TaylorMade TP5 & TP5X Review (2020): Should You Buy It?

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Best Tour Golf Ball for Mid Handicappers: TaylorMade TP5/TP5x
“The TP5/TP5x balls have a 5-layer construction and a speed-layer system that delivers increased ball speed over previous TaylorMade models. The TP5/TP5x balls are the most complete Tour-level golf balls, and are perfect for mid-handicappers.”

Best Alternate Option: Titleist Pro V1x
“The Pro V1x has a low-rising flight path and excellent stopping power on the greens providing perfect distance, spin, and feel. For golfers who never mind spending more, the Titleist Pro V1x is an excellent choice.”

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The TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x are well-made golf balls that offer slight differences, allowing golfers the choice of finding the right golf ball for their game. Both golf balls are highlighted by first-rate construction beginning with the multi-layered design that features a proprietary core and cover for remarkable distance and feel on each shot.

For golfers looking to make the jump from a two-piece ball to a more tour-level, multi-piece ball, either of the TP5 or TP5x will provide the weekend warrior with an affordable option for improving their game.

We are convinced that these two golf balls can stand toe-to-toe with the best tour-level balls money can buy, although some may feel that they still don’t reach the heights of the Titleist PROV1, known as the top ball in all of golf.

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Best Tour Golf Ball for Mid Handicappers: TaylorMade TP5/TP5x
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Best Tour Golf Ball for Mid Handicappers: TaylorMade TP5/TP5x
The best Tour Golf Ball you can buy in 2020.
  • Increased ball speed over previous TaylorMade models
  • 5-Layer Construction assists in increase in softness and feel and durability urethane cover
  • Most complete Tour-level golf ball company offers to golfers

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TaylorMade TP5/TP5x

Best Tour Golf Ball for Mid Handicappers

TaylorMade TP5X Prior Generation Golf Balls (One Dozen)
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Overall grade98%


  • Increased ball speed over previous TaylorMade models 
  • Most complete Tour-level golf ball company offers to golfers
  • 5-Layer Construction assists in increase in softness and feel and durability urethane cover
  • Speed-Layer System has four layers that constructs the exterior cover for better control in windy conditions and more spin around the green


  • An exceptional Tour-level golf ball, that doesn’t quite hit the mark of a Titleist ProV1 but comes very close
  • For beginning golfers that need more muscle, this ball may have too much finesse

Technical Specifications

Lower Compression, Lower Launch on TP5

The TP5 a lower compression offers the golfer a lower compression, lower launch and higher spin when using a wedge that helps a weekend warrior around the greens. This tour-level golf ball is a complete dynamo that will help a golfer from tee to green.

Higher Compression, Higher Launch on TP5

The TP5x differs from its brother by being higher compression and higher launch for a far more arc-like shot height that helps the golf ball pierce the wind and land softly on the green. The golf ball’s proprietary core delivers incredible spin from the fairway and shot-stopping power once the ball reaches the putting surface.

5-Layer Construction

Both golf balls are assembled via a five-layer construction that enhances ball speed without without affecting the spin performance of either golf ball. The Tri-Fast Core delivers incredible distance and maximum carry, while also promoting a low drag that helps assist the ball in windy conditions. On the exterior of the TP5/TP5x, golfers can expect a soft urethane cover that is very durable and promotes terrific spin.

Things to consider before buying a golf ball

Benefits of Upgrading Golf Ball

One of the benefits of upgrading the golf ball is the ability to add more dimension to your golf game. From shaping shots that encourage high soft face or low sharp draws, adding a tour-level golf ball to your bag will enable you to perform feats on the golf course that you will not be able to do with the two-piece ball.

The golf balls listed in this review, the TaylorMade TP5, as well as the alternatives, the Titleist Pro V1 and the Bridgestone Tour B XS, are all considered to be golf balls for low handicappers. Because all three of these golf balls share similar characteristics such as soft urethane covers and multi-layered construction, golfers can expect more efficiency from their shots in the form of greater spin, incredible distance and jaw-dropping control.

When considering purchasing a new ball, it is wise to take into account what the new golf ball can do for you in contrast to the current ball you are using. If you are hitting the links with a one-dimensional two-piece ball that may increase your distance but weaken your ability to spin the golf ball, now is the time to consider what a multi-piece ball could do for your game.

