10 Best Putters of All Time (2024 Update)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated February 22, 2024. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

The best putters of all time have several common characteristics. They are well-crafted, balanced, and reduce the skidding and hopping that causes putts to move away from your intended target line.

All 10 putters on our list utilize either a milled face or soft insert to create touch and smooth roll. When you use one of these putters on the green, you’ll quickly discover what craftsmanship can provide your game.

From distance control to solid feel, each of the golf putters is an instant upgrade to your golf bag and will help you recover your stroke.

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What’s the Best Putter for You?

Low Handicappers

The Scotty Cameron Newport putter is the best choice for low handicappers looking for one of the top putters of all time.

The elegance and detail of the Newport have carried golfers over the past few decades and provided the preferred putter for major title winners, including legends of the links like Tiger Woods.

The Newport offers premium face milling with a soft feel along the putter’s hitting area that can help maintain a high level game of golf for the advanced golfer.

Over the years, the Newport and its brother, the Scotty Cameron Super Fly, have evolved. The latest version of these clubs has installed sole weights that help stabilize and increase the MOI of the club to prevent twisting.

For golfers looking to dramatically improve their short game and stroke, the Newport is the cream of the crop and well worth the additional cost.

Mid Handicappers

For mid handicappers, the Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 is the best putter for their game (It’s also the best putter for ladies.

With a sleek black finish, the White Hot Pro series has long stood for premium golf performance and is one of the best putters for increasing consistency.

The star of the show for the White Hot Pro series is the insert on the putter. Offering exceptional feeling and the pleasing head weight of the White Hot Pro, the hitting area is a first-rate addition to the putter.

The putter is also heel-toe balanced, allowing players to arc their stroke closer to the ball for a better alignment line and a crisper finish to each putt.

There are several varieties of the Odyssey White Hot Pro series, from blade putters to modified large-headed versions, giving players plenty of options for finding the right style for their game.

High Handicappers

The Odyssey 2-Ball Putter has stood the test of time since its inception in the mid-1990s. The putter offers several wonderful highlights, but the 2-ball design provides a special alignment guide that helps pros and amateurs visualize the putt.

The enlarged head of the Odyssey 2-Ball is excellent for players who like a straight-back, straight-through putting stroke. With an oversized grip, beginners and high handicappers can prevent twisting during the stroke with the 2-Ball putter.

Even on shots that drift toward the toe, the 2-Ball’s design offers terrific forgiveness to keep putts along the intended putting path for better accuracy and consistency.

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Characteristics of the Best Golf Putters


The hosel of the putter is where the shaft and head come together to form a bond. Different types of hotels, from plumber’s neck to double bend, offer a unique perspective to the ball and allow a golfer to stand further over the ball for a better sightline.

The hosel can also create a toe hang that opens the face allowing for an arc-like stroke.


Putters have three types of grips; pistol, standard, and oversized.

The pistol grip is more ergonomic and easier to hold for players with small hands. A standard grip is moderate in size and provides a traditional feel without ergonomic shaping.

Finally, an oversized grip has become popular among pros and increases MOI by reducing twisting during the stroke.

Shaft Length

Most putters have a shaft that measures 33-35 inches in length.

For taller weekend warriors, a 35-inch shaft can allow the arms to hang comfortably without bending the elbows. A 33-inch shaft can help get the hitting area closer to the ball for better sightlines for shorter players.

Milled Face

Putters with a milled face take the stainless steel and grind the material to create a consistent roll and softer feel.

On off-center strikes, a milled face can provide forgiveness by maintaining putt speed and reducing the vibration.

The design of a milled hitting area helps increase the playability of a putter for mid and high handicappers.


Players can expect a soft feel with more vibration dampening when a putter uses one of many different inserts available on the face.

While some pros prefer milling on the hitting area of their putters, others like soft inserts that provide more touch and feedback.

The design of inserts is typically compact to absorb the ball’s impact without causing it to hop or bounce along the putting path for better accuracy.

