Callaway Apex DCB Irons Review

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated June 20, 2023. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

Callaway’s Apex DCB 21 irons offer a well-rounded package of benefits for mid-handicap players looking to upgrade their iron play seriously. These irons feel incredibly well-built, showing a muscular confidence that few irons in this category can match.

The irons deliver great ball striking with a high launch for mid-handicap players looking for a solution to their consistency issues. The Apex DCB set also offers balanced perimeter weighting that helps boost forgiveness.

In my Callaway Apex DCB irons review, I’ll examine what makes these clubs so functional, especially when compared to the standard Apex irons.

Callaway Apex DCB Irons Review

Best Forged Game-Improvement Irons for Mid Handicappers

Callaway Golf 2021 Apex DCB Iron Set
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Specs (4-PW)

  • Loft: 19°-43.5°
  • Lie: 61.5°-64.5°
  • Length: 35.75″-39.125″
  • Weight: D1


  • Exceptional distance control
  • High spin with short irons
  • More forgiveness on off-center strikes


  • Difficulty shaping shots with longer irons

Specs and Stock Info

The main Apex DCB 21 irons come with a 4-iron through pitching wedge combination, although Callaway offers alternative Apex sets with extra wedges.

The Apex irons are available with the True Temper Elevate ETS 85 steel shafts in regular and stiff shaft flex. Callaway has given the Apex DCB irons the UST Recoil Dart 60 graphite shafts, available in light and regular flex.

The clubs also come with Golf Pride’s Z-Grip. The full-corded grip offers two layers of texturing to improve feedback and control for the golfer.

Callaway Apex Dcb Irons Features

Forged Forgiveness Design

Callaway gave the Apex line a forged club design with incredible forgiveness when you hit a bad strike. With a deep cavity-back design and enhanced sole width, the Apex forged irons offer impressive redirection on off-center hits, especially with the long irons in this premium set.

A.I.-Designed For Increased Ball Speed

Behind the power of Artificial Intelligence, the Callaway Apex DCB 21 irons offer enhanced ball speed that rockets shots off the face of these forgiving irons. With an increased launch angle due to the A.I.-aided design, the Apex DCB set remains one of the best Callaway irons for higher, longer ball flight.

Tungsten Energy Core

Callaway placed tungsten weighting along the sole that helps stabilize and balance the club head as it passes through the golf. Not only does the tungsten core deliver superb turf interaction, but it also helps widen the sweet spot for weekend warriors.

Flash Face Cup

Callaway’s Flash Face technology also appears with the Apex DCB set. Much like the standard Apex set, the DCB offers a slight draw bias that helps minimize side spin for a more predictable flight.

Callaway Apex Dcb Irons In-Depth Review


The DCB set offers a clean appearance that doesn’t get caught up with the modern trend of having too many colors or lines that zig-zag all over the back of the club head. Instead, you get three primary colors (black, gray, and chrome) that contrast nicely with each other to give the clubs a professional appearance that looks great in the bag.

At address, the club’s offset does widen the appearance of the top line and face, but that’s expected with a mid-range set geared toward mid-and-high handicap players.

The forged iron does have a deep cavity that gives the appearance more complexity than similar golf clubs. Also, Callaway integrates the wide sole seamlessly with the larger club head of the DCB iron.


Each club in the DCB set provides a muscular feel that translates to a powerful downswing into the golf ball. Since these clubs are built with distance in mind, the feeling should reflect that design, and thankfully they accomplish that with style.

At impact, the DCB also offers a rare smoothness for most mid-range sets and contrasts well with the strong feel.

Overall, the feel of the DCB set delivers the goods. With a quick, immediate responsiveness that helps you craft your next shot, the Callaway set provides a forged feel that enables you to gain confidence with every swing.


The club heads are heavier with this set, so the sound does lean a bit denser than I’d like. But overall, the sound produced at impact won’t distract you while playing.

For faster swing speeds, the DCB offers a premium sound that rivals anything you’d hear on Sunday on the PGA Tour. Ultimately, the DCB provides a sturdy, pleasant sound that doesn’t disappoint.


For this Callaway Apex DCB 21 irons review, I spent some time with these clubs on the driving range and then played a few rounds. What struck me first about the Apex DCB 21 irons was the high launch and long distance provided by the strong lofts of the set.

Since these qualify as mid-handicap clubs, I certainly expected distance over finesse, but Callaway snuck in a forged feel with these clubs that are pretty satisfying.

For mid-tier clubs, the DCB set certainly exceeds expectations regarding producing the overall feel and responsiveness that most golfers want from their clubs.

On off-center strikes, the Callaway clubs responded beautifully. That correction could come from the slight draw bias, but the larger sweet spot is precisely positioned to help with forgiveness.

If you struggle with a slice, the bias won’t correct that left-to-right shot shape but will reduce the extremity.

Regarding spin from inside 150 yards, the DCB set produces high rotation with a steep landing angle that holds the green to help you make more birdies and pars.

Compared to the standard Apex, the DCB set offers more forgiveness and easier launch due to its stronger lofts.

What do other golfers think?

The Callaway Apex DCB clubs have won the prestigious Gold Medal on Golf Digest’s Hot List three years straight in the game-improvement iron category.

On PGA Tour Superstore, the DCB stands with a 4.8 stars out of 5 stars rating. Out of the 257 reviews on the website, 231 reviewers gave the iron set 5 stars.

On Amazon’s website, reviewers have given the Apex irons an average score of 4.5 stars out of 5. With 40 reviews filed on Amazon, the Apex DCB 21 irons reviewers gave these golf clubs a perfect score 84% of the time.

What Golfers Like

  • Produces high ball speeds
  • Very forgiving iron set
  • Delivers exceptional ball striking
  • Great for mid-to-high handicap players looking to upgrade

What Golfers Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t offer premium workability
  • Slightly thicker top line with wider sole makes iron rather large

Our Verdict

Regarding how the Callaway Apex DCB 21 iron set performs on the course, I have to say that I’m largely impressed. Due to the build, these clubs aren’t for single-digit handicappers, so there’s limited workability. Still, the DCB set promotes more distance, better accuracy, and outstanding dispersion for most players.

I also enjoyed the feel and responsiveness of each club in the set. As with most Callaway iron sets, the DCB earns its stripes by showing results from the tee box, fairway, and rough.

If you are looking for a top-tier set that offers a host of exciting features, the Apex DCB will certainly scratch that itch with power to burn.