Materials Used in Construction of the Golf Ball

Another big difference between two-piece and multi-piece balls is how they are designed and constructed. For example, two-piece golf balls are made from two pieces of materials; the cover and the core. 

The cover is typically made from a harder form of urethane that is made to withstand a beating and last much longer than a multi-piece ball. Inside the core of the two-piece, you’ll find a synthetic rubber composite material that has been crafted to deliver distance without much else in the way of sophistication.

In contrast, multi-piece golf balls are made with a cover that usually is a softer and thinner urethane than their two-piece counterparts. This thinner cover does leave them vulnerable for cuts that can ultimately ruin the golf ball, but the advantages of increased speed and feel, are too advantageous to pass up for the low handicapper. 

Inside the multi-piece, the golfer will find layers of composite materials that are crafted to promote spin as well as enhance compression for taller shots.

Does upgrading increase spin and ball speed?

When comparing the two-piece and multi-layer in terms of spin and ball speed, you’ll find similarities and great differences between the two. While both golf balls will offer enticing distance, the two-piece golf ball delivers that at a price, and that comes in the way of finesse. Two-piece balls won’t spin as well or travel as high as multi-layered golf balls.

Multi-piece balls take advantage of their thinner covers and more concentrated cores, to boost spin and accent shot-making in the way of differing ball heights and shot paths. By being able to increase spin, golfers who play a multi-layer golf ball are far more capable than two-piece players, in enjoying better spin around the green for closer putts.

When deciding if you should make the upgrade to a multi-piece ball, it is smart to consider if your golf game is ready to take the next step and begin to play more of a game that demands accuracy with the help of shot shaping.

Features & Benefits

Key Feature #1: Optimized Spin Rate

When golfers hear the phrase “spin rate,” they may not understand how that affects the golf ball from tee-box to green. When the ball is struck with a club, the impact imparts spin on the golf ball that will affect its height, its speed and if it flies straight or with curve. 

Although most golfers assume that spin rate is only important around the green, which is true to a degree, they don’t take into account how spin affects all aspects of your golf game.

When taking all of what we just said into account, the TP5 & TP5x is constructed with an eye on increasing spin for higher shots that travel further than any TaylorMade model has done before. The two balls are slightly different in profile as the TP5 is made to spin more with wedges when compared to its counterpart, the TP5x. 

But that doesn’t mean that the TP5x won’t deliver stopping power on the greens, as it is more than capable of providing the golfer with touch and feel around the putting surface.

Key Feature #2: Maximum Distance

The TP5/TP5x are crafted to be one of the company’s longest golf balls without sacrificing the spin and feel that most tour-level golf balls deliver. It certainly can be a tricky thing for golfers to find the golf ball that complements all aspects of their game, but the best options on the market are multi-layered balls that create stunning distance through compression and advanced core construction.

The two tour golf balls by TaylorMade features a design that provides golfers with a high-quality golf ball that contains a Tri-Fast Core that reduces drag on the golf ball in unison with the sophisticated dimple system on the cover. By making the TP5/TP5x sleeker, especially in windy conditions, the golfer gains much needed distance for their game off the tee box.

Ideal for golfers who want a tour-level golf ball with booming length, the TP5/TP5x are wonderful options for the mid handicapper looking for a moderately priced first-rate golf ball.

Key Feature #3: Speed-Layer System

Another factor in the distance provided by the TP5/TP5x is the inclusion of a Speed-Layer system. Comprised of four tightly constructed layers that are stiff, the Speed-Layer system works as a spring that creates awesome ball speed after impact. This system helps provide additional yardage off the tee, more control of the golf ball when playing in the wind, and supports increased spin when you need help around the greens.

The Speed-Layer system is another feature of the two golf balls from TaylorMade that is a welcome difference from previous tour models that the company has released. The current version of the TP5/TP5x is the company’s most durable multi-piece golf ball that provides exceptional speed via the spring-like design of the Speed-Layer system.

Key Feature #4: High-Flex Material for Cover

TaylorMade is touting the HFM cover of the TP5/TP5x as another reason why the two golf balls perform so well when you consider the increased spin rate and control around the greens. Made from a thin urethane that is softer and more adept at shot making, the High-Flex Material cover wears well over the course of a round and certainly helps promote higher ball speeds after impact.

