Best Intermediate Golf Clubs of 2023 Tested & Reviewed

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated November 29, 2022. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

The best intermediate golf clubs all share a similar ability to improve your game in rather dramatic ways. Whether you are looking for more distance, better accuracy, or more consistency on the greens, these golf clubs deliver outstanding performance on any golf course.

In this review of the top intermediate golf clubs, we’ve taken 18 of the top performers in a variety of club types, such as drivers, fairway woods, irons, wedges, and putters to show you how each club can boost your confidence, improve performance, and ultimately, lower your scores.

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Things to Consider When Buying the Best Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players

Benefit to Your Golf Game

The biggest mistake intermediate golfers make when buying new golf clubs is purchasing out of impulse, thinking that a new club will make them automatically better. In reality, a new club doesn’t always translate to better performance.

When doing your research on upgrading to a new golf club, take the time to look at what you currently play and where your deficiencies are in your golf game.

For example, let’s say you are struggling with your wedge play. Perhaps most of the wedges in your golf bag came from the clearance rack at your local big box store. In that instance, you are probably having trouble generating spin.

A new wedge from the top manufacturers would greatly increase ball spin while improving forgiveness around the green. Simply put, the latest golf clubs would help you score better.

Quality of Golf Club

Budgetary restraints are common when buying new clubs for intermediate players. Usually, casual players put together their golf club set by purchasing piece by piece. Regardless of how you start, as long as you plan to buy the best quality clubs you can find to fit your budget, you should have a nice, capable set at the end of the day.

Complete sets, while offering convenience, typically don’t approach the heights that many golfers can reach when putting together a set section by section.

For most students of the game, waiting to find the right driver, for example, works best because the fundamentals are still growing and by delaying the purchase, they maximize the benefit the driver can do for their distance and accuracy.

Distance and Accuracy are the Most Important

With any club purchase, especially when looking at drivers, fairway woods, and iron sets, distance and accuracy are the two most important factors for intermediate players. The best golf club for your game often helps minimize your greatest flaws in these two categories.

For the intermediate player that typically slices the ball with the driver, finding a club with adjustable features to correct the side spin can significantly improve the quality of the shotmaking.

The same holds true with iron sets as golfers that lack accuracy when hitting approach shots will find a new iron set, particularly with the long irons, delivers exceptional control when landing on the greens.

Better accuracy typically means more distance because you are hitting the ball straighter with more speed.

Our Best Intermediate Golf Clubs 2022 List

Best Golf Drivers

TaylorMade Stealth Driver

Best Distance Golf Driver

TaylorMade Stealth Driver
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  • Rear weight delivers a low center of gravity for a high launch
  • Impressive forgiveness with Twist Face feature
  • Lightweight feel with an exceptional swing speed


  • Expensive option for casual golfers

TaylorMade’s Stealth looks like a Formula 1 race car in the golf bag, and we’re happy to report that if you are looking for F1 speed, this driver brings it with flair.

The innovative driver has all the bells and whistles that can improve an intermediate golfer’s game, including higher launch, more ball speed, and exceptional forgiveness. Across the board, during our time with the Stealth, our testers were blown away by the driver’s sleek power to the golf ball.

TaylorMade has also included a rear stationary weight that anchors the driver as the club reaches the ball. The weight helps create a low center of gravity that easily lifts the shot to extend distance.

Great for mid handicappers looking to upgrade, the Stealth driver also utilizes the company’s patented Twist Face technology to reduce side spin for more distance control and accuracy on the fairway.

Easily one of the best golf clubs for intermediate players, the TaylorMade Stealth offers the complete package for improving your golf game off the tee box.

Here’s our in-depth TaylorMade Stealth Driver review.

Titleist TSR2 Driver

Most Forgiving Golf Driver

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  • Offers across-the-board precision and control
  • Marvelous ball speed with extended carry distance
  • Large, inviting sweet spot keeps the ball in the fairway


  • High price point due to technology

Titleist’s latest driver, the TSR2, is specifically built for intermediate golfers looking to increase forgiveness without losing a yard of distance on their drives. Under those two guidelines, our testers wholly endorsed the new TSR2 for its impressive results.

Not only has Titleist improved the aerodynamics of the TSR2 to increase swing speed, but the company also constructed an entirely new face to increase forgiveness across the entire hitting surface.