Types of Putters

Blade Putter

A blade-style putter has a slender head like a knife blade. Since the putter is long and thin, golfers need more muscle to power the ball to the hole, but many players prefer this style of flatstick because it allows for more control.

A blade-style putter offers golfers the opportunity to use an arc stroke, like Bobby Locke, that goes inside on the backswing and then comes back to center when hitting the ball.

The design of this putter style offers excellent distance and speed control but doesn’t have the heft of a mallet-style putter.

Since the blade offers a slight head, a sturdy shaft keeps the putter together and aligned throughout the stroke.

Mallet Putter

A mallet putter has a large head and rounded shape. This putter style offers more stability and a heavier weight when compared to a blade-style putter.

Much like a mallet in croquet, these putters have a similar look and heft that keeps the head grounded and low during the stroke.

Mallet putters give golfers a propulsive forward roll that can get out of control if the player uses too much strength to power the ball.

Since this putter style is heavier and well-balanced, golfers can use a straight-back, straight-through stroke to minimize the potential for wayward putts.

The face of the larger putter is usually more compact than a blade-style putter, forcing pros and amateurs to focus on accurate contact.

Best Putters of All Time

Here’s my top 10 list of the best golf putters:

Ping Anser Putter

Best Putter of All Time

Ping 2023 Anser Putter

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  • Head: Blade
  • Loft: 3 degrees
  • Length: 33-35 inches
  • Head Weight: 345 grams


  • Exceptional balance with heel-toe weighting
  • Face milling offers a smooth forward roll
  • Classic shaping delivers clean alignment guide for accuracy


  • Composite shaft may disappoint golfers that want steel

My choice for the best putters of all time goes to the Ping Anser. A favorite of golfers for several decades, the Anser has evolved into a technological marvel in its current iteration.

It offers heel-to-toe weighting that stabilizes the face and high MOI for accurate, online putting from anywhere on the green.

Along the top of the club head, there’s a distinct chrome silver and black contrast that helps line up your putts at address. I really loved how the black works with a white golf ball when lining up the putt. It offers a clear, concise contrast that keeps the putter centered.

Also, the face milling helps grip the golf ball’s cover to start a forward roll without the ball skipping or hopping after impact. Since popping causes loss of speed, having that with the Anser can greatly help golfers struggling with their putting.

Accessible for all golfers, the Ping Anser delivers classic performance with new features that only enhance the quality of your putts.

At a very affordable price, the Anser also caters to golfers on a budget that want more from their equipment without breaking the bank.

TaylorMade Spider EX Putter

Best Mallet Putter for High Handicappers

TaylorMade Spider EX Putter Right Hand Steel Platinum/White Short Slant (#3) 35'
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  • Head: Mallet
  • Loft: 3 degrees
  • Length: 33-35 inches
  • Head Weight: 352-362 grams


  • Wide, inviting alignment guide provides consistency
  • Soft Pure Roll insert delivers clean, crisp rotation
  • Streamlined head shape minimizes the overall weight


  • Funky, space-inspired shape and design

TaylorMade’s excellent mallet putter, the Spider EX, delivers consistent performance that PGA tour players and weekend warriors have enjoyed over the years.

The putter features adjustable rear weights that help you increase or decrease overall weight. Moving the CG allows you to create better, more consistent distance control based on your putting style.

I really enjoyed the clear alignment guide along the top of the club head. It certainly helps focus your eyes at address and keeps your putts along their intended line without skipping or hopping.

If you are looking for a fault here, I feel it lies in the aerodynamic shape and design of the head.

Yes, the weight is reduced, and the alignment guide helps, but this putter has a lot going on, so if you like minimal and understated, you won’t find it here with the Spider EX.

Great for low handicappers that want premium performance with some cash savings, the Spider EX is definitely worth your consideration.

