Bridgestone B330 RX vs Pro V1 Golf Balls

Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated May 10, 2024. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

Every golfer wonders if a new golf ball will make them better. Most players look to the top of the golf ball pyramid for balls that will increase distance, improve accuracy, and help them lower their scores.

Routinely, the two golf balls at the top of most lists are the Titleist Pro V1 and the Bridgestone Tour B330 RX. Each golf ball offers premium execution, maximum length, and stunning spin around the greens.

In this battle royale review of Bridgestone B330 RX vs Pro V1 from Titleist, we’ll take an in-depth look at what makes each golf ball great and which one ball stands alone as the best ball on the market today.

Bridgestone B330 RX vs Titleist Pro V1

Bridgestone B330 RX

Incredibly long distance with lower compression for more carry

High-quality cover increases short game spin & feel with putter

Lower price than ProV1 with similar build and results

Titleist Pro V1

Low compression core offers dynamic lift from the face

Exceptional accuracy and extra distance with long irons

Boosted short game with shot-stopping power from inside 50 yards

Our Bridgestone B330 RX vs Pro V1 Comparison

Titleist Pro V1

Best Golf Ball for Low Handicappers

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  • Low compression core offers dynamic lift from the face
  • Exceptional accuracy and extra distance with long irons
  • Boosted short game with shot-stopping power from inside 50 yards

A longtime favorite of professional golfers, the Titleist Pro V1 offers players a complete golfing experience no matter the club in their hand.

Offering the ability to shape shots, gain more distance with the help of boosted swing speeds, and an assassin around the green, the Pro V1 is a true legend worthy of a spot in every golfer’s bag.

Starting with the thin, high-spin urethane cover, the Pro V1 delights inside 150 yards.

With a short iron in hand, the ProV1 provides moderate launch with high spin, due to the Titleist’s innovative core. Shots land softly with plenty of shot-stopping muscle for shorter putts to the cup.

This golf ball has long held the reputation as one of the top for distance and control. With irons, the low penetrating flight that rises and lands with softness can’t be duplicated by any similar product.

The ball’s lower spin rates with driver and woods also is another highlight worth noting and will provide additional yardage, along with accuracy, and the forward roll on the fairway is an added bonus.

As with any of the two balls in the Pro V series from Titleist, you can expect to increase your playing enjoyment and dazzle the other golfers in your group with the improvements you make due to this exciting piece of golfing equipment.

Bridgestone B330 RX

Best Distance Golf Ball for Mid Handicappers

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  • Incredibly long distance with lower compression for more carry
  • High-quality 3-piece cover increases short game spin and feel with putter
  • Lower price than ProV1 with similar build and results

Bridgestone’s B330 RX offers long carry and mid-range ball flight with the driver, dynamic control with short and long irons, and terrific feel due to the ball’s high-quality 3-piece urethane cover on the putting surface.

On direct comparison vs the Titleist Pro V1, the B330RX offers more distance for golfers with a swing speed that falls lower than the 105 mph threshold with the driver.

For mid and high handicappers, this feature can provide more appeal over the Pro V1, especially when factoring in the slightly lower price between the two.

At its heart, the B330 RX is powered by the multi-piece core that generates dazzling spin and long reaching flight.

During our testing, we were absolutely enamored with the ball’s spring from the face. This product explodes at impact and watching the resulting ball flight is a real kick to witness with each swing.

The B330 RX remains one of the best golf balls to pair with a golfer that has recently increased their swing speed via mph.

By adding a tour-level ball, such as the B330 RX, the player will find more distance with the driver, higher launch due to the explosive core, and better accuracy with the irons they use into the green.

Although the B330 RX might be considered a lesser golf ball vs Titleist Pro V1, in this review it remains impossible to see a drop in quality and execution on the course as this product is a real winner.

Bridgestone B330 RX vs. Titleist Pro V1

Driving Distance

At the beginning of our testing, we evaluated how both golf balls performed when hit by the driver.

The Bridgestone tour-level B330 RX is easily one of the best balls on the market and when using it on the tee box, it is easy to see why as the ball provides comfortable distance with low spin.

Premium balls like the B330 dazzle when it comes to driving the golf ball and along with the distance, we were also happy to see a tight shot dispersion with outstanding accuracy.

Titleist’s Pro V1 is among the best premium balls with a reputation for its performance off the tee.

