Cleveland Launcher UHX Irons Review

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated April 21, 2023. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

For mid and high-handicap golfers looking to increase their distance while improving their accuracy, the new Cleveland Launcher UHX irons offer a high-strength design with tour zip grooves to craft shots that will dazzle your playing partners.

The UHX collection offers a V-shaped sole and hollow body construction with a cavity-back style for a lower center of gravity to help lift the golf ball for more carry and ball speed on each shot.

In our in-depth look at the Cleveland Launcher UHX Irons, we will take a dive into what makes these irons so ideal for golfers that need more control and higher ball flight from their irons.

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Cleveland Launcher UHX Irons Review

Most Accurate Irons for Mid Handicappers

Cleveland Launcher UHX Iron Set RH 5-PW Steel Stiff
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  • Loft: 20°-44°
  • Lie: 61.5°-64.5°
  • Shaft Length: 35.75”- 38.875”
  • Swing Weight: D2


  • Exceptionally high launch with extended carry
  • Lightweight build creates swing speed
  • Impressive control from inside 150 yards


  • Limited workability with straight shot shape

The Cleveland Launcher UHX irons is a complete iron set that provides a solid steel shaft with a lightweight high-strength steel head for maximum power. The set starts with a 4-iron and runs through a pitching wedge. The company does offer a set option with two wedges, as the additional comes in the form of an A-wedge.

The UHX collection offers plenty of benefits to golfers looking to upgrade their iron set. From the cavity-back design to the steel face insert, the UHX irons are dynamic.

The iron set also features a V-shaped sole that offers outstanding turf interaction that helps create higher spinning rates for short irons. On the steel face of each iron in this Cleveland set you’ll find Tour Zip Grooves. These laser-milled grooves provide plenty of rotation on entry shots into the green.

Overall, the UHX irons offer first-rate performance that will help you maintain the advancements you have made in your game.

Top Features

Key Feature #1: Looks

The look of each UHX club is quite impressive. With a sleek silver appearance, the Cleveland irons have minimal offset, so the golfer has a clean look to the golf ball. Currently, the clubs offer a wide sole, and modified cavity-back design that offers consistent premium performance and a pleasing look when it sits in the golf bag.

For golfers in the market for higher-performing irons that offer a sharp and modern look to their clubs, this Cleveland iron collection is well worth your consideration.

Key Feature #2: Sound

With the hollow body construction, the sound at impact is solid and smooth. What’s great about the UHX collection is the workability, even for irons that would be classified as game-improvement.

While we wouldn’t recommend the UHX collection for low handicappers, golfers looking for first-rate performance with the ability to move the ball from side to side will be pleasantly surprised by this iron group, driven primarily by the sound and response.

Key Feature #3: Feel

The feel of the UHX iron is also outstanding, providing a golfer with confidence whether the ball is sitting in the rough or fairway. For an iron at this price, the forgiving nature of the UHX collection is top-tier, driven in great part by the exceptional feeling of impact.

Especially with the short irons, you’ll find that the UHX delivers an exceptional feel without the variable results that other styles can provide. The feeling is consistent due primarily to the quality of the grooves that are razor sharp.

Key Feature #4: Performance

When using the short irons, we found that our distance is longer, the forgiveness is higher when hitting the ball on the toe, and the swing speed is greater. For a golfer looking for increases in their swing and ball speeds, the UHX delivers that advancement quite well.

With the long hollow irons, the ball flight is moderate to high, providing tall arching shots with each swing. We noticed during our testing that mid-handicap golfers squeezed more speed with these clubs. In addition to the length, the forgiving nature of the long hollow irons provides a tighter shot dispersion for better control in the long game.

Key Feature #5: Appearance

What we loved about the UHX’s appearance was the face of the club head. Not only are the zip grooves very prominent when you look at the hitting area for the first time, but the laser-created mini-grooves between each deeper groove provide more friction to the golf ball. Higher spinning rates create better control and location with each club, a great benefit to golfers with a mid-range handicap.