Wilson Staff Model 8802 Putter

Best Blade Putter for Mid Handicappers

Wilson Staff Model Putter 8802 - Right Hand, 34'
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  • Head: Blade
  • Loft: 3 degrees
  • Length: 34, 35 inches
  • Head Weight: 350 grams


  • Exceptional milling helps with distance control
  • Outstanding classic appearance with modern features
  • Stainless steel body offers high-grade stability


  • No alignment guide on top of the club head

What’s great about the 8802 is the shaping and how it harkens back to golf’s roots. Nothing is distracting about the look of this Wilson Staff putter. The hosel is straight and attached to the innermost point of the club head.

The shape of the blade is quite minimal. Beyond the top line, the head is rounded, helping keep the balance focused on the center of the face. 

For me, the precision milling along the entire face is the showstopper.

While not quite as deep as a Scotty Cameron, the 8802’s milling helps provide superb forgiveness on off-center strikes that maintain ball speed to help you stay consistent on longer lag putts.

This putter has no bells and whistles, but if you are aching to get some classically-styled golf clubs back in your bag, the Wilson Staff 8802 offers impeccable craftsmanship and a first-rate appearance.

Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Putter

Best Blade Putter for Low Handicappers

New Scotty Cameron 2020 Select Newport 2 RH 33
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  • Head: Blade
  • Loft: 3 degrees
  • Length: 33-35 inches
  • Head Weight: 345-365 grams


  • Finely crafted face milling offers a smooth feel and consistent roll
  • Adjustable weighting customizes feel and responsiveness
  • Excellent alignment guide for accurate roll


  • Expensive putter made for serious golfers

Scotty Cameron’s Select Newport 2 Putter remains on my list due to its fine craftsmanship and exceptional performance. Golfers on the PGA Tour have long used the Newport 2 to attack the toughest greens in the world with rabid success.

The blade-style putter offers impressive features, including a refined plumbing neck, fine face milling, and a tri-sole design that promotes a proper setup.

The refined plumbing neck of the Newport 2 gives golfers a clean look at the golf ball. Offering a full shaft of offset, the neck helps you get closer to the golf ball to improve your eye alignment and ensure you hit the center of the face.

The milled face of the Newport 2 delivers softness and deft touch from any distance.

Providing a premium feel that you just can’t get anywhere else, the Newport 2’s exceptional milling allows the face to grip the cover and begin a quick forward roll that minimizes hopping and jumping.

Easily one of the best putters ever created, the Newport 2 can elevate the game of any golfer struggling with their consistency on the greens.

Odyssey Golf White Hot OG Putter

Best Blade Putter for High Handicappers

Odyssey Golf White Hot OG Putter (Right-Handed, One, Steel, 34') , Silver
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  • Head: Blade
  • Loft: 3 degrees
  • Length: 33-35 inches
  • Head Weight: 350 grams


  • Milled surface helps prevent bouncing at impact
  • White Hot insert offers an impressive feel and responsiveness
  • Classic blade shape provides balance and stability with high MOI


  • Small insert demands precision impact strikes

It’s hard not to love the Odyssey White Hot OG One, especially if you are a fan of classic blade-style flatsticks. Odyssey has revamped this putter with some sole weighting that increases stability and balance, but they haven’t touched much else with this club. 

And why would they? 

This putter has long been a favorite of PGA Tour professionals that love its simplicity and exceptionally consistent performance.

If I have a complaint about the White Hot OG One, it comes from the small insert along the face.

While some putters, like the Scotty Cameron Newport 2, offers total face milling, the OG One goes from urethane insert to stainless steel milling, which can cause inconsistency if you can’t find the center of the face at impact.

I recommend White Hot OG One for high handicappers and beginners that want to play with premium golf equipment but don’t want the high price tag of a Scotty Cameron or Bettinardi.

