Titleist Tour Soft Review 2024 (Our Honest Verdict)

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated January 5, 2024. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

Golfers love the feel of a soft golf ball, but many of them don’t want to sacrifice distance for sophistication.

Taking that problem head-on, Titleist has developed a dynamic two-piece golf ball to offer softness with all the muscle you’d expect from a yardage-seeking ball.

On the course, the Titleist Tour Soft delivers tour-level results at an affordable price point. With the soft feeling around the cup, golfers will also find that the Tour Soft provides excellent control while putting or chipping.

In this Titleist Tour Soft review, we take a look at why this golf ball increases swing speed and offers premium control around the hole.

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

Best Short Game Golf Ball for Mid Handicappers

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)
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  • Type: 2-piece
  • Cover: Surlyn
  • Dimple Pattern: 346 Quadrilateral Dipyramid


  • Great for producing additional distance off the tee box
  • Thinner outer layer provides low spin and with reduced drag during flight
  • Outstanding around the greens with soft feel and high spin
  • High-quality urethane cover provides penetrating ball flight for straighter shots


  • Lacks spin around the greens

Built from the design of the popular, but discontinued, two-piece NXT Tour from Titleist, the Tour Soft ball provides length from the tee and fairway along with excellent control when close to the green.

Every golfer looking to add yardage to their driver swings will find that the Tour Soft produces a bit more length than its counterparts with all the bells and whistles associated with a soft golf ball.

The ball’s penetrating ball flight, similar to Titleist’s Pro V1x, adds a new way to play when entering the green with an iron shot. A golf ball like the NXT Tour, the Tour Soft offers a powerful core, soft cover, and a forgiving nature that keeps the shot along the target line.

From a range of 150 yards, the Tour Soft offers unmatched consistency in the 2-piece golf balls market. When playing with this golf ball, the thinner outer layer produces a bit more spin than other balls at this price point.

Another worthwhile feature is the thin 4CE Grafted Cover working in concert with the spherically tiled 342 Cuboctahedron Dimple Design.

What that means for golfers is that the outer layer has the sophistication of tour-level golf balls in either white or high optic yellow. The layer works to lower spin off the tee, while helping stop shots around the cup.

Ideal for high handicappers, beginners, and mid handicappers that need more length from their swings, the Titleist Tour Soft ball produces fantastic results on the course.

Our In-Depth Titleist Tour Soft Review


On maximum speed swings, the Tour Soft offers extra yardage with compact dispersion, leaving you with a shorter second shot.

While remembering that this golf ball is categorized as a top-tier option in the soft ball market, you won’t find that the ball struggles to get down the fairway.

When evaluating the golf ball from light rough, we found that the Tour Soft ball came out clean with the same ball speeds that we’d expect from the short stuff in the fairway.

The good news about the Titleist Tour Soft, when it comes to extending length, is quite efficient as we felt the golf ball boosted our reach down the fairway.


When first hitting the Titleist Tour Soft golf ball, we found that it offered a terrific feel, especially for a soft ball. While many golfers would assume that the soft ball would provide better feel, the Tour Soft exceeds expectations.

Powered by the spherically tiled dimpled system, the Titleist ball helps golfers reduce the length of their birdie and par putts for lower scores.

Primarily accomplished through feel and response, the Tour Soft helps the short game by keeping the ball rotating at high RPMs for crafting a better and closer chip and pitch shot.

With magnificent response and feel, the Tour Soft provides plenty of softness for first-rate shotmaking.


The good news about the Titleist Tour Soft ball is that like its predecessor, the NXT Tour, the ball keeps the rotation low off the tee box.

But even though the Tour Soft ball keeps the rotation low off the tee box, the same does not hold true when it comes time to get close to the pin. With a wedge, the Titleist Tour Soft ball is a joy to play into the green.

We found the ball delivers high rotation with marvelous control comes as good news to golfers who like to customize their shotmaking game.

Greenside Performance

Playing close to the green, the Tour Soft offers the same performance you would expect from a Titleist ball. Offering stopping ability, along with its low drag outer layer, the Titleist Tour Soft ball delivers marvelous performance with your wedges and short irons.

When putting from moderate distances, the Tour Soft stays along the intended path with minimal hopping and skidding.

Another fun feature on the outer layer is a T alignment guide that helps you find the correct position to square the face of the putter and keep your putt on the line to the cup.

Alternatives to the Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Best Golf Ball for Low Handicappers

Titleist Pro V1
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  • Great for producing additional distance off the tee box
  • Advanced dimple design with low spin and drag during flight
  • Outstanding around the greens with softer feel and high spin

When it comes to golf balls, it is hard to argue that the Titleist Pro V1 is the king of the castle for a professional golfer hoping to get the most from their ability.

While it may seem like the Pro V1 and Tour Soft aren’t in the same category, the two balls don’t have much difference in the way of price.

For a little bit less money, the Tour Soft, a 2-piece ball, doesn’t offer the sophistication and complexity of the Pro V1, but its softness is something to be commended.

When looking to play with a ball that increases length, the Titleist Tour Soft ball helps golfers add touch along with extending the range of how far you can hit the golf ball.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Best Soft Golf Ball for High Handicappers

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls (2023 Version, White)
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  • The hybrid cover increases ball speeds for more carry with less drag
  • High-Speed Compression Core boosts accuracy on long game shots over 200 yards
  • Around the green, the Supersoft excels with dazzling stopping power

Unlike the Pro V1x, the Callaway Supersoft is designed similarly to the Titleist Tour Soft golf ball. A 2-piece ball that golfers can play from anywhere on the course, the Supersoft also comes in a yellow or white option.

When comparing the two, the Supersoft produces high rotation into the green for shot stopping power along with admirable distance off the tee box.

The biggest difference between the two balls is the price as the Supersoft is roughly 40% less than the Titleist Tour Soft golf ball.

Our Honest Verdict

When considering how a golf ball can improve a short game, golf balls like the Titleist Tour Soft, modeled after Titleist’s discontinued NXT Tour, offer low compression for better control, higher spin, and exceptional performance.

With a first-rate soft urethane cover, the ball is a true soft golf ball, offering premium control at a lower price point than competitors like the Callaway Chrome Soft and Titleist Pro V1.

Many golfers will find that the Tour Soft golf balls provide a larger core for improved results with the driver that keeps the shot along the target line with enhanced feel inside 100 yards.

A dazzling golf ball that has style to burn, the Titleist Tour Soft offers speed, muscle, and sophistication when it comes time to put it in the cup.