, Steel, Wedge, 52-degrees
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Overall grade92%


  • Classic blade shape gives the feel of a professional wedge for less than the cost of green fee
  • Thin sole grind for crisper contact on harder turf
  • Can be played with square stance which is preferable for beginning golfers 
  • Modified bounce angle helps promote accelerated spin for shot-stopping power around the green


  • Lacks the advanced milling on the club face that sharpens grooves and creates spin
  • Although sharp to look at, the Wilson Harmonized wedge plays heavy, costing distance on full swings

The Wilson Harmonized wedge series is the company’s attempt at making a professional looking wedge at an affordable price. Styled similarly to a forged iron, the Harmonized wedge features thin sole grinds that helps the club on harder surfaces and turf. Although it plays a bit heavier than your more advanced wedges, the Wilson model is incredibly affordable and a real alternative for beginning golfers who want a sharp looking wedge without the elevated price tag.

On the range, the Wilson Harmonized wasn’t as responsive as we hoped, with a dead feeling at impact that felt heavy on the club face. Without feel, the Wilson wedges are a bit of a guessing game, as you could experience yardage swings of a few yards with each shot.

Another complaint we had was the spin rate on the wedges paled in comparison to other budget wedges and the lack of milling on the face certainly attributed to the low spin on the greens. Solidly built, but ultimately lacking in pizazz, the Wilson Harmonized wedges are crafted for the beginner who wants the look without the price of a forged wedge.

C3i Wedge

Best Wedge for High Handicappers

C3i Sand Wedge & Lob Wedge–Premium Right Hand Golf Wedge- Escape Bunkers in One, Easy Flop Shots– Legal for Tournament Play, Quickly Cuts Strokes from Short Game- High Loft Golf Club
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Overall grade95%


  • Funky looking wedge can flat out perform with wide sole that slices through sand and deep rough with ease
  • Great for beginners and high handicappers that need a club they can trust off the green
  • Meant to be played with a square stance, the C3i Wedge is great for straight forward short game play
  • Even though it may look unique, the wedge is sanctioned for tournament play and legal by USGA regulations


  • For golfers looking for wedge they can shape shots with, the C3i isn’t multi-faceted
  • Straight forward wedge that is tailored for beginners and high handicappers, leaving mid-to-low handicappers looking elsewhere for the wedge choice

One of the most distinct looking wedges you’ll ever see, the C3i Wedge is a great club for beginning and inexperienced golfers who need a club that can handle sand and deep rough shots with relative ease.

The secret for the C3i Wedge is the incredibly wide sole that is designed to handle these treacherous shots without issue. Yes, it may not be the club you are looking for if you are ready to take the next step and shape your wedge shots but if you need a one-size-fits-all tool to help you get through the heavy stuff without resistance, then this wedge is just what you need.

Available in three different loft settings, the C3i Wedge can be anything from your sand wedge to your lob wedge. Even if you play it off the fairway or a tight lie, the C3i will respond with outstanding feel and excellent response.

Our testers absolutely loved hitting high and soft fade shots with the C3i Wedge. Primarily taken with its simplicity, the group we used to test this wedge really enjoyed playing around and putting the club to the test on the range from a variety of distances and lies.


The Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge is a well constructed short game tool that is solidly balanced while delivering high performance from anywhere around the green. Available in eight different loft options, the CBX 2 Wedge is perimeter weighted for maximum forgiveness, allowing you to easily control shots with increased spin.

Cleveland’s rote-face technology provides golfers with a wedge featuring some of the sharpest grooves available on the market for maximum spin and effortless control on even the toughest shots from the deep rough. And with three different sole grinds, golfers will be able to fine tune the short game that works best for their game.

The CBX 2’s cavity-backed design should bring in golfers of all skill levels, especially those who are afraid of spending the money to upgrade their wedge game. Not only are the CBX 2 Wedges very affordable, but they are certain to add a dependable tool to your bag when you need help the most on the links.