Seemore FGP Black Mallet Putter

Most Accurate Putter

Seemore FGP Black Mallet Putter (Right Hand, 36-Inch)
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  • Face-balanced for smooth execution and reduced twisting
  • Precision milled face provides exceptional feel and response
  • RST Alignment System offers stunning accuracy on long distance putts


  • Strange design with center shaft does need adjustment time 
  • Leans a bit on the heavy side, making it tougher to master on longer putts

From the longtime putter makers, Seemore, comes their most popular model, the FGP Black Mallet. With a unique head design, this putter is one of the best for improving accuracy on mid-range and long distance putts.

The face is precision milled for a better feel and tighter response on putt after putt. This face-balanced putter naturally returns the face to square at impact, whether you prefer a straight-back takeaway or an arcing stroke.

Easily the highlight of this gorgeously-designed mallet putter is the RifleScope Technology, or RST, alignment system. The goal of the good folks at Seemore is to have the golfer line up their putt correctly every time. 

The RST provides a single line atop the face and its rear overhang, plus two lines along the head of the putter that measure the width of the golf ball.

Much like Odyssey’s 2-ball design, the RST offers a clear visualization for the golfer where their ball is headed, allowing them to line their putter and body accordingly for more accurate attempts.

The putter has four different shaft length options running from 33 inches to 36 inches.

A delightful putter that holds a special place for many experienced golfers, the FGP Black Mallet from Seemore is a dynamic flatstick, well worth its cost.

TaylorMade Spider X

Best Mallet Putter

TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putter, Copper/White, #3 Hosel, Left Hand, 35'
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  • Anchored with rear swing weight for better stability on a long putt
  • Great for straight-back, straight-through putting style
  • Wonderfully soft feeling along the hitting area of the putter at impact


  • One of the larger heads we’ve seen on a mallet putter
  • Best for straight-back takeaways to minimize twisting

Another delightful putter from TaylorMade is the Spider X. This mallet-style putter offers a wide hitting zone with a stylish design that creates a smooth putt time and time again.

The highlight of the Spider X and one of the big reasons why you see this putter on Sunday on the PGA Tour is the steel frame that reduces twisting and increases MOI.

Although it holds a mallet-style design, the center of gravity is actually close to the face for a better roll without skidding or skipping.

On top of the putter, a true path alignment system provides a clear look at the putt’s path.

As with a large-headed putter, the wide stripe helps visualize the width of the golf ball for a clear line of sight to the cup. The stripe also reduces the time needed to line up the putt, saving you time on the green.

Two rear weights anchor the head and help increase feeling and stability throughout the golf putter face. The face-balanced approach of the Spider X, along with excellent heel-toe balance aided by the two weights is unmatched in a putter of this quality.

A long time favorite of pros and amateurs alike, the TaylorMade Spider X is one of the best mallets of all time.

Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track

Best Mallet for Low Handicappers

Odyssey Golf Triple Track Putter (Right Hand 34' 2 Ball Oversize Grip)
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  • Head: Mallet
  • Loft: 3 degrees
  • Length: 34, 35 inches
  • Head Weight: 365 grams


  • Triple Track alignment offers pure accuracy
  • Streamlined, aerodynamic club head
  • Wide insert offers distance control with softness


  • Strange head shape can be distracting

From Odyssey comes our choice for the top putter of all time, the Stroke Lab Triple Track. Available in different shapes and styles, the Triple Track series is an absolute revelation for players needing a face-balanced option with a forward-facing center of gravity.

What’s great about the Triple Track alignment design is that it allows the golfer to visualize the ball’s path to the hole.

Rather than second-guessing the line, the Triple Track gives an alignment guide with the same width as the ball. Over time, players will find that the Stroke Lab delivers more consistency on putt after putt.

Another highlight of the Triple Track putter is the White Hot Pro insert that runs the length of the face. Other inserts are compact and offer a tight sweet spot, but with these Odyssey putters, the insert allows a longer hitting area with boosted forgiveness.

The microhinge star hitting area provides a firmer feel at impact, which is excellent for players who like enhanced touch.

