Callaway Mavrik Irons Review

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated June 20, 2023. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

Callaway’s Mavrik irons offer the average golfer a variety of beneficial features that place the collection firmly among the best in the game-improvement category. One of the first sets to utilize A.I., the Mavrik irons are ideal for the mid handicapper that wants good distance with outstanding ball speed.

Even with the long irons, golfers can expect accuracy and easy launch that soars to extend carry with the Mavrik iron set.

In this Callaway Mavrik irons review, I’ll take a deeper look at what makes this set some of the most dependable golf clubs available in the golf industry.

Callaway Mavrik Irons Review

Best Game-Improvement Irons for Accuracy

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set
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Specs (4-PW)

  • Specs: (4-PW)
  • Loft: 18°-41°
  • Lie: 60.5°-64°
  • Length: 35.75″-38.875″
  • Weight: D2


  • Very forgiving on off-center strikes
  • Impressive distance with extended carry
  • High launch with steep landing angle
  • Exceptional spin rates with trajectory control


  • It doesn’t have the workability of players’ distance clubs
  • Carries wide offset to help return face to square

Specs and Stock Info

The Callaway Mavrik irons use True Temper XP 95 steel shafts in regular and stiff flex, while for the graphite shaft option, the company chose the Project X Catalyst CE. The graphite shafts are available in senior and regular flex to boost swing speed.

Callaway uses their universal grip on the full Callaway Mavrik irons set and their Mavrik Max irons. The grip provides solid tackiness and rates as 40-round grips before they need replacement.

Golfers can start their set with a 4-iron and add up to three wedges, although the standard set runs through the pitching wedge.

Callaway Mavrik Irons Features

Flash Face Cup Technology

Callaway created a sophisticated face design to help produce the spin and length you need from any lie. The Mavrik irons offer a significant boost in ball speed that registers among the best in the global golf equipment industry.

Tungsten Energy Core

The energy core creates the ideal launch on each shot, especially with the mid-irons, where distance and trajectory matter the most. For most golfers, the tungsten weighting helps increase height off the face with preferred spin rates and launch angle.

Artificial Intelligence-Designed Face Architecture

The entire Mavrik range utilizes A.I. to improve the face flexibility to improve ball flight, ball speed, and dampen vibration. The face also delivers a forgiving hitting area that maintains speed even on off-center strikes toward the toe for good distance.

Callaway Mavrik In-Depth Review


The Mavrik standard set keeps the series’ orange, black, and chrome color combination. Among the best in the global golf market, Callaway’s club design shines with the Mavrik set. The club head maintains a sleek rounded shape that looks great sitting in the bag or while at address.

Along the back of the head, you’ll find several black bars along with the silver ribbing that’s become popular among the global golf community of designers. The Callaway logo and Mavrik banner are tasteful and relatively small compared to the size of the entire head.

For this Callaway Mavrik irons review, I give these golf clubs my highest mark on appearance. I’m pretty enamored with the color and shape design of the Mavrik set.


When it comes to feel, the Callaway Mavrik set offers a dynamic smoothness that borders on buttery. The ball explodes off the face, delivering a robust feel that instills confidence with each swing. While you might not get the sophistication of a player’s distance iron with the Mavrik, the feel rivals the best comparable irons available to mid-handicap players.

For this Callaway Mavrik irons review, I hit the ball from various situations and lies to gain a complete perspective of how the clubs feel at impact. I’m happy the clubs responded beautifully from the fairway, especially when I made ball-first contact.

From the rough, the irons moved quickly through the grass to provide a solid impact that you can feel relatively quickly. Along with the feel, the responsiveness offers fantastic feedback that helps you adjust as you play your round.


When it comes to sound, the Mavrik set offers pure, clean sound at impact. Even with a thicker top line, the clubs don’t suffer from the heavier thump that cheaper game improvement irons can provide.

Some clubs from global golf equipment designers can deliver a sound that thuds due to the club head’s weight. That’s not the case here with the Mavrik set. Instead, Callaway has gone to great lengths to provide crisp sound that won’t distract when hitting the golf ball.


The Mavrik set excels at keeping the ball along the target line with premium accuracy, far-reaching length, and high spin. The clubs also deliver a steep landing angle due to the tall shot height that helps hold the green on mid-range shots.

When evaluating the set for the Callaway Mavrik irons review, I found the clubs delivered tighter dispersion when compared to the Mavrik Max irons. And although they weren’t as precise as the Mavrik Pro iron set, the Mavrik set offers premium accuracy with high-grade forgiveness.

As I said previously, the Callaway Mavrik set register as highly forgiving irons. On strikes that leaked toward the toe, the Mavrik iron minimized side spin to keep the shots moving toward the target area with speed.

When evaluating the three scoring iron collection that rounds out the set, I noticed the 8-and 9-iron offered tight dispersion with high spin, helping you target the pin from the fairway for more birdie chances. Each of the wedges deliver outstanding turf interaction with a wide sole that moves effortlessly through the soil.

Overall, the Mavrik set delivers on its original promise from Callaway by providing easy launch with power to burn. These forgiving clubs also are available at a very affordable price.

What do other golfers think?

Golf Digest gave the Callaway Mavrik irons their prestigious Gold Medal award on their prestigious 2020 Hot List. Callaway revamps and reissues a new version of the Mavrik irons each year since their release in 2020.

On PGA Tour Superstore, 23 reviewers gave the Mavrik irons a collective 4.8 stars out of 5, with 19 respondents giving the set a 5-star rating.

344 reviewers on Amazon gave the Mavrik iron set 4.5 stars out of 5, with 79% of respondents giving the collection a perfect score.

What Golfers Like

  • Propulsive launch with peak ball flight
  • More forgiving than the Mavrik Pro irons
  • More distance than the Mavrik Max irons
  • Similarly powerful like the Callaway Rogue irons

What Golfers Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t offer distance control
  • Can deliver wide dispersion with similar swings

Our Verdict

For mid-handicap golfers, the Callaway Mavrik irons deliver good distance, impressive accuracy, and high spin that holds shots on the green.

From the longest irons in the set to the scoring three irons that round out the collection, the Mavrik set provides the best features of game improvement irons in a sleek, easy-to-hit package.

I loved the stronger lofts with this set and the consistently long distance they produced. Although the standard Mavrik set has some competition in the series, especially with the super game-improvement Mavrik Max iron, it firmly delivers all the bells and whistles you need to lower your scores.