The ball provides moderate flight with long reaching carry. The multi-piece ball is a touch softer than the  B330 RX, but that doesn’t cost the ball any distance, especially when compared to the Bridgestone model.

Simply put, both golf balls achieve jaw-dropping distance for advanced golfers with swing speeds over 105 mph.

Feel and Greenside Control

Around the greens, the Titleist Pro V1 and Bridgestone B330 RX deliver exceptional performance when using a wedge or short iron. Both golf balls provide a high-quality urethane cover that navigates the light rough and sand around the green with proficiency and skill.

Inside 50 yards, each golf ball offered high greenside spin for smooth stopping power that gets the pitch shot closer to the pin.

If you were looking for a choice of one over the other from this range, we were very impressed with the Pro V1’s ability to jump off the face with the intended speed.

With a putter in hand, the Pro V1, and its brother, the Pro V1x, gives golfers a better feel over the Bridgestone ball, powered by the thin cover that allows the player to easily gauge distance control with the putter face.


With tour-level golf balls, the price routinely runs around $40-50 per dozen. With the Bridgestone B330 and the Titleist Pro V1, you’ll find a price point around that level.

For the money, both provide long distance, exceptional shot dispersion, excellent greenside spin, and the bouncy low compression impact that low handicappers love.

For high handicappers and beginners, a golf ball at this price would definitely help shorten the learning curve and lower scores, but the cost does become an issue, mainly because the ball isn’t made to play consistent if it routinely is damaged from hitting into cart paths and trees.

If there is one product that might be available for a few dollars less than the other, the Bridgestone B330 RX is the preferred choice for budget-conscious golfers.


Neither golf ball offers the durability of a thicker, two-piece golf ball cover. While lower priced distance balls offers a more durable cover, they can’t come close to providing the sophistication that the Bridgestone or Titleist products can give golfers for their game.

Since the Titleist and Bridgestone balls are multi-piece that value shotmaking over durability, there are slight drawbacks to playing these golf balls if you don’t have consistency in your game.

With thinner covers, like you’ll find on either ball in this instance, they are susceptible to cuts and nicks when they hit the cart path, trees, and other obstacles. But the thinner cover generates more spin, feel, and control, so the trade-off is worth it in the long run.

If you are an advanced player that keeps the golf balls out of trouble, the Pro V1 and B330 RX should continue to provide long-lasting durability and performance.

Mid & Short-Iron Performance

For shots inside 175 yards, we took both golf balls and evaluated the mid and short-iron performance of each model.

At the start, we tested each from a variety of distances off the fairway grass. Both golf balls provided excellent lift due the lower compression core and increased speed over similarly priced models. With each hit, we found both balls instilled confidence with a soft feel.

On shots from the rough, the ProV1 did achieve more carry and lift than its competitor, but the B330 offered dynamic mid-range flight and control, two characteristics that are great for advanced players.

During this testing, we found that the urethane 3-piece cover of the Bridgestone B330 RX shined and was every bit as proficient as the ProV1.

Creating high spin inside 150 yards, the B330 RX’s core offers high swing speeds, despite the short distance, ensuring accuracy and better location on the green for birdie putts.

Fairway Wood, Hybrid & Long Iron Performance

When comparing the two golf balls when using a club that generates distance, we found that both models generated low spin with long reaching distance. With the low compression of each ball, shots exploded off the face of long irons with moderate height.

Since both golf balls are considered tour-level, we expected to find that each ball offered an explosive core with low spin and high control with fairway woods and hybrids.

Needless to say, we were quite pleased that both golf balls passed this expectation test with flying colors.

Especially with fairway woods, the Titleist and Bridgestone products offered firmer feel with low penetrating ball flight that landed softer than two-piece balls.

If we were forced to choose between the two in performance in this review, we felt that the Pro V1 offered a bit more soft feel and touch when hitting from the fairway from these longer distances.

Which Is Better?

No matter how you feel about either golf ball, it is hard to deny that playing the Pro V1 and Tour B330 RX is an undeniable joy.

With lower compression, thin high-spin urethane cover, and enhanced speed, both golf balls are race cars that muscle up your game off the tee and add sophistication to your game inside 50 yards.

If you are looking to enhance your satisfaction, both golf balls will provide results.

But, even though Tiger Woods plays the Bridgestone B330 RX, our verdict is the Titleist Pro V1 remains atop the mountain as the best golf ball on the planet.

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