Also worth noting, the lighter shaft redistributes weight to the head’s perimeter for better heel-toe balance and higher MOI that reduces twisting.

With an elaborately functional design and a first-rate alignment guide, the Stroke Lab Triple Track is delightful to play.

Cleveland Frontline Elevado

Best Balanced Putter

Cleveland Golf Frontline Putter Elevado Single Bend 33'
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  • Marvelous one stripe alignment guide on top of the head offers a clear line for putts
  • Compact but delicate putter face design provides greater accuracy for your short game
  • Face balanced with two peripheral weights that bookend the soft hitting area


  • Plays much heavier than it looks, needs time to dial-in longer putts
  • Tungsten insert makes a clicking sound at impact

From the expert designers at Cleveland comes one of their best creations, the Frontline Elevado. This putter has it all: consistency, feel, functional design, and accuracy.

Across the putter’s face, Cleveland has maximized the center of gravity for straighter rolls that find the cup with more frequency.

The putter face maintains balance with the help of the two weights stationed on both sides of the insert.  The compact insert helps the ball stay centered for better accuracy and a smooth rolling rotation with each putt.

The putter also creates exceptional alignment using the company’s patented 2135 technology. Although the single stripe might not seem like much, the head’s flared wing design provides an excellent tool to keep the putter behind the ball for more center strikes.

For a premium putter, the Frontline Elevado is also quite affordable for the average amateur looking to upgrade their game.

The Frontline Elevado’s head shape design is the show’s real star, providing an exceptional balance that is anchored throughout the putter’s natural motion.

Great for golfers who like taking the putter straight-back and straight-through, the Frontline Elevado is a testament to how fine craftsmanship can help create marvelously consistent golf putts.

Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport

Best Luxury Blade Putter

New Scotty Cameron 2020 Special Newport - 35 inches
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  • Head: Blade
  • Loft: 3 degrees
  • Length: 33-35 inches
  • Head Weight: 345-365 grams


  • New I-Beam plumbing neck offers a clean look at the golf ball
  • Dual milled face provides touch and smooth forward roll
  • Exceptional weighting with terrific balance and high MOI


  • High price point for casual golfers

If you’ve ever played with a Scotty Cameron putter, you know why this brand is highly regarded among professional golfers like Tiger Woods.

The company’s latest creation, the Special Select Newport, offers a blade-style putter with a stainless steel body that produces exquisite distance control and a great feel of the hole on each putt.

The highlights of this Scotty Cameron putter include a refined plumbing neck that offers a better sightline to the ball, a milled putter head made from stainless steel that provides a great soft feel and feedback, and performance balanced weighting increases stability throughout the putt.

The Special Select Newport does not utilize inserts instead of relying on an expertly milled hitting area.

Within 15 feet of the hole, you definitely see and understand the remarkable craftsmanship of this milling. The ball simply finds a reliable and smooth roll that stays along the target line with each putt.

Two sole-anchored weights enhance balance across the hitting area, excellent for an impact that drifts toward the toe for more forgiveness.

The putter may seem soft for golfers that aren’t accustomed to the Scotty Cameron design, but the putter delivers across the board improvement on long and moderate putts.

Also worth noting, the weight of this Scotty Cameron model deserves praise as it offers a lightweight and soft feeling that helps golfers smoothly impact the golf ball.

A great putter that is beyond worthy of its accolades, the Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport putter is a worthy addition alongside the top putters of all time.

History of Putters

Early Putters

Early putters were made of wood and commonly called the “putting cleek” among 16th century golfers. Typically made from hardwood such as beech, the clubs also had shafts made from ash or hazel.

Since the early golf ball was made from a leather pouch filled with feathers, the putter had to take shape and the heft of a regular club to power the ball toward the hole.

A putter from this era was made from wood primarily to save the delicate golf balls from splitting open, although irons were made with an actual iron.