Another area worth noting is the rear of the club head. Instead of that hollow cavity-back look, Cleveland has updated it with a rounded, sharp design that helps with the hollow body cavity inside the head.

Key Feature #6: Technology

When looking at the technology of these clubs, it is not difficult to notice what Cleveland has done to increase distance and forgiveness.

First, you can gain a sense of the lightweight hollow long irons body head in each swing. While that might sound like it would diminish feeling, once you take a few swings, you’ll find that the opposite is true. On shot after shot, you’ll find yourself remarking that the UHX collection delivers excellent golf ball flight with power.


The specs of the Cleveland UHX set begin with a 4-iron with 20 degrees of loft and a shaft length of just under 39 inches. The 5-and 6-iron add three degrees of loft with each club. The next three clubs are the 7-iron with 30 degrees of loft, the 8-iron at 34, and the 9-iron at 39. The pitching wedge rounds out the iron group with 44 degrees of loft on the face and a shaft length slightly below 36 inches.

Cleveland uses Dynamic Gold DST 98 for the steel shaft and the clubs are available in either right or left-hand versions for golfers. For graphite shaft fans willing to pay a higher price, the company specs include the option for Miyazaki C Kua 60 Shafts. The C Kua 60 shaft is well worth the upgrade price if you are looking for better golf shots.

Alternatives to the Cleveland Launcher UHX Irons

TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX OS

Most Accurate Irons for High Handicappers

TaylorMade SIM 2 Max OS Iron Set Mens Right Hand Graphite Regular 5-PW, AW , Steel
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  • Loft: 18°-42°
  • Lie: 61.5°-64.5°
  • Shaft Length: 35.75”- 39.125”
  • Swing Weight: D1/D0


  • Low center of gravity with high launch
  • Oversized head offers outstanding forgiveness
  • Large sole provides smooth turf interaction
  • Large hitting area – great for fans of long irons


  • No workability with these irons

The newest golf irons from TaylorMade, the SIM 2 MAX OS, generate incredible ball speed and are very forgiving for higher handicappers looking to take the next step in their game. With a strong steel or graphite shaft, the SIM 2 MAX OS irons feature a large hitting area, which is great for fans of long irons.

Depending on how you prefer your iron collection, the SIM 2 MAX OS has a larger frame than the UHX. The size of the TaylorMade clubs results in a slightly heavier swing weight, so if you lose a little length, don’t take that as a sign that you are losing distance, as these are fantastic irons.

Callaway Mavrik

Best Distance Irons for Mid Handicappers

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set (Set of 8 Clubs: 4 Iron - PW, AW, Right Hand, Graphite, Light)
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  • Loft: 18°-41°
  • Lie: 60.5°-64°
  • Shaft Length: 35.75”- 38.875”
  • Swing Weight: D2


  • Long irons produce high shot shape
  • Lower CG in short irons help with spin
  • Optimized shot dispersion keeps shots on target line


  • Better for mid handicappers, not for low handicappers

From Callaway, the Mavrik irons are excellent if you are in the market for a distance iron. If you like taller shot height with more carry, the Mavrik delivers both qualities with outstanding proficiency.

The best feature of the Mavrik irons is the tungsten weighting inserted in the bottom of the head. The weighting helps lift the ball with a tall arc that lands softly on the green. Even on shots that drift toward the toe, the Mavrik offers a forgiving nature that keeps shots on target.

A dynamic collection that is great for mid-handicappers, the Mavrik irons are well worth the price.

Read the Full Callaway Mavrik Irons Review


Great for mid and high handicappers, the Cleveland Launcher UHX Irons offer dynamic turf interaction with crisp contact that generates higher spin rates with the short irons and low spin distance with the long irons.

For golfers looking to tighten their shot dispersion into the green, the Cleveland set is a first-rate option that provides forgiveness and outstanding control. This iron group provides a cavity-back style with the feeling and sound of a forged set for golfers that need a little help with consistency and ball speed.

Powered by a highly functional design that generates dazzling ball speeds, the Cleveland UHX irons are reliable and well worth your attention.