When working in unison with the Speed-Layer System, the HFM cover acts just like a coiled snake that is ready to strike. In the same way that once a snake goes to bite, the strike can be powerful, the rebound potential of the TP5/TP5x’s cover acts the same way upon being struck by a club face.

Key Feature #5: TP5 offers Lower Compression, Lower Launch

Taking a look at how the two different versions of the TP5 golf balls are different, let’s begin with the TP5’s lower compression and lower launch feature. One of the big reasons why the TP5 is great for a golfer just making his stride into the low-handicap range is that this golf ball won’t fly as high or as soft as the TP5x. 

Whereas that golf ball is better served by mid handicappers looking to get consistency from their shots, the TP5 provides workable ball flight that provides more distance and control than amateurs get from playing with a two-piece golf ball.

During our testing, we appreciated what the TP5 brought in terms of consistency. Having a ball flight that is a little lower than your high arching shots that many tour golf balls provide, allowed us to take less club on occasion, for better accuracy from the fairway, especially on the balls we wanted to shape into the green.

Key Feature #6: TP5 offers More Spin, Softer Feel

The TP5 is a softer golf ball when compared to the TP5x, providing higher spin around the greens, better feel when using wedges and lower irons and possesses a workability that shines for mid-to-low handicappers that desire a bit more workability from their tour-level golf ball.

When compared to the TP5x, the TP5 has a thinner cover for increased friction at impact when it comes into contact with the grooves of a wedge or other high-lofted club. The slighter cover also provides a softer feel at impact, something our testers noticed right away with positivity, as they adored the response of each shot with the TP5.

If you are a golfer who hits the ball with exceptional distance but is looking for more control on the fairway and around the green, then the TP5 should be high upon your consideration list.

Key Feature #7: TP5 is better for Low Handicappers

The reason that we are recommending the TP5 for low handicappers is that it provides several features that conform with what most advanced golfers want from their golf ball. Starting with the fact that this ball is more workable than its counterpart is a huge reason why we believe that the TP5 is great for single-digit handicappers.

By having more control over the golf ball, the TP5 stands above most of its competition as a ball that low handicappers need to consider if they are dissatisfied with the performance of their current golf ball. With a soft cover that promotes unreal spin all over the course, the TP5 does exceptionally well when being guided by the hands of an experienced golfer.

Less expensive than other tour-level balls, the TP5 is a great option for golfers who want more from their golf ball without taking a chunk out of their wallet.

Key Feature #8: TP5x offers Higher Launch, More Distance

In contrast to the mid-range ball height of the TP5, the TP5x has been built for a taller arc on shots that allows golfer who want more height from the tee box and fairway, to add a golf ball to their bag that will certainly help them shorten the learning curve. Ideal for mid handicappers who are making the leap into tour-level golf balls, the TP5x doesn’t spin as much as the TP5, making it more forgiving for golfers who still need help keeping the ball out of the rough.

The multi-layered assembly of the TP5x certainly helps with the additional distance that golfers can expect from this golf ball. On the range, we noticed that the TP5x undoubtedly held its own against the TP5 when measuring the length of drives.

Key Feature #9: TP5x offers Better Wind Performance with Piercing Ball Flight

The TP5x is crafted to be not only faster off the club face, but also more capable of deflecting any elements that could push it off course. All golfers have to deal with wind on the course, but far too many don’t consider the features of their golf ball when deciding a plan of attack.

This golf ball allows golfers who are just starting to find their way into maintaining an average of lower scores, the ability to breathe a little easier when dealing with the turbulent conditions.

Great for golfers who play primarily in windy areas of the country, the ball’s High-Flex Material cover helps pierce the wind for straighter shots. Ideal for golfers who want more launch without sacrificing too much in the way of spin and feel, the TP5x is an excellent option for these weekend warriors.

Key Feature #10: TP5x is Better for Mid Handicappers

TP5x is marginally better for mid handicappers because the ball is more uniform in its flight. Rather than being more open to manipulation from your swing style, the TP5x is straightforward to provide maximum forgiveness and more dependability on the expected arc-style flight path with this golf ball.

Featuring all of the amenities that a golfer would expect from a tour-level golf ball, the TP5x has a durable cover that creates additional spin and greater distance off the tee. When around the greens, golfers will see that the TP5x is a dagger, planting shots all around the stick.

Questions & Answers

What level of golfer should use the TaylorMade TP5?