19th Century Putters

In the 19th century, golf club makers adjusted a putter due to the introduction of a new golf ball. Gone was the leather and feathers, and instead, a ball made from the rubbery sap of a tropical tree was used to mold golf balls.

The balls were far more durable than previous versions, so golfers could now use iron headed clubs to strike the golf ball. Maintaining the wooden shaft, an iron-based putter took on a similar shape to the putters we use today.

A putter from this era typically used brass with a thin head and a sheepskin grip to help stabilize the club.

Modern Putters

The modern putter began to take shape in the 1930s with the arrival of golfer Bobby Jones. The Grand Slam winner utilized the help of Spalding to create a short putter with 8 degrees of loft.

This putter was improved upon in the 1950s by Ping and its founder Karsten Solheim.

His Anser putter, still available today, became a sensation with professional golfers for the next several decades due to the putter’s soft feel and distance control.

Today’s putters lean far more on technological advancements in their design, specifically with the innovation of high MOI that helps prevent twisting through the ball.

Greatest Putters of All Time

If you want to know who are the greatest putters of all time, Brad Faxon has you covered! Here’s his top 10 list.

Tiger Woods

With 15 major titles under his belt, Tiger Woods is known to a generation of golfers as one of the best clutch putters in history. Woods used custom Scotty Cameron putters for most of his career, especially when winning 82 PGA Tour tournaments.

Ben Crenshaw

With 19 PGA Tour wins, including two Masters titles in 1984 and 1995, Ben Crenshaw has long been considered one of the top putters of his generation.

Professional golfers worldwide have emulated Ben’s long smooth putting stroke, while fans treasured his passionate style of play and sportsmanship away from the course.

Seve Ballesteros

Winner of five major championships, Seve Ballesteros was one of the bravest golfers on the course, with a magnetic personality that captivated millions of fans off of the links.

Seve has long been considered one of the best putters of his generation and of all time with his Nicklaus-like stance.

Tom Watson

One of the best American golfers of all time, Tom Watson won a staggering eight major championships over his professional career.

Featuring one of the most precise and dazzling short games ever, Watson’s skill on the greens made the difference in several of his major titles.

Bobby Locke

One of the best golfers in South African history, Bobby Locke’s incredible putting skills led to a dominant run in the post-WWII golfing world.

Locke won four Open titles during this stretch, largely due to his skills with the flatstick.

Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus, the all-time leader in major victories with 18, was a master of the greens. With a tight, staggered stance, He routinely posted high-percentage stats when making putts.

The Golden Bear’s touch from mid-range helped the golfer win a whopping six Masters championships during his career.

Jose Maria Olazabal

Olazabal won two Masters titles as the Spanish legend successfully navigated the slippery greens of Augusta.

A Ryder Cup legend, Olazabal’s grit, determination, and silky smooth putting stroke endeared him to millions of golfing fans.

Billy Casper

Another golfing legend that emerged after World War II, Billy Casper won a whopping 51 PGA Tour events due to his mastery of the greens.

Consistent and precise, Casper’s putting stroke also helped him win three major tournaments during his golfing career.

Bobby Jones

The legendary Bobby Jones won golf’s ultimate prize, the full-season Grand Slam in 1930. A co-founder of Augusta National, home to the Masters, Jones’ work on the putting surface cemented his legacy as one of golf’s all-time greats.

Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy, the youngest-ever golfer to reach number one in the world golf rankings, has taken home four major titles in his career.

With a measured, consistent putting stroke, McIlroy has solidified his place in the golfing world as one of the best players of the modern era.

Final Thoughts

A well-made putter is absolutely vital to lowering scores and achieving the overall goals for your golf game.

As you can see, each of the best golf putters offers outstanding performance along with some of the best roll characteristics ever created for a flatstick.

From the utilization of soft carbon steel, marvelous face milling, and vibration dampening, these putters work overtime to bring consistency to your putting game.

We also recommend you check our guide on How to Improve Your Putting.