Matt Kuchar WITB 2022: Here’s Every Club In His Bag

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
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Nine-time PGA Tour winner Matt Kuchar has long held a reputation as one of the most consistent golfers in the world. With his accuracy from the fairway and a steady putter, Kuchar has won tens of millions of dollars over his golf career.

Member of several Ryder Cup teams for the United States, Kuchar enjoys a long-time sponsorship with Bridgestone for his golf equipment needs.

In this Matt Kuchar WITB, we’ll take a deeper look into the longtime golfer’s club collection to find secrets that can help you lower your scores and drop your handicap.

Matt Kuchar WITB: Every Club He Uses in 2022

Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver

Long Distance, Accurate Driver for Mid Handicappers

Bridgestone Golf Jgr 460 Driver 12ᴼ Stiff
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  • Long yardage off the tee with low spin for better forgiveness on off-center strikes
  • Boost Wave Crown reduces wind resistance with aerodynamic shape for maximum swing speed
  • Power Rib Sole Design keeps the sole rigid through the impact zone for stability and energy transfer


Kuchar uses the Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver on tour. The driver may look plain from the outside, but its performance is one of the large reasons why Kuchar carries it in his bag for tournaments.

Not only does Kuchar find the JGR model improves launch off the tee, but provides consistent distance that works to shorten his second shots for better scoring.

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For the weekend warrior, the JGR Driver offers a lightweight, stable feel with the 460cc head offering a large sweet spot that remains one of the most forgiving on the market. Another bonus with the JGR is a single stationary weight that helps promote a right to left ball flight to help any golfers struggling to correct their slice or wanting to straighten out their fade.

Bridgestone is offering the JGR at an attractive price point and when you consider its overall look and performance, it’s quite the bargain. Accessible enough for high and mid handicappers, the Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver provides easy distance with exceptional accuracy.

TaylorMade M6 Fairway Wood

First-rate Fairway Wood for Low Handicappers

TaylorMade Golf M6 Fairway, 7 Wood, Left Hand, Regular Flex Shaft: Fujikura Atmos Orange 6
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  • Aerodynamic sole design helps stabilize the clubhead through the impact of the golf ball
  • Speed Pocket rests behind the clubface with the assistance of the TPU Insert for faster ball speed
  • Twist-Face Technology assists in keeping your off-center hits along your intended target line


One of Kuchar’s few clubs not associated with Bridgestone fills the fairway wood spot in his bag. The very popular TaylorMade M6 Fairway Wood provides the golfer with exceptional distance through the company’s long reputation for making high-performance clubs.

With the M6, Kuchar gains distance when he needs to reach the green on long par 5s and the accuracy he desires when he needs to hit the fairway on tight par 4s.

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With four different loft options, ranging from 15 through 24 degrees, the M6 Fairway Wood provides a wide array of distances.

The M6’s best feature is the Speed Pocket that rests behind the club face. In combination with the TPU insert, the Speed Pocket keeps the club light in your hands with unreal swing speed.

Excellent off the tee or from the fairway, the TaylorMade M6 Fairway Wood is a wonderful addition for low handicappers, but accessible enough for midrange players as well.

Bridgestone Tour B XD Hybrid

Consistent, Forgiving Hybrid for Low Handicappers

Bridgestone Mens Tour B Xd-H Hybrid Kbs Hybrid Graphite 2 Stiff Right 18.0
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  • Fixed hosel keeps the hybrid stable throughout the swing with exceptional power
  • F.A.S.T. Crown technology provides sleek swing speed that boosts launch angle and shot height
  • Power Rib Technology dampens vibration at impact while providing improved response


When Kuchar finds himself in need of a hybrid, he turns back to the good folks at Bridgestone for help. The company’s Tour B XD Hybrid checks a lot of boxes for the golfer with magnificent consistency and boosted launch angle, the club certainly works for shots measuring just outside 200 yards for the golfer.