During our testing, we loved the improvement that the TSR2 showed over Titleist’s older model line, the TSi series. Not only is the TSR2 more accommodating on mis-hits, but the distance gaps between the two Titleist driver models make the TSR series more attractive to the intermediate golfer.

When it comes to appearance, the slim look of the TSR2 provides confidence at address. Our testers felt this driver brought muscle with class when playing off the tee boxes.

The redesigned driver, a total winner in our book, helps you maintain ball speed, keep the ball straight toward your target line, and amps up the clubhead speed for maximum distance.

Check our in-depth Titleist TSR2 Driver Review.

Ping G425 Driver

Best Value Golf Driver

PING Golf G425 Max 12° Driver Alta CB 55 Slate Stiff
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  • High MOI with exceptional accuracy
  • Internal ribbing provides a premium feel
  • Adjustable hosel and weighting offer complete control


  • Ping’s unique appearance can turn away some golfers

Ping’s G425 Driver offers exceptional ball speed and total control on the tee box for intermediate golfers. Along with a great feel and damped vibration, nothing feels better than hitting a golf ball on the G425’s sweet spot.

While Ping has been making high-quality clubs for many decades, their latest innovations show that the company is still pushing the envelope to improve the intermediate golfer.

During our time with the G425 Driver, our testers noted that the club delivered consistent ball speed for optimal carry distance on swing after swing. The G425 produces a smooth approach into the golf ball without losing an MPH of speed, helping you reach maximum swing speed before impact.

The resulting shots are high, long, and forgiving with reduced side spin for optimized accuracy.

If you are struggling with a slice, not only is the G425 Driver incredibly fun to play, but with the flip of the rear weight to the draw bias setting, you can create the ideal shot shape for your drive that reaches more fairways with a tighter shot dispersion.

Best Fairway Woods

Titleist TSR2 Fairway Wood

Best Overall Fairway Wood

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  • Sleek club head ramps up ball speed
  • Low CG effortlessly lifts the ball for a higher launch
  • Pleasing sound coupled with an exceptional feel


  • Costs as much as a driver

Out of the many intermediate golf clubs we evaluated, our testers kept returning to the Titleist TSR series of clubs, especially this dynamic fairway wood. The ball jumps from the face of the TSR2 Fairway, producing majestic shots that rival your best drives.

The best golf club on the market if you are looking for an alternative club to hit off the tee, the TSR2 Fairway delivers screaming power at impact with pleasing sound and a top-tier feel.

When it comes to forgiveness, the TSR2 doesn’t disappoint, reducing shot-killing side spin, allowing you to hit more fairways or reach the green on long par 5s easily.

Also great for tall intermediate golfers, the TSR2 utilizes a golfer’s size to leverage more power to the point of impact. As a result, golfers can expect distance with tight shot dispersion.

One of the easiest choices our testers had to make, they universally loved the production of the TSR2 Fairway.

Check our hands-on Titleist TSR Fairway Woods review.

TaylorMade Stealth Fairway Wood

Best Distance Fairway Wood

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  • Incredible feel and sound on pure strikes
  • Far-reaching distance with high forgiveness
  • Low profile gets under the ball for extended carry


  • Lacks adjustable hosel

Shaped like a supersonic jet, the TaylorMade Stealth Fairway Wood is good enough to replace the driver for most intermediate golfers. Delivering a host of impressive benefits, including more distance, tight accuracy, and top-tier forgiveness, the Stealth Fairway is in the business of getting the ball into the air and down toward your target.

Everything you’ll find on the Stealth driver, you’ll find here with the fairway wood. Twist Face, V-Steel Sole, and the high-grade Carbon crown offer marvelous turf interaction and the ability to redirect off-center contact.

Although it would be great to see some adjustability with the Stealth Fairway, it remains challenging to find much to fault with this great golf club.

Check our in-depth TaylorMade Stealth Fairwaywood review.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Fairway Wood

Most Forgiving Fairway Wood

Callaway Golf 2022 Rogue ST Max Fairway Wood (Left Hand, Cypher 50G Shaft, Light Flex, 3 Wood)
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  • Powerful fairway wood produces long distance
  • Sturdy, balanced club head offers high MOI
  • Compact shape increases swing speed


  • Does have a clunky appearance

Callaway’s latest golf club series, the Rogue ST Max, also includes a very capable hybrid that offers stable power to the ball. Featuring a compact head, the Rogue ST does have one of the lowest profiles our testers have ever seen in a fairway wood.

