How to Play Augusta National If You’re Not A CEO

For golfers of all ages, Augusta National Golf Club is the course they dream of playing one day.

But getting into the nation’s most exclusive golf clubs is one of the most significant experiences a weekend warrior can achieve, yet it is possible.

how to play augusta national

In this article, we’ll outline a few ways that you can make your way to playing 18 holes at Augusta National without being the CEO of a major company.

Is it possible to play Augusta National?

Yes, playing golf at Augusta National is possible, but there are several hoops you’ll have to jump through to get on the nation’s most treasured golf course.

Even though getting onto Augusta for a round of golf is difficult, you can play in various ways.

Although we list all the different ways below, being friends with past champions and being a caddie of a current PGA Tour event player continues to be the easiest way to get onto the course.

How much money does it cost to play at Augusta National?

For guests, fees for playing Augusta run around $500—a small price to pay to cross off a bucket list course. Members’ green fees are covered by their yearly dues, which run around a few thousand dollars annually.

Although the fees are lower than other exclusive golf clubs in the country, there’s no more prestigious membership than the one at Augusta. As such, the membership of the Masters home runs around 300 total individuals in size.

Is Tiger Woods a member at Augusta?

While Tiger Woods is one of the most decorated Masters tournament winners, with five green jackets, he is not a member of one of the most prestigious golf clubs in the United States.

Due to the secretive nature of the club membership rolls, we are still determining the number of members at Augusta National. However, rumors suggest a small number of just 300 total members.

Although Woods is only considered an honorary member of the golf club due to his five wins, he doesn’t have a problem getting a round at Augusta National.

How do you become a member at Augusta National?

To become a member of Augusta National, the club’s leadership must invite you. Prospective members are thoroughly vetted before being invited to the club.

Reportedly, individuals who ask to be invited for membership are looked upon poorly, making their odds for inclusion virtually impossible.

The invitation requires paying the initiation fee, which is rumored to be around $40,000. Annual dues also run several thousand dollars to hold a membership at the home of the Masters.

What’s the easiest way to play Augusta National?

One of the easiest ways to play is to qualify for the Augusta National Women’s Amateur tournament. Although these golfers play the first couple of rounds elsewhere, the final round is held at Augusta National Golf Club.

If you aren’t one of the top women amateur golfers in the world, you can make the trek down Magnolia Lane to play a round at the hallowed course a few different ways.

The best way to play Augusta National is by befriending a member. The problem with that strategy is that there are only roughly 300 members, and the club membership list is relatively private and exclusive.

The same holds for becoming a friend to a former Masters champion. Golfers who own a green jacket can play anytime they want and bring up to three guests to play golf at America’s most popular course.

If you are a reporter or television staffer who covers the Masters field, you can play Augusta National via a media lottery. If you win the media lottery, you can play a practice round at Augusta on the Monday following the tournament.

For a volunteer at the Masters, chances are high that you’ll get to tackle the course due to your free labor, but since vacancies rarely occur in the volunteer pool, it is challenging to secure a tee time.

Occasionally, university golf students at high-profile programs are extended an invitation and can book a tee time to play the course, but those instances are rare.