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The hybrid’s top feature is the F.A.S.T. Crown. The company streamlined the club head of the Tour XD to reduce drag and increase speed on the downswing to impart terrific power on the golf ball.

If you are looking for a longer, less boxy hybrid to add to your bag, the Bridgestone Tour model certainly does the trick. With the stationary weight set behind the center of the face, you can expect outrageously good launch at impact.

The Bridgestone Tour B XD Hybrid will definitely help advanced golfers fine tune their accuracy while giving them effortness distance from the fairway.

Bridgestone Tour B JGR Irons

Marvelous Tour-Level Irons for Advanced Golfers

TOUR B 2017 BRIDGESTONE Golf Japan JGR HF2 Iron #4,Aw,Sw(Single Club) JGR Original TG1-IR(Carbon) ブリヂストン フォージドアイアン単品 (56, Regular)
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  • Wide sole improves turf interaction for consistent contact and reliable shot shape
  • Polymer insert found inside the iron head reduces vibration and creates crisper sound at impact
  • Power Slit Face Design lowers the center of gravity in the head for enhanced launch and maximum distance


For his irons, Kuchar utilizes another Bridgestone innovation, the Tour B JGR HF2 irons. For the 20-year pro, the irons provide a wide sole for improved turf interaction, exceedingly long distance, and exceptional touch from inside 150 yards.

Kuchar takes advantage of the irons’ ability to shape shots and work the ball either high or low while shaping shots to the left or right.

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For amateurs, the Tour B JGR irons will dramatically help their game in a variety of ways. The first improvement will be seen through the additional distance the irons provide. The best feature, by far, is the Power Slit Face Design that lowers the center of gravity to raise the launch angle and create dramatic carry from anywhere on the course.

Great for intermediate golfers, the Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF irons give any weekend warrior a new weapon to lower their scores.

Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge

High Spin Wedges for Intermediate Golfers

Cleveland Golf Men's RTX 4 Wedge Tour Satin Finish 58 Low Tour Satin Wedge, Right Hand
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  • V-shaped sole improves turf interaction for consistently crisp pitch and chip shots
  • Well-balanced feel for smooth execution from inside 100 yards on full swings
  • ROTEX Face Technology provides sharp Tour-level grooves for enhanced spin


For around the greens, Kuchar uses the Cleveland RTX 4 series of wedges. Featuring some of the sharpest grooves on a wedge that you can find, Kuchar utilizes the high spin of the RTX 4 Wedges to save par from the deep rough and sand.

The wedges offer several marvelous features from the ROTEX Face Technology that crafts the top-notch zip grooves to the progressive balancing that keeps the wedge anchored through impact.

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Another great benefit of these wedges is how the club moves through the turf to get the ball onto the sweet spot for generating spin while providing outstanding feel and reduced vibration.

Well known for making some of the best wedges on the market, the Cleveland RTX 4 definitely shines on the course. If you are experiencing trouble finding consistency from rough or sand, the RTX 4 line offers wonderful reliability and will certainly help you improve your short game.

Bettinardi Putter

Elite Blade Putter for Mid Handicappers

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  • Carbon steel head provides softness with terrific feel and response on long putts
  • Offset slanted neck provides clear sight to golf ball with excellent alignment
  • Glare-resistant finish with milled face for low friction forward roll without skidding or bouncing


When it comes time to bring home a birdie, Kuchar uses the advanced tour-level putter from Bettinardi. The company, popular among professional golfers, brings a classic look and feel to their flatsticks that provide fabulous forward roll without the popping and skidding that plagues lesser putters.

The highlight of the Bettinardi putter is the milled face. Instead of worrying about poor feel on your putts, the Bettinardi offers a softness that dramatically helps you get those long lag putts closer to the cup.

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The carbon steel head is lightweight and you’ll definitely notice the difference in the quality of the material when you use it on the practice green.