Ultimately, the TP5 is best designed for low-to-mid handicappers who want to make the jump into using a tour-level golf ball without the heavy price tag of a Titleist Pro V1. The TP5 has been designed to be faster than your average two-piece ball for more distance and carry off the tee box. The ball has also been crafted to provide a workability that allows the golfer to tinker with their swing and stance to promote a specific ball flight for more accuracy.

Unlike the TP5x, the TP5 does not fly as high as its brother golf ball, providing a mid-level height to shots that adds distance as well as reduces backspin allowing the golfer to pinpoint where they want the golf ball to go in relation to the target. Around the greens, the TP5 is built for higher spin for more touch with your short game clubs such as wedges and lower irons.

Great for golfers looking to get more from their golf ball, the TP5 is excellent on the course.

What level of golfer should use the TaylorMade TP5x?

The TP5x is made for mid handicappers that want a golf ball that is stronger in wind, but perhaps is a bit tougher than the TP5. In most areas of the golf ball, the TP5x isn’t as soft nor flies as high as the TP5. But that doesn’t mean that the TP5x is a lesser golf ball.

On the contrary as the TP5x is built the same as its counterpart, but does sustain higher levels of launch angle, but a lower spin rate that the TP5 maintains as its baseline. If you are asking who would want this ball, then consider the benefits the ball could provide a golfer who’s handicap rests in the mid-10s. By making the jump to the TP5x, they would receive the benefits of a tour-level ball without the extremes that low handicappers would covet from their golf ball.

Regardless of handicap, the TP5x is going to offer maximum distance and carry off the tee box with terrific spin around the greens.

What is the difference between the TP5 and TP5x?

If you are interested in a comparison of the two golf balls, then the TP5 breaks down as a golf ball tailored more toward low handicappers due to its softer cover, workability, and increased spin rate. By choosing the TP5, you can expect additional distance and carry off the tee box, the ability to shape shots from the fairway when you need to work around a hazard, and delightful stopping power around the greens.

If you decide that the TP5x is right for you, then you will find that the golf ball presents itself with a high and soft ball flight and lower spin rates than its’ brother, the TP5. Ideal for golfers who are just making the leap to mid handicap skill level, the TP5x can cut some corners and shave a few strokes by assisting in the distance and dependability departments. The TP5x is a high-performing golf ball that checks a lot of boxes for golfers ready to make the jump to a multi-piece ball that produces results.

How does the construction of the TP5/TP5x affect spin and ball speed?

The construction of the two golf balls is incredibly similar, with the primary difference being the type of materials used in each ball. Both balls are made with multi-layer construction that offers golfers more compression, absorption of energy and varying levels of RPMs, or spin rate.

When discussing spin and ball speed, the TP5/TP5x has a Tri-Fast Core that delivers compression upon the golf ball that affects launch angle and shot height. Rather than having one solid composite core, like two-piece golf balls, these TaylorMade models, are layered with HFM, or high flex material, that increases ball speed through greater rebound after impact.

TaylorMade has also devised a new material known as HFMA that also complements the core for better energy transfer throughout the golf ball. Think of how a spring coil compresses and then bursts forward when it is unburdened. The same principles apply with the TP5/TP5x when they are struck with the club for increased distance and greater ball speed off the face.

What materials are used for the cover of the TP5/TP5x?

The cover of the two golf balls is made from a thinner urethane material that enables the golf ball to spin at greater rates and allows the golfer more control when using. The cover on the TP5/TP5x are made with increased groove interaction, allowing the grooves upon the clubface to impart more friction at impact for higher spin, which comes in handy around the greens.

If you are splitting hairs, the TP5 does have a slightly thinner cover, allowing the golf ball to have more feel and higher spin when you are using a wedge. In contrast, the TP5x is slightly thicker, promoting a higher ball flight but a stiffer feel at impact, although for the amateur, the difference in feel won’t be particularly noticeable.

Are the TP5/TP5x considered a tour ball like the Pro V1/v1x?

Yes, the TP5/TP5x are considered to be a tour-level golf ball, just like the Pro V1/V1x. To be a tour-level ball, the ball must meet a set of design considerations that allow it to meet a standard that the average tour player would want to use it on the course. For example, tour golf balls must be multi-layered golf ball with a thin urethane cover.

