TaylorMade P770 Irons Review (2022 Edition)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated October 12, 2021. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

The Rundown:

Best Forged Irons for Low Handicappers: TaylorMade P770
“Featuring a forged hollow body construction, progressive inverted cone technology, and increased ball speed, the TaylorMade P770 Irons offers a lightweight cavity-back feel and unique lofts for each iron making it the best forged iron option today.”

Best Alternative: TaylorMade P790
“Quite similar to the P770 set, the P790 adds a few different benefits that help players hit consistent shots with control!”

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The best golfers in the world love playing blades, like the focus of our next irons review, the TaylorMade P770.

Offering the potential to craft and shape shots without losing distance, the forged new P770 set provides wonderful sound and feel with less offset for a more pleasing golfing experience.

Made primarily to boost the skills of a low handicap golfer, the P770’s ability to give maximum control of the golf ball to the golfer is why this TaylorMade iron set is worth a deeper look and review.

In this P770 irons review, we’ll look at all aspects of the golf club set from the construction to the performance. We’ll cover all bases starting with its features and how the players we use to review other sets compared the P770 irons to other notable sets.

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Taylormade P770 Review

Best Forged Irons for Low Handicappers

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  • Forged hollow body construction offers lightweight cavity-back feel
  • Progressive inverted cone technology provides unique lofts for each iron
  • Increased ball speed with moderate launch
  • Mid-range spin for optimal control inside 150 yards
  • Great for advanced players looking to advance their shot shaping ability

The new P770 irons from TaylorMade provide a host of interesting features to help low handicappers gain more ball speed and distance along with premium construction.

In this P770 irons review, we’ll take a look at the top features and provide a detailed review of our own experience with the irons on the golf course.

Top Features

Key Feature #1: Stock Info

TaylorMade has inserted a Thru Slot Speed Pocket just behind the face. TaylorMade has designed the speed pocket to provide flexibility to the head and hitting area for better consistency and tighter shot dispersion.

When using a middle-tier iron, like a 6-iron, you’ll find that no matter the loft of the iron, the speed pocket creates the same launch and performance with exceptional distance, especially for a players iron.

The speed pocket in the TaylorMade P770, powered by the first-rate steel shaft, is a top feature worth noting.

Key Feature #2: Inverted Cone Technology

The inverted cone structure in the lower half of the head of each iron in the TaylorMade P770 set is unique to every iron in the set. Regardless of whether you are using a 7-iron or another iron, the center of gravity is distinctly placed at a spot in the head to maximize launch and length for golfers.

The technology also helps on off-center strikes by reducing the typical diminished ball speed on miss-hits. Much like its big brother, the P790 irons, the inverted cone innovation helps keep each club balanced in a smaller package.

Key Feature #3: Hollow Bodied Construction

The interior of each iron head in the TaylorMade P770 set is hollow and filled with TaylorMade’s Speedfoam. Along with 46 grams of tungsten in each club, the Speedfoam reduces vibration, stabilizes the hitting area, and helps players find consistent, repeatable contact.

With the P770s, the hollow design helps keep the golf iron lightweight to create maximum ball speed with each swing. The lighter weight also helps keep the spin in check no matter the lofts you are using for better accuracy and more control.

Along with the other P7MC and P7MB sets, the TaylorMade P770 offers dynamic speeds across the board for longer yardage.

In-Depth Review


The forged appearance of the new P770 set is absolutely stunning. TaylorMade has not wasted an ounce of material on the frame of the head. Much like the P790, the P770 set has been designed to look incredible while delivering exceptional results for skilled players.

At address, the P770 offers a slight offset for a clear look at the ball. For players that like to work the shot from left to right, the offset by TaylorMade isn’t distracting or off-putting.

The shaft of the P770 iron isn’t cumbersome or too heavy. Yet, the steel of the shaft on this collection provides a combo of strength and stiffness for clean contact on each shot.

Our review of the appearance of each addition to the P770 set remains quite impressive and a collection that will look great in any golf bag.


One of our favorite things with each strike of the P770 iron is how they felt at impact. With the SpeedFoam damping material, you won’t find that the irons rattle your hands on off-center strikes.

Instead, the P770 set creates a shallow divot that works the ball onto the face with authority, but more control than your average game-improvement TaylorMade irons.

With each swing made during our review of the P770 set, we found that the sound and feel of each shot rang true, leaving us more confident, the more we used the set.


In this P770 irons review, we wanted to finish with how the irons perform on the course. For advanced golfers, that love shaping each shot and playing around with the flight of the golf ball, we feel confident in saying that you’ll love the performance of this set of irons.