With an offset neck that gives you a clear line of sight to the golf ball for better alignment and accuracy, the Bettinardi putter is great for pros like Kuchar but works even better for mid and low handicappers.

Bridgestone Tour B XS Golf Balls

comfortable and highly affordable spiked shoe

Bridgestone Golf 2020 Tour B XS White
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  • Reactiv Urethane cover provides a softness that works well around the green with high spin
  • Outstanding distance with low spin off the tee box for better accuracy
  • Dual Dimple System reduces drag for maximum carry and excellent yardage from tee and fairway


Kuchar’s relationship with Bridgestone extends to his golf ball, the Tour B XS Golf Balls. These tour-level golf balls provide Kuchar with exceptional spin from the fairway and around the greens. On the putting surface, Kuchar enjoys the softness of the Tour B XS as they offer wonderful feel and dynamic response on each putt.

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For amateur golfers, this Bridgestone ball also provides a boost in distance with low spin off the tee for straighter, more accurate drives.

The highlight of the Tour B XS ball is the Reactiv Urethane cover. Not only does it have the softness that we mentioned earlier, but when using a wedge, the cover promotes high spin with an easy landing on longer pitch and chip shots.

Another worthwhile feature is the revamped Dual Dimple System that reduces drag and maximizes the launch and carry of the golf ball.

Great for any level of golfer, the Bridgestone Tour B XS Golf Ball will boost your distance and improve your touch around the cup.

How To Generate More Spin on Chip Shots

The best way to generate more spin on your chip shots is to practice by using your golf bag. When you are practicing, set the bag roughly two feet in front of your golf ball. Your goal is to use a high lofted wedge, think sand or lob, and generate speed by hitting down on the golf ball to clear the bag.

Most amateurs struggle with chipping because they decelerate the wedge as they move their club to the golf ball. This drill forces acceleration to generate the speed necessary to clear the bag and create maximum spin.

How High Should You Tee the Golf Ball When Driving?

On the PGA Tour, it is common to see professionals tee the golf ball high into the air to create jaw-dropping launch angle. Since their incredible swing speed rivals very few golfers on the planet, professionals can play differently than most amateurs.

For most golfers, teeing the ball lower provides more accuracy. But that height comes at a cost in the way of distance. At an inch and one half, golfers can find a happy medium between lower, more accurate flight paths coupled with maximum carry.

For beginning and inexperienced golfers, teeing the ball at a lower height may show immediate dividends until their fundamentals find consistency and show maturation.

Can Hybrids Help Beginners More Than Fairway Woods?

Yes, hybrids can provide an easier learning curve for beginning golfers than fairway woods. Hybrid clubs offer a short, boxy face that slides underneath the golf ball to lift it in the air for better distance and more carry.

Fairway woods do provide more distance over a hybrid, but for beginners the emphasis needs to be on consistency and learning correct fundamentals. Hybrid clubs allow the inexperienced golfer to focus on hitting the golf ball rather than worrying about maximizing distance.

Hybrids also provide a lower center of gravity that allows for more launch angle to help with accuracy and distance as well.

The Best Golf Tip From Matt Kuchar

One of the most common mistakes that Kuchar sees from amateurs is trying to help a fairway wood get the ball into the air. What amateur golfers forget, according to Kuchar, is how the club is built with the center of gravity lower in the back of the head. This design allows the ball to naturally rise after impact.

Rather than sweeping the golf ball, Kuchar prefers to hit down on the golf ball with a fairway wood to maximize carry and distance. By trying to sweep the golf ball, most weekend warriors hit the ball too thin. Kuchar encourages amateurs to take a slight divot by imagining taking the top layer of grass off the soil.

One of the most important things for learning to hit fairway woods consistently, according to Kuchar, is to take the time on the range to learn consistency. Rather than trying to put a different swing on the golf ball with each fairway wood swing, learning to stay grounded in your fundamentals and approach is the key to success.