By meeting both those standards, professional golfers can shape shots, create heart-stopping backspin and unleash drives that require binoculars to see land in the fairway. For tour players, having multi-piece golf balls allows for more control, even though the balls may not be as durable as a two-piece ball, that’s made to last longer than it’s made to perform on the course.

Alternatives to TaylorMade TP5 & TP5x

Titleist Pro V1x

Best Golf Ball for Low Handicappers

Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls, White, High Play Numbers (5-8), One Dozen
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Overall grade99%


  • Best golf ball on the market today with excellent distance, spin and feel
  • Tour-level golf ball that is played by more professional golfers than any other golf ball on the market today
  • Great in windy conditions with low-rising flight path that stays true and doesn’t deviate from intended target
  • Excellent stopping power on the greens with the most spin from a tour-level golf ball


  • Although there are little complaints for the Pro V1 to record, this golf ball is expensive for golfers looking for a cheaper tour-level golf ball
  • As with most tour-level golf balls, the Pro V1 may be too soft for high handicappers

Considered by many to be the best golf ball market, the Titleist Pro V1 features a thin urethane elastomer cover that assists the golfer in creating high spin on shots into the green and delivers incredible feel while on the putting surface. One of, if not, the fastest ball available to amateurs today, the Pro V1 is an efficient piece of golfing equipment that will lower scores for golfers of all skill levels, although the ball is primarily made for low handicappers.

Much like the TP5/TP5x, the Pro V1 also has a brother ball, the Pro V1x. The Pro V1 is softer for better feel while providing mid-range ball flight that increases distance while reducing side spin. The V1x delivers higher ball flight than its counterpart with more spin when using irons and wedges.

Although both golf balls are considered to be tour-level balls, the Pro V1/V1x rates higher than the TP5/TP5x. The only noticeable difference is the price, because you can expect to spend $10-15 more per dozen for the Titleist model.

Bridgestone Tour B XS

Exceptional Golf Ball for High Handicappers

Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS Golf Balls (One Dozen)
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Overall grade97%


  • Gradual Compression core helps golfers increase distance and forgiveness with less side spin
  • Quality feel and control around the greens with softer proprietary SlipRes cover
  • Dual Dimple technology on cover assists with additional distance with less drag and more efficiency
  • Very affordable tour-level golf ball that provides ridiculous distance and terrific feel


  • Compared to other tour golf balls, the Bridgestone XS fell a bit short in the distance category during our testing
  • Some golfers have complained that the cover is too soft, resulting in cuts and gashes when striking objects on course

Made popular by Tiger Woods, the Bridgestone Tour B XS has been tailored for low handicappers who are looking to avoid the higher price tag of the Pro V1 but not sacrifice in the performance department. The Tour B XS features several unique characteristics that are proprietary to Bridgestone.

The first feature worth highlighting is the gradational core within the B XS. Adding distance and forgiveness, while not reducing the ball’s spin rate, the Tour B XS utilizes the core to reduce side spin as it increases ball speed off the club face.

Next, the company’s SlipRes cover adds much-needed feel and control for increased friction that makes it a dream off the face of your wedges for shot-stopping power and increased back spin for ultimate control.

Finally, the Dual Dimple system on the cover of this Bridgestone ball comes equipped with extra distance via the enhanced aerodynamics. Making the ball more efficient, the Dual Dimple reduces drag making the the B XS sleeker through wind and other elements that could ultimately affect the flight of the golf ball.

A great addition to the tour-level group of golf balls, the Bridgestone Tour B XS is another option that won’t cost as much as a Pro V1, but deliver tantalizingly similar results.


The TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x are exceptionally well-made golf balls that are sure to boost distance and improve spin rate from the fairway and around the green. The TP5x is the more sophisticated ball of the two, providing the golfer with more compression resulting in higher launch and a better wind control. Perfect for mid-handicappers, looking to make the jump to tour-level golf balls without the suffocating price tag.

The TP5, in comparison, is an excellent all-around golf ball that offers long distance off the tee box with a lower launch angle due to the lower compression. Around the green, the TP5 provides the golfer with more spin for their wedge shots, making this golf ball the more advanced of the two when compared to the TP5x.

Whatever your needs may be on the course, the TP5 and TP5x are more than equipped to do the job. With a durable cover that promotes spin and a multi-layered construction that assists in boosting distance, these two golf balls from TaylorMade certainly will earn a place in your golf bag.