TaylorMade has created with each set in the P-series of forged irons, the P790, P7MB, P7MC, and most notably, the P770 iron set, an iron collection that provides contact that is always crisp and a steel iron head delivering consistent power with explosive distance.

Alternatives to the TaylorMade P770 Irons

TaylorMade P790

Best Forged Iron Set for Distance

P790 4-P/Rh S (Set of 7 total clubs: 4-PW, Right Hand, Stiff Flex)
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  • Low controllable flight with moderate spin
  • Exceptionally long distances with each iron
  • High workability with any of the lofts in the set

The TaylorMade P790 set is another impressive addition to the blades market. Along with similar features that the P770 set has, the P790 adds a few different benefits that helps players hit consistent shots with control.

Like the P7MB irons from TaylorMade, the P790 can be tougher to master if you are an inexperienced golfer.

During our review of the P790 set, we noticed that they offered more forgiveness and distance over the P770 collection. That said, the P770 set did provide slightly better workability than the p790 set. With all considered, there’s little difference between the two sets, and it comes down to the player’s preference with the benefits of each model.

Cobra King Forged

Best Forged Irons for Mid Handicappers

Cobra Golf 2020 King Forged Tec Iron Set
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  • CNC-Milled Face for precise striking with high spin on short irons
  • Sleek black finish offers great appearance and clean integration with your golf bag
  • Progressive lofts with different composition on long and short irons

The Cobra King Forged set offers progressive lofts, a tungsten-based weighting, and a CNC-milled face for customized spin and trajectory. For advanced players, the Cobra King set provides workability and control along with extra yardage and forgiveness.

The Cobra set’s best feature is the progressive design that runs through the collection. While the set keeps its bladed design as you work through the set, you’ll find that the short irons offer the power and clean contact abilities of a game-improvement set with the control of blades.

When comparing the Cobra King set and the P770 set, you’ll find a lot of the same characteristics such as plenty of solid distance and shot-shaping ability.

Questions and Answers

Are the TaylorMade P770 forgiving?

While we found in our TaylorMade P770 irons review that they do offer forgiveness with each shot, their compact face makes the assistance far less present than in game-improvement irons. With game-improvement irons, the face and sweet spot is large because the club is helping the golfer hit shots high and far.

But with bladed irons, TaylorMade places an emphasis, not on getting the shot into the air, but rather helping shape shots with middle-range, controllable flight. Regardless of whether the golfer is using a 5-iron or 7-iron, the TaylorMade iron will offer the same control and consistency with moderate tour-level flight.

What handicap should play TaylorMade P770?

A low handicapper, someone who has a handicap in the single digits, should be open to playing the TaylorMade P770s. With their ability to shape shots of the golf ball along with the marginal forgiveness, these hollow body irons offer a lightweight feel producing crisp contact.

The main reason why these forged irons are great for playing on the course is due to their design and construction. These irons have a compact face with specs that offer mid-range launch that can be controlled. The learning curve with blade irons is longer for inexperienced golfers because of how difficult it is to hit this style of clubs.

When did TaylorMade P770 come out?

The latest version of the P770 irons came out in September of 2020. Made with a hollow body construction, the P770s offer dynamic distance in a smaller package. Classified as tour-level golf clubs with explosive length, these blade irons have a compact head that helps create lower spin shots that offer premium forgiveness and forgiveness.

Powered by a lethal combo of forgiveness and distance, these carbon steel clubs offer a solid feel that rivals Taylormade’s other popular players iron set, the P790s. Both sets offer a smaller head that helps long irons thrive with a cavity-back jump off the face.

What is the difference between TaylorMade P790 and TaylorMade P770?

The main difference between the two sets is distance. When compared side by side, the weight, shaft, and feel of both clubs is similar but the P790 provides slightly more length on each shot. 

While the differences are so slight between the two iron sets that the choice for your golf bag may be more personal for your style of play, the TaylorMade P770 do provide more workability over the other iron set.

When the P770 and P790 sets are placed against an advanced set like Taylormade’s P7MC or P7MB, the tour-preferred set offers more workability, but less distance and forgiveness for your bag.


For advanced golfers looking to take the next step in their game, forged irons, like the TaylorMade P770 irons provide ball speed and distance creating a top line set that increases length and offers forgiveness.

During our time with these irons we were blown away by the features such as the tungsten weighting that provided extra distance and excellent balance throughout the swing. Regardless of whether you are using the long irons or short irons in the set, you’ll find a performance that is tough to beat for other blade irons.

Our verdict in this irons review is that the TaylorMade P770 set offers exceptional sound and feel, along with first-rate shot-making ability, a great combination for players looking to post their lowest ever score.