That low profile makes getting under the ball incredibly easy for intermediate golfers. Along with the higher launch provided by the long hitting area, our testers noted long distance and exceptional forgiveness when strikes leaked toward the toe.

While our testers weren’t a fan of the Rogue ST Max’s clunky color scheme and sole design, they had trouble finding anything else that bothered them about this exceptional fairway wood.

Here’s our in-depth Callaway Rogue ST Max Fairway Wood review.

Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

TaylorMade Stealth Rescue

Best Overall Hybrid Golf Club

Taylor Made Taylormade Stealth Rescue Hybrid Mitsubishi Shafts Custom Choose Your Specs
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  • Lightweight crown offers more swing speed
  • Smooth turf interaction, doesn’t snag in the grass
  • Great off the tee, terrific accuracy


  • No adjustable features

Another winner from TaylorMade, the Stealth hybrid wins our award for the top hybrid for intermediate golfers. This golf club offers the same power and versatility that you’ll find with any of the Stealth clubs, although this hybrid works exceptionally well as a bridge to close the distance gaps between your irons and fairway woods.

The Stealth is highlighted with a lightweight carbon crown that generates a ton of swing speed, helping you crush the ball with minimal side spin.

Very forgiving, the Stealth also ranked very high with our testers when it came time to maintain ball speed on off-center strikes.

Easily one of the best golf clubs on the market for the mid-range game, the Stealth hybrid offers a pleasing sound and all-around performance.

Ping G425 Hybrid

Most Forgiving Hybrid

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  • Deep CG produces high arcing shots
  • Adjustable hosel offers customized shot shape
  • High MOI minimizes side spin


  • Groove contrast on the face is distracting at the address

Golf clubs like the Ping G425 Hybrid scream upgrade for intermediate players looking for high-quality golf clubs to add to their lightweight stand bag. With a clean look at the ball at address, the G425 hybrid offers smooth power that effortlessly lifts the ball from either the tee or fairway.

During our testing, our players noted that this is one of the best golf clubs for intermediate players looking to add consistency to their game. Remarkably, every shot with this hybrid seems the same, and that’s a very good thing for golfers trying to lower their handicap.

Another outstanding addition to the Ping family, the G425 hybrid won’t let you down no matter where you use it on the golf course.

Callaway Mavrik Hybrid

Best Value Hybrid

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Hybrid (Left Hand, Graphite, Regular, 3 Hybrid)

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  • Outstanding production for cost
  • Marvelous feel from sweet spot impact
  • Smaller head offers more workability


  • Rather plain in design and appearance

Callaway’s latest Mavrik hybrid offers a host of benefits for intermediate golfers on a budget. The hybrid produces distance, accuracy, and easy launch that’s great for amateurs needing help from the fairway.

Even off the tee, the Mavrik hybrid excels, offering that mid-range distance that bridges the gap between your mid-irons and fairway woods. Of course, our testers loved the Jailbreak bars behind the sweet spot, increasing strength and enhancing feel.

While we were certainly impressed with this Callaway hybrid, we do have to admit that the design and appearance are rather plain when compared to the modern look of the Stealth and G425.

That said, if you want to add a reliable hybrid to your bag, you’ll find the Mavrik delivers a very solid performance.

Best Golf Irons

TaylorMade Stealth Irons

Best Overall Intermediate Irons

TaylorMade Stealth Iron Set Mens Lefthanded
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  • Impressive forgiveness across the entire face
  • Wonderful feel and responsiveness
  • Exceptional length with mid-irons


  • Shaped similarly to blade irons

The TaylorMade Stealth irons are as impressive as the driver and woods, delivering a dynamic complete set of golf clubs for intermediate players. With a stable feel and balance, the Stealth irons offer the high launch and spin rates intermediate golfers want from their golf club sets.

TaylorMade has thrown out the Speed Bridge Technology of their SIM Max series and replaced it with the innovative Cap-Back Design. The design offers wraparound construction that stiffens the head to provide more energy to the ball at impact.

During our testing, our golfers noted that the Stealth irons felt more stable and stronger than the SIM Max irons. Our testers also loved how powerful the face of the long irons in this set catapulted the ball with a high arc that lands softly on the green with plenty of spin.

Easily the top choice among our testers for top intermediate irons, the TaylorMade Stealth complete set of irons produces the distance and accuracy your game needs to reach that next level.

Check our in-depth TaylorMade Stealth Irons review.

