How to Buy Golf Clubs

Buying new clubs can be a pain even for the most seasoned golfer. Trying to decide the ideal settings and decipher the science involved with modern complete golf sets can overwhelm any skill level of golfer.

But that hassle can be worth it for average golfers as playing with a new fairway wood or iron set can boost distance, increase accuracy, and provide more spin to stop shots cold on the green.

In this guide on how to buy golf clubs, I’ll provide you with several tips and tricks to help you locate the best individual golf club or set of clubs for your golf bag.

Tips When Buying Golf Clubs


hand holding golf driver

Buying a new driver can present challenges because the golf club remains one of the hardest clubs to hit well consistently. A new driver can increase distance off the tee box by up to 20 yards for golfers with moderate swing speeds.

When testing a driver, always use new golf balls and golf gloves to get the best data possible if you are comparing an older model and a newer model.

Also, a lower loft doesn’t necessarily translate into more distance. You need carry distance to get the most length from each drive, so don’t be afraid to test out drivers with more loft on the face.


hand holding fairway wood

A fairway wood provides a unique weapon because the face is low and long. Since you’ll hit the fairway wood off the shorter grass and off a tee, the club needs versatility while providing the distance and accuracy you’d expect in those situations.

Fairway wood shafts are also crucial to the club’s production on the course. If you aren’t playing the right shaft flex, you can create a timing problem with your fairway woods and cause unpredictable shot dispersion.


hand holding golf iron

With iron sets, you can purchase super game-improvement, game-improvement, players distance, and players sets. You don’t want to play with the wrong club here, especially with your irons, so you need to know what each type of iron delivers to your game.

If you are an experienced golfer that prefers workability, then players irons are the best for your game. However, if you are just starting your golfing journey and want to simply hit a new golf ball better, then a super game-improvement set can help you learn how to swing the club.

Game-improvement sets and players distance are for mid handicappers looking for better accuracy and more length but aren’t to the level of hitting their golf balls with blade irons.

With irons, you want to ensure they deliver the performance you want for your game. And by that, I mean the launch, spin, and distance meet your requirements.

If you are looking to upgrade your irons because your handicap is lowering, then you should definitely begin testing a new set to see if you experience benefits.


hand holding golf wedge

Whether pitching wedges or a new sand wedge, finding the right wedges to improve your accuracy around the greens remains incredibly important.

For amateurs, wedges with wide soles and plenty of bounce offer the best combination to create a higher launch with the right spin rates for an impressive production.

On-course testing also remains vitally important when becoming comfortable with a new pitching wedge, for example, so make sure you take your new clubs onto the links to put them through additional testing.


If there’s a golf club that gets replaced often in the golf bag of amateurs and professionals, it’s the putter. Choosing between a blade and mallet putter comes down to the weight and size of each head.

Also, a blade putter demands an arcing stroke, while a mallet putter needs a straight-back, straight-through approach to get the best results.

And if you are stuck between the two putters, one of the better innovations in recent memory is the introduction of the mid-mallet putters. If you like the weight of blade putters but want that rounded look and feel of a mallet, the mid-mallet offers just what you need.

Buying a Set on Your Own vs. Getting Fitted

You may also ask yourself whether you should get fitted for each golf club you purchase or if you should go about it alone. My advice is to trust your instinct. Even the best golf club fitters will defer to how the club feels in your hands over what the Trackman tells them.

If you love crunching the numbers of ball speed, launch angle, and average distance, then go to your local golf superstore and test out their demo clubs to get data on your preferred set of clubs.

And remember, you can always alter clubs after purchasing them online or in-store by adjusting the loft or lie angle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size golf clubs to buy?

For beginners of normal height, a standard golf club set with a regular shaft flex remains the best place to start when beginning to play golf. If you are taller than 6 feet, you might need an extension in the golf shaft to create the ideal launch angles with your shotmaking.

Over time, golfers can get fitted before purchasing clubs, but for the individual that’s just started playing golf, a nice mid-range complete set allows them to hit just about any shot on the course.

What golf clubs should I get first?

Super game-improvement irons offer the most forgiveness and best launch for beginner golfers. These oversized irons provide golfers with an expanded sweet spot that helps keep the ball along the target line.

Buying golf clubs with graphite shafts can also help improve swing speed to increase distance on the golf course. While all beginners don’t need new golf equipment, players with slower swing speeds can benefit from a super game-improvement set of golf clubs.

And also remember that the United States Golf Association only allows 14 clubs in the golf bag, so if you are building a set of new equipment on your own, you’ll need to keep that limit in mind.

How much should I spend on my golf clubs?

If you are looking for golf clubs from a retailer like the PGA Tour Superstore, you can expect to pay anywhere from $400-$1000 for a new set of golf clubs.

You will find that sets with steel golf shafts, and graphite golf shafts will differ in price. For beginners, it’s recommended to play with the lighter graphite shafts.

For pre-owned clubs, golfers can expect to pay less than the retail price, but those used clubs can show signs of wear and tear and possibly even damage from the previous user.

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How to Buy Golf Clubs: Final Thoughts

While you might want to save money when purchasing golfing gear, you must weigh the value provided by the new equipment against the cost.

If you want to get more from your game, finding new golf gear that creates more distance and accuracy can undoubtedly lower your scores and revolutionize how you play the game.