Rickie Fowler WITB

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
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A nine-time winner as a professional, Rickie Fowler has made his mark on the PGA Tour in little time. The 31-year old golfer has long been associated with his long distance and stylish looks on the course.

The Cobra-sponsored golfer carries some of the latest creations from the popular equipment company, clubs that can help you gain more length and accuracy for your game.

In this Rickie Fowler WITB, we’ll examine what makes Fowler such a great golfer and how you can improve your game with a little help from the clubs he carries in his bag.

What’s In Rickie Fowler’s Bag?

Cobra King F8+

Best Distance Driver for Low Handicappers


  • Aerodynamic crown minimizes drag for maximum club head speed
  • Interchangeable weighting customizes ball flight
  • CNC Precision Milled Face increases ball speed and boosts forgiveness


Rickie Fowler uses the battle-tested Cobra King F8+ driver from the tee box.

With all the bells and whistles that advanced players like Fowler enjoy, the King F8+ provides golfers with a host of exciting features such as a CNC Milled Face, aerodynamic crown, and eight adjustable loft settings for customized ball flight.

With far-reaching distance, the King F8+ excels at getting the ball into the air with maximum ball speed.

Along with the lengthy yardage bump, the driver also creates the tight shot dispersion that keeps the ball in the fairway with tour-level regularity, great for low handicappers looking to make it to scratch golfer-level.

Cobra King F9 Speedback Tour Fairway Wood

Lightweight, Dynamic Fairway Wood for Mid Handicappers

Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Men's Speedback Fairway (Black/Avalanche)
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  • Stationary weight behind face provides strength and directed energy to golf ball
  • Ultralight Carbon Crown moves the center of gravity lower in the club for better launch angle
  • Patented Baffler Rail system along sole improves turf interaction for crisper contact


For his 3-wood, Fowler uses Cobra’s F9 Speedback Tour Fairway Wood. The low profile wood provides marvelous feel in a lightweight package.

If you wonder why the fairway wood is designated as a “tour” club, it is because the company used the input of golfers like Fowler to design a fairway wood that works best for their game.

The Speedback Tour utilizes several of Cobra’s favorite innovations, including the Baffler Rail system. Located on the club’s sole, the dual rails provide elite turf interaction for outstanding contact and shot quality.

Cobra King F9 Speedback Irons

Best All-Around Game-Improvement Irons for Mid Handicappers

Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Speedback Iron Set, Chrome/Black/Red
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  • Tungsten weighted heel and toe balance and stabilize irons through impact
  • Forged face minimizes thickness to create hotter, faster surface for higher launch
  • Added mass to the sole of the club lowers center of gravity and improves distance


For the fairway and his second shots, Fowler uses the Cobra King F9 Speedback Irons. What stands out with these irons for golfers like Fowler is the exceptional distance and ball flight each iron produces.

The irons’ faces are milled in similar ways to what you would find in a forged iron set. So while the amateur gets to take advantage of a few of the multi-piece, game-improvement aspects of the iron, they also get these smaller luxuries that really help with your performance.

Built to improve your game, but with the heart and soul of a players’ iron, the Cobra King F9 Speedback Irons will not disappoint any level of golfer.

Titleist Vokey SM8

Best Wedge Option for Mid Handicappers

TITLEIST SM8 Tour Chrome Wedge, Men, Chrome, 54.14
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  • Progressive center of gravity produces outstanding forgiveness and accuracy
  • Spin Milled Grooves generate maximum spin and remain durable over time
  • Redesigned sole grinds provide customized shotmaking from any course situation


One of the most popular wedges on the PGA Tour, Fowler utilizes the Titleist Vokey SM8 wedges around the green.

Featuring a progressive center of gravity, Spin Milled grooves, and several worthwhile sole grind options, the Vokey SM8 are the standard bearer for serious golfers looking to improve their short game.

The best feature of the Vokey SM8 wedges is the Spin Milled grooves. Cut with a proprietary process from Titleist that assures maximum spin and accuracy, the Spin Milled grooves vary in depth based upon the loft of the club.

Scotty Cameron Newport Putter

First-Rate Luxury Blade Putter for Advanced Golfers

New Scotty Cameron 2020 Special Newport - 35 inches
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  • Offset neck provides a clear line of sight to golf ball for better alignment
  • Milled face with wide sweet spot helps forgive off-center putts that leak toward toe
  • Dual weighting in the sole for more balance and smoother stroke for all level of golfers


The Scotty Cameron Newport Putter has been Fowler’s longtime flat stick on the greens.

Like most pros, Fowler loves the dependability and performance of the Scotty Cameron line. The Newport remains one of the most popular putters on tour because of its outstanding feel and response.

For the Newport, it begins with the craftsmanship. When you hold this putter in your hands, you’ll understand what all the fuss is about with this club.

Extremely well-balanced without feeling heavy, the Cameron putter provides a smoothness that few other putters can reach at this price point.

TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls

Best Luxury Option for Low Handicappers

TaylorMade 2021 TP5x 2.0 Golf Balls White
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  • Reduced drag produces staggering carry and exceptional distance
  • Low spin from the tee box provides better accuracy and more fairways hit
  • Outstanding shot-stopping ability inside 50 yards for pinpoint control


Rickie’s choice for golf ball is the TaylorMade TP5x. With the new Tour Flight Dimple Pattern, Fowler enjoys the powerful flight of the new TP5x as it delivers mid-flight launch with low spin off the tee, but exceptional high-spin control on wedge shots.

The multi-layer construction delivers outstanding feel and response from inside 100 yards. Using a wedge, the TP5x generates shot-stopping spin around the cup for shorter par-saving putts that can absolutely save your score when you find yourself in trouble.