Callaway Mavrik Irons

Best Distance Iron Set

Callaway Golf Mavrik 22 Iron Set
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  • Low, deep CG that launches the ball high
  • Impressive distance that adds length to the mid-range game
  • Outstanding feel, even on off-center strikes


  • Clean, plain appearance might not be as flashy for some players

Callaway’s latest update to their Mavrik iron series offers golfers a considerable improvement over previous models.

All of the bells and whistles found in last year’s complete golf set are here in the 2022 version, but the new set provides a few surprises that open the eyes of our testers.

With this club set, Callaway boosted the launch with their tungsten core behind the face. During our time with this club set, we experienced extended carry that added length to each shot.

While the distance gaps aren’t considerable from year to year with the Mavrik set, the newest version definitely played the longest when comparing and contrasting to last year’s edition.

Ping G425 Irons

Most Forgiving Golf Iron Set

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  • Well balanced, outstanding forgiveness
  • Robust iron set, an impressive distance
  • Excellent spin rates for shot-stopping power


  • Funky appearance but is a dynamic performer

Ping’s exciting G425 iron set allows intermediate players to hit straighter shots with more velocity. The hydropearl finish also pops on this golf club set, making it one of the sharpest sets you can have in your stand bag on the golf course.

When it comes to practical play, the G425 collection offers a nice medley of sophisticated design and raw power. We love the Ping club because of its craftsmanship, something on full display with the G425 irons.

Our testers loved the flexibility of these irons, as they provide workability rarely seen with a club set for intermediate golfers.

If you are looking for a dynamic intermediate golf club set, the Ping G425 irons have you covered, boasting shotmaking that produces more distance and forgiveness on every swing.

Best Golf Wedges

Titleist Vokey SM9 Tour Chrome Wedge

Best Overall Golf Wedge

Titleist Vokey Design SM9 Tour Chrome Wedge 60.08M
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  • Sophisticated shotmaking with high spin
  • Crisp, clean contact from any lie
  • Exceptional workability from the fairway


  • Tour wedge design might be tough to master

Many PGA Tour professionals carry our top choice for best wedge, the Titleist Vokey SM9, onto the course. Featuring the high-grade craftsmanship that the Vokey wedges are known for, the latest edition offers a full-scale buffet of features to help you attack the green.

Whether you want to add a pitching wedge or sand wedge to your golf bag, the SM9 offers high spin, shotmaking versatility, and the total control you need to take your short game to the next level.

If something here can hold back an intermediate player, it is the wedge’s design. As noted in the name, this is a tour wedge, so expect a lower range of forgiveness, but few wedges offer the production and results of the SM9 from Titleist.

Callaway JAWS MD5 Wedge

Best Spin Golf Wedge

Callaway Golf Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Wedge
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  • Several bounce and grind options
  • Razor sharp groove system produces high spin rates
  • Wide sole produces consistent, reliable contact


  • Clunky appearance with a strange color scheme

Callaway’s JAWS MD5 wedges offer a solid mixture of finesse and capable power around the greens. Featuring the company’s patented Groove-in-Groove technology, the MD5 wedge grips and spins, as well as the best wedges on the market.

During our time with the JAWS MD5, we were blown away by the spin created off the face of this wedge. No matter the lie or situation, this wedge produces enough spin to stop the ball cold on the putting surface.

We tested the pitching wedge and sand wedge with this model, and with each we found that the performance is consistent across the board, a great sign if you are looking to put together a full set of wedges for your bag.

Here’s our in-depth Callaway JAWS MD5 Wedge review.

Cleveland CBX2 Black Satin Wedge

Best Value Golf Wedge

Cleveland CBX2 BKS 56 ST LH
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  • Silky smooth from the rough
  • Wide sole prevents chunking
  • Great in the sand, effortlessly lifts the ball


  • Large wedge offers less workability

No list of the best wedges for intermediate golfers would be complete without the inclusion of the Cleveland CBX2 Black Satin Wedge. Not only does the appearance of this CBX2 wedge sparkle in the stand bag or while playing, but the performance definitely lowers your scores.

The wedge offers a wide sole that helps intermediate players easily lift the ball from problem areas on the course, especially when using the sand wedge in this collection. The wedge delivers impressive distance from the fairway too if you need to reach the green from outside 100 yards.

Allowing you to save more pars from the worst trouble around the green, the CBX2 might not offer the flexibility of a Vokey wedge, but the consistency and reliability provided by this club cannot be denied.

Here’s our in-depth Cleveland CBX2 Wedge review.

Best Golf Putters

Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2

Best Overall Golf Putter

Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Putter 2020 Right Newport 2 34
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  • Smooth, immediate forward roll
  • Exceptional balance during stroke
  • Completely milled face keeps off-center putts on line


  • Price that rivals the cost of most drivers

The Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 putter offers the most complete and enjoyable putting experience for intermediate players. With craftsmanship you can’t find anywhere, the Newport 2 offers a smooth, balanced stroke with an immediate forward roll that stays along the target line to help you sink more putts.

The designers have placed two weights along the bottom of the head to help stabilize the face and anchor your stroke with more precision and balance. The weights are interchangeable, allowing total control over the putter’s feel.

Yes, the putter comes with a high price tag, but that cost is backed up by performance. During our testing, we didn’t find another putter that matched the quality of the Newport 2 in terms of roll, accuracy, and distance control.

If you have experience playing golf, then you know the level of improvement good golf clubs can bring to your game. After our time with the Newport 2, we believe that this exceptionally made putter can help reduce the number of putts per round dramatically.

Odyssey White Hot Rossie S

Best Mallet Putter

Odyssey Golf White Hot OG Putter , 35'
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  • High MOI for reduced twisting
  • White Hot insert delivers smooth, reliable contact
  • Best for straight-back, straight-through putting stroke


  • Larger mallet club head isn’t for everyone

Odyssey’s popular White Hot series of putters offers intermediate golfers another winner with their mallet-style flatstick, the Rossie S. This classic putter combines balance and power, outstanding for dialing in those long distance lag putts that help you save par.

Along the face, Odyssey has included their patented White Hot insert of the Rossie S. The insert minimizes vibration, increases feel, and delivers reliable putting speed that helps you consistently find the cup from within 15 feet.

Another thing our testers noted during their time with the Rossie S is how beautiful the putter is in your golf bag. Odyssey has milled the surface to increase the feel and create one of the best-looking putters on the market.

Easily one of the most enjoyable mallet putters we’ve played with in recent memory, the Odyssey White Hot Rossie S delivers the performance to help reduce the dreaded three-putt.

Ping Sigma 2 Anser Putter

Best Value Putter

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  • Clean contact that doesn’t hop off face
  • Dynamic accuracy from mid-range
  • Soft insert keeps the ball from bouncing


  • Gooseneck hosel needs time to master

Ping’s outstanding longtime Anser putter gets an upgrade with the Sigma 2 model. This blade putter offers excellent balance with a host of features that deliver pure roll without the hopping or bouncing that kills the speed of the putt.

Popular on the PGA Tour, the Sigma 2 Anser offers a clean look at the ball at address, helping you quickly find your line. The putter does feature a slight gooseneck hosel, so if you don’t have experience playing with this type of connection, you may need some time to get confident with the appearance.

The putter offers mid-hang balance, helping golfers that like an arc stroke return the face to square at impact.

For under $200, you won’t find a better putter. Every one of our testers, from the low handicappers to the beginners raved about the feel and touch the Sigma 2 has on the greens from just about any distance.


Who makes the best golf clubs for an average golfer?

When it comes to who produces the best golf clubs for average golfers, the winner is TaylorMade. With this level of golfer, the clubs need to enhance the game through distance, accuracy, and quality. Across the board, TaylorMade has produced some of the best golf clubs for improvement, most notably with their Stealth line of woods and irons.

What are the most forgiving clubs in golf?

When it comes to forgiveness, Ping clubs routinely outshine their competition. Intermediate golfers need clubs that help redirect their off-center strikes, and Ping’s long history of creating clubs that minimize side spin for better accuracy put them on top of the list. Their latest creation, the G425 driver, fairway woods, and irons, also produce high launch with an extended carry for maximum distance.


When it comes to finding the right intermediate golf club for improving your game, you should take the time to evaluate your skill set and look for golf clubs that can minimize your inconsistencies.

For the tee, we recommend the TaylorMade Stealth driver. Fully equipped to increase your distance, the Stealth driver offers out of this world performance that even our testers were stunned to achieve.

On the green, our choice for the top putter went to the Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2. The price tag might scare you off, but if you’ve ever wanted to find more consistency to drop those pesky mid-range putts, the Newport 2 is the answer to your putting woes.

No matter where you look on this list, you are certain to find a club or club set that will revolutionize how